North to miss GG:Origin; NOREG confirmed as replacement

North will miss GG:Origin due to a schedule conflict, the Danish organization has revealed on Twitter.

Just a day ago, North had received the final invite to GG:Origin, a $10,000 tournament that will most notably have a spot at IEM Sydney up for grabs.

Replacing the Danes will be the Norwegians of NOREG, who recently made headlines when they announced that they would be missing the WESG World Finals due to visa issues.

Marcelious and co. will compete in GG:Origin in Group C

The main stage of GG:Origin will run from March 16 to April 1, with the four group winners advancing to the playoffs, joining invitees, Gambit, Heroic, and HellRaisers.

Morten "zEVES" Vollan's squad will also take part in the BYOC qualifier for Copenhagen Games, which will have a minimum prize pool of $100,000 on the line.

Below you can find the updated group draw in full:

Group A Group B
Germany ALTERNATE aTTaX Russia Quantum Bellator Fire
Brazil Não Tem Como Europe Epsilon
Poland Codewise Unicorns Kazakhstan AVANGAR
Bulgaria Windigo Germany Sprout
Group C Group D
Turkey Space Soldiers France Envy
Sweden GODSENT Poland AGO
Norway NOREG Germany BIG
Europe Qualifier Russia EPG

Norway Morten 'zEVES' Vollan
Morten 'zEVES' Vollan
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Didn’t disbanded yet?
2018-03-15 00:12
2018-03-15 00:12
United Kingdom Tendies 
Space bois will win
2018-03-15 00:13
no way
2018-03-15 00:15
Brazil junera 
EZ Não Tem Como, fnx is hungry and needs to show off his well built body to Australian girls!
2018-03-15 01:29
Guatemala feerzein21 
It seems that you also follow FNX’s IG, nice!
2018-03-15 04:27
Brazil junera 
I know him in real life kkkkk
2018-03-15 04:32
ez for major legend - qbfire LUL
2018-03-15 08:10
yep its didnt
2018-03-15 00:12
Nope, they doesn’t
2018-03-15 00:19
Sweden Rexz 
2018-03-15 00:11
ez 4 noreg
2018-03-15 00:12
2018-03-15 00:12
y noreg tho
2018-03-15 00:12
I’ve seen these guys on lan here in Norway, they’re playing so well together, and of course won the lan smoothly
2018-03-15 07:34
Norway kakemann 
Because they have Been playing well latley and beating teams like godsent
2018-03-15 12:35
Ireland TGC_ 
Maybe ezier for BIG
2018-03-15 00:13
Finland Despasiitto 
ENCE ?!?!?!?
2018-03-15 00:13
Noreg is better
2018-03-15 00:21
LAN dodging to avoid another humorous defeat to an AU MDL team
2018-03-15 00:15
China ene1nz 
disband pls
2018-03-15 00:15
ez spot for brazilians
2018-03-15 00:16
Latvia Faaakk 
ez epg
2018-03-15 00:23
North whatever lineup was/is always drama queen team
2018-03-15 00:39
u know how bad the norwegian scene is , when their best team has zeves in it xD
2018-03-15 00:39
United States DEATHRAIN 
Kjaerbye left for this =D
2018-03-15 00:41
i think this is more fitting anyway
2018-03-15 00:42
Norway haHAAxd 
EZ for norge!
2018-03-15 02:50
NOREG is better than North anyway so this is a upgrade
2018-03-15 03:29
Norway JoVoCS 
ez 4 yung star Ole Kristian "Marcelious" Langan
2018-03-15 08:54
codewise unishits lul
2018-03-15 11:13
Turkey Kebapmaster 
İt became ez tournement win for SS
2018-03-15 13:58
Estonia HDTanel 
gl marcelious
2018-03-15 14:44
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