nexa: "We hope to break into the top 20 this year"

March 19th, 2018 20:58

We caught up with Nemanja "nexa" Isaković to discuss his short stint on Renegades, Imperial's formation, their chances in Copenhagen Games' BYOC qualifier and what lies beyond the Danish event.

The 20-year-old Serbian player, who burst onto the scene with iNation back in 2015, had a four-month stint with Renegades in mid-2017. After leaving the Australian team, he helped to form MANS NOT HOT alongside well-known players from Denmark and Lithuania.

nexa's team will be in Denmark for Copenhagen Games

The roster was recently picked up by Imperial and will partake in Copenhagen Games' BYOC Qualifier at the end of this month in Denmark. We interviewed Nemanja "nexa" Isaković to talk about his time with Renegades, how his current team came together, and what they could do at Copenhagen Games.

You had a four-month tenure with Renegades. How did you feel when you got an offer from such an established team?

I felt really excited, I felt like this was my shot at the big leagues. But obviously it didn't go quite as planned.

After four months with Renegades, you were relieved of your duties. Can you describe the experience of playing for a professional team in a foreign country? What went wrong there and how did it help you develop as a player?

It was really hard at the beginning, especially because I went there to be the in-game leader—a role I had never had before, and that messed with my head and my confidence a lot. After Nifty took over the role I felt like I was starting to get some of that confidence back, but in the end it was simply too late. I don't regret my decision to  play with Renegades despite not being able to do much good. I developed and learned a lot as an individual, both inside and outside the game.

Imperial want to reach top 20 status before the end of the year

Let's continue with the creation of this lineup. MANS NOT HOT were formed with two Danes, two Lithuanians, and a Serbian. How did these pieces come together?

Back when I was released from Renegades, AcilioN contacted me, we talked a little bit and decided to make a team based around the two of us and tenzki, but that fell through when he got picked up by dignitas. Later on, after the dignitas lineup fell apart, we came back to our plan, and because AcilioN wanted to be the in-game leader while Tenzki wanted a support role, we figured we needed more firepower so we tried to get the best aimers FPL/Rank S had to offer, and went with EspiranTo and kalinka at the time.

Did you guys decide to form an international lineup intentionally or was it something that ocurred naturally after you all ran out of options in your respective scenes?

Personally, I have been part of a lot of domestic lineups and I was never able to reach the top with any of those teams, so I wanted to try my luck in an international team, playing in my natural role. 

Two months in, kalinka left the team and you added nukkye to the lineup. Why did kalinka leave and why did you choose to add nukkye? Did this have any impact on team roles?

kalinka didn't really fit in with the role he was assigned. We tried switching it up a bit, but it just didn't work out in the end, so we decided to add nukkye considering that EspiranTo was not really a main AWPer by nature and that's what we thought we were lacking at the time. Bringing in nukkye has helped us a lot, and letting EspiranTo play his main role has been really good for him and for the team.

You now have an organisation backing you up, Imperial. What kind of impact has this had on the team? 

It has had a lot of impact because most of us were struggling with money and were playing a lot of FPL to try and earn some, which made our practice hours less frequent than they should be. As AcilioN said in the statement when we signed, being backed up by Imperial and having a stable monthly income are letting us focus solely on practicing and improving ourselves as a team and as individuals.

Copenhagen Games 2018 could be this lineup's first event on the international stage. What are your goals and expectations for the event?

We're in the BYOC Qualifier, so we are going to focus on making it into the main tournament first, then we will go from there. Personally, I want to make a deep run and face off against some of the best teams.

There are two Danish players on your roster. Do you think or hope that your team will get the support of the crowd because of that?

Hopefully the crowd will get behind us and cheer us on, because I know a lot of our players feed off of that energy and get more hyped the louder the crowd is.

What are your plans after Copenhagen Games 2018? Do you have any other LAN tournaments lined up?

We have no plans set, but we are always ready to attend anything that comes up. I think for us the best thing would be attending one of the DreamHack Masters tournaments.

You are currently ranked 35th in our world ranking. What would be the ideal ranking for you, both short and long term?

Short term goal is hitting top 30. As for the long-term goals, that's what the team is based on. We are hoping to crack the top 20 later this year, and we will work as hard as possible to do so.

Serbia Nemanja 'nexa' Isaković
Nemanja 'nexa' Isaković
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2018-03-19 20:58
United States PapaObama 
2018-03-19 21:10
2018-03-20 12:52
Russia ImNotRussian 
Wont happen with Acilion in the team
2018-03-19 20:59
2018-03-19 21:19
He is god
2018-03-19 21:30
not really sure who to get in his place (he's an IGL)
2018-03-19 21:31
still a joke as an igl, maybe get a real one
2018-03-19 21:50
that's why I'm asking
2018-03-19 21:50
so basically you can get anyone else because acilion's impact as igl = 0
2018-03-19 21:51
And u measure impact with ur ass?
2018-03-19 22:10
which is?
2018-03-19 22:11
Brollan | 
World mbata 
Stuffed with marshmallows and corn
2018-03-20 07:12
Ah thanks man
2018-03-20 07:56
Brollan | 
World mbata 
You’re welcome / your doctor
2018-03-20 18:12
I feel like Tenzki would be good IGL
2018-03-20 10:00
he has never done it before and has never shown any intentions of wanting to do it
2018-03-20 13:48
ZywOo | 
United States TeamSESH 
2018-03-19 23:50
Spain JasonRacism 
2018-03-20 02:10
jks | 
North America xdrax 
ez mans not hot
2018-03-19 20:59
Turkey Mejuckei 
2018-03-19 20:58
Sweden 4Sweeeden 
Ok, but why add 2 Lithuanians? lel
2018-03-19 20:59
these lithuanians are usually carrying them ^_^
2018-03-19 21:02
+1, espiranto god
2018-03-19 21:15
SpawN | 
Bulgaria Sickzz_ 
Actually that's true
2018-03-19 21:31
hahah true
2018-03-20 22:08
Kazakhstan zhankim21 
Faceit mix top 20 kappa
2018-03-19 21:09
cause danes are bots
2018-03-19 21:27
Lithuania gime114 
2018-03-19 22:01
Lithuania Paulius_CS 
2018-03-19 22:02
India csgonemes1s 
Only Bot Karrigan :')
2018-03-19 22:15
Lithuania SiK_ 
2018-03-19 22:28
nukkye, espiranto and kalinka are great
2018-03-19 22:49
Sweden 4Sweeeden 
I know about Kalinka, he is decent yes. Espiranto i heard of, but not Nukkye.
2018-03-19 22:50
Espiranto is reking in fpl... He could be the next ropz or the next joelz...
2018-03-20 07:06
Ye he might get picked up by an better paying org. That would mostlikely be the downfall of imperial.
2018-03-20 09:14
2018-03-20 09:57
man not hot
2018-03-19 20:59
Lithuania KoksSkirtumas 
lol, i dont think so...
2018-03-19 20:59
Lithuania gime114 
Koks skirtumas? >_>
2018-03-20 16:40
Denmark JustYes 
2018-03-19 21:00
Your very cool today
2018-03-19 21:31
You're very fishy today
2018-03-19 22:43
Russia RoneEZ 
You're very budda today
2018-03-20 05:19
Ur very roni today😂😂👌
2018-03-20 09:05
You have nice cheats today
2018-03-20 10:51
Turkey casmere 
Nexa's lit, but as to the team...
2018-03-19 21:00
Malaysia byaIi 
nex GODtop1 soom
2018-03-19 21:00
Japan Spika 
Omega lul
2018-03-19 21:00
United Kingdom Fizzhaz 
gl its possible to get top30 maybe not top20 unless there is a skill level increase
2018-03-19 21:05
Greenland ilikeshrooms 
-acilion + lets say some decent igl with brains = ez
2018-03-19 21:24
United Kingdom Fizzhaz 
Yeh but there arn't many options. Maybe Xizt if he's willing
2018-03-19 21:24
Greenland ilikeshrooms 
I said decent xd
2018-03-19 21:25
United Kingdom Fizzhaz 
Xizt is under rated rn. He's not as bad as people make him out to be
2018-03-19 21:26
Greenland ilikeshrooms 
Friberg would be good
2018-03-19 21:27
United Kingdom Fizzhaz 
- danes + sweeds
2018-03-19 21:27
he is overrated he has vetos of a retard and cant lead a carrot
2018-03-19 21:28
United Kingdom Fizzhaz 
NiP is one of the hardest teams to lead imo. Not that his vetos are justifiable
2018-03-19 21:29
There is shox
2018-03-19 21:31
Germany cartii 
2018-03-19 21:00
2018-03-19 21:00
Lithuania Paulius_CS 
gl easy
2018-03-19 21:02
Czech Republic Rewask 
2018-03-19 21:00
good luck lmao
2018-03-19 21:01
2018-03-19 21:01
Not gona happen LUL
2018-03-19 21:02
Lithuania FakeLithuania 
ez Espiranto
2018-03-19 21:02
Lithuania LuXe 
Promising team
2018-03-19 21:02
rain | 
Norway SkandiG 
2018-03-19 21:02
man is not hot!
2018-03-19 21:02
Turkey VeryMusl1mGuy 
good luck
2018-03-19 21:03
promising team, hope they make it, gl
2018-03-19 21:06
2018-03-19 21:08
vberg | 
North America Mang0 
Maybe you'll reach the top 20 if you stop literally throwing matches
2018-03-19 21:09
hOw MuCh ??
2018-03-20 09:06
g0d | 
Brazil L4x @.@ 
2018-03-19 21:09
quit throwing online games and you'll make it
2018-03-19 21:11
Poland Wojtek31337 
Hahahahahah With nukkey.who.have never played on lan and prov wont caus of his cheats? So funny worst Player in rene haha
2018-03-19 21:13
NAF | 
Slovakia t4gg3d 
Yeah Renegades should just kick nukkye-, he is a fucking mm cheater, srsly I can bhop better wtf
2018-03-19 21:44
So stupid to kick naf-fly for nukke
2018-03-19 22:03
NAF | 
Slovakia t4gg3d 
^this, +1 ikr, how dumb can they be? kicking your main awper for a mm cheater tf Renegaydes
2018-03-19 22:07
And losing main rifler Rickeh Berwick for n0thing
2018-03-19 22:18
NAF | 
Slovakia t4gg3d 
Yep :/ also I never understood the fact that they kicked their star players TaZ & Hunden for some player called "coldzera" (tier5???) & "NiKo" (plays in heroic, wow much worse than TaZ)
2018-03-19 22:33
nukkye has been to lan and won :)
2018-03-20 22:09
Poland Wojtek31337 
When ,? Hahaha
2018-03-21 15:55
dh winter byoc 2017
2018-03-21 18:33
Hatz | 
Korea taun_tatt 
2018-03-19 21:14
-Acilion -TENZKi Ez top 20
2018-03-19 21:19
2018-03-19 21:23
NEO | 
Romania MaNNiaKS 
Hahaha , FPL team Maybe , maybe they have a chance....
2018-03-19 21:23
hahahaha lul
2018-03-19 21:26
Finland t33mu 
2018-03-19 21:29
Brazil hugoooo 
If TeamOne achieved this in literally one lan, why not? I think they are very underrated, probably because of the flags that compose their lineup. But I think top 20 this year is a realistic goal.
2018-03-19 21:33
Estonia pj4 
this team is like budget mousesports which is budget faze so budget budget faze
2018-03-19 21:34
Denmark 1924 
2018-03-19 21:38
>Tier 5 team >Top 20 Pick one
2018-03-19 21:38
Sweden lawflezz 
u wont
2018-03-19 21:47
Lithuania lighthair 
Man will never be hot again
2018-03-19 21:51
Lithuania Paulius_CS 
-tenzki +kalinka
2018-03-19 22:02
Bulgaria BlindBG11 
I aren't think dat.
2018-03-19 22:02
it's possible I'm already surprised by how well the lineup is doing
2018-03-19 22:03
Sweden TDK Em1L 
By only playing online matches and They will Still Reach it ezpcy
2018-03-19 22:13
Ez sexica
2018-03-19 22:25
f0rest | 
Serbia dankooo 
i aren't think that
2018-03-19 22:29
tbh nexa/espiranto/nukkye are really good unfortunately both acilion and tenzki are bots even vs t3
2018-03-19 22:52
nexa | 
Serbia KS4 
Nexaaaaaaa <3 !
2018-03-19 22:55
Spain Ali3nigena 
hahaha xddddddddddddddddddddddddd
2018-03-19 23:12
Brazil xxSync 
2018-03-19 23:16
If they reach top 20 it's because they're really really MANSHOTHOT... LEL Greetings from Cristiano Ronaldo
2018-03-19 23:20
Netherlands Darkrain 
QBF in top 20 but renegades not, LUL
2018-03-19 23:28
Spain JasonRacism 
Renegades are #11th you fucking idiot
2018-03-20 07:07
shox | 
World finedenim 
can't beat tier 3 teams, wants to be top 20, LUL
2018-03-19 23:41
Soon mate. YeahTheExBoy
2018-03-20 00:01
no hope gg
2018-03-20 00:42
suNny | 
Vietnam Oida 
aren't they top 20?
2018-03-20 00:47
Europe Sn1ck 
They are rank 35
2018-03-21 07:40
Felt kinda bad for Nexa during his time with Renegades. Glad to see he's bounced back somewhat and isn't holding any grudges publicly.
2018-03-20 00:51
Spain half_xan 
gl serbian bro and co
2018-03-20 01:34
Canada gritabit 
Need to make semi-finals of Tier 3 event but beat a Top 3 team in order to do it (Team1)
2018-03-20 01:36
Two plus two is four, minus one thats three quick maths
2018-03-20 03:47
Nexa fucking shit
2018-03-20 06:01
maybe in your dreams
2018-03-20 06:51
No chance after that game vs avangar
2018-03-20 09:28
You will break in Top 20 but from forward to backward.
2018-03-20 09:36
good luck my brother,2018 and 2019 ur years.
2018-03-20 10:57
2018-03-20 10:57
cadiaN | 
Denmark megz 
And I hope to win the lottery... most likely won't happen. But then again, you have to buy a ticket to win, I respect that they give it a shot!
2018-03-20 12:26
Lithuania gime114 
It's not a lottery when you have skill ;)
2018-04-01 08:38
ropz | 
Estonia carmen 
2018-03-20 12:28
Norway NoregNik 
2018-03-20 16:05
Denmark resb1 
as long as they have EspiranTo in their roster..
2018-03-31 19:06
Serbia K4bby 
Gj guys! ^^
2018-04-02 19:58
Spain JasonRacism 
They did well to get 19th, But keeping it and progressing is a lot harder
2018-04-02 20:00
Serbia bra1np 
Already done. Haha!
2018-04-03 16:02
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