IEM Sydney viewer's guide

IEM Sydney will kick off on Tuesday, so we have prepared a comprehensive viewer's guide, where you will be able to find all the essential information about the event.

CS:GO will make its return to the down under with IEM Sydney 2018 which will take place on May 1-6 with a $250,000 prize pool. The group stage will be played behind closed doors in the first three days while the playoffs take place at the Qudos Bank Arena on May 4-6.

Space Soldiers and Natus Vincere—two teams who were initially among the sixteen teams that would attend the event—couldn't secure visas in time and have been replaced by Legacy and G2, respectively.

Astralis will be in Group B

There will be two double-elimination groups, each featuring eight teams. The opening matches will be best-of-ones while all the following games get played as best-of-threes.

The winners of the upper-bracket finals will directly advance to the playoff semi-finals and the runners-up will qualify for the quarter-finals. To round out the team list for the single elimination playoffs, the lower-bracket final winners will also advance to the quarter-finals.

The opening games and the bracket for each group can be found below:

Group A
Europe FaZe vs. Australia ORDER
Australia Legacy  vs. Australia Renegades
United States Cloud9 vs. Australia Grayhound
China TYLOO vs. Brazil SK
Group B
Europe mousesports  vs. Singapore BOOT-d[S]
United States NRG vs. Denmark Astralis
France G2 vs. Korea MVP PK
Australia Chiefs vs. Sweden fnatic

The full schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, May 1st
04:00   Australia Legacy vs. Australia Renegades BO1
04:00 Europe FaZe vs. Australia ORDER BO1
05:10 United States Cloud9 vs. Australia Grayhound BO1
05:10 China TYLOO vs. Brazil SK BO1
06:20 United States NRG vs. Denmark Astralis BO1
06:20 Europe mousesports  vs. Singapore BOOT-d[S] BO1
07:30 France G2 vs. Korea MVP PK BO1
07:30 Australia Chiefs vs. Sweden fnatic BO1
08:40 Group A upper-bracket semi-final #1 BO3
08:40 Group A lower-bracket quarter-final #1 BO3
12:10 Group A upper-bracket semi-final #2 BO3
12:10 Group A lower-bracket quarter-final #2 BO3
Wednesday, May 2nd
04:00 Group B lower-bracket quarter-final #1  BO3
04:00 Group B lower-bracket quarter-final #2 BO3
07:30 Group B upper-bracket semi-final #1 BO3
07:30 Group A lower-bracket semi-final #1 BO3
11:00 Group B upper-bracket semi-final #2 BO3
11:00 Group A lower-bracket semi-final #2 BO3
Thursday, May 3rd
04:00 Group B lower-bracket semi-final #1 BO3
04:00 Group B lower-bracket semi-final #2 BO3
07:30 Group A lower-bracket final BO3
07:30 Group A upper-bracket final BO3
11:00 Group B lower-bracket final BO3
11:00 Group B upper-bracket final BO3
Friday, May 4th
07:00 Quarter-final #1 BO3
11:00 Quarter-final #2 BO3
Saturday, May 5th
07:00 Semi-final #1 BO3
11:00 Semi-final #2 BO3
Sunday, May 6th
07:00 Grand final BO5

Below you can find the complete on-air team for the English broadcast:

United Kingdom OJ Borg - Stage Host

United States Tres "stunna" Saranthus - Reporter

United Kingdom Alex “Machine” Richardson - Desk host

Australia Iain "SnypeR" Turner - Analyst
Serbia Janko "YNk" Paunovic - Analyst
Australia Chad "SPUNJ" Burchill - Analyst

United Kingdom Henry "HenryG" Greer - Commentator
United Kingdom Harry "JustHarry" Russell - Commentator
United Kingdom Lauren "Pansy" Scott - Commentator
United States Jason "moses" O'Toole - Commentator
Australia Jordan "Elfishguy" Mays - Commentator
Australia Tim "Brainstorm" Dunne - Commentator
Australia Kevin "KaRath" Zhu - Commentator
Australia Mitchell "pili" Pilipowski - Commentator

United States DJ "Prius" Kuntz - Observer
United States Heather "sapphiRe" Garozzo - Observer
Australia Michael "MC" Campagna - Observer

The prize will be distributed in the following manner:

1. - $100,000
2. - $42,000
3-4. - $20,000
5-6. - $10,000
7-8. - $6,000
9-12. $5,000
13-16. - $4,000

Time is adjusted to your selected timezone
Brazil Baitzera_BR
2018-04-29 14:14
2018-04-29 14:14
Sweden Virr
hard to view whit these shitty fucking times
2018-04-29 14:16
Same happens with almost every event for anyone viewing from Australia, this is our one event where it's actually within a view able time, whilst having the best teams in the world. I was up at 3am watching DreamHack Marseille playoff matches, just like i would be with any other event, and i usually am not able to watch any final as it is (very) early monday morning, compared to (usually) 3pm Sunday wherever the event is located etc. Let us have this
2018-04-29 14:43
I was also going to complain but I get the situation now.
2018-04-29 15:06
Thank you for understanding us, just remember you’ll have your event in June. ;)
2018-04-29 16:29
jks is so sexy tbh would totally smash
2018-04-30 13:10
Australian viewers are the minority compared to EU or NA.
2018-04-29 16:21
Yeah. American viewers should be the priority.
2018-04-29 17:28
Australia KatVian
That is why there is only one Australian tournament, it is a fairly representative of viewership demographics.
2018-04-29 22:48
But honestly, the australian fans are simply the best.
2018-04-30 07:09
Australia KatVian
(: Au crowds rock. Thanks man.
2018-04-30 07:13
Singapore Wadufuk
IEM sydney 2017 rank the best and biggest crowd ,hope this year it will be the best and biggest crowd as well
2018-04-30 12:00
topkek. murrica first. sounds like trump. EU still CS homebase. NA still a joke
2018-04-29 22:59
2018-04-30 09:29
Americans shouldn't be priority in ANYTHING.
2018-04-30 13:16
American viewers should be prioritized? lol
2018-04-30 18:55
Australia OkraN
Welcome to a world where the large majority of tournaments are set in timezones that suit EU or NA
2018-04-29 17:34
ppl shouldnt complain about the times, its just one event. Let the aussies have it
2018-04-29 17:22
You are a lovely person
2018-04-30 06:24
Australia KatVian
(: Thanks
2018-04-30 07:14
Grand finals at fuckin 6am tho
2018-04-29 17:27
Better than at 3am I think, you may wanna wake up earlier.
2018-04-29 19:00
Iceland Ukodus
2018-04-29 19:59
Australia CaZeR01
2018-04-29 23:49
Australia TheFiber
2018-04-30 05:35
too ez for faze XD
2018-04-30 11:18
it sucks that teams dropped out of the one tournament in australia, I hope it will be a good one for you guys to enjoy fully and I hope the grand finals will be in european morning for me edit: they are at 7 am, perfect!
2018-04-30 11:39
Navi being unable to attend was unfortunate (and possibly their fault since they had more time than they used to apply for visas) but we still got all the other best teams in the world, gonna be great.
2018-04-30 13:31
Dunno what you're talking about. Times are pretty standard to me.
2018-04-29 20:12
NA tournaments are pretty good but the EU ones are always start at like 12 at night.
2018-04-30 05:55
fakeflagger confirmed reported
2018-04-29 14:38
2018-04-29 14:39
Portugal Driizy
Impossible to watch in school time GG WP
2018-04-29 14:48
Move to Australia
2018-04-29 16:08
Portugal Driizy
2018-04-29 16:09
We have school during the first 3 match time slots (all of the BO1s for the first day) but otherwise we’re pretty lucky.
2018-04-29 16:31
Well, the fact that you have school doesn't mean you can't watch them haha
2018-04-29 16:51
200IQ haha
2018-04-30 05:49
In NZ we only mis the first games. Which of course is when RNG play.
2018-04-30 05:57
why always clown9 and faze are stuck in one group lmfo
2018-04-29 19:38
that is true
2018-04-29 20:52
United States dukeyyy
Because the tourney is rigged so that c9 has the easiest path to semis.
2018-04-29 22:57
+1 otherwise c9 would drop out in the first elimination match
2018-04-29 23:02
United States dukeyyy
16-0 gayhounds 16-4 eSKuse gaming 16-6 eSKuse gaming 16-0 Fake Clan 16-2 Fake Clan
2018-04-29 23:05
so are this your predictions? damn you should never play roulette. except russian. ty if these should tell past results: omegakek
2018-04-29 23:12
United States dukeyyy
Real predictions here C9 16-6 Grayhounds C9 16-14 SK C9 16-11 SK C9 9-16 Faze C9 16-12 Faze C9 16-6 Faze
2018-04-30 00:00
United States dukeyyy
2018-05-01 08:05
a prime example of the usual HLTV comment
2018-04-30 09:36
REZ | 
Sweden Squtzy
No Sadokist. Not worth watching
2018-04-30 09:24
He was always good for a laugh
2018-04-30 13:22
He definitely was a good guy to hype things up, gotta love him
2018-04-30 15:30
2018-04-29 14:14
ez fnatic
2018-04-29 14:14
2018-04-29 14:16
JW | 
Sweden 2EZ4JW
They have insta top 6 now no s1mple
2018-04-29 14:41
2018-04-29 14:57
Chiefs are gonna slam those noobs.
2018-04-29 23:20
2018-04-30 07:55
All au teams are wasted spots
2018-04-29 14:16
not like Tengri or Avangar would’ve been better, btw Avangar lost in the qualifier
2018-04-29 14:19
rain | 
Netherlands ThomCS
he is not saying that they are tho
2018-04-29 14:22
Pretty sure avangar better than all au teams
2018-04-29 14:23
not Grayhound, big rig dickstacy would hand it to them
2018-04-29 14:24
Avangar is better than all au teams combined tbh
2018-04-29 14:33
Not Grayhound, big rig dickstacy would hand it to them
2018-04-29 14:34
Grayhound is dogshit
2018-04-29 14:35
Not Grayhound, big rig dickstacy would hand it to them
2018-04-29 14:39
Norway NibbaDamn
Grayhound haHAA
2018-04-29 15:57
2018-04-29 16:32
grayhounds produce dogshit. stop wanking to educational pussy illustrations and pay attention at bio class
2018-04-29 23:07
2018-04-29 14:14
Russia Shamp0o
2018-04-29 14:14
2018-04-29 14:15
2018-04-29 14:15
Singapore Kerk
G2 replaced by g2
2018-04-29 14:15
eZ for my boy XigN and MVP
2018-04-29 14:16
2018-04-29 15:17
Sweden Virr
hard to view whit these shitty fucking times
2018-04-29 14:16
this is the one time we get to watch some quality cs in our home country mate leave us alone thanks
2018-04-29 15:19
Why do eu people complain when the times don’t fit their schedule, It’s just like the Boston major where they all complained about times but failed to realize that they have had 9 of the 12 majors in eu
2018-04-29 17:02
Because most people these days are short sighted and entitled as fuck.
2018-04-30 07:13
Sweden flippig
gg with these times
2018-04-29 14:16
Sweden Virr
2018-04-29 14:20
Sweden Virr
+1 why tf even ahve a tour in australia its not like theres that many ppl playing there or living there tbh
2018-04-29 14:21
more here than sweden?
2018-04-29 15:19
Actually it's more about europe :/
2018-04-29 16:38
Indonesia calvinpg
Good time for other Asia countries too
2018-04-29 20:22
Sweden Virr
here we have a guy with a fucking brain... australia fucks every other counrty in the ass with its times and australia has 0 scene so why tf have it there
2018-05-01 20:49
because its a singular fucking event in the country dude, Oceania get an event for them and all you do is shit on them, grow the fuck up.
2018-05-02 08:58
Sweden Virr
haha nt
2018-05-02 18:51
Sweden Virr
2018-05-01 20:49
Australia CaZeR01
U wanna stop posting the same fucking comment to everyone?? Everyone is sick of your bitch ass complaining, if u dont like the times grow some fucking balls and come to australia if its that much of a problem
2018-04-29 23:58
we stay up to watch every other event at ridiculous times. It's a one-off lol
2018-04-29 15:21
jks | 
Australia Mosski
2018-04-29 18:26
2018-04-29 14:16
Sweden Virr
+1 why tf even ahve a tour in australia its not like theres that many ppl playing there or living there tbh
2018-04-29 14:21
yep fitta
2018-04-29 15:07
Sweden Virr
kurwa my brother <3 poland veri beutiful country very cheap too
2018-04-29 15:10
yeaa and no refugees heheeeeeeeee <3
2018-04-29 15:17
why tf would any refugee change the situation to worse by going to poorland?
2018-04-29 23:16
raping, killing, exploading????????????
2018-04-30 00:23
Sweden Virr
2018-05-01 20:50
U wanna copy and paste it more kiddo?
2018-04-29 15:22
jks | 
Australia Mosski
why are you so stupid, like I'm having trouble comprehending how stupid you are.
2018-04-29 18:26
Sweden JPKmad
Where is fucking Vince
2018-04-29 14:16
Let's fucking go FNATIC.
2018-04-29 14:17
Indonesia skadaddiie
gl gl gl
2018-04-29 14:17
time is a joke
2018-04-29 14:17
Sweden Virr
+1 why tf even ahve a tour in australia its not like theres that many ppl playing there or living there tbh
2018-04-29 14:21
Hope you're baiting, More people in Australia than Sweden
2018-04-29 14:45
Sweden Virr
hope your baiting cuz i meant the position of country and how many actually play csgo... more than 500 000 ppl in sweden have played csgo and if its in sweden time its same time for all of europe and russia... so donno if your baiting or just that fuckign rock stupid
2018-04-29 14:53
Australia r1se2k
you probably look like JW, can you not
2018-04-29 14:57
Sweden Virr
haha what a comeback from kangaroo r1se2k! ignoring everything i said and came back whit "youre prob ugly" buy a rope sincerely yours VIRRRRRRRR
2018-04-29 15:05
Australia r1se2k
okay Jw
2018-04-29 15:27
JW sezy af X-God > JW > All
2018-04-29 16:41
LOL fucking love you aussies
2018-04-29 15:24
Australia LACH1E
2018-04-29 15:19
"or living there tbh"
2018-04-29 15:23
Sweden Virr
ok so you telling me theres more ppl in australia than in all of europe, russia,turkey and whole of NA and SA? stop dreaming u pathetic f**k
2018-04-29 15:25
Sweden Virr
and more ppl playing csgo... csgo isnt big at all in australia its much bigger in sweden denmark france and more lets just look at the viewer numbers..
2018-04-29 15:25
nice try
2018-04-29 15:36
Australia r1se2k
nobody cares Virr. If the games are past your bed time, then so be it ya loser
2018-04-29 15:40
Australia OkraN
Have you ever heard of asia? I've heard that quite a few people live there and that they have similar timezones to Australia
2018-04-29 17:37
this guide is awesome ! glad to have HLTV to cover this tourney!
2018-04-29 14:17
2018-04-29 15:23
The only appreciative comment on this thread thus far, thank you for making my day kind sir!
2018-04-29 16:39
Australia CaZeR01
+1 thankyou for not being a shithead hltv user
2018-04-30 00:02
+ not gonna watch this! sleep time while champ...
2018-04-29 14:18
Portugal dracø
sk vs tyloo as an opening match, name a more iconic duo Gl with the viewership
2018-04-29 14:20
SK still has top 3 fan base as far as numbers are concerned.
2018-04-29 23:25
Belgium HLTVnewfag
i guess ill be able to see some maps of the playoffs with these timings
2018-04-29 14:20
Guys u will get to see ending match's n finals who cares about opening match they are filler n shit
2018-04-29 14:22
SS and NAVI, not g2, second paragraph small mistake ;)
2018-04-29 14:22
Idk why all ppl cry about time zone.its not like au have events every month.1 per year and u still cry.
2018-04-29 14:24
no one cares au times bruh u have no viewership
2018-04-29 14:37
no sadokist?
2018-04-29 14:26
Australia not_prokda
5:00 lul
2018-04-29 14:26
Other Phinks
Tier 1 event with prestige. Tier 3 even cuz of teams. So sad navi isnt there.
2018-04-29 14:26
Sweden Akoulad
Sunday 7 AM, fuck this
2018-04-29 14:26
Netherlands PATOZR
faze vs mouz in final, mouz wins gg wp was good tournament
2018-04-29 14:26
2018-04-29 14:34
2018-04-29 15:22
Germany Benjir_V1
2018-04-29 16:45
what viewers?
2018-04-29 14:28
t2 event.
2018-04-29 14:29
2018-04-29 15:03
Because Tyloo is here, same with Asian minor.
2018-04-29 16:41
Australia OkraN
2018-04-29 17:38
where are NA VI, NIP,, Liquid, North, gambit, Envy ?
2018-04-29 14:30
pantsy yyyyeeeeahhhhhh
2018-04-29 14:33
omg WTF rip EU :((
2018-04-29 14:34
Viewerguide for EU: Dont watch.
2018-04-29 14:35
The hype is real
2018-04-29 14:37
G2 and Legacy replacing NaVi and SpaceSoldiers, what a joke... how could they let this happen? It is incredible....and we are so naive and dull if we believe that story... So sad, though it would not have made any difference, Astralis is gonna easy win this one again, they are on fire and the most prepared team right now, such a machine each player being a piece of the whole puzzle, beautiful counter strike they show.
2018-04-29 14:40
Ez for NaVi
2018-04-29 14:42
Norway Phancy11
Awful time, 5 aussie and 3 Asia garbage teams, just skip that shit. At least group stage.
2018-04-29 14:43
No Anders, No Sadokist = No Me.
2018-04-29 14:54
time + pansy = without me
2018-04-29 15:01
everyone should stop complaining about the times, ITS ONE EVENT Au/Nz/South Asian viewers have to put up with bullshit times EVERY OTHER EVENT so get the fuck over it. its one event a year to try and get some exposure to some scenes that don't get any exposure. next lets have an Event in South Africa too, or maybe Japan, more events outside EU/NA is a good thing for CS not a bad thing
2018-04-29 14:56
the good thing about playing in EU there is no visa issue except for small team instead of top 10 teams
2018-04-29 15:04
everyone will have visa problems no matter what country it is, pyth at the MLG major, the Mongols for the MLG qualifier, tyloo has had alot of visa issues, having events in the EU only help the EU teams that don't need visa's the rest still need them and can potentially have issues. and a lot of time visa issues aren't even the embassies fault, all it takes is to apply for the wrong visa, or to mess up on the application and you can be denied or delayed and at the end of the day the majority of events are in the EU so having a few outside is not really a problems. csgo is a global Esport and ESL are trying to make themselves a global brand and you cant do that if every event you hold is in the EU/NA
2018-04-29 15:21
Well navi & ss will be missed, when asia/aussie wouldn't. For visa application i don't think 3 players didn't do the same as the 2 who got it. Dreamhack is making a mistake by stopping in your country probably none from EU & a few from US will watch so in term of viewers it's a waste, but good vacation for players.
2018-04-29 18:24
its not a waste, they still make there money and in terms of viewership it must be assumed that more asian viewers will watch and they already are a massive viewership even to the EU/NA events.
2018-04-29 18:48
Mustn't have been enough of a waste to bring it back for a second year..
2018-04-29 20:26
5 teams from your country + boots & mvp , nice joke for this event
2018-04-29 23:24
Apply for the visas earlier, It's our process. Not our fault Turkish and Ukrainian players can't apply for their visas in time. We aren't changing our laws to let some CS pros into the country
2018-04-29 15:27
Actually G2 got a Visa in some days whereas SS and Na Vi souldn't in weeks.... They applyed for the visas soon enought. It isn't ther fault, it's just you'r country who doesn't wants turkishs and Ukranians.
2018-04-29 16:49
Australia OkraN
How come lmbt got his visa to couch mouse at the event but not NaVi players? Do some research before talking shit.
2018-04-29 17:42
did you do your research though ? i don't think navi apply only 2 players and weeks later 3 others. Also it depend from which country you come
2018-04-29 18:17
Australia OkraN
Yeah different countries take different amounts of time my point was that they could of gotten a visa if they applied earlier as seen by lmbt
2018-04-30 10:01
This is because we have a treaty with France. We don't have a VISA treaty with them. Still, not our fault that SS and Navi couldn't apply for visas early enough. Doesn't mean we don't like them
2018-04-29 19:09
I don’t see on every EU event Australians complaining about the time zones even though it’s basically the exact same, if not worse, starts at 11pm ends at 6am?
2018-04-29 16:45
still no sadokist :/
2018-04-29 15:02
Sweden drakendilf
Tier 3 tournament
2018-04-29 15:05
Sweden loveZET
T3 Event
2018-04-29 15:10
It would be T4 if SpaceSoliders came, so glad Legacy filled in. :)
2018-04-29 16:45
Sweden loveZET
Legacy t9999 team Renegades t3 team Space Soldiers t1.5 team OMEGALUL ! Low Australian teams cry more ;) t9999999999999 Event xD
2018-04-29 17:10
*Replies to own comment*
2018-05-01 01:55
2018-04-29 15:14
ez for astralis no competition T4 event with one T1 team
2018-04-29 15:16
Inb4 Australian team knockout Astralis in groups. Calling it, have this bookmarked.
2018-04-29 16:36
possible considering how terribly balanced these groups are they were even worse before to
2018-04-29 23:54
MPV goes to S1mple well deserved.
2018-04-29 15:17
+1 easiest tournament for NaVi
2018-04-29 16:35
Lol, group A is a joke compared to group B!
2018-04-29 15:17
Shit tier air time
2018-04-29 15:19
lol 5 aussi team whats wrong with sydney ?
2018-04-29 15:19
rip Eu viewers, dunno how many ppl will wake up at 4am
2018-04-29 15:42
Same in NA, grand finals start at 1 AM over here.
2018-04-29 16:22
United States Loefflerb
The early match of Astralis NRG could be the best match of tournament
2018-04-29 16:07
max 10k at twitch xd shit time for eu but gl to all teams
2018-04-29 16:12
Finland coswell
Nice! Perfect stream times for a stay-at-home dad :D Something to watch in the mornings!
2018-04-29 16:18
These times are just soooo bad, oh wait.
2018-04-29 16:34
wtf are these groups? all the top 3 teams in group B and only garbage in group A?
2018-04-29 16:47
was even worse before navi pulled out group b had the 4 best teams in the world
2018-04-29 23:55
t5 event
2018-04-29 16:47
astralis wins
2018-04-29 16:56
renegades first match vs legacy RIGGED !!!!!!!
2018-04-29 17:03
Lineup was already planned for them to vs SS. And legacy replaced SS.
2018-04-29 20:18
should of replaced navi to make groups fair
2018-04-29 23:56
Youd rather see legacy vs mvp in the opener?
2018-04-30 04:54
no change the shit around why the hell does astralis get nrg they might be good enough to be a top seed easy
2018-04-30 05:00
Because the lineups were already done ffs.
2018-04-30 05:30
it should never have been that way to begin with the 4 best teams in the world were in one fucking group thats outrageous did someone not understand how to make groups
2018-04-30 05:54
Do they ever? This is the first system that they've tried to implement a tiering system and it still didnt work. Wish they would trust hltv as a legit site and use their rankings..
2018-04-30 06:49
too late
2018-04-29 17:10
Germany xoutblaze
nice times LUL
2018-04-29 17:26
viewer's guide : if u are from europe just look at hltv results
2018-04-29 17:42
United States BGS
Lets go MVP.PK!!!!!!!!!
2018-04-29 17:50
Good time for me at 9 am, right after i usually wake up (at 8 am). Way better then murican times, where i just coming for results. Btw:all those eu people complaining tho, do you even know, how many people live in asian timezones? Like 3 billion. Just let them have atleast 1 good time event per year, it is not even major! Although, majors are washed out today with lowest level of playing and much more luck...
2018-04-29 18:03
Let's go Astralis #TotheStars
2018-04-29 18:09
jks | 
Australia Mosski
Very interesting and cool
2018-04-29 18:23
if fnatic doesn't win kms
2018-04-29 19:08
Sweden Extremaz
HAHAHHAHA! The TIMES!! XD XD XD Good luck 5k viewers!
2018-04-29 19:25
Ukraine Dert38
No NiP damn
2018-04-29 19:50
As expected like last year.. Before tournament: "Trash tournament, shit times" After tournament: "Best tournament, best crowd"
2018-04-29 20:22
+1 edit: except for the best tournament. Crowd was sick i remember.
2018-04-29 20:43
22:00 to 6:00 LOOOOOOOOL good for the AU boys tho, you see so many of them in the forums and their crowd is one of the best
2018-04-29 20:22
Macedonia ydjoon
tier 2 tournament..
2018-04-29 20:42
Why is g2 playing mvp pk twice????
2018-04-29 20:52
It's pretty funny to think that faze spent 60k on their team to fly to Australia and they need to win to make profit for his trip. Which obviously isn't going to happen
2018-04-29 23:26
People in NA complaining about times when they act like they have careers and need to wake up at a decent time, lmao relax.
2018-04-29 23:30
Poland SchuceK
07:00 - Grand Final [ok] lul
2018-04-29 23:52
all the eu people complaining when the grand finals start at 1 am for me at least
2018-04-29 23:57
Grand finals at 3pm, i don't know where you people are getting your times from..
2018-04-30 05:36
haha 😂
2018-04-30 22:48
rofl enjoy the tournament i wont stay up for this crap haha
2018-04-29 23:54
To all those complaining about the IEM Sydney time frame, need I remind you that last year the total number of viewers reached almost 8 million at last years event? You know the one with 8 teams and went for half as long? Now lets assume 10% of those viewers were misclicks or bots (for whatever reason, people om HLTV are stupied enough to actually believe this). That's still 7.2 million viewers. If you want to keep being a little manlet pussy and complain about the timezone, fine, don't watch it if you want to act like a little piece of shit.
2018-04-30 01:38
Australia dr0pbear
umm are they missing 2 quarter finals?
2018-04-30 01:45
Upper bracket goes straight to semi finals. So team#2 and team#3 from each bracket meet in the quaters and winner meets team #1 in the semi.
2018-04-30 05:38
Australia dr0pbear
ah yeah, forgot about that :P
2018-04-30 05:48
@people complaining about times: we get 1 event a year that is at 3am, just let us have this 1, and a week later you have epl finals also the reason there was also 3 asian spots is because the time zones are similar so it will be at a reasonable time for asia too, so they will bolster views. i do agree that having 5 au teams and 3 asian teams is ridiculous tho
2018-04-30 03:12
Loving the butthurt EU/NA idiots that are complaining about "wahhh muh 6am grand final hurr durr." This is what us Aussies put up with every single damn event, and now you EU/NA dicks get to experience it and the tears start.
2018-04-30 06:16
Australia t0rrent_
Yeah also it doesnt make sense for people locally to rock up at the arena at 3 in the morning
2018-04-30 07:17
Germany ripseN
tier3/4 event XD
2018-04-30 09:54
Goddamn stop being whiny bitches about one event being in Australia. wtf is this trash I'm reading. Christ. Go C9.
2018-04-30 11:52
Armenia 1915
Surprisingly even groups. Like 4 clear favorites each group one of them doesnt make it
2018-04-30 13:16
Australia evaD3
Do you people in Europe learn about time zones?
2018-04-30 14:05
Sucks that 90% of the matches are played while we're all at work. :(
2018-04-30 15:14
Will this be broadcasted on twitch? Or will it be on facebook broadcasting?
2018-04-30 20:52
2018-04-30 22:19
2018-04-30 22:22
Dweg isn't casting? :( Event is incredible thus far. :) Keep up the amazing work! Have a good day.
2018-05-02 17:52
2018-05-26 13:35
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