mTw defeat DTS for KODE5 Spain

KODE5 Spain concludes as mTw defeated DTS.chatrix 2:0 in the grand final and will be going to KODE5 Global Finals.

The Danes came from the lower-bracket to defeat the Ukrainians on two maps. DTS.chatrix had in the first match of the day, sent mTw to the lower-bracket, with a 16:14 win on inferno. Ever since their loss, mTw dominated their way through lower-bracket.

Last team in their way to get their rematch against DTS.chatrix was Crack Clan, who simply did not stand a chance against the Danes. Neither did the Ukrainians to begin with on dust2, with mTw start as CT. Nothing worked for DTS.chatrix and with Alexander "ave" Holdt saving mTw from losing the second round to DTS.chatrix armed with deagles, it did not look very bright for Ukrainians. As the first half ended and mTw took a 11:4 lead, it was like someone flipped the switch, as DTS.chatrix started a very strong CT side defense. A lot of clutch rounds went in favor of DTS.chatrix and the match headed towards a tie. This did however never happen, as mTw took the rounds they needed for a 16:13 win on dust2.

Moving on to nuke, mTw once again showed strong CT defense, taking a 12:3 lead. The Ukrainians could yet again begin a journey to catch up with a big mTw lead. They journey did however need come through, as mTw secured their fourth T rounds for a total win 16:9, 2:0 overall.

Broken tag

mTw are now qualified for KODE5 Global Finals, while other participating teams at KODE5 Spain will go home empty handed.

KODE5 Spain Finals Standings

1. Denmark mTw
2. Ukraine DTS.chatrix
3. Finland Crack Clan
4. Spain x6tence
5-6. Spain Ledpc
5-6. Kazakhstan k23
7-8. Spain overGame
7-8. Spain k1ck
9-12. Spain UNIR
9-12. Spain Wizards
9-12. Spain Alin9hi

mTw will now have their chance to defend their KODE5 title from last year, while the great of this tournament DTS.chatrix will truly be a team to keep your eyes on in future tournaments.

We will be processing statistics from KODE5 Spain later tonight, as well uploading demos from event.

lol they look as happy as if they had won against fnatic :x
2009-04-05 21:46
5 replies
They have after all won a tournament against good teams and qualified for KODE5 finals. ;)
2009-04-06 00:56
I guess they are very happy, because they lost from DTS and from loosers bracket they managed to win 2 (i think close) matches in final :)
2009-04-06 08:18
idiot, you want to say DTS bad team?
2009-04-06 18:23
2 replies
No need to be that harsh if you do not agree with the user's opinion. If you pay attention to #3 and #6 that picture was actually shot after mTw beating fnatic so #1 was kind of right :P without any prejudice against DTS ;)
2009-04-06 19:08
2009-04-07 14:16
Well done.
2009-04-05 21:47
this photo from last kode5 in Moscow $)
2009-04-05 21:48
1 reply
But still the best winning shot!
2009-04-05 21:50
What a pity, wished a spanish team for the 1st. place..
2009-04-05 21:49
5 replies
Right now on a international level, a 1st place is quite difficult to achieve. But still teams like x6tence or LedPC did a decent tournament; k1ck being a big disappointment though. For any other "1st place team" issues drop me a line and I will x5 myself haha ;D
2009-04-06 19:03
4 replies
theres potential in the spanish scene I think !
2009-04-06 20:04
3 replies
There has always been potential I think, but dedication (and seriousness) close to none in most of the teams.
2009-04-06 20:17
2 replies
agree 100%
2009-04-06 21:00
1 reply
Just "felt in love" :D (hope your boyfriend does not mind xD) ;)
2009-04-06 21:39
Eee? KODE5 Spain? Nice top3 ; d
2009-04-05 21:49
1 reply
Well said :> Only Spanish team should be allowed...
2009-04-05 22:13
why dint MTW attend the kode5 denmark when it was just 2 weeks away..?? are they scared of the local teams there?? k23, CC & Dts.chatrix have a reason that they dont have local qualifiers in their country..but why MTW?? neways GG
2009-04-05 21:54
5 replies
KODE5 Denmark is the last qualifier for KODE5 Global Finals. Should mTw have failed there, then they would miss out on KODE5 Global Finals. I see you point about some great teams wont have the opportunity to go, as mTw won, but mTw just wanted to be sure that they would qualify for KODE5 Global Finals. SK/mousesports will most likely be attending KODE5 Denmark, depending on the winner of KODE5 Sweden.
2009-04-05 21:56
3 replies
but isnt that kinda unfair for the local teams...then wats the point to have local qualifiers when outsider teams come and ruin those local teams' dreams...isnt it kinda discouraging for the local teams..??
2009-04-05 21:58
2 replies
Well point taken, but it's all up to the organizers if they allow foreign teams to participate.
2009-04-05 22:01
If they are too weak to beat them , then it isn;t unfair. They're just too weak. Why local? cuz u don't have to go anywhere.
2009-04-06 13:54
maybe they wanted to make place for another danish team in Kode5 Global?
2009-04-05 22:01
where did k23 place?
2009-04-05 21:55
2 replies
2009-04-05 21:56
1 reply
lol thanks, i was baffled by the spanish flag
2009-04-05 23:03
where is K23??? K23 flag spain :D:D:DDDDDD
2009-04-05 21:56
2 replies
Sorry. Guess I got too tricker-happy pasting the Spanish flag.
2009-04-05 21:57
1 reply
We would not mind to "nationalize" though ;D
2009-04-06 19:10
5-6 with Spanish Flag. ^_^
2009-04-05 21:57
This did however never happen as took ?? the rounds they needed for a 16:13 win on dust2. Moving on to dust2, nono ... nuke ;) a few minor mistakes but np :p
2009-04-05 21:57
1 reply
You know who to blame ;)
2009-04-05 21:59
"Moving on to dust2" Shouldn't it be nuke? :) gg mTw
2009-04-05 21:58
2 replies
It should, long day, so many mistakes to rush this post :(
2009-04-05 21:59
1 reply
Totally understand, np. You're doing a great job here at, keeping up with news and maintaining the site!
2009-04-06 15:15
Another good result for my mates CC, top3
2009-04-05 22:05
6 replies
you just cant leave them alone huh :P hahahaha. you gotta be the number 1 hater of CC :D
2009-04-05 22:29
5 replies
Hahahahaha :) I'm not hater, I just hate teams that talk good, but can't back it up with results :)
2009-04-05 22:44
4 replies
such a dumbass. And by the way, they DID win k23 :) , but well, learn to accept the fact that you got owned by Lurppis :)
2009-04-06 10:46
1 reply
They owned kode5, again
2009-04-06 12:44
ye, you said before event, k23 is way better than cc.. i can see u proving the point.
2009-04-06 11:04
1 reply
They are mid team, just like CC, that was my point.
2009-04-06 12:44
Germany M1n1M3
@nixon post another pic of your sister and we forgive you all your mistakes :D
2009-04-05 22:06
4 replies
enuf man...stop those "nix's sis" jokes...
2009-04-05 22:09
2 replies
gay? :< ;]]]
2009-04-05 22:10
1 reply
he is waiting for 'Nix shower pics'....obviously :D
2009-04-05 22:30
Haha, look our for future events as we promissed?
2009-04-05 22:09
Gl spanish teams,you can more ;D
2009-04-05 22:13
dts must be win this tournament and go to Moscow (((
2009-04-05 22:17
final in spain shame mtw shame great team with team b shame
2009-04-05 22:32
unlucky DTS they dont get to play many international qualifiers and they are certainly a very good team, hope to see them in other torunaments aswell
2009-04-05 22:38
DTS will take a revenge on global finals if wins quals in Moscow.. cause the other two opponents(KerchNET & pro100) can beat them, too..
2009-04-05 22:39
by the way without pops DTS is ex-HR if you remember the've already tried to pawn mTw in Moscow but not as successful as they beat roccat and smb else on the same tourney
2009-04-05 22:42
2009-04-05 23:07
Brazil fzZ
2009-04-05 23:12
"They journey did however need come through, as mTw secured their fourth T rounds for a total win 16:9, 2:0 overall." uh....?
2009-04-06 00:15
congratz guys
2009-04-06 07:24
i thnik, this tournament won DTS, they played the best of all teams in KODE5, to miss luck :)
2009-04-06 08:10
CC won't be at KODE5, sad-sad-sad :'(
2009-04-06 13:20
shame they have not played matches to work out the exact places instead of calling them 9-12 or whatever ...
2009-04-06 18:21
Cool :D It's awesome the prestasion of mTw in Kode5 . As Sunde . The best player in the world . He've a amazing aim . Fantastic . Well , where can I do the download of the demos of the Kode5 ? Please . anyone tell me . Hug .
2009-04-07 16:31
1 reply
HLTV demos can be found at - About in-eyes, might have some.
2009-04-07 16:34
that was a VERY GOOD match. cgratz to mTw, anyway, VERY GOOD job for DTS.chatrix
2009-04-08 20:12
2009-04-25 13:05
Goodd ; )
2009-04-25 13:18
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