X-Bet.co Invitational 2 revealed; Prize pool increased

X-Bet.co and Thunder Media will proceed the inaugural tournament with sixteen invited teams and an increased prize pool of $10,000.

X-Bet.co and Thunder Media have raised the stakes with the previous $3,500 prize pool now set to $10,000 as 16 teams will duke it out starting March 4th in a four-group best-of-three GSL group stage.

The tournament will then move on to a best-of-three single-elimination playoff which will end up with $6,000 going to the winners, $3,000 to the runner-ups, and the third-place decider winner will walk away with the remaining $1,000. Along with Thunder Media, X-Bet.co will broadcast the coverage in English, Polish, and Russian. 

Kinguin return to keep the title to their name

A few familiar names will be participating in the online event, such as the reigning champions, Kinguin, runners-up eXtatus, and Mikko "⁠xartE⁠" Välimaa’s HAVU, last year's bronze after sweeping ALTERNATE aTTaX in the third-place decider. After turning heads with their play at the ELEAGUE Major, Quantum Bellator Fire and AVANGAR have also been invited into the mix.

"X-Bet.co and Thunder Media chose the 16 invited teams based off their merit and recent achievements. The X-Bet.co Invitational 2 is a great opportunity for tier 2 players and young players the exposure to compete against others who walk a familiar path, and have the competitive drive to be the best. With experience also comes a surplus, should these teams make a deep run in the tournament."

The invited team list for the X-Bet.co Invitational 2 can be found below:

Bulgaria Windigo Sweden Singularity
Europe Kinguin Europe Epsilon
Sweden Unity Russia EPG
Finland HAVU Denmark LPSP
Slovakia eXtatus Denmark Fragsters
Finland SJ Kazakhstan AVANGAR
Denmark Tricked Sweden Enyoy
Europe MANS NOT HOT Russia Quantum Bellator Fire

The prize distribution is as follows:

1. $6,000
2. $3,000
3. $1,000

Finland Mikko 'xartE' Välimaa
Mikko 'xartE' Välimaa
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
ez kinguin with taz
2018-03-01 19:23
Lets go Kinguin!
2018-03-01 19:23
Denmark JustYes
2018-03-01 19:25
Ez for Major Legends
2018-03-01 19:25
6 people already nice! Edit: THEY ARE ACTUALLY 8 WTF OMG
2018-03-01 19:25
tier 2 tournament literally barely 1 tier 2 team (avangar) "increased" prize pool 10k LUL
2018-03-01 19:27
United States Klaysydra
Epsilon plz
2018-03-01 19:29
Is where ago esport?
2018-03-01 19:31
2018-03-01 19:46
more moonies for t3
2018-03-01 19:47
Why not pride or seal?
2018-03-01 19:54
AVANGAR is everywhere. awesome!
2018-03-01 20:46
Brazil Xexenho
Ez for QBF
2018-03-01 21:37
Other Cruujed
EZ EPSILON! Small prize pool but GL to all involve. I think Wind and Rain Gaming should be invited to more events though :<.
2018-03-01 22:19
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