YeaH!, Virtue withdraw from ESL LA League

April 21st, 2018 22:29

YeaH! and Virtue have withdrawn from the ESL Latin America League due to visa issues, ESPN Esports Brasil has revealed.

As part of the tournament rules, all teams were requested to secure visas to enter the United States by the end of the round robin stage, on April 28, as the winner will earn a spot at the ESL Pro League Season 7 Finals, in Dallas.

YeaH! had hoped to postpone the deadline, claiming that they would only be able to secure visas for the players after returning to Brazil from the ESEA MDL Global Challenge, which will take place from May 9-10 in Leicester, but their request was rejected by ESL.

zqkS' YeaH! withdraw from the Latin American league

Virtue, who had earned the chance to compete in the league after signing the majority of the ex-Tempo Storm roster, also failed to obtain their visas in time and pulled out of the league after contacting ESL. 

According to ESPN Esports Brasil, the duo's results in the league will be expunged. Virtue were sitting in third place, with a 5-1-2 record, while YeaH! were fifth, with five victories and three defeats.

The top four teams of the round-robin stage will progress to the single-elimination playoffs, which will culminate with the final on May 6 at ESL Brazil's studios, in São Paulo.

Turkey J4WS 
Bad news
2018-04-21 22:29
such a shame good plays especially Zqks he will prob be on sk soon
2018-04-21 22:30
Canada PwnNewb 
I wish, they need to replace boltz but they don't want another AWPer so I dont think they would take zqks but it would be great
2018-04-21 23:51
what do u know canadian noob do u even remember when zqk was kill?
2018-04-22 03:59
Indonesia BrokenClocks 
So sad.
2018-04-21 22:30
Denmark Zorrondo 
Fear to play against TOP 1 SA Isurus?? Expected from BR CS OMEGALUL
2018-04-21 22:30
Brunei Lieenzito 
FURIA is the top 1 SA btw
2018-04-21 22:55
Brazil |Guts| 
What about SK, and NTC, and Luminosity, and Furia. LUL
2018-04-21 23:58
SK, NTC and Luminosity don't play in SA. And ISG > Furia
2018-04-22 01:59
United States Jammin800k 
Have you see Furia's league play? They're destroying people, double the round difference of Isurus with the same record, from someone who didn't know a lot about the teams Furia look like a much more solid unit atm.
2018-04-22 02:03
United States Jammin800k 
To be fair NTC hasn't done shit besides fail to qualify for IEM vs windigo and then reform all they have is names at least Fuira and lumi have league play.
2018-04-22 02:03
+999999999 crazy overrated. The twins are done
2018-04-22 09:46
isurus bad team
2018-04-22 02:35
yeL | 
Brazil Kolt116 
Nice b8 m8, I r8 8/8
2018-04-23 06:10
2018-04-21 22:30
s1mple | 
World NawyE 
2018-04-21 22:30
such a shame such a good player zqs will prolly be on sk soon tho so no worries tbh
2018-04-21 22:30
Cyprus Swishh_ 
2018-04-21 22:30
Denmark TurboHenning 
2018-04-21 22:30
hell yeah !
2018-04-21 22:30
Kyrgyzstan XcmlX 
2018-04-21 22:30
Canada gritabit 
Disappointing for SA, but understandable
2018-04-21 22:31
United States Venom_ 
2018-04-21 22:31
France Ryzerr 
Why did I read that like " Yeah ! Virtue withdraw from ESL LA league"..
2018-04-21 22:32
ropz | 
United Kingdom Roarhaven 
Hahahah I did the exact same thing, was like wtf HLTV kng isn’t in the team anymore you can’t celebrate them pulling out
2018-04-21 22:47
Psy | 
India Fluxie^ 
Same here lmao
2018-04-21 23:42
Brazil Jrdm 
US visa, always been a trouble
2018-04-21 22:32
Brazil BuddyINSANE 
Why do we expect them to be organized? well... too sad! ...
2018-04-21 22:32
Hungary powi 
lul, hltv applause when a tema withdraw from a league??????????????????????????
2018-04-21 22:32
2018-04-21 22:37
felps | 
Brazil soppur3 
2018-04-21 22:37
Sweden ThorinEk 
yeah! Good news!
2018-04-21 22:37
Brazil matcholas 
can´t understand why is so dificult to the players get the U.S visa. U.S should have one visa that allow the players temporarily in the contry for tournaments.
2018-04-21 22:38
Because americans are pussy and weepers whit that terrorism shit things
2018-04-21 22:51
United States pieceofpi 
I think our visas are pretty strict, but after 9/11, can you blame us?
2018-04-21 23:27
Brazil Seleskva 
As if any terrorist would come from South America LUL
2018-04-22 00:51
South america is pretty messed up..
2018-04-22 09:47
Brazil Seleskva 
indeed, but terrorism is a problem we don't have at all.
2018-04-22 09:59
Brazil FLXG 
blame fuckin bush
2018-04-23 05:40
because brazilians act like kids
2018-04-22 10:00
why dont players just try to get a visa earlier? why do they wait until the last minute? if you know this type of situation can happen, why dont you just play the safe card and get a visa as soon as possible????
2018-04-21 22:39
Brazil Sp4rkes 
cuz here is too expensive the visa process
2018-04-21 22:44
it is not that expensive, and I'm sure the orgs can help with that
2018-04-21 22:48
Brazil nicknameBR123 
Also, the price doesn't change if you try it now or later. WTF?
2018-04-21 23:28
Bahahahahahaha brazil so poor
2018-04-22 09:47
NikoM | 
Argentina gonZAA 
idk, i got my canada and us visa really fast and i dont even have my polish passport yet
2018-04-21 23:59
Argentina Cushiion 
Dont even care, anyways any of those teams will win the tournament XD
2018-04-21 22:44
Delusional think that Isurus will win, haha. Isurus is a shit!
2018-04-21 23:11
Argentina Cushiion 
you think ? haahahahahahaha a match of the wesggg, isurus will win this tournament ezzzzzzz
2018-04-21 23:18
2018-04-21 23:19
NikoM | 
Argentina gonZAA 
that was the worst englando i’ve ever seen
2018-04-22 00:00
Nikom as favourite player, hahahahaha.
2018-04-22 03:56
NikoM | 
Argentina gonZAA 
lulzera in 2k18 LUL
2018-04-22 05:31
NikoM | 
Argentina gonZAA 
porra li errado ausdhaushduahsdua
2018-04-22 06:02
Go learn some english first and then comeback kid
2018-04-22 02:01
Isurus fan...
2018-04-22 03:56
You are not even english, who are you to say these things? You are just a boludo that speaks the worst language ever. stfu!
2018-04-22 03:59
>the worst language ever lul
2018-04-22 15:09
B O L U D O !
2018-04-22 16:32
ex ts probably got the visas but not the 2 virtue players lul
2018-04-21 23:04
destiny may have it too, khtex i dont think so
2018-04-21 23:10
This is disappointing. Both these rosters have a lot of potential.
2018-04-21 23:15
Wtf, a brazilian need a visa to play in a SA league?
2018-04-21 23:23
In case of qualifier to the finals of ESL Pro League in Dallas it's necesaary the visa.
2018-04-21 23:54
winner goes to EPL Finals in Dallas
2018-04-22 00:03
wp Trump
2018-04-21 23:46
Poland cGev 
2018-04-21 23:49
Brazil |Guts| 
S1mple and Flamie, is what SK need.
2018-04-22 00:00
New Zealand JK_77 
It seems hltv are very happy about Virtue withdrawing.
2018-04-22 00:02
disappointing tbh, I don't know if this was a lack of professionality or communication, but it's a shame that two of the best rosters can't attend
2018-04-22 00:02
nak | 
Brazil kurtsouza 
I have italian passport, i can play for then!!!
2018-04-22 00:08
Nah the real reason is Zqks is replacing xizt in Faze. Guy is a BEAST who will carry Faze to win a major.
2018-04-22 00:31
can i deposit, my skins? ~be famous like a famous people ~wannabe_famous 2018
2018-04-22 00:58
Yugoslavia niofalpha 
Some shitty team is getting a free ride to Pro League Lan This is fucking retarded.
2018-04-22 02:24
They should just do a bo5 between Furia and Isurus at this point. There is a team qualifying with 1 victory...
2018-04-22 02:34
China EuGEnemeister 
2018-04-22 07:26
Why is HLTV celebrating when Team Virtue is withdrawing from this league? Lost all respect I had for HLTV.
2018-04-22 08:37
Yeah is a new and well-structured team in Brazil, can not have problems like this, it only disturbs players!
2018-04-23 00:20
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