oskar: "I remember a round [on Train] where I thought it was over"

We interviewed V4 Future Sports Festival's Most Valuable Player, Tomáš "oskar" Šťastný about their run at the tournament, particularly the tight grand final finish.

MOUZ became champions at V4 Future Sports Festival following a 2-1 win over Virtus.pro, exchanging the first two maps, Mirage and Cobblestone, before it came down to Train in a nerve-wracking finish.

oskar claimed his second MVP medal at V4

After the triumph, we sat down with Tomáš "⁠oskar⁠" Šťastný, who received his second MVP medal in Budapest, and asked him about the team's run at the tournament.

Let's start with the semi-final, which ended up being very close, did you expect HellRaisers to be such a tough matchup?

We did expect that result, because they beat us the last two or three times, and in practice we played them once and they destroyed us pretty much. So we knew they were playing well, we didn't underestimate them, we were ready, but we expected a close match.

Touching on the final, what happened on Cobblestone, why weren't you able to put up much of a fight?

I don't know, when we practiced VP on Cobble they wrecked us the same way, it was maybe 16-2, so we went into it thinking we could pull off a miracle and win, since we used to beat them often. We tried that, but unfortunately nothing was working, there were times where one round or even one kill could determine the outcome of the next three rounds, we were just completely off.

Train was a super close affair, you had to come back from a 12-14 deficit, how was the morale in the team at that point when you could have lost if you dropped only one round?

After they won the second eco, the mood went down, it was a little depressing, I knew we were going to lose another pistol, so it was pretty bad. We should have held better, but then we said we should enjoy the next few rounds and try to come back. We stayed strong mentally and we did it, but it was a thrill.

Do you remember some specific round where you thought you could actually pull it off in the end?

No, but I remember a round where I thought it was over, and that was when they got B in the eco towards the end and we were on A, so at that point it would have gone to 15 and that was nerve-wracking.

This is your second MVP in the last half a year, your second title with mousesports this year, are you feeling personally, and team-wise, at your peak?

It's great to win our second tournament in a short time, everyone's confidence got a boost ahead of a lot of tournaments, we have Marseille, Sydney, and hopefully EPL and ECS if we qualify. That's great, we know we can play in front of the audience in the finals, we proved ourselves even against the crowd in Kiev, so that's a positive thing, I think we're going to be strong. It's all good.

We saw eXtatus and Dark Tigers here, two teams from the local scene, what do you think about these teams getting a chance to show themselves?

I think it's great, at least everyone can see CS is quite even, any team can beat or tie with a team like HellRaisers on a good day, like Dark Tigers did. I wished Dark Tigers well, I liked how they played. I perhaps expected eXtatus to even advance, but it's good they had a chance to play at a tournament like this and try it out.

Czech Republic Tomáš 'oskar' Šťastný
Tomáš 'oskar' Šťastný
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mouz expected win
2018-03-25 22:00
4 replies
2018-03-25 22:01
2018-03-25 22:02
2 replies
As a VP fan we know what Oskar round is talking about :CC
2018-03-25 22:03
se cs scene kek
2018-03-26 11:53
2018-03-25 22:00
2018-03-25 22:01
nice oskar !
2018-03-25 22:01
Germany Cedrew
Mouz should sign Big rooster, Cant be that they are winning tournaments right now...
2018-03-25 22:02
5 replies
2018-03-25 22:11
rooster egg?
2018-03-25 22:20
1 reply
That's homo
2018-03-26 04:58
United Kingdom XNL
That makes no sense.
2018-03-25 23:10
Sign a big rooster for dinner or what?
2018-03-26 10:44
kroK | 
United Kingdom Fizzhaz
i dont
2018-03-25 22:01
Good interview
2018-03-25 22:03
2018-03-25 22:03
Meh tier 3 event. Mouz can only win versus shit teams. Nothing special of a team.
2018-03-25 22:04
14 replies
Czech Republic Lister
2018-03-25 22:05
Stfu VP fanboi
2018-03-25 22:08
4 replies
NT. VP are shit. I don't care about them. Would've been sad if Mouz lost to them, but hey everything is expected from shitty choker team called mousesports.
2018-03-25 22:44
3 replies
Germany currrro
u r funny
2018-03-25 23:39
2018-03-26 06:12
1 reply
Hes just sad that his country has no scene
2018-03-26 10:45
then why faze cant win tier 3 event ? xD
2018-03-25 22:13
Faze?!?!?!? I mean they didnt play against them but still
2018-03-25 22:14
2018-03-25 22:25
Europe KittyChamp
How much on FaZe vs VP?
2018-03-25 22:53
2 replies
I actually never bet on CS games. Only NBA games. I don't really like the odds.
2018-03-25 23:06
1 reply
But yeah.. NT
2018-03-25 23:06
2018-03-25 23:02
Hungary saxxo
T3 event with Faze, Mouz, HR and VP:D So clever:)
2018-03-26 10:01
lucky fuckig shitJ gets a triple kill with 21 hp. walks with the awp when he killed snax and close up shot vs pasha ufff
2018-03-25 22:08
2 replies
lucky chrisj xdddd, you are really new to scene right? he was and still is one of the most underated player just because he is outshined by his teammates doesnt mean he is lucky... Its usually chrisj who wins crucial rounds
2018-03-25 22:28
1 reply
Hungary Shaperz
nt luckj
2018-03-25 22:38
Germany rdm88
2018-03-25 22:10
2018-03-25 22:14
Brazil S3bjastjan
Ropz <3 love you
2018-03-25 22:16
2018-03-25 22:19
is it me or is cachea bit of a boring map can u remember a single cache round? but try train...u can see the round i remember a train round.
2018-03-25 22:29
4 replies
Not bad actually :D
2018-03-25 22:47
i remember FaZe getting GLAWKED vs Cloud9 xdd
2018-03-25 23:33
1 reply
still nice one
2018-03-25 23:33
I still remember Kinguin-VP 16-0, even after almost 3 years.
2018-03-26 03:57
but Virtus.Premier didn't think so roflanEbalo
2018-03-25 22:30
I remember a guardian flick
2018-03-25 22:31
damn, choke major final, epi center, and now this. FeelsBadMan
2018-03-25 22:37
1 reply
yeah , and people say faze choke in the finals xDDD , but VP in the last 4 finals they played they choke in 3 of them
2018-03-25 22:45
Finland Smoonah
oskar emos:(
2018-03-25 22:48
Portugal mrsc
i remember a guardian flick
2018-03-25 22:52
the michu fuck up
2018-03-25 22:52
1 reply
You can't blame the guy for 1 mistake while he was playing out of his mind all 3 maps
2018-03-26 09:28
Czech Republic Vladaa
2018-03-25 23:11
2018-03-25 23:20
i remember a guardian flick
2018-03-25 23:57
NEO | 
Poland scrmgr
We all remember this round :-)
2018-03-26 00:35
"I don't know, when we practiced VP on Cobble they wrecked us the same way, it was maybe 16-2, so we went into it thinking we could pull off a miracle and win..." Whoever vouched for that decision are morons.
2018-03-26 00:49
1 reply
2018-03-26 10:59
ez MVP for Oskar xD
2018-03-26 01:08
Well played Oscar. Deserving MVP
2018-03-26 08:56
easy for truck driver! Truck drivers rules!
2018-03-26 10:06
Malaysia byaIi
cute oskar
2018-03-26 15:11
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