Imperial, Valiance finalize Qi Invitational list

Imperial and Valiance have been invited to compete at the Qi Invitational, has learned.

The duo will join six other invitees at the event, finalizing the eight-team list for the Qi Invitational, a $75,000 tournament that will feature just European and Asian teams. knows that the tournament organisers wanted to invite a fourth Asian team, but, following Flash's merge ViCi Gaming, they were forced to find a last-minute replacement in Europe.

Imperial recently raised eyebrows after lifting the Copenhagen Games 2018 trophy, which earned them a top 20 spot in the world ranking. 

Imperial will compete at the Qi Invitational

Valiance will attend the Qi Invitational just a few days after competing at DreamHack Masters Marseille, where they went out after just two games following defeats to mousesports and SK.

The Qi Invitational will take place from April 24-26 at a studio in Belgrade, Serbia. In addition to the base $75,000 prize pool, teams will receive $1,000 for each intercontinental match victory.

The final team list for the event looks as follows:

Germany BIG Asia 5POWER
Poland AGO China TYLOO
Sweden GODSENT China Eclipse
Europe Imperial Serbia Valiance
Germany VeryNiceGuy 
2018-04-20 12:44
United Kingdom iMarbot 
2018-04-20 12:44
wasted slots
2018-04-20 12:44
what do you mean wasted? it's a small tier3 tournament, smaller teams gotta get some events
2018-04-20 12:45
Serbia dzigiii 
U mean tier 2 or even tier 1, tyloo and valiance was at dh marseille few days ago, and also big is a great team.
2018-04-20 13:07
Poland Kobel_ 
I agree about tier 2, but don't get ahead of yourself, just because a team qualified for a bigger event doesn't mean they're automatically tier 1.
2018-04-20 18:59
You have some really weird imagination of of tiers. Tier 1 teams are teams actually capable od winning tier 1 events and ALWAYS go to playoffs. Tier 2 teams are teams attending tier 1 tournaments, teams capable od upseting T1 teams and going to playoffs. They should often put Up a good fight with toptier. T3 teams are capable od upseting T2 teams and qualifying for T1 events and bla bla etc. Understood?
2018-04-23 10:51
Based on what I wrote, Valiance are clear T3 team. For example, SK went from T1 team (EL Major) through T1.5 team (StarSeries, Katowice) to T2 team (WESG onward).
2018-04-23 11:05
China o_O 
yeah they should have invited more washed up teams like AGO and GODSENT instead of upcoming teams
2018-04-20 12:47
You are a wasted spot
2018-04-20 12:48
Serbia Removekebab13 
Danish cs lost to these wasted slots omegaLUL
2018-04-20 15:52
Poland papaski2 
Valiance omegaLUL
2018-04-20 12:44
because host team :D
2018-04-20 15:47
Tier 3
2018-04-20 12:45
United Kingdom Fizzhaz 
gl imp
2018-04-20 12:45
2018-04-20 12:47
s1 | 
Armenia gr1nch 
0 cis teams, ok
2018-04-20 12:55
Bulgaria bUHALOVIC 
one more proof serbs hate us like crazy without inviting windigo lul
2018-04-20 12:56
Serbia EKI.CS 
How do you know they didnt ? They might have just not accepted ? Dont make stupid fights
2018-04-20 13:00
Bulgaria bUHALOVIC 
balkan lan with 75k prize pool sure they wont accept it
2018-04-20 13:18
Serbia EKI.CS 
they maybe have better lans planed they want to prepare for ? Idk man and you cant know either. I dont want to fight so have a good evening my friend :)
2018-04-20 22:35
Bulgaria AboveYall 
since when do u need proofs for that :D
2018-04-20 13:29
World Notb8ing 
lol, ofc they rather invite valiance and imperial over windigo cuz serbian players, raises interest among people in serbia for event.
2018-04-20 13:31
ez 4 espitilt
2018-04-20 13:12
arT | 
Lithuania SiK_ 
ez for 17 yr old espirantooo
2018-04-20 13:39
Lithuania Paulius_CS 
more juicy odds for imperial throw unless espiranto can finally attend an event again
2018-04-20 14:59
Lithuania jegeris 
ez for Imperial
2018-04-20 16:16
Australia OkraN 
You might of though that if there were no asian teams to invite they may invite an aussie team like Order or Grayhounds.
2018-04-20 17:34
Poland Kobel_ 
Oh, wait, I just realised it's in Belgrade. I thought it'll be yet another Chinese event with that name. Also, Windigo not invited to a decent t2 lan in Balkans, lul
2018-04-20 19:02
Poland Hell2k 
ez for not ago
2018-04-21 00:59
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