SZ Absolute replace Flash at EPL S7 APAC Finals

Japan's SCARZ Absolute has been revealed as Flash Gaming's replacement for the event kicking off tomorrow in Sydney, Australia.

According to the Japanese organization's announcement on Twitter, it has been revealed that Flash Gaming could not participate in ESL Pro League Season 7 Asia-Pacific Finals due to problems with acquiring their visas for the Australian event.

Flash Gaming finished third in the Chinese closed qualifier, which cemented themselves a slot for the Asia-Pacific event, whilst SCARZ Absolute finished 5-6th in the qualifier behind Eclipse in fourth place, with the latter possibly facing visa issues too.

Laz and co. will fill in for Flash at EPL APAC on short notice

Currently ranked #120 in our world rankings and #10 in our Asian regional rankings, the top Japanese roster SCARZ Absolute made headlines after qualifying for WESG 2017 World Finals and securing an invite to StarLadder ImbaTV Chongqing Invitational 2018.

ESL Australia have not revealed the schedule for the tournament that is set to start tomorrow from April 20-22. The updated team list for ESL Pro League Season 7 Asia-Pacific is as follows:

Korea MVP PK Mongolia TheMongolz
Australia Grayhound Australia ORDER
Australia Tainted Minds Singapore BOOT-d[S]
Thailand Signature Japan SCARZ Absolute
United Kingdom iMarbot 
lol 0 chinese team from "china" qualifier...
2018-04-19 09:57
Japan Th3Koala 
LETS GO SZ #WeNeverGiveUP!
2018-04-19 10:02
sz is worst team in asia do u know that
2018-04-19 10:24
Its obviously Mongolz vs. Grayhound in the grandfinal. Mongolians taking over Asian CS
2018-04-19 10:42
Japan Th3Koala 
So? #WeNeverGiveUP!
2018-04-19 14:31
your team will end this tournament with 0 win cuz they dont deserve it !
2018-04-19 15:30
Japan Th3Koala 
Laz >>>> everyone from grayhound/mongolz #WeNeverGiveUP! /close
2018-04-19 15:53
ahahahahahahah u retard !!!! your laz is tier 3 player havent done anything for a team while grayhound is top 1 aus team !
2018-04-19 15:54
sz absolute is being invited some tournaments becauz they are first team of japan cs, also such a noob everyone knows that !
2018-04-19 15:55
Japan Th3Koala 
You are the worst baiter i even seen :S Grayhound top1 aus lmao laz havent done anthing for team lmao SZ played at wesg, the big event, and they show us that they can play good cs (vs fnatic) Show me some BIG events where grayhound attend, now they prepare for sidney but who care when other teams gonna rekt them, and every score will be like 5:16? Open your eyes, kangaroo #WeNeverGiveUP
2018-04-19 16:02
ahahahahahahah just tell me what they have done ??? while grayhound have stats about 146win 60 lose and they are going to iem sydney in this month if u want to talk biggest event..... just lets see okay, i will admit if only sz absolute won 1 game ! but u have to admit if grayhoud took spot to go esl season 7 finals can u ?
2018-04-19 16:08
Japan Th3Koala 
''146win 60 lose'' but who care for matches vs tier 50 teams? If this wins would be vs tier 1/2 teams, ok, but vs low teams from oceania/asia? Ok, make this deal, i will admit, but still for me tainted minds and mvp should took this spot ;)
2018-04-19 16:15
ahahahahahah u know nothing about aus cs shame on u. ok its deal lets just wait and see.......... btw 1.grayhound 2.order .3 chiefs 4.tainted minds dont argue with me u dont pay attention to aus cs
2018-04-19 16:17
will u admit now ? its deal
2018-04-21 06:26
Japan Th3Koala 
ok, deal is deal, i admit now, but after this matched, you should to admit, that laz is good player who need better team
2018-04-21 12:45
i think crow is betterm,anyway sz absolute doesnt deserve to get invited lot of tournamtents becauze they are not ready !
2018-04-21 12:50
Brazil PrestusHood 
shut up weaboo, detonator >>>
2018-04-19 11:29
Japan Th3Koala 
2018-04-19 14:31
Fan of HWML lmao, look in the mirror stupid pardo
2018-04-19 15:57
he thinks sz absolute is so good team such a joke
2018-04-19 16:10
Australia BoyBetterKnow! 
signature number 1
2018-04-19 09:57
what the
2018-04-19 09:57
China laazx 
And an hour ago, VG and Flash merged up to form VG.flashgaming.
2018-04-19 09:57
China laazx 
BTW, ez for MVP
2018-04-19 09:58
yes, ez for MVP.
2018-04-19 12:06
merged for name :D
2018-04-19 15:40
Slovakia TatKo 
Inc Vici.Flashgaming
2018-04-19 09:58
Pakistan perth 
so flash are really making that new roster with vici huh
2018-04-19 09:58
Already announced.
2018-04-19 09:58
Pakistan perth 
oh must've missed it then mb
2018-04-19 09:58
Was in the last half hour.
2018-04-19 09:59
Pakistan perth 
oh nvm didn't miss it then
2018-04-19 09:59
Australia 1ukey 
barce <3
2018-04-19 09:59
Japan Th3Koala 
2018-04-19 10:01
Germany Flachzange 
2018-04-19 10:05
The mix between English and Japanese is just magic
2018-04-19 10:10
Weebs btw
2018-04-19 10:11
How can they be weebs if they're actually japanese LUL
2018-04-19 15:56
Weebs Are Japanese
2018-04-19 16:07
Japan Th3Koala 
I can say something too about your country lmao #WeNeverGiveUP!
2018-04-19 16:18
2018-04-19 16:18
2018-04-19 17:11
FaZe fan
2018-04-19 17:24
Not an insult lmao
2018-04-19 17:48
Fucking most last minute replacement ever?
2018-04-19 10:21
cajunb | 
China Kistah 
SZ Absolute is asian rising star
2018-04-19 11:02
Indonesia Bisapakai 
1st time i see sz member photo i thought they japanis rock star
2018-04-19 11:29
bot poem...
2018-04-19 11:49
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