Russian Forces lift WESG World Finals Female trophy

Russian Forces have been crowned champions of WESG 2017's Female tournament after defeating LLG 2-1 in the grand final.

The title decider of the $170,000 tournament saw Russian Forces take on LLG at the expensive of the likes of Those Damn Canadians, Sweden fe and Keyd fe.

The series kicked off on Russian Forces' map pick, Inferno, with Alyona "⁠Candy⁠" Kuvaeva and co. getting off to a flying start as they won the first six rounds of the game. The Chinese side replied by winning two of the next four rounds, but a strong defence from Russian Forces saw them grab a dominant 13-2 half-time lead.

LLG did not want to throw in the towel and came from the break ready to turn things around, losing only one of the first seven rounds. Still, the Russians did not let the game slip away and eventually locked down the map.

Ant1ka and co. finish first at WESG 2017 World Finals Female

Next up was Cobblestone, LLG's map pick. The Chinese team started opened things up with a successful CT pistol, but Russian Forces immediately responded with a five-round winning streak. However, LLG conceded just one more round until the break as they stormed to a 9-6 lead. 

LLG further added to their lead in the second half, winning five of the first six rounds to increase their lead to 14-7. Russian Forces still managed to reduce the deficit to 12-14, but, with DongMei "⁠KARMY⁠" Fang leading the way for her team, LLG won the map to take the series to Mirage.

The decider map began with Russian Forces securing a quick 7-2 lead. LLG grew as the game wore on and switched sides with a one-round lead, but they were constantly on the back foot in the second half and simply could not find a way past the Russians' defence, with Ksenia "⁠vilga⁠" Kluenkova's side giving up just one round on the CT side.

17th March 2018

 Russian Forces K - D +/- ADR Rating 2.0
57 - 45 +12 82.9 1.25
60 - 45 +15 78.8 1.21
58 - 53 +5 85.5 1.18
47 - 52 -5 72.6 1.01
46 - 47 -1 61.8 0.93
 LLG K - D +/- ADR Rating 2.0
51 - 53 -2 74.2 1.03
47 - 55 -8 71.5 0.99
52 - 54 -2 78.6 0.97
44 - 51 -7 65.8 0.89
48 - 58 -10 62.7 0.89

WESG 2017 World Finals Female final standings:

1. Russia Russian Forces - $100,000
2. China LLG - $40,000
3. Canada Those Damn Canadians - $20,000
4. Sweden Sweden fe - $10,000
5-6. China Etab
5-6. Brazil Keyd fe
7-8. France LEGO
7-8. Singapore Asterisk fe

Russia Ksenia 'vilga' Kluenkova
Ksenia 'vilga' Kluenkova
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
China DongMei 'KARMY' Fang
DongMei 'KARMY' Fang
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Russia Alyona 'Candy' Kuvaeva
Alyona 'Candy' Kuvaeva
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Nice, big money for womens.
2018-03-17 16:33
3 replies
2018-03-17 20:36
1 reply
Denmark goFaZe!
Omg ez nastia
2018-03-17 20:42
Australia NotSoMLG
#1 at #7 lol nice
2018-03-18 07:38
ez for ant1ka
2018-03-17 16:33
ez4mini flamie
2018-03-17 16:33
2018-03-17 16:34
100k niceee
2018-03-17 16:34
LLG did good top1 china
2018-03-17 16:34
2018-03-17 16:37
Russia Mustache
2018-03-17 16:35
deserved, ant1ka and vilga should leave their swedish teammates and make a real russian team
2018-03-17 16:42
1 reply
Ant1ka is the worst in the team though, just replace here with one of these russians (or 2 if they kick Potter as well) and keep zAAz and juliano.
2018-03-17 17:40
ez for nast1a
2018-03-17 16:44
Regardless of what many of the childish, awkward, acne-ridden 15 year old little pricks of think about female CS, it's nothing but a good thing for the game and for eSports in general if more women become involved, and having proper tournaments is certainly a step in the right direction. So good job, Russian Forces, and good job WESG, for organizing the tournament with a proper prize. 100k is certainly something worth competing over, while still recognizing the fact that the level of play and competition is just not as high as in the male tournament.
2018-03-17 16:46
27 replies
2018-03-17 16:49
I agree to a certain point. If it wasn't for the fact that men who are better than them, struggle to compete fulltime or even get salary, while these girls compete fulltime.
2018-03-17 17:19
9 replies
Women don't compete with men in almost any sports. What do you mean? Should we shut down every female soccer team and all the female soccer leagues because they can't compete with males?
2018-03-17 20:29
6 replies
This is something different tho
2018-03-17 21:07
3 replies
Males on average have faster physical response to stimuli. There is a reason this is called e-SPORTS. It's essentially a sport. Physical factors are taken into account.
2018-03-17 21:09
2 replies
where are your sources behind this? any retard can talk shit like you :D only hand-eye coordination, reaction speed and hand-eye coordination are taken into account. uuhh wow much physical factors, such wow.
2018-03-17 23:39
1 reply
and anson was never seen again.
2018-03-19 11:31
Yes, we should
2018-03-17 21:33
This is so different and if you can't see that then you're deluded :-)
2018-03-17 22:26
That's a fair point, but frankly, it's impossible for female CS (or other competitive games for that matter) to improve unless they're given some slack in that regard. It's how the world works, and while not exactly logical to pay worse players more just to get people who look up to those worse players involved, it is the only way. In this case, I'd say the goal justifies the means, and ultimately, everyone benefits; even the awkward 15 year old virgin kids like xtrmx below who can't talk to women without stuttering unless it's online.
2018-03-18 01:17
1 reply
Why are you so obsessed with 15 y/o virgins, that you have to put it in every second sentence of yours? Just asking, do you believe that females are naturally inferior to men in terms of reaction and other in-game abilities? Or do you think that they deserve to get a decent living off the game, while being muuuch worse than any tier4 team, just because they are women?
2018-03-18 02:03
2018-03-17 17:52
go to reddit you feminist.
2018-03-17 18:42
1 reply
You should probably stop throwing those difficult words around if you don't know what they mean.
2018-03-18 01:13
Germany DieS0nne
I dont agree. its not a real competition. Its just a way to celebrate themselves without achieving anything. But female "pro" players wont care about this thing because they dont want to improve esports. They are just happy for getting a lot of money for playing mediocre CSGO. So i dont think its a step in the right direction. If anything at all it seperates male and female Csgo community.
2018-03-17 19:18
4 replies
How exactly is it not a real competition? I, too, agree that there should be no separate categories for women and men in eSports or sports in general if we wish to be logical about it, but that's not how the real world works. "But female "pro" players wont care about this thing because they dont want to improve esports." Sadly, you don't get to speak for pro players of any description, and act like you know what they care about or want.
2018-03-18 01:10
3 replies
Germany DieS0nne
I never intented to speak for these females. They just use this opportunity in order to earn some easy money. Sorry but everyone can see this and its no secret at all. Female Pros have no interest in "mixed" tournaments because if those tournaments were the only ones around they wouldnt earn anything at all. They will stick to their only female tournaments. Thats why i said that they dont have any interests in improving esports.
2018-03-18 01:19
2 replies
Also, you thinking something doesn't make it common knowledge. With no evidence to back it up, it's just your subjective view, so don't present them as facts. Female tournaments do improve eSports just by being there. Talked about it further down (really should've posted it somewhere around here so I wouldn't have to keep referring back to it).
2018-03-18 01:42
1 reply
Germany DieS0nne
same goes for you lul
2018-03-18 12:21
"it's nothing but a good thing for the game and for eSports in general if more women become involved" Why?
2018-03-17 21:32
4 replies
Because more people getting involved means more tournaments, bigger tournaments, bigger prices, bigger audiences and more variety, in both games played and the manner in which they are played.
2018-03-18 01:05
3 replies
Why would more people get involved if there's female leagues? There's female football, you think women watch Barca and Real because of some spastic girls playing some obscure games? They dont give a fuck. This garbage adds nothing to esports besides bad rep that girls get "harassed". If there were no female leagues and every pro female right now would either grind to make the cut or quit. That's how you elevate your game, not getting pandered to because you might be a potential marketing gimmick (which they're not). The reality is, and a quick google search will confirm it, this is just another "diversity/equality/whatever" program to get tax cuts. It's not even a real diversity attempt, which btw are all bullshit because women should complete against men in all competition fields. I dont care if none of them reaches the top 100 in anything for decades, because when one does (and eventually one will) it's worth it a thousand times more for the one who does it, because it's a real achievement. They're not fucking handicapped to get tournaments of their own, if they wanna play, they play against everyone, if they can't make it, they quit. That's how life works. Anything else is condescending and sad, and you dont even realise it.
2018-03-18 01:18
2 replies
Except football has been around for such a long time that the viewership numbers have pretty much capped a long time ago (a good thing too, it's a garbage sport), whereas eSports are very much a growing field and there's still tons of room for growth. Otherwise, your post reads just like every other post by sexually frustrated teenagers who see the world in absolutes. Increasing the pool of talent is the first step that has to be taken to improve the level of competition. I posted about this in more detail below, I hope you see how it relates to everything you said. It's impossible to expect growth or improvement if the starting hurdle is too high for anyone to bother with. That's basically why Quake is mostly dead and what started 1.6's death: it was impossible for new players to catch up with the veterans, so nobody bothered trying. THAT'S how it works in the real world.
2018-03-18 01:39
1 reply
Your answer to everything is "you reek of sexual frustration", it's pretty obvious that you're projecting and take your white knighting to the next level in pure desperation so enjoy being a virgin bruh
2018-03-18 10:58
there are no capital letters in the middle of words ;)
2018-03-17 22:51
2 replies
Yes there are. It's called BiCapitalization. iPod, eSports, Na'Vi..
2018-03-18 01:21
1 reply
no, it's either 'e-sports' according to the oxford dictionary or 'esports' according to the associated press. there's no capital s either way.
2018-03-18 17:23
Thailand hahahoha
ant1ka cutest girl
2018-03-17 16:49
how the hell did zaaz and juliano lose??????
2018-03-17 16:58
3 replies
Cuz they bad dude, they got fame from their looks, not skills
2018-03-17 17:43
cuz their team success is made by vilga and antika
2018-03-17 20:35
1 reply
mostly vilga, best female openfragger
2018-03-17 23:55
Ant1ka one love
2018-03-17 17:17
ant1ka :*
2018-03-17 17:30
impressive performance by the chinese team
2018-03-17 17:39
Woohoo, 100k, nice! Good job on the gold! Congratz!
2018-03-17 17:46
Female XD
2018-03-17 17:46
Pretty obvious they would win.... Vilga is literally the only decent pro level female player.
2018-03-17 17:48
1 reply
she keeps rekting while being openfragger jesus
2018-03-17 23:56
2018-03-17 17:49
Turkey mykCS
Nast1a <3
2018-03-17 18:00
GratZ RF!!! You are best !
2018-03-17 18:16
100,000 dollars! Impressive! Well done by these gals!
2018-03-17 18:22
beautiful women
2018-03-17 18:24
Who MVP? Mb Candy?
2018-03-17 18:25
Holy shit dude. These gals 100kUSD for the heck of it
2018-03-17 18:26
Nastia taught Karrigan everything he knows.
2018-03-17 18:50
2 replies
And thats why they havent been winning
2018-03-17 19:21
1 reply
Yet Faze is still the #1 team in the world. Weird
2018-03-18 01:22
CIS Ninja2k
129 720 nicknames chinese brain :/
2018-03-17 18:51
1 reply
It pretty common to chat with numbers in China
2018-03-17 19:13
2018-03-17 19:11
Ant1ka <3 so hot
2018-03-17 19:52
India Ad1_KaM
Ant1ka <3
2018-03-17 20:35
GG wat a game!
2018-03-17 20:38
Finland ginbay
100k Lamao
2018-03-17 20:40
wesg just got ripped off. hopefully the viewer count was super low and they don't support bad cs again
2018-03-17 21:08
2 replies
Well, there's at least 100k viewer (the women final) in Chinese stream last night from a single site (China has multiple Twitch sites).
2018-03-18 04:30
1 reply
Typical chinese viewer bots. Apparently this guy had 1.3 billion people watching his stream :
2018-03-18 07:34
Portugal mrsc
russian grills so hot
2018-03-17 21:14
Did they really just give out $170 000 to some tier 15 teams? Time to cut my D off.
2018-03-17 22:09
7 replies
they are high skill female teams, not tier 15 teams, thats like comparing high school mens basketball to WNBA womens....its different
2018-03-17 23:09
6 replies
CS is all about the head, physical abilities does not matter. Women in CS can play every single tournament, there are no "men only" tournaments. Men can only play those that are not "female only" tournaments.
2018-03-17 23:40
5 replies
sure, but if a woman was as good as men at sports, they might let them in a sports league with men. BUT it has never happened. Just like in CSGO, so far women have not been on the same level as men overall (im sure pro women would beat most of our asses but not male pros). So you are 100% right in theory, but effectively men and women have separate tournaments because there have not been any females on high level teams with males yet
2018-03-18 00:25
2 replies
"men and women have separate tournaments" Nope, only women have separate tournaments, men don't have those. And somehow when it goes this way it's never called "sexist".
2018-03-18 08:56
1 reply
but it is this way. I don't think you understand my point. I am not talking about rules, I am talking about the way things are. Men don't play with women on their teams or in tournaments with them
2018-03-18 16:09
It's called a talent pool and shifting priorities. There are less women playing, thus, a smaller pool of talent. Because of that, the teams are worse. Because of that, the games don't get as much coverage. Because of that, more women don't become involved, and instead shift their priorities towards other things that are more likely to work out for them. By giving new players an incentive to join (tournaments with real prizes, for example), over time the pool of talent grows, improving the quality of play, increasing the amount of people watching, increasing the money coming in, shifting their priorities towards CS as opposed to away from it and so on. But it's also the fact that physical properties ABSOLUTELY matter in CS. Not so much your upper body strength or how much you squat, but other physical attributes in which men have an edge over women. So while female CS will likely never be at the same level as male CS, it certainly can become a lot better, and the way for it to become better is to improve the pool of talent in the manner that I explained.
2018-03-18 01:29
1 reply
Which physical abilities are you talking about then? I really don't see it. Look at ropz, or kids like frozen. Most of the adult girls are stronger physically than them.
2018-03-18 08:52
Nice, some girls getting big money even tho they suck in this game. The world is a good place <3
2018-03-18 04:32
Estonia RaimanS2k
Just get back in the kitchen to wash the dishes
2018-03-18 11:25
Poland LucaS04
2018-03-18 11:30
feeling proud
2018-03-18 18:21
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