Evil Geniuses sign lurppis

Evil Geniuses has signed Tomi "lurppis" Kovanen to replace Corey "hanes" Hanes.

Last week Evil Geniuses reported of big news coming. The Counter-Strike 1.6 fans were fooled, when the organization announced the arrival of a WarCraft III squad. The news however comes today, as the team announce the changes, predicted to be happening for some time already.

But nobody linked Evil Geniuses with its now new member. Evil Geniuses sign the former Crack Clan member Tomi "lurppis" Kovanen as they part ways with Corey "hanes" Hanes. Evil Geniuses do what complexity did when going to Counter-Strike: Source, picking up a foreign player. Tomi "lurppis" Kovanen will be coming to the United States, already tomorrow Tuesday.

Evil Geniuses now consist of following five:

United States Danny "fRod" Montaner
United States Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert
United States Tyler "Storm" Wood
United States Matt "Warden" Dickens
Finland Tomi "lurppis" Kovanen

Tomi "lurppis" Kovanen states:

"I thought I was already done with CS but after I got into talks with EG it became clear it just wasn't time yet. I can honestly say I've never been this excited in my CS career and I can't wait to arrive in Dallas and start practicing with my new teammates.

I've always wanted to try living abroad, so for me it really is a dream come true, being able to move out there and compete in all the tournaments with EG. I think it would be normal to have some concerns but honestly right now I'm just too excited to even think about that, I just want to get there asap!"

Evil Geniuses will have its debut with their new member in the upcoming CEVO-P Pro fissional playoffs, plus two upcoming offline events, being ESWC Asia Masters and KODE5 Global Finals. Read a lot more about the arrival of the Fin to Evil Geniuses, by visiting the Evil Geniuses website.
2009-04-20 10:17
nice Good Luck lurppis
2009-04-20 10:17
2009-04-20 10:17
WHAT!?!? I did not see this coming at all! Cant blame him for wanting to live abroad though
2009-04-20 10:20
3 replies
And I bet he gets quite a decent salary.
2009-04-20 20:55
2 replies
EG must be spending quite a lot lately with the WC3 signings aswell
2009-04-20 21:59
1 reply
EG is rich. USA is rich.
2009-04-21 08:03
laughing very hard :DDDDDDDDD GL LURPPIS
2009-04-20 10:19
Now that's a surprise, now ex-mym has to make us a surprise :D GL lurppis, anyway it won't be dificult for him cuz he speaks english fluently.
2009-04-20 10:19
GL lurppis in USA ! :)
2009-04-20 10:22
Now who saw this one coming? Wow, best of luck to lurppis overseas.
2009-04-20 10:23
2 replies
i did tbh.
2009-04-20 16:53
Belgium kridele
Well indeed, he will have to go live there.. There's no other option if you want to achieve something, you have to train, and to train/bootcamp he will have to be in the US or 150-300 ping..? :))
2009-04-20 17:24
Well, best of luck to lurppis but i still dont believe that EG can beat the euros..
2009-04-20 10:27
Now they only need to change 4 more players. :D
2009-04-20 10:30
5 replies
U made my day :D
2009-04-20 10:32
haaha :D
2009-04-20 11:31
2009-04-20 16:38
True true ahahahah =D
2009-04-20 18:11
still think that they need more time to get accustom to the professional level. Lurppis can get some good motivation still think that n0thing pwns~~ :D
2009-04-20 21:05
LOOOOOOL :D GL lurppis
2009-04-20 10:30
LOL!!! lurppis in EG, haha awesome :P Hf lurppis, in the future they'll kick all americans and have a euro team in eg (joking)
2009-04-20 10:31
Well it's pretty funny how lurppis and nasu announce they are fed up with cs and they'r quitting and then, after some weeks they're both back :D
2009-04-20 10:33
5 replies
its all about money...
2009-04-20 17:15
1 reply
And dreams. Still ironic
2009-04-20 17:33
Tbh I think that's a big fat lie, I think their organization was disappointed with the results or lurppis and his brother disliked something. :) Don't think it had anything to do with motivation.
2009-04-20 20:56
2 replies
Well I do
2009-04-20 20:57
1 reply
Well... yeah?
2009-04-20 21:12
wow, nice news :D
2009-04-20 10:34
2009-04-20 10:36
Germany M1n1M3
thats a big surprise! GL
2009-04-20 10:36
lol, but aniway gl :)
2009-04-20 10:37
Haha great news, I like these kinds of surprises. Best of luck to you Tomi and have fun in The States. I know I have, every time I've been there!
2009-04-20 10:39
GL lurpis in USA
2009-04-20 10:41
lurppis is stayng @ frod place :) no gay show please, pracc hard !!!!(Y)
2009-04-20 10:48
2009-04-20 10:51
2009-04-20 10:54
2009-04-20 11:07
2009-04-20 11:18
awesome :P
2009-04-20 11:25
2009-04-20 11:27
big lol! they should have signed SpawN :D
2009-04-20 11:30
1 reply
2009-04-20 12:02
will see what tactics he will show
2009-04-20 11:39
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Here, even if I don't like you, I really wish you a good luck. Have a nice time over there and hopefully get some good results before you retire :)
2009-04-20 11:43
lol nice :D gl
2009-04-20 11:52
2009-04-20 11:57
omfg oO
2009-04-20 12:10
I don't reckon this addition makes EG any stronger :P
2009-04-20 12:19
come in est plz:D
2009-04-20 12:20
1 reply
lurppis: yeah i always dreamed about moving to estonia and play for synck so this is a big dream coming true for me :D
2009-04-20 21:02
that was l0l
2009-04-20 12:25
good luck lurppis
2009-04-20 12:43
What a surprise! GL
2009-04-20 12:56
lurppis make me laugh.
2009-04-20 12:58
nice gl :)
2009-04-20 13:01
2009-04-20 13:01
Really i knew that the Kovan brothers wouldn't stop theirs carress here... but this is awesome!!!
2009-04-20 13:08
hahhaa nice gl lurpp
2009-04-20 13:11
heh nice! but i wonder who gonna be captain of the team?
2009-04-20 13:18
2 replies
care bear?
2009-04-20 13:22
I think that's Lurppis. He´s not the best player but great captain for sure.
2009-04-20 13:24
no words at all. But I think that lurppis will bring EG to a new level.
2009-04-20 13:21
I think EG vill be better now...
2009-04-20 13:27
Big surprise, wooow, gl!
2009-04-20 13:28
wow, good luck, lurppis -)
2009-04-20 13:28
Big surprise indeed.. is this the winning team lurppis ?
2009-04-20 13:46
2 replies
Maybe not, but would you say no if someone offered you a chance to live abroad with all expenses paid?
2009-04-20 13:58
1 reply
Well yeah. and now he gets to korea and that's what he dreamed about.
2009-04-20 14:10
O~~~M~~~G...gl lurppis:]
2009-04-20 13:49
now eg is inovators
2009-04-20 13:51
I wasent even aware EG had the money to pull anything like this off :b Well best of luck Lurpz you must have alot to bring to the EG table. So I guess its a good investment in the long run. :)
2009-04-20 13:51
wtf !?
2009-04-20 13:58
Ukraine lancee
I think EG will suck like they did all the time before. One player can't change the whole team btw lurppis isn't the best choice. He is far not the best player even in Finland. And I don't understand his psychology - why did he leave his home-team CC, when they were much better then EG is. Maybe it's all about the money they are gonna pay to him..who knows
2009-04-20 14:11
1 reply
Well obviously he wanted to live abroad, and like he says in the article this is a dream come true for him. Maybe it's not about being in the "best" team, but to experience new things in life and stuff like that.
2009-04-20 20:35
hahaha didnt see that coming!!!A very good move for EG, they went one level higher.AND HEY LURPISSSSS YOU CAN NOW BE INVITED TO ALL MAJOR TOURS AND STOP BEING A CRYBABY!!!:P
2009-04-20 14:16
gl in America!
2009-04-20 14:38
so is lurppis going to live in usa?
2009-04-20 14:41
1 reply
2009-04-20 14:46
Brazil fzZ
haha nice
2009-04-20 14:57
I think this will boost EG. Hopefully it won't end in a month or two resulting an announcement saying "It didn't work out".
2009-04-20 15:21
2 replies
That WILL happen. It will be a big failure for EG. mark my words. kinda sad for Hanes right now, he is a good player, GL to him.
2009-04-20 19:40
1 reply
Well we're still waiting ... :)
2009-05-13 13:00
He said he wouldnt won anything with Crackclan and now his new team his worst than Crack, this guy is a poor lamer and was Crack black beast everytime he had back the team had problems. It will be funny to see him crying about ping... And don't forget he said the list in eswc asia is a complete joke EG don't deserve a spot they are not good players now...I think now he thinks the list is a good choice EG deserves it!
2009-04-20 15:37
What about EG's participation instead of Gravitas now, Lurppis?
2009-04-20 15:47
When USA lose, they tryin 2 buy a new players from best european teams. gl lurrpis. ps 2 days earlier EG bought ex-mYm players of WarCraft 3 (Grubby, Happy and Clara).
2009-04-20 15:50
1 reply
But they didn't buy this one did they? :d OR, when I think about it.... Maybe he didn't leave due to motivation issues? I never thought that was the truth, I just thought it had something to do with CC not being satisfied with them, or lurppis and his brother not being satisfied with CC, but maybe that's the reason!
2009-04-20 20:57
he wants to be the next elemeNt ? :) good luck for him, this team can rock with him though.
2009-04-20 15:50
1 reply
Why elemeNt?
2009-04-20 20:58
2009-04-20 16:04
you know april fools day has gone yeah? Shock move. GL Tomi.
2009-04-20 16:25
Poland qater-
Haha,n1..gl lurppis but not gl EG,I don't like them ;d
2009-04-20 16:25
I really lol'd hard when I read this :D but gl^^
2009-04-20 16:31
very nice for EG. lurppis > all americans.
2009-04-20 16:52
he is going to make EG.usa capable of cometing against the european teams because as an american i know EG thinks they are just too cute for the group( being american counter-strike) and now with a much more consistant player with new ideas for the NA scene could be a failure.Actually im saying now. IT WILL BE A FAILURE!
2009-04-20 16:54
1 reply
Belgium kridele
How can you compete European teams, if you can't play any from overseas? :))
2009-04-20 17:29
Hahahah! I don`t know,but it made me laugh. GL lurppis
2009-04-20 17:12
hahahahaha... nc ! :D
2009-04-20 17:17
lurppis knows english or he'll use translate google to communicate with members? ;D
2009-04-20 17:36
3 replies
He speaks english fluently.
2009-04-20 20:37
I can see that you use Google translate at least!
2009-04-20 22:36
1 reply
that's right but i know the sentences are in bad form but i still learning Finn :p
2009-04-21 16:10
GL Eg! Gl Lurpis! GL!
2009-04-20 17:37
At the very least it does show that he is willing to sacrifice quite a lot for gaming. He leaves his country, his family and his friends to play in the USA. Pretty bold move imo.
2009-04-20 17:46
2 replies
He probably haven't got that much of a family, and seems to me he doesn't have a problem at all leaving his country.
2009-04-20 20:59
finns dont have a heart.
2009-04-23 06:27
This will not go well. lol
2009-04-20 18:11
Hahahah xD if they play on internet ping 1000 xD
2009-04-20 18:13
5 replies
2009-04-20 18:16
2009-04-20 19:09
He is moving to USA. Read the article before posting.
2009-04-20 20:59
2 replies
srry xD
2009-04-21 13:43
1 reply
NP, just gets easier for everyone. :)
2009-04-21 15:47
haha #73, he sure got lucky to go there anyway :DDd and i'm not surprised to see lurppis back in action 2 weeks after retiring, but its cool that nasu got back too.
2009-04-20 18:18
1 reply
If you use the 'Reply' button the user will/would know you replied to him/her ;)
2009-04-21 17:45
Slovakia radeoNko
hh nice :D but US and A never beat european teams...
2009-04-20 18:23
2009-04-20 18:54
w0w ... very very LOL!!
2009-04-20 19:35
lol, gl lurppis! ;)
2009-04-20 19:38
hmm nice.. i knew he will be back soon :D
2009-04-20 19:55
omg so fucking awsome..good luck, have fun in the US
2009-04-20 20:32
2009-04-20 20:45
Gl lurppis :) He won't be able to play ENC :\
2009-04-20 21:11
2 replies
y not?
2009-04-20 21:57
1 reply
He might be able to play but the ping difference would be huge being abroad.
2009-04-21 17:46
so lurppis will call the strats (be theyr in-game leader) for EG ?
2009-04-20 22:02
3 replies
yes ^^
2009-04-21 21:12
2 replies
thx ktc
2009-04-21 21:13
1 reply
np m8 ;)
2009-04-21 21:13
good news! GL lurppis :d
2009-04-20 22:21
2009-04-20 23:38
EG is going to ESWC Masters you heard it here first.
2009-04-21 01:15
still they suck :P
2009-04-21 01:33
lol that's quite a sick move and I'm really curious about how everything happened and how it will prove to be good/bad for EG. lurppis's English must be really good too I guess.
2009-04-21 06:49
haha wtf
2009-04-21 07:54
All about english - rofl. Eg needs seek aimers, bad choice on lurppis
2009-04-21 08:16
2 replies
More aimers is exactly what they don't need. they already got frod, nothing and storm. And if you watched them playing in EM you noticed that it's not the skill they are lacking but they were just too confused with the new tricks that euros pulled. And this is where the lurppis cames in.
2009-04-21 09:55
1 reply
mb u have a point. but, if we take - out UA team, pro100, 2 seek aimers, 2noname aimers + 1(smart) cap, the problem is - this cap, 20% times, cdnt even kill in back, so it's important for leader to be stable, no just making tricks,strats.
2009-04-25 07:43
reconstruction aid for America!
2009-04-21 13:50
Lol USA will be represented by Europeans from now on. =)
2009-04-21 16:17
2 replies
complexity is gonna get a euro too.
2009-04-21 22:35
1 reply
2009-04-21 22:42
Spain alexp16
2009-04-22 01:52
weird news and lol
2009-04-23 15:35
2009-04-24 20:52
:REMINDER TO ALL: mousesports were not allowed to play in wcg2008 coz 2 members of their team had no german citizenship.. EITHER LURRPIS LEAVES BY DECEMBER OR NO WCG FOR EG.USA
2009-04-26 15:29
lol. bad line-up. maybe Tomi is good speaking English but this will not enough for him and his team EG.USA. lurppis out aimetti, destrukt or method in
2009-04-26 15:42
i jus saw the cevo-p finals x3o vs eg. inf - 16-3 to x3o d2 - 16-13 to x3o the weaklink is warden.. he took 7 frags combined in both maps... eg was strong but they played 4 on 5.. warden should step up or step out.. eg should rethink a 2nd in-game leader for warden..
2009-04-27 06:43
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