DreamHack Summer qualifiers reach closed stages

The last eight teams for the closed qualifiers for DreamHack Open Summer have been determined following the end of the open qualifying stage.

In Europe, teams like Vega Squadron, Windigo and eXtatus missed out on spots in the closed qualifier, while MK, Valiance, pro100 and Red Reserve all went through to the next stage.

Meanwhile, in North America the biggest talking point was Jason "⁠neptune⁠" Tran's The Pioneers progressing at the expense of Bravado, with Dignitas, Mythic and Swole Patrol also managing to survive the tricky best-of-one matches.

Valiance will compete in the European closed qualifier

In both regions, the four qualified teams will join four invitees in a single-elimination, best-of-three bracket, with the winning sides earning spots in the $100,000 DreamHack competition, which will run from June 12-14.

Below you can find the match-ups for the closed qualifiers:

Sweden GODSENT vs. Bulgaria MK
Serbia Valiance vs. Denmark Fragsters
Poland AGO vs. Sweden Red Reserve
Ukraine pro100 vs. Europe Imperial
North America
North America Complexity vs. United States Mythic
United States Swole Patrol vs. United States eUnited
Canada Ghost vs. United States The Pioneers
United States Dignitas vs. United States Rogue
United States Jason 'neptune' Tran
Jason 'neptune' Tran
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Brazil Baitzera_BR
nice teams lul
2018-04-29 02:22
2018-04-29 02:23
Austria shaak!
Let's goDSENT
2018-04-29 02:27
2018-04-29 07:53
2018-04-29 08:57
At least they still have a chance not to be ABSENT.
2018-04-29 13:06
Denmark Takob
2018-04-29 13:07
Slovakia AdorrioN
2018-04-29 12:37
Yet again Mythic is playing against Complexity
2018-04-29 09:41
United States RaiiNyx
ez first
2018-04-29 02:23
great news as always
2018-04-29 02:23
2018-04-29 02:23
United States SilveryoHD
wtf are those teams
2018-04-29 02:23
Lithuania Paulius_CS
Vamos imperial
2018-04-29 02:23
t3 teams ofc, so interesting matches(no)
2018-04-29 02:24
broky | 
Latvia De1Co
More interesting than watching mouz lose LUL
2018-04-29 17:48
better than t2 nip with dennis omegalul
2018-04-29 18:38
broky | 
Latvia De1Co
I'm sorry April 25th Nip 2:0 Mouz
2018-04-30 06:27
So can I see how much tournaments won nip in 2017-2018? oh, wait...
2018-04-30 06:34
broky | 
Latvia De1Co
Talking about wins... Still lost to NIP xD
2018-04-30 09:42
Germany grabke
what do you expect its the closed qualifier for a "small" event none of the top teams is going to play there anyway. Ofc these are only t2/t3 teams.
2018-04-29 02:29
United Arab Emirates p1peb0mb
2- 3 teams will be there like last year when it had sk,fnatic,c9 etc last year. this year we might have some top teams like fnatic,c9,nip etc who are not going to esl one belo horizonte since both are taking place at the same time
2018-04-29 02:43
Germany grabke
Doubt it CS:GO Asia Championships 2018 is going on there too + ESL One BH and if these teams would be invited.
2018-04-29 13:11
United Arab Emirates p1peb0mb
So csgo asia has nv, heroic, navi,nip, vp and esl bh has sk, faze ,ss, mouz, liquid rtc so we can expect some of the teams from fnatic, astralis, c9, g2, north, renegades,hr etc.
2018-04-29 13:51
Denmark DONney
Wait faze made a csgo team
2018-04-29 02:54
Did heroic play in the qualifer? Wtf
2018-04-29 02:58
2018-04-29 03:19
ez 4 MK Ultra
2018-04-29 03:24
United States flipfone
So easy for the pioneers
2018-04-29 03:53
Finland Smoonah
no vactor no win for MK
2018-04-29 03:55
United States bozua
This is pretty much a Tier 2 tournament. Good practice for these teams if they want to make it to the big leagues.
2018-04-29 05:15
HD4Ence Hard 4 ence.
2018-04-29 07:55
New Zealand rOtten_97
Godsent Valience AGO Imperial compLexity eUnited Ghost Rogue Ez
2018-04-29 08:21
Hungary saxxo
What a difference between the EU and NA region. In the EU region there are only one or two weak team, and in NA there are only one or two “strong” team. Even the worst EU team would have a good chance to beat the best NA team in this qualification.
2018-04-29 08:23
2018-04-29 08:24
lost to some random french mixteam with fxy0 and his buddies lool
2018-04-29 10:20
Oh no :(
2018-04-29 10:58
compLexity and Valiance
2018-04-29 09:52
No torqued?
2018-04-29 10:44
Greece knk74
Rogue and valiance plz
2018-04-29 11:03
Mythic "Kreygasm"
2018-04-29 11:24
Ez for pro100
2018-04-29 11:24
lets go godsent
2018-04-29 11:43
United Kingdom SLurSs
Single elimination wtf
2018-04-29 13:42
2018-04-29 13:57
Actually easy for Fragsters Hoping they can shine in this tourny. They have real potential.
2018-04-29 16:44
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