KRIMZ about the Mirage comeback: "We gathered our energy and played some damn good CS"

Following the WESG 2017 World Finals winner's ceremony, we talked to Freddy "KRIMZ" Johansson, the MVP in fnatic's victory.

Freddy "KRIMZ" Johansson has been putting up great performances in the fnatic jersey for some time now, and was looking good to claim the MVP award in Katowice before Robin "flusha" Rönnquist put up a monstrous grand final performance to snatch it away.

KRIMZ was happy about getting the MVP after flusha "stole" the last one away

In China, KRIMZ was consistently great which made him the driving force behind fnatic's $800,000 victory. We interviewed the 23-year-old and found out about playing underdogs, turning it around after StarSeries and more.

You won this tournament, obviously, and added that to winning Katowice recently, so that's a million dollars in two weeks. Can you tell me a bit about how that feels?

It is a really amazing experience for us, it was going so bad for us in the last two years. And now, from winning Katowice, I can't even find words for that one, and WESG as well. This wasn't the same as Katowice, don't get me wrong, it was still a really good thing for us and me personally, but it wasn't on the same level as Katowice. I'm just happy for every achievement.

As you said, you had a tough period, even at StarSeries, which was not that long ago, you bombed out of the group stage. Has anything changed in the team and the way you approach the game, maybe calling style, have you changed anything up that allowed you to go on a 14-game undefeated streak on LAN now?

I just think we trust in each other more than before, and we react better. When someone wants to do something on the map, we will react either by playing with that guy or doing something on the other side of the map which makes sense. I think we just became better playing with each other and off each other, it's simple as that. I don't think it's anything really special except that.

There were a few big teams here beside you like Cloud9, SK, and obviously, you play a lot of underdogs at this tournament. What was key for you guys to make it through all of those challenges while they stumbled?

We didn't think about it, we just focused on every game, no matter if we should beat them on paper. Just focus on the match, play our game. As you see, Inferno now in the final we kind of threw away, that was just us getting cocky from leading 7-0. Throughout the whole tournament, we just focused on every game, it doesn't matter which names are on the other side.

You touched on the final, on the last map you were down 14-7, what was the key to that comeback?

I think everyone was just pretty upset and mad from the Inferno game and we started feeling, maybe not the same "throw" feelings on Mirage, but similar. I think we just gathered our remaining energy and played some damn good CS.

On Cobblestone, Lekr0 had a very good game, had some great clutches, multifrags. How has his development in fnatic been so far, from your perspective?

I mean, he is a madfragger, he is good with pistols, he is good rifles, he is good with the sniper. He is just an all-around good player, I'm really impressed how he has come up in our team. He is getting more experienced at every tournament we go to. I mean, he's still got a lot to learn, but he is already really good at this stage, so he could end up being scary good. He impressed me a lot.

Obviously, team achievements come first, but you got the MVP, does it feel nice to get some acknowledgment after the performances you've been putting up recently?

It feels really amazing, because flusha stole my last one at Katowice. (laughs) No, he played good in the final, so he deserved it a lot. It feels really good for me, it's my first MVP since 2014 I think. So yeah, a very good thing.

What's next for fnatic?

DreamHack Marseille and a lot of online matches to play from home. We have no off days except some weekend maybe, we will just go home and practice.

Sweden Freddy 'KRIMZ' Johansson
Freddy 'KRIMZ' Johansson
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Sweden Robin 'flusha' Rönnquist
Robin 'flusha' Rönnquist
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Wow gj
2018-03-18 11:31
You fast nigga, almost first xD
2018-03-18 11:33
nice to see fnatic winning again :>
2018-03-18 11:33
Germany Ertinho 
2018-03-19 22:09
My phone is faster
2018-03-18 11:33
But we will kick golden when we get home, so this will be the last tournoument fnatic will ever win.
2018-03-18 19:58
Golden ain't getting kicked confirmed :).
2018-03-20 11:14
Well second is still pretty good, KRiMZ deserved! :D
2018-03-18 11:32
2018-03-18 11:31
shox | 
France KR1MEZ 
God krimz
2018-03-18 11:31
so easy for Scar 20
2018-03-18 11:32
United States Nohj_10years 
2018-03-28 20:50
Sweden pend3x1g 
2018-03-18 11:33
Malaysia byaIi 
nice for kirms
2018-03-18 11:33
Turkey Reasmeister 
And cried about abort
2018-03-18 11:34
2018-03-18 11:35
Greece knk74 
Mad ?
2018-03-18 12:35
Serbia aXilelele 
2018-03-18 13:05
Turkey Reasmeister 
im not even a space soldiers fan. but imo thats not fair
2018-03-18 14:02
are you dumb? lmao, the match was stopped by admins of course the round needs to get aborted
2018-03-19 08:59
This shit's not acceptable even as bait.
2018-03-20 14:07
2018-03-18 11:34
new porsche for each inc
2018-03-18 11:34
lada is better
2018-03-18 19:02
Bulgaria pgmatev 
having an interview with a fnatic player and not asking about the golden-xizt situation
2018-03-18 11:36
United Kingdom MainSlayer 
2018-03-18 11:44
Spain Alser 
+1 Although maybe he asked and Krimz said he didn't want to answer
2018-03-18 11:51
Bulgaria pgmatev 
perhaps thats what happened
2018-03-18 11:56
India bozzmob 
+10000 !! Exactly. Throughout the interview I was looking for that. Especially when they said "What's next for fnatic?" I was like wow! And then I was like meh!
2018-03-18 11:54
Canada PwnNewb 
Golden confirmed on twitter and other sources that he is staying with Fnatic, IDK if it was just a rumor about X OR maybe it was a possibility but now that Golden won them over 1 million in 2 weeks AND was the IGL to lead them back from down 7-14 to a victory they are keeping him
2018-03-19 05:01
Gz to Krimz, well deserved! Even though Flusha is my favourite!
2018-03-18 11:37
Brazil tpennafort 
Man oh man Señor VAC is a God.
2018-03-28 20:31
2018-03-18 11:38
Latvia Tibro 
damn good cs
2018-03-18 11:48
Turkey inmortial27 
2018-03-18 11:58
You have to go back.
2018-03-18 13:23
I've seen you whine in every post. Just shut up kiddo, fnatic deserved it and Scar-20 it's in the game and can be countered
2018-03-18 14:47
Turkey inmortial27 
LOL talking silver
2018-03-18 17:02
Nah dude. Actually only under LEM players complain about scar. Others understand, that scar is way harder than AWP
2018-03-18 19:24
Kuwait Yarrak 
2018-03-18 16:51
Russia Paul_theGod 
fnatic top1 2k18 incoming
2018-03-18 12:01
At least Golden earned some money before kick
2018-03-18 12:23
> win 2 tournaments after 2 years > make roster changes
2018-03-18 12:28
Sweden werkaster 
> Gamble on an unknown IGL in August 2017 with a solid 1.xx+ rating > Golden rating drops radically against tier 1 since day 1 and up to this day > Golden had from August 2017 until now to do something, he didn't. > Fnatic goes 0-3 at Star in bo3 against shit teams > Great win at Katowice. Did Golden do it? No, in fact, Fnatic played 0 hours of CS together as a team before Katowice (this is 100 % true from their own interviews), proving that no tactics or anything of that sort is the reason they suddenly turned everything around. Individual skill from players like flusha, krimz and lekro got them that win. > Expected win for any tier 1 team in China. Looks like he's going to stay in fnatic, sadly, but he shouldn't be. He doesn't perform well individually and he's had more time than most IGL's in the history of the game. 1,5 tournament wins after that long is a joke for an organization like Fnatic. Bring in Xizt, please.
2018-03-18 16:49
Sweden empalocoxD 
Your point is valid but if golden has impact on their inviduall skills they should keep him. I mean if they start playing bad again xizt is always on the market.
2018-03-18 17:49
Latvia pumasiK 
expecting here salty turkish comments ''AUTO NOOB''
2018-03-18 12:58
2018-03-18 12:59
Denmark DanishDelight 
2018-03-18 13:09
k0nfig | 
Denmark strogie 
i never liked krimz and think he look like a goth but he play good cs especially in 2018 look forward to see more, jw and flusha allways fun to watch :)
2018-03-18 13:34
Chile pr0per 
Very well for fnatic
2018-03-18 13:45
rip xizt
2018-03-18 13:49
Bosnia and Herzegovina Ozimandias 
That is bcuz Space Soldiers choked this game. Buy p90 and scar more Fnatic...
2018-03-18 13:51
Turkmenistan coolguy3 
Cry is free
2018-03-18 18:01
Neither of those two guns are very strong you bot. Nova retards talking about unfair guns LMAO
2018-03-19 01:52
2018-03-21 11:35
no you didn't , space guys just let you win
2018-03-18 13:57
Brazil jstrr 
are we REALLY letting fnatic go back to winning everything? they're not even that good oh well, better them than faze
2018-03-18 14:10
"whats next for fnatic" hltv lowkey asking if they are still kicking golden
2018-03-18 14:20
hahhhha and still, awaiting golden's inevitable exit
2018-03-18 15:09
United Kingdom Oxna 
Am I the only one who thinks that Xizt going to fnatic. Can only be a good thing for Xizt?! Like he can get carried to winning tournaments again by Lekr0, krimz and flusha
2018-03-18 16:51
Just look at his stats over the last 10 months and that's all you need to know, Xizt has been shit online and on LAN for almost a full year so no you're not the only one that thinks this. He was once a decent fragger for an IGL but those days are long gone, now he's just useless trash, NiP only with Dennis for 1 month so far and already look 10x better than they did playing with Xizt.
2018-03-18 18:12
if we reset the stats at round 22(7 vs 14) fnatic produced following stats until 16:14: Kills vs Deaths: JW: 12:1 Flusha: 10:3 Lekro: 9:2 Krimz: 7:3 Golden 7:3
2018-03-18 17:38
Keep up this level Krimz, you are the best player in the entire world atm.
2018-03-18 18:10
Netherlands jonsve 
2018-03-18 22:26
What about him? I mean sure he was insane at starladder which he lost anyway, not even close to Krimz level atm.
2018-03-18 23:23
Netherlands jonsve 
You say atm, s1mple has literally had a 1.30 rating last 3 months...
2018-03-19 11:14
Mostly online so I don't care, tell me when Na'vi can qualify some events.
2018-03-19 16:27
Denmark steffmeister 
delusional. krimz is back, but he is no s1mple.
2018-03-19 11:40
Finland f0pZ 
yes krimz god, he was god in the old fnatic too but people only remember olof..
2018-03-19 08:47
Turkey Koios 
trash team and autonoob players
2018-03-18 21:53
Netherlands jonsve 
Triggered ss fan spotted.
2018-03-18 22:26
160 000$
2018-03-19 17:05
2018-03-27 13:49
Netherlands jonsve 
Flusha >>> krimz
2018-03-18 22:26
You must really hate on Krimz to write this shit hahahah, s1mple brain dead fanboy can't say it's not expected, enjoy watching Na'vi play online and qualify for nothing.
2018-03-18 23:24
Canada PwnNewb 
he is allowed to have his own opinion, why dont you post some reasons why you think krimz is better instead of just being salty and bashing him from being a s1mple fan, even though he isn't a navi fan so half what you said doesn't even make sense (he is mouz and envyus fan) and he is a fan of like 20 players but you just single out s1mple to make some bad insult toward him I get that you like KRIMZ and that is cool, but you don't have to attack someone like a rabid dog with bad insults just because they don't like your fav player
2018-03-19 05:03
This is HLTV m8. Why don't you go to reddit if you can't handle this site.
2018-03-19 05:06
Canada PwnNewb 
OMG you are right I can't handle you....the force of your amazing wit and super basic condescending remarks are the perfect combination of lame, edgy, + basic happy meal childish that is too much to handle find some insults actually require a brain to make them up that aren't recycled jokes you learned from some mate at your preschool class or your kiddy pool playmate
2018-03-19 05:41
So you joined this conversation that you weren't part of to just insult me? Then call me childish, actually you do belong on HLTV, I was wrong about you.
2018-03-19 16:29
Canada PwnNewb 
you weren't apart of the conversation until you joined it either damn you are dense...not worth anymore time. your insults are wayyy to base
2018-03-21 17:29
Netherlands jonsve 
Fan of Krimz. Expected
2018-03-19 11:14
Lol autobots
2018-03-18 23:47
Krimz is a really good player... It's a shame the fact thst he doesnt get the respect deserved... Maybe because of their team who have great talents like JW and Flusha.
2018-03-19 00:21
Canada PwnNewb 
Very good point. There aren't a lot of players that can both play great support AND take over a game like he does, a lot of people do 1 well or the other but not both.
2018-03-19 05:40
People care a lot about highlights.. KRIMZ plays for the team... Doesnt show up like many other players.... In fact csgo is all about teamplay...
2018-03-19 16:29
Pakistan MeMeMeisteR2 
krimz can literally do everything in a game. he is the most versatile player
2018-03-21 03:11
auto noob
2018-03-19 06:34
auto noobs
2018-03-19 08:55
2018-03-19 08:58
Cant believe Kids can be so autistic that they actually say auto noob seriously and not just as a stupid meme
2018-03-19 17:19
Its time vavle to step up against cheating else we will see low magical csgo with no brain or skill.
2018-03-20 12:18
Malaysia byaIi 
Vegeta give me your POWER!!!!!!
2018-03-20 21:53
Fnatic best team
2018-03-21 02:18
Turkey darknight53 
rip 500k
2018-03-27 23:31
2018-03-28 20:59
Quick reminder that FNATIC is back to tear down kids
2018-03-30 21:00
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