Luminosity qualify for DreamHack Open Valencia over eUnited

Luminosity have earned a spot at DreamHack Open Valencia after defeating eUnited 2-1 (16-14 on Inferno, 13-16 on Overpass, and 16-2 on Mirage) in the grand final of the North American closed qualifier.

eUnited and Complexity had eased past their opponents in the quarter-finals before facing off over three maps in the semi-finals, with eUnited coming out on top. On the other side of the bracket, Rogue and Luminosity had both come close in their 2-1 series over Gorilla Gang and Bravado, respectively, before meeting each other in the last-four stage, in which the Brazilians secured victory in the decider.

The grand final kicked off on eUnited’s map pick, Inferno, where the North Americans' slow execute on B was immediately shut down by Luminosity. The Brazilians’ then picked up the anti-ecos and claimed five more, but eUnited broke the streak with a double-kill from Will "⁠dazzLe⁠" Loafman in the post-plant.

yeL and co. will see offline action in Spain

eUnited pressed, on breaking Luminosity’s economy to win three more, until the Brazilians’ firm hold on the A-site earned them the round win and set them up for a 10-5 half-time lead. eUnited began the second half by stopping the wrap-around attempt through CT-spawn to secure the pistol, but Luminosity took over on their T-side to rally back with three straight, 13-6.

Michael "⁠dapr⁠" Gulino then put eUnited back in the wheelhouse with three clutches to set the team up for a five-round streak. Luminosity then won their buy round, but eUnited were quick to contest with two as rounds went back a forth, until the Brazilians locked down the map in the 30th round.

The series then moved to Overpass, where Luminosity’s rotation to A for the plant was quickly recovered by eUnited, who claimed the CT pistol on a defuse and then took control of proceedings to secure 13 rounds straight. Finally, Lucas "⁠steel⁠" Lopes won the 1v1 post-plant on B to win the first round for Luminosity, who would go on to add a second to their tally before swtiching sides.

In the second half, Luminosity continued their reign on the CT-side with four straight rounds, but eUnited got their money and their wits together to reach map point. The Brazilians then snapped eUnited’s economy to win seven straight (13-15), but a late rotation to A and post-plant hold from eUnited resulted in an even series.

The decider came down to Mirage, where Luminosity came out of the gates with six straight on the T-side before eUnited could hold off for a round win. Luminosity remained in the driving seat through the first half for a 13-2 lead, which they followed up with three straight after the break to punch their ticket to DreamHack Open Valencia.

 Luminosity K - D +/- ADR Rating 2.0
Brazil Gustavo 'yel' Knittelyel 66 - 47 +19 92.7 1.44
Brazil Lucas 'steel' Lopessteel 62 - 46 +16 83.0 1.26
Brazil Gabriel 'NEKIZ' SchenatoNEKIZ 56 - 47 +9 79.5 1.17
Brazil Gustavo 'SHOOWTiME' GonçalvesSHOOWTiME 57 - 51 +6 76.9 1.13
Brazil Vinicios 'PKL' CoelhoPKL 47 - 48 -1 68.4 1.09
 eUnited K - D +/- ADR Rating 2.0
Canada Kaleb 'moose' Jaynemoose 54 - 53 +1 79.1 1.08
United States Michael 'dapr' Gulinodapr 60 - 57 +3 80.6 1.03
United States Skyler 'Relyks' WeaverRelyks 44 - 57 -13 62.6 0.83
United States Will 'dazzLe' LoafmandazzLe 46 - 62 -16 71.7 0.83
United States Brandon 'Ace' WinnAce 35 - 61 -26 54.2 0.66

Luminosity join European qualifier winners Fragsters on the team list for DreamHack Valencia, which will run from July 12-14. Five spots will be filled through invites, while the eighth team will come from an Iberian qualifier. The event's team list looks as follows:

Other Invite Other Invite
Other Invite Other Invite
Other Invite Denmark Fragsters
Brazil Luminosity Europe Iberian Qualifier
United States Michael 'dapr' Gulino
Michael 'dapr' Gulino
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Brazil Lucas 'steel' Lopes
Lucas 'steel' Lopes
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United States Will 'dazzLe' Loafman
Will 'dazzLe' Loafman
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Netherlands lordkarim1
2018-05-07 10:00
Korea Derepaer
2018-05-07 10:01
United Kingdom Tendies
that photo of yel lol
2018-05-07 14:04
Denmark Krybos
2018-05-07 10:00
Germany Flachzange
2018-05-07 10:00
2018-05-07 10:01
2018-05-07 10:01
latto | 
Brazil Shoout
2018-05-07 10:01
2018-05-07 10:02
2018-05-07 10:02
2018-05-07 10:06
Denmark Xipingu
Karma for eUnited, Ez. Gz LG
2018-05-07 10:09
2018-05-07 10:11
- showtime - pkl - Nekiz +trk, kcerato and yuriih And they have a chance
2018-05-07 10:11
"Nu blir Ma G ked af når han ser det her" - MikeJDK & Fred, 2017
2018-05-07 10:25
inb4 tempo storm gets invited
2018-05-07 11:07
They won't get invited, but atleast they have the iberian qualifier
2018-05-07 11:11
what u mean,they lost yesterday vs fragsters in finals for valencia qualifier
2018-05-07 16:13
yeah but that was Eu qualifier and for dreamhack valencia u have iberian qualifier Iberian qualifier= 1team from Portugal/Spain goes to valencia the iberian will run from 1-2 June Open qualifier 3 June Closed qualifier Tempo storm has Fox,Lowel and Soker from iberian and that means that 60% of the team are from iberian, and they can play the qualifier
2018-05-07 16:44
they can play 2 qualifiers for same tournament? never seen that happen
2018-05-07 18:05
yes, u can it's for all spanish/portuguese teams, but only for valencia.. XD
2018-05-07 18:33
oh kk
2018-05-07 19:40
Malaysia byaIi
Luminosity rise again
2018-05-07 11:30
Brazil Xexenho
Chelo was the problem
2018-05-07 11:30
Happy for steel :)
2018-05-07 11:40
Happy for Yel and Steel.
2018-05-07 13:03
kick shoowtime ffs
2018-05-07 13:04
Brazil g4laxI
Happy for the boys. Well played team
2018-05-07 13:09
Brazil braga1
Yeah man
2018-05-07 13:43
Nice :)
2018-05-07 15:23
Brazil vass28
2018-05-07 16:06
Ukraine Dert38
gj steelega
2018-05-07 16:47
2018-05-07 17:27
Argentina GonzaPines
gl ♥
2018-05-07 19:11
Good job STEEL and co. op! Congratz, now stay focused and go get in! We smart, we loyal ,we friendly, we are from BRAZIL! Kreygasm
2018-05-07 20:30
Wasted spot
2018-05-08 06:01
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