RUBINO: "I just filled es3tag's shoes because we couldn't change anything before these events"

Heroic came by the press area earlier today, so we couldn't pass up on the opportunity to talk to Ruben "RUBINO" Villarroel about his first tournaments with the team and what lies ahead.

Heroic exited IEM Katowice in the group stage following losses to fnatic and North, finishing in 9th-12th place at their second tournament with their newest addition, Ruben "⁠RUBINO⁠" Villarroel.

RUBINO reckons he and the team will get more comfortable once Heroic find a fitting role for him


We talked to the Norwegian on the quarter-finals day in Poland about his experiences so far, the challenges that come with returning to the scene after a longer hiatus, and Heroic's future:

Let's first talk about your exit here at IEM, particularly the loss to North which I imagine was a focal point for you, what have you taken away from your second event together with Heroic?

We knew it was going to be hard for these two events, because they were pretty stacked events, good teams of course, and also me joining the team when they are a very tactic-based team. So it's hard for me to come into all the tactics, remember everything, I need some time to feel more comfortable in the team, I guess.

I think when we lost versus North this time, of course it's always a disappointment if you lose against Danish teams, you don't want to, right, but I think we'll improve from here, get some more practice online and be ready for the next events.

You had a little bit of a comeback late last year with Astralis, but that was obviously only temporary, how challenging has it been for you to come back into the scene after a fairly long hiatus?

I was really confident when I joined Heroic, to be honest. I felt like I played really well at the last event with Astralis, I ended up with a good result individually, so I felt pretty confident. But when we played at SLTV it didn't feel the same way, I'm not sure if it was because it was uncomfortable for me or for the team specifically, because they want to play so many tactics and if I don't remember everything, they need to stress about that. That happens, of course, but as I said I tried to do my best and now we need to find out if we're going to change roles.

Speaking about roles, was it simply plug-and-play so far, you taking over es3tag's positions?

On nearly all the maps I'm doing the same as es3tag used to, so I'm filling his place. We need to be realistic here, me and es3tag aren't the same players at all, so we didn't need to find a better way to use me, I guess, but right now I just filled the shoes because we couldn't change anything before these events.

Because of time constraints?

Yeah, I think we had two days and that was after the guys came from summit, we had two days of practice and also had the ESL Pro League matches, so we didn't have a lot of time to actually include me in another way than what their game used to be.

Are you confident that now that you're going to get enough practice, given that you don't have anything coming up so far, you'll be able to improve as the time progresses? What is the goal at this point?

What I want for this team right now is to get within the top10. When you get to the top 10, or top 8, it's easier for you to get invited to events. That's also draining, playing all the qualifiers, there are so many, nearly every weekend, so of course if you get there it's easier to keep the schedule cleaner.

I think getting some practice now after these events will be really good for us and to get me more comfortable and also the team more comfortable playing with me, get to know each other and also implement some new things.

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Brazil RIPPI^
2018-03-02 19:31
It is just me or RUBINO looks like Semmler nowadays?
2018-03-02 19:37
NiKo | 
Montenegro G1EX
He does.
2018-03-02 19:40
Brazil RIPPI^
2018-03-02 20:01
We finally figured out why semmler stopped commentating He killed rubinio and is now playing under his name and people don't even notice
2018-03-02 20:14
2018-03-02 20:39
2018-03-02 22:27
Australia NotSoMLG
He is just over in OWL (Overwatch league)
2018-03-03 05:08
How can you get baited so easily?
2018-03-03 13:16
It wasnt even baiting, It was a fun comment like a normal person would do. Dude this Guy...
2018-03-03 17:54
Australia NotSoMLG
2018-03-04 10:51
India B4ri
Totally, he always reminds me of semmler :'(
2018-03-03 10:28
2018-03-02 19:31
Poland Unluko
2018-03-02 19:32
2018-03-02 19:32
Algeria FATALSki
2018-03-02 19:32
Tunisia exmpL
2018-03-02 19:32
he didn't fill anything, skill ceiling too low
2018-03-02 19:32
RUBINO My 3rd favorite bearded CS player
2018-03-02 19:33
f0rp top1? :D
2018-03-02 19:36
1st for me is Olof 2nd is SPUNJ N0thing is 4th
2018-03-02 19:39
no f0rest? :)
2018-03-02 19:39
Damn, so many good-looking players with full beard :O Didn't follow f0rest and NiP long enough so he's not so favorite His beard is one of the best on pro scene tho. Manly viking beard is looking good :)
2018-03-02 19:44
yeah viking f0rest, what about NEO? He looks also better with beard :D
2018-03-02 19:45
No homo? (._.’)
2018-03-02 19:49
Would go homo only for Sean
2018-03-02 19:56
Never (._.’) Sry, not a homo and wouldn’t want to be kek
2018-03-02 19:56
Where is havoc?? Top 1 cleeearly
2018-03-02 20:45
He’s not been around CS pro scene for 2 years, I even forgot he existed lol. Didn’t watch a lot of Vox Eminor matches back in 2014-2015
2018-03-02 20:47
Australia NotSoMLG
2018-03-03 05:09
Australia NotSoMLG
2018-03-03 05:08
Australia NotSoMLG
Sorry didnt read above
2018-03-03 05:09
James harden> all of them
2018-03-03 17:56
Brazil ZerongBr
2018-03-02 19:33
Finland t33mu
spanish god
2018-03-02 19:34
2018-03-02 19:48
Why the fuck does Rubino all of a sudden look like Semmler.
2018-03-02 20:16
Sweden Minik0jan
2018-03-02 21:00
Wonderful interview!
2018-03-03 15:59
Brazil cadik
2018-03-03 17:20
semmler lul
2018-03-04 00:15
he was better than u lel
2018-03-04 14:39
insane downgrade.....cant even bet on heroic today or tommorow vs HR...useless
2018-03-06 07:50
2018-03-08 16:52
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