ruggah open to offers

Former North coach Casper "ruggah" Due has confirmed that he is looking for a new team as he wants to continue coaching.

The 29-year-old was replaced by Alexander "ave" Holdt as North's coach in January in the aftermath of a disappointing run at the ELEAGUE Major, where the team went out 0-3 in the New Legends Stage.

Casper "ruggah" Due had been part of the team's setup since May 2016, guiding Mathias "MSL" Lauridsen's squad through to an EPICENTER title and to the final at the ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals and DreamHack Masters Malmö 2017.

ruggah is looking for a new team to coach

After two months in which he stayed under the radar "due to contractual obligations", the Dane has now revealed that he is "ready to get back to business" as he seeks a new coaching job. 

ruggah, who most notably represented Copenhagen Wolves in his CS:Source days, played for teams like Blight Gaming and Anexis in CS:GO before hanging up his mouse in late 2013 following a brief spell with PRIMETIME. 

Denmark Mathias 'MSL' Lauridsen
Mathias 'MSL' Lauridsen
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Denmark Alexander 'ave' Holdt
Alexander 'ave' Holdt
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Denmark Casper 'ruggah' Due
Casper 'ruggah' Due
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felps | 
Brazil Dim3 
2018-04-02 14:57
2018-04-03 01:02
gl maybe clown9 ?
2018-04-02 14:58
lol no pls
2018-04-02 15:09
Russia yuko^^ 
valens is insanly good coach. mb ruggah can join imperial
2018-04-02 15:22
Valens aint coach. Hes analyst
2018-04-02 15:33
Not according to his friend Launders
2018-04-03 01:00
Yes pls
2018-04-02 15:54
2018-04-02 14:58
2018-04-02 14:58
pretty relevant since the guy kept north in top 10 while msl was getting all the credit. now look at them. msls days are limited.
2018-04-02 15:10
United States f1shst1ck 
2018-04-02 15:11
already went downhill with ruggah on board, and their days are over because of their transfers. cajun's impact is underrated, and im not talking about fragging here
2018-04-02 15:12
imo if msl leaves and they play a loose style; 1-) aizy would be back. 2-) valde would be consistent like he was in heroic 3-) mertz couldpotentially play betterand get more confidence otherwise he will never get another chance in top danish cs again. 4-)kjaerbye potentially could be a top 20 player again. they went downhill even when they were dignitas but alwasy kinda came back like sk did. never became this bad. cajun is underrated yes he shouldnt have been forced to primary awp.
2018-04-02 15:16
i think some of the guys initially lost confidence in the setup (and themselves). i don't think changing coach caused the issues. in the times they kept bouncing back, they were still heavily relying on individuals to step up (as with most teams), but k0nfig's performance the last three months on the team weren't good and most likely a reflection of what was going on inside the team. cajun lost confidence in himself, and i 100% agree with you about the primary awp thing. regarding the upper part of your comment, i believe they can bounce somewhat back, but i dont see top5 potential like when the old squad peaked. unfortunately, i don't think they're too sure about how to reach the goals themselves. imagine if a role clash/restriction style of play is still causing the issues.. kinda the same thing that lost them one of the biggest talents in the world, magisk
2018-04-02 15:29
Snappi,JUGi,cajunb,valde,k0nfig. What do u think
2018-04-02 15:37
its good but i think id keep kjaerbye over cajun.
2018-04-02 15:42
Yes but i think k0nfig left cuz wanted to play with cajunb
2018-04-02 17:01
Denmark MeToxi 
I'd cheer for that team.
2018-04-02 21:00
Germany cartii 
2018-04-02 14:58
Slovakia ypsylonnn 
2018-04-02 14:58
Poland sitarskee 
GL ruggah
2018-04-02 14:59
Croatia nAmeless69 
OpTic -stanislaw -ShahZam -> they join an NA Team +karrigan +JUGi +ruggah And u have potentialy the best team in Denmark
2018-04-02 14:59
>cajunb >gade >best team in Denmark
2018-04-02 21:06
Ruggah to optic
2018-04-02 15:03
Denmark blamse 
North's former coach :)
2018-04-02 15:10
United States f1shst1ck 
He deserves the best!
2018-04-02 15:11
Poland Mateo29 
2018-04-02 15:16
My dream is that OpTic decides to form full danish team and will get rid of that stupid rule that team should live in US Than lineup can look like this K0nfig - Entry Gade - Support CajunB - Rifler/2nd AWP if really needed JUGi - AWP Snappi - IGL/2nd AWP Ruggah - coach I'm not sure about Snappi tho
2018-04-02 15:20
Lebanon RobloxPorn 
JUGI KreyGasm
2018-04-02 15:31
-gade +valde and we gucci
2018-04-02 17:01
Great coach. GL.
2018-04-02 15:25
Sweden 4Sweeeden 
Well, he got his family in EU, so it will obv be a EU team... my guess is: ENCE... idk why, but if Allu actually picks up some decent players and not "Jarppi 15 years old" aka T5 team. Then Ruggah could take the coach position?
2018-04-02 15:32
Imperial maybe
2018-04-02 15:55
Turkey dogboi2001 
2018-04-02 16:13
The team that won Copenhagen games
2018-04-02 17:05
Shitty tier 3 team that won a tier 3 tournamnet
2018-04-02 17:20
Croatia DNM_ii 
I doubt they'll drop Neil since they just won CPH Games under his coaching.
2018-04-02 18:00
Norway duffz00r 
2018-04-02 15:52
Denmark DanishDelight 
Nothing bad about Ave, but can't say North have played at same level since getting rid of Ruggah ;)
2018-04-02 16:00
mah ruggah
2018-04-02 16:03
Poland papaski2 
can you coach my LEM mm team?
2018-04-02 16:11
suicide | 
United Kingdom ollin 
Imperial: +ruggah = Imperial: +major
2018-04-02 16:15
Brazil BuddyINSANE 
good luck man!
2018-04-02 16:37
Denmark iPlov 
2018-04-02 16:43
good coach he should be signed by some young danish team needing experience.
2018-04-02 18:11
ez 4 MSL
2018-04-02 18:16
Canada gritabit 
Expected from ex-North coach. Team has been completely destroyed.
2018-04-02 18:24
Gj ruggah :)
2018-04-02 18:29
roman | 
Palestine ndr[o] 
shave that disgusting beard off... looks like a caveman
2018-04-02 19:11
GoOd ByE zOnIc SeE yOu In TiEr 3
2018-04-02 19:20
lmao but who is opened to employ him
2018-04-02 20:37
gl ruggah
2018-04-03 09:09
ez heroic
2018-04-04 14:00
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