seized: "It's not supposed to be like this, but I understand [flamie] and why he did it"

March 14th, 2018 08:21

At the second day of the WESG 2017 World Finals, we talked to Denis "seized" Kostin about the issues they had securing a full roster, their group at the tournament and beating SK.

Russia pulled off the first big upset of the event, defeating SK in the opening match of day two 16-10 on Overpass.

seized thinks that Overpass was the best map to play against SK

While Russia was waiting for their next opponent, BIG, we sat down with Denis "seized" Kostin to get his thoughts on Egor "flamie" Vasilyev not coming and hear about the struggle they had finding a fifth player.

Coming to the tournament, you obviously had issues securing five players to play at the event. Has all that stress before the event impacted how you feel coming here?

Everything was unexpected for everyone in our team, I guess. We had our flight at 9 PM, and one night before, around 5 AM, after Na`Vi lost to GODSENT, flamie wrote in our chat for the Russian team that he is not going. I didn't see that message that night, I only understood what was happening in the morning. We were trying to talk with flamie, figure out what is going on and why he doesn't want to go with us, what we can do. He wasn't replying to us before our flight at all, he just said that he wasn't going and that's it.

We decided that if we don't find a fifth player, our coach would play for us because it's not good to dodge a tournament like this 10 hours before it. When we were flying to China I was trying to talk with him, figure out what happened. He told me everything that was going on, why he is not flying and I understood his point. It's not supposed to be like this, but I understand him and why he did it.

hooch wasn't even supposed to come here as a coach, he pulled out, but he came in the end. What happened there?

He should've been our coach for this event at the beginning, but a week and a half before the tournament he said that he has some family problems and that he should stay at home, that he can't go with us. So we were trying to find a replacement and we found an old guy from 1.6, our good friend MSE (Vadim "MSE" Zimin). He said that he could go so we decided to pick him.

But when hooch found out that flamie can't go, he understood that for us it would be so hard, especially with our group, to play with a coach. So he sorted out his things and he came here. But it was really, really hard for him to get here, he didn't even get a visa, but we were looking for a way and we found out how to get to China as a Russian without a visa. We found out to what city he can fly, and from that city, he went here. It's not usually the way to go, but it worked.

You mentioned the group, what are your thoughts about it? It's a pretty stacked one...

For me, it's really stupid, even if we didn't place well in Barcelona and didn't get a good seed, I don't agree with drawing groups like that. Especially when so many teams decided to not go here, for me, as the organizer, I would redraw all of the groups. I don't remember which group it was, but they have two teams and to be honest they aren't good teams. For example, we have SK and BIG and they are [MAX and ORDER] and both are going to the next group stage. For me, it's just really stupid and I don't get why it is like that, but the only thing we can do is play.

WorldEdit is sitting in the middle here, is that connected to in-game leading or how do you play here?

He is just sitting in the middle because he is the sniper, we played together in Barcelona and we know how we need to sit, who needs to be close to who, who will talk, who will help someone... I'm in-game leading the team, I did it in Barcelona and everywhere when we usually play as Russia.

You ended up playing Overpass against SK. That used to be their mega-strong map and you are a mix, Overpass feels like a hard map for a mix, especially on the T side. What was the decision there?

To be honest, it's not that hard of a map for us because, for example, me, Dosia, electronic, we are really used to playing Overpass, we do it for our teams Gambit and Natus Vincere. Especially as last time in Katowice we beat SK on the map as Gambit, so I know their tendencies, how we can play against them and what we need to do to win against them.

For me, it was the best map we could get against them. I don't know why, they were trying to play in the veto with us, they kept Nuke until the last ban. It was Overpass or Nuke and we were ready to play Overpass and Nuke against them so I think it was a little bit of a bad veto by them.

How did the game go from your perspective, what were the key rounds and things that happened?

The key round was that electronic won the first pistol for us, 1v3, except that it feels like everything was working for us. I know how they are playing CT and I know how to play against them to win the rounds. We even lost some stupid rounds as T, I mean, not stupid, but we didn't do what I said, and if we would have done that we would have won them.

The first half score was good for us and I knew that if we would just win pistol and win the force after that, we can roll them on the other side, and that's what happened. We just played aggressive CT, pushed them... Our strongest thing as a mix is that we are unpredictable, we can do "stupid moves". That's our good thing and our bad thing, but against teams with structure it's good, we can surprise them and not let them play their game.

Russia Denis 'seized' Kostin
Denis 'seized' Kostin
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Russia Egor 'flamie' Vasilyev
Egor 'flamie' Vasilyev
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Russia Vadim 'MSE' Zimin
Vadim 'MSE' Zimin
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Europe selfmeister 
cause of tilt with s1mple gonna leave navi
2018-03-14 08:22
Classic Chinese org and simple and flamie deserve each other.
2018-03-14 08:31
Ofc cuz of s1mple
2018-03-14 08:31
his contract doesn't expire till next year
2018-03-14 09:12
Mongolia Guzzler 
s1mple must leave navi for his career remember dendi :(
2018-03-16 14:59
2018-03-14 08:22
Xizt | 
Hong Kong K0Mski 
2018-03-14 08:22
2018-03-14 08:23
SpawN | 
Bulgaria Sickzz_ 
2018-03-14 08:23
Russia skipster 
huge respect for hooch
2018-03-14 08:23
2018-03-14 10:05
2018-03-14 10:25
+1 he is a good man
2018-03-14 12:12
Slovakia k1r3 
mam get the camera
2018-03-14 08:24
2018-03-14 08:24
India MistaJ 
2018-03-14 08:24
2018-03-14 08:25
CIS s1mpletop0ne 
god s1mple told flamie not to go.. and of course flamie scared of GOD and decided to not go
2018-03-14 08:25
LMAO! Gold
2018-03-14 13:39
2018-03-14 08:26
So something deffinately did happen after that godsent loss. WHO'S GETTING KICKED
2018-03-14 08:27
2018-03-14 08:28
SK LOST TO THIS? That's the problem.
2018-03-14 08:29
who cares, its just NaVi not even top5, so what.
2018-03-14 08:30
Bulgaria bUHALOVIC 
''he didn't even get a visa, but we were looking for a way and we found out how to get to China as a Russian without a visa. We found out to what city he can fly, and from that city, he went here. It's not usually the way to go, but it worked.'' lol wat
2018-03-14 08:31
if it's legal then why not
2018-03-14 08:32
without visa , it's not legal !
2018-03-14 08:36
if it weren't legal they wouldn't have allowed it
2018-03-14 08:36
it's China and best buddy Russia ... so no comment
2018-03-14 08:39
2018-03-14 08:42
sXe | 
Russia Duzzle 
russians can get visa for visit island hainan in airport.
2018-03-14 09:03
Ever heard about visa on arrival only for a special zone?
2018-03-14 11:28
Zeus | 
Russia Klugervl 
deuch doesn't know what rus and ukr and others can get visas in china when arrived? That visas for 30 days, for vacation)
2018-03-15 02:02
United Kingdom hArdLad 
Man, read the article. Idiot.
2018-03-16 09:50
russian visa hack
2018-03-14 08:36
Ever heard about visa on arrival?
2018-03-14 10:04
2018-03-14 08:31
massive respects to hooch
2018-03-14 08:31
2018-03-14 10:07
seized we miss you~<3
2018-03-14 08:33
Denmark Zorrondo 
seized the most expensive decoy ever
2018-03-14 08:33
sXe | 
Russia Duzzle 
decoy won sk. omegalul
2018-03-14 08:59
Zeus | 
Russia Klugervl 
Isurus haven't decoy, but couldn't throu 1st group stage))
2018-03-15 02:04
Denmark Zorrondo 
the recca's match was an accident Isurus deserved to move on to the next phase
2018-03-15 03:19
Zeus | 
Russia Klugervl 
Now time for Russia move throu Recca
2018-03-15 03:23
fuck. be more professional plz WESG
2018-03-14 08:36
s1mple | 
Poland Hell2k 
decoy lel
2018-03-14 09:07
Damn what a circus. Now they are 1 up beating SK and hooch played a good game too, respect. Can not but root for these guys.
2018-03-14 09:26
respect to hooch. +1.6 legendan difference between 1.6 player and cs go kids 1.6 player respect the game, get visa few hours before flight and even dare to leave his family for his team cs:go kids - cry and whine after 1 LOST LOL
2018-03-14 09:29
loss* pogchamp
2018-03-16 11:06
Namibia banned_so 
i hope that u will win enough money to make flamie pig cry
2018-03-14 10:07
Russia Nikosimus 
By beating SK they have already won
2018-03-14 12:15
anjing | 
Indonesia YAYE 
2018-03-14 10:21
Luxembourg alex24 
flamie would have destroyed them anyways
2018-03-14 10:39
Massive props to hooch, legend forever
2018-03-14 11:07
how can anybody hate hooooch? seriously he is so humble <3
2018-03-14 11:11
Russia Nikosimus 
MAAAAAASSIVE props to hooch, that's dedication and responsibility in a nutshell He stands in for a guy who called him an old piece of shit and leaves the family Wow
2018-03-14 11:20
2018-03-14 12:14
Zeus | 
Russia Klugervl 
U wrong, he stands in for a RUSSIA
2018-03-15 02:06
Sweden TDK Em1L 
lul SK lost to The illegal Worker hooch eksdee
2018-03-14 11:46
France oldman 
U know a lot about illegal workers, my Swedish friend
2018-03-15 03:13
"We even lost some stupid rounds as T, I mean, not stupid, but we didn't do what I said, and if we would have done that we would have won them." lol
2018-03-14 12:33
Spain deBurrows 
Hooch is legend.
2018-03-14 14:02
Slava S1mplu! He is a goat!
2018-03-14 14:06
"he pulled out, but he came in the end. What happened there?"
2018-03-14 17:17
Very nice! gg gl!
2018-03-14 18:21
He didn't go because simple plays counter-strike like a midlaner in dota/lol no team continuity at all, gg.
2018-03-15 04:41
Pretty straightforward explanation. s1mples back was hurting from carrying 200+ lbs zues & Edward (each obviously). Flamie decided to take the time re-up his consistency so he can help carry the load. Electronic is young, his muscles recover much faster. Actually the best part of this tournament is he will hopefully comeback in his old form, and pick up the 400+ lbs load of s1mples back every now and then. Now if only Edward would decide to retire so they could pick up bOndik, and become the #1 team again - that would be swell.
2018-03-16 11:12
what an idiot HOW CAN HE SAY hooch is in china with no visa?? WTF if anyone reads this hooch will get kicked out of country and maybe he can never return
2018-03-16 12:11
juliano is so delicate and cute, she like a flower
2018-03-16 21:01
Edward | 
United States kUcheRR 
flamie could go sleep in garbage))
2018-03-17 09:55
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