IEM Sydney EU & NA closed qualifiers announced

ESL has announced the times and dates for its European and North American qualifiers to IEM Sydney 2018.

Two teams, one from North America and one from Europe, will qualify on March 29-30 to take part at this year's IEM Sydney, the second iteration of the tournament. The event will feature sixteen teams and has seven already announced:Renegades, SK, Cloud9, FaZe, mousesports, Natus Vincere, and fnatic.

Astralis, who ended 3-4 in Sydney last year, will have to qualify this time around

Joining those seven on May 1-6 in Australia will be six teams from Asia & Oceania, with three advancing from each region's own qualifier, two teams from the EU & NA closed qualifiers, and the winner of the GG:Origin qualifier which features the likes of GODSENT, AGO, Space Soldiers, and Windigo, among others.

The EU & NA qualifiers for the $250,000 event will be played on March 29 & 30, and will feature teams of the caliber of Astralis, G2, and Liquid. The full bracket draw for the qualifier is:

Europe Europe
Denmark Astralis vs. Europe Open Qualifier*
Europe HellRaisers vs. Kazakhstan Gambit
Sweden NiP vs. Poland
France G2 vs. Europe Open Qualifier **
North America North America
North America Liquid vs. North America Open Qualifier*
United States Torqued vs. United States NRG
Brazil Luminosity vs. North America Complexity
Denmark OpTic vs. North America Open Qualifier** 

*   Team from the lower side of the bracket
** Team from the upper side of the bracket

The invited teams for the event are:

Australia Renegades Brazil SK
Sweden fnatic United States Cloud9
Europe FaZe Ukraine Natus Vincere
Europe mousesports  
2018-03-26 20:35
howW??'Q?!é?!'^?!'3 how r u first?
2018-03-26 20:36
its easy. i can teach you. its really boring tho.
2018-03-26 21:10
JW | 
African Union DARUMAA
Explain and want my mum to be proud :)
2018-03-27 10:34
United Kingdom Astaria
Que ota?!
2018-03-27 09:49
name checks out
2018-03-26 20:36
Brazil nomurway
ez for luminosity guys
2018-03-26 20:37
Brazil bacon1
where is teamone
2018-03-26 20:57
Brazil Playsson13
Go TeamOne #GOT1
2018-03-26 23:02
2018-03-27 01:56
Ez Af 4 FaZe
2018-03-28 06:56
They lost to LG on the open qualy
2018-03-27 02:24
Astralis gonna get it
2018-03-27 02:55
ez for NiP
2018-03-27 09:09
2018-03-26 20:35
United Arab Emirates Rashy
Come on HR! Your gonna get destroyed.
2018-03-26 20:36
2018-03-26 22:07
Salty guy who lost his bet on V4 HR vs FaZe games
2018-03-27 02:47
United Arab Emirates Rashy
? I am a gambit fan
2018-03-29 16:16
2018-03-26 20:35
Australia Zilox
Astralis and Liquid
2018-03-26 20:35
2018-03-26 20:35
United Kingdom Doodleyz
2018-03-26 20:35
Where is ss
2018-03-26 20:35
Brazil nomurway
2018-03-26 20:38
Slovakia flaimX
2018-03-26 20:38
but SS playing on GG Origin at the same time
2018-03-26 20:56
Thorin | 
Netherlands RafV
They suck
2018-03-26 21:02
NiP vs VP and G2 gets team from open lmao
2018-03-26 20:35
they put the 2 favorite versus open qualifier spot its normal vp has no chance to qualify no matter against who they will play so dont cry
2018-03-26 20:47
Astralis or Vp gonna qualify French cs is dead lol,
2018-03-26 20:53
lol polish cs is dead since more than 1years astralis qualify sure but maybe g2 can do it after there bootcamp, but dont worry for vp they did a ok event at v4 now we can wait 6month for see another good event from them
2018-03-26 20:53
VP is the only team in that Qual that I don't see having a chance of making it to Sydney
2018-03-27 01:08
Depends how fleeting their V4 form was. Snax looked like he was getting back into something positive. If that continues they'll beat NIP easy, but I think they'll probably fall off a cliff again.
2018-03-27 08:34
Sweden werkaster
Snax didn't look that good. Without the new guy going mad they wouldn't have done anything at this tier 2 event. Remember they lost against one tier 4 team and ALMOST another tier 4 team at the beginning. Then Mouse smashed them 16-1 before playoffs. Apart from the FaZe win (and how much does a win over FaZe in a semi or final really mean these days?), and a few rounds in the final, they looked bad. Really bad. Sure, NiP is trying to play with a new IGL after an insane amount of years and it will take time to get that to work. We can see that in their online results, but they've also been unlucky and are often close to winning, almost beating Astralis on Mirage the other day. Astralis is insane online at the moment. The pure amount of insane skill available on NiP now means that they hardly need to show up to beat VP, should be enough with 3 of 5 players turning their PC's on. FaZe is the only other team in the world with more concentrated skill at the moment.
2018-03-29 22:32
They also took another map off Mouz, essentially going 2-3 against a top-3 team in the world, whilst 2-0ing the number 1. Furthermore Snax looked nowhere near back to his best but he looked decent and a hell of a lot better than he has the last 12 months where he's been a bot.
2018-03-30 03:55
9eu teams and 7 na teams
2018-03-26 20:36
Brazil nomurway
what do u mean? optic isn't NA team
2018-03-26 20:39
Denmark JustYes
2018-03-26 20:36
Russia Nikosimus
NiP/Astralis through
2018-03-26 20:36
1 spot
2018-03-26 20:46
Russia Nikosimus
I meant either NiP or Astralis
2018-03-26 20:49
they kinda messed up the invites
2018-03-26 20:37
Only Thing messed up is the fact that there is 3 oceania AND 3 asia Spots with the only half-decent team from there, renegades invited... 2 each would have been way more than enough and then 2 EU and 2NA at least
2018-03-26 21:06
I'm so sick of seeing that argument. NA + EU have hundreds of tournaments every year, with at least 5 - 10 in each region being tier 1. Australia has only just recently got one big tournament. Give our players a chance to play at a higher level, give them a chance to get the experience needed to grow otherwise it will end up like the NA scene was initially where only 1 or 2 teams can compete internationally and they're leagues above the rest of the local teams.
2018-03-26 22:26
But isnt 2 each (3 from australia) still enough? I mean i would pay to see Tier 2 cs at an iem...
2018-03-26 22:29
*would'nt sry
2018-03-26 22:29
Australia NotSoMLG
But there is 2 from eu
2018-03-27 00:38
No, only 1 spot & in eu quals.
2018-03-27 08:34
Australia NotSoMLG
2 1 from esl held qualifiers and 1 from Origin:GG Cup
2018-03-27 12:58
Any team from GG is a wasted slot, also isn't GG international?
2018-03-27 13:07
Australia NotSoMLG
only one that wasnt eu was ex immortals/ ex 100 thieves
2018-03-27 13:30
Counts as international but still a wasted slot like 3 spots from asia
2018-03-27 15:46
Australia NotSoMLG
Yeah and we all know its gonna b flash tyloo and mvp
2018-03-27 21:48
you have to admit it’s too much at least 1 asia 2 au
2018-03-26 22:57
Yeah, Renegades, Order, Chefs, Tainted minds and like tyloo, and I cant even think of other asia Teams
2018-03-27 06:08
Poland NeXtEj
Imo VP win that
2018-03-26 20:37
yeah probably astralis will take it, they are insane onliners right now
2018-03-26 20:37
Brazil nomurway
no u
2018-03-26 20:38
Germany Aquintus
Whats the reason of having the EU closed qualifier and the GG: Origin qualifier?
2018-03-26 20:38
Na gets a spot Eu gets a spot And gg gets a sponsored spot. Im just confused why vp and gambit are in the eu qual and thr gg qual?
2018-03-26 21:27
agree like wtf is this why didnt they play that tournament then? rigged
2018-03-27 00:14
Australia NotSoMLG
and HR
2018-03-27 12:59
Space Soldiers INC. Wait we Sydney !
2018-03-26 20:38
wait we ne amk kldgagadgvclkxklz
2018-03-26 21:04
ahahahahaha wait we
2018-03-26 21:16
wait feeling thank we
2018-03-26 22:17
Spain G3CK0
Wait we hahahahahah
2018-03-29 13:25
so bad that na + eu gets 2 teams and asia + oceania 6 teams ? understand its "fan favourite" but still its unfair only one team from nip,astralis and g2 will make it, making it huge disadvantage for one of the three, same for the na, one of liquid,nrg and optic may make it gl thanks
2018-03-26 20:39
Definitely wouldn't say its because of "fan favourites" id say it just works out cheaper for tournament organisers whilst saying "we had a 16 team event"
2018-03-27 00:46
Australia NotSoMLG
3 for na+eu
2018-03-27 02:04
is that online on lan?
2018-03-26 20:42
Online, thank fully for astralis :)
2018-03-26 21:07
Yeah I'm nearly sure they will qualify, I cheer for Vp tho their on the right track again ;d
2018-03-26 23:25
I would cheer for vp if there was more than 1 qualifier Spot, hope they make it at gg origin though
2018-03-27 06:09
Ya Astralis onlinegods now nothing u can do, I'm pretty sure they have big chances to qualify from gg origin if they play like they played few days ago that was such a great feeling to see them playing like that again. Gambit, HR, Heroic, Windigo, Avangar, group C winner (Godsent probs), group D (ago hopefully) I wonder what will happen if Vp qualifies from the closed qualifiers o.O
2018-03-27 14:33
United States MAY0
Torqued vs NRG FeelsBadMan
2018-03-26 20:45
stupid for them to not invite Astralis straight up. feels strange to see them playing a qualifier should be ez though
2018-03-26 20:46
thats what happens when u give 6 fucking slots to asia+oceania get rekt eu sadly
2018-03-26 20:46
Yeah at least give oceania, asia, eu and na 2 each, still bad but at least better
2018-03-26 21:09
Sweden Rexz
ez nip
2018-03-26 20:48
EU: Astralis NA: Liquid The rest: who the fuck cares.
2018-03-26 20:48
Greece rusty1
Torqued vs NRG fak
2018-03-26 20:50
France t3r4byt3
why are VP and HR is the EU qualifier, when they're already in GG:Origin?
2018-03-26 20:52
2 chances xD
2018-03-26 20:57
what if vp wins both xd
2018-03-26 21:20
Thorin | 
Netherlands RafV
Xd, then they go to playoffs instantly
2018-03-26 21:24
they will give ago second spot
2018-03-26 22:07
Poland KasPro
Ffs of course ASTRALIS gonna qualify biggest onliners
2018-03-26 20:52
HR , VP , Gambit in GG Origin at the same time so they have a 2 chance?
2018-03-26 21:03
Sweden zl1ze
2018-03-26 21:07
Sweden zl1ze
really stacked qual
2018-03-26 21:07
Let's go Brazil, we can do it! We smart, we loyal, we friendly, we are from BRAZIL! Kreygasm
2018-03-26 21:31
Torqued finally getting some invites to the closed qualifiers, thank you IEM.
2018-03-26 21:34
and they got drawn with nrg... in closed qualifier to dh recently they got raped by nrg hope this time they will get the w
2018-03-26 21:48
16-10 and 16-13 certainly isn't "raped", especially considering the insane run NRG has been on recently. Only one team gets through this qualifier anyway, would've had to play them sooner or later.
2018-03-26 22:12
The worst part is that this event has 6 qualifier spots for Asia and Oceania while EU and NA only get 1 each. This is such a stupid event.
2018-03-26 23:00
Australia NotSoMLG
2 for EU Origin:GG cup is an EU slot
2018-03-27 13:00
Brazil vfibr
Only 1 European and 1 NA spot? Why?
2018-03-26 21:40
so only one team out of astralis, gambit, g2, vp, nip and hr, nut 6 teams from asia and oceania. wtf, esl, what were you thinking. The crowd doesnt want to see their local players get destroyed by the very best
2018-03-26 21:49
+1 Renegades was already invited. There's no reason to give 6 qualifier spots to Asia and Oceania when Aussies give zero fucks about any of those teams. There should be 1 qualifier spot for Asia and 1 for Oceania. The rest should have been given to EU and NA tbh.
2018-03-26 23:02
Pakistan perth
bro even aussies agree they wasted the spots, no need to complain tho cuz it's too late to change now
2018-03-27 01:55
Canada gritabit
EZ 4 Astralis + Liquid
2018-03-26 21:50
The European qualifiers has better team than the invited teams.
2018-03-26 21:52
Yup +1
2018-03-26 23:01
Imagine making your way through an open qualifier to play with some of the best teams in the world just to get matched up against Astralis first round. Poor bastards Unless it’s something heroic or SS, then it’s not too bad. I’m mostly talking about some tier 2.5 upset teams
2018-03-26 21:55
2018-03-26 22:03
Turkey oktaycsgn
Hr and Gambit already gg:origins high seed why are they playing here ?
2018-03-26 22:13
How renegades did get invite ?
2018-03-26 22:16
Turkey oktaycsgn
own country
2018-03-26 22:18
Malaysia byaIi
2018-03-26 22:44
Australia CaZeR01
Because its australian event Deeeeerp
2018-03-26 23:02
fair but navi ?
2018-03-26 23:09
6 spots given to Asia and Oceania and the only good team from that region was already invited. Whoever decided the distribution of qualifier spots deserves to be fired.
2018-03-26 23:04
Thanks for explanation bro :)
2018-03-26 23:10
2018-03-26 22:17
And all this things for 250k prize pool
2018-03-26 22:21
Yup and SS get 300k $ without beating any good team in wesg
2018-03-26 23:02
500k choke
2018-03-27 12:45
United States stotte
No dignitas for North America? Are you kidding me?
2018-03-26 23:02
Pakistan perth
haha good the roster is fkn trash
2018-03-27 01:48
United States stotte
The roster hasn't even had a stable 5 yet and they are still having very strong T sides.
2018-03-27 02:52
jks | 
North America xdrax
why tf are astralis playing in the qualifiers? they should've been invited instead
2018-03-26 23:09
Macedonia ydjoon
they suck dude, this is not the past astralis anymore..
2018-03-26 23:25
Macedonia ydjoon
why is VP, gambit and hellraisers have 2 chances? tru gg origin and eu qual? wtf not fair this is so messed up!
2018-03-26 23:26
Greece makshiu69
lets goł vp =D
2018-03-26 23:34
fucking rigged system
2018-03-27 00:16
Brazil LucaS10
Luminosity = Loser gg :(
2018-03-27 00:19
2018-03-27 00:41
Europe LoookATme
ez VP
2018-03-27 00:54
Pakistan perth
Lul seeding Imagine fighting through the open qualifiers just to get matched up vs Astralis, G2 or Liquid in first round of closed qual. Kek
2018-03-27 02:06
+1 top kek and fucking cheburek for real xD
2018-03-27 07:45
ez for torqued
2018-03-27 03:07
United States Freakmode
Astralis not worth inviting anymore xd
2018-03-27 04:10
2018-03-27 07:47
2018-03-27 07:47
Italy CHEBBOxxx
LUL NAVI invited
2018-03-27 07:49
2018-03-27 09:33
Italy CHEBBOxxx
lul mozzarella, +1 navi is trash, admit it sergej
2018-03-27 17:20
Why thet gave 6 spots to the Oceania and Asia regions
2018-03-27 08:36
So they could claim its a 16 team tournament, but only pay to have 10 relevant teams
2018-03-29 16:21
Russia AR4ER
2018-03-27 09:22
OpTic BlessRNG
2018-03-27 12:42
Space Soldiers gg. They were eliminated.
2018-03-27 12:48
Ez vp best team on the world
2018-03-27 15:47
Russia evg1804
Ezaf Astralis and Liquid or Optic or NRG
2018-03-27 18:33
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