ESEA Season 28 announced with increased prize pool; no Global Challenge LAN

ESEA has announced its upcoming MDL season in Europe, North America, and Australia, which will have a $30,000 boost to the prize pool to make up for the lack of a Global Challenge LAN at the end of the season.

Due to a crammed schedule, the qualifying process for the upcoming FACEIT Major 2018, and the August player break, ESEA has decided to call off the Global Challenge LAN for the upcoming season of MDL, instead adding $30,000 to the $50,000 and distributing it among the four Global Challenge LAN qualifying regions, Europe, North America, Australia, and Brazil.

BIG will face Windigo in the S27 Europe Finals for a spot in Pro League

Another factor in ESEA's decision to not have the LAN this season is that it is unconnected to ESL Pro League, and thus there will be no regional relegation matches to be played offline. The full team list for Europe, North America, and Australia is the following:

Europe Europe North America North America
Poland Kinguin Canada ex-Atmosphere
Europe Asterion North America Squirtle Squad
Poland United States BlackOut
France EnVyUs Academy United States The Entourage
Sweden Singularity United States Gorilla Gang
Europe Sprout United States Mythic
Germany DIVIZON United States Normal People and Rustun
Spain Movistar Riders United States ex-eRa
Poland PRIDE United States F1-racecar-PEEK
Sweden Unity United States The Pioneers
Sweden GODSENT Canada subtLe
Kazakhstan Gambit Canada Grizzlys
Denmark Fragsters United States CheckSix
Finland SJ United States Freedom 35
Sweden Red Reserve United States AZIO
Germany ALTERNATE aTTaX South Africa Bravado (Main 1st)
United Kingdom Wind and Rain United States Fam143 (Main 2nd)
Serbia Valiance (Main 1st) United States Vikings (Main 3rd/4th)
Finland HAVU (Main 3rd/4th) United States FeelsUnderAgeMan (main 3rd/4th)
Europe Epsilon (Main 3rd/4th) United States Prospects (Intermediate 1st)
France dizLown (Next highest ranking Main)* Mexico Forty Six and 2 (Open 1st)
United Kingdom Vexed (ESL Premiership) North America TBD - ESL Pro League Relegation
Germany EURONICS (ESL Meisterschaft) North America TBD - ESL Pro League Relegation
Poland TBD - ESL Mistrzostwa Polski North America TBD - ESL Pro League Relegation
Europe TBD - ESL Pro League Relegation  
Europe TBD - ESL Pro League Relegation  
Europe TBD - ESL Pro league Relegation  
Australia Australia
Australia Chiefs Australia Tainted Minds
Australia Control Australia Corvidae
Australia Dark Sided Australia Grayhound
Australia Legacy Australia Lucky7
Australia ORDER Australia STREAMLINE (Main 1st)
Australia seadoggs Australia Conspiracy (Open 3rd/4th)
Australia ex-Athletico Australia Surge (Open 5th/6th)
Australia baldkrew (Open 2nd) Australia Go-Go Power Rangers (Open 5th/6th)
Australia OutLaws (Open 3rd/4th)  

*dizLown qualified due to EURONICS secured a spot in MDL through the ESL National Championship structure as well as through ESEA Main. The spot was passed on to the next highest ESEA Main team after a tiebreaker was played in order to determine the final slot.

With an increased prize pool of $30,000 on top of the original $50,000, which will be split amongst four regions, including the Brazilian Open Division which qualifies for the Global Challenge LAN, the distribution will be the following:

Europe European MDL Division: 

1. $16,650
2. $9,250
3. $5,550
4. $5,550

North America North American MDL Division:

1. $16,650
2. $9,250
3. $5,550
4. $5,550

Australia Australian MDL Division:

1. $3,600
2. $2,400
3. $1,800
4. $1,800
5. $600
6. $600
7. $600
8. $600

Brazil Brazilian Open Division:

1. $2,250
2. $1,500
3. $1,125
4. $1,125
5. $375
6. $375
7. $375
8. $375

Germany Sabba1 
2018-05-07 21:50
smooya | 
Austria shaakeh 
I don't get it but it's cool
2018-05-07 21:51
Germany Sabba1 
They cut a completely irrelevant lan and hadle the money from it to the teams
2018-05-07 21:52
2018-05-07 21:52
Expected as well.
2018-05-07 21:52
Finland Barista 
Where is ENCE? :E
2018-05-08 14:52
2018-05-07 21:51
kNgV- | 
Italy InSuu 
anyone know why it doesn't show Spain masters
2018-05-07 22:40
Germany Youngnibba 
Spain master only qualifed for esea mdl s27( Movistar Riders) there is no slot for s28 as far as i remember
2018-05-08 02:26
United States _SaltY 
Y no lan?
2018-05-07 21:50
Australia KatVian 
Did you read the article? Can you read?
2018-05-07 22:30
Due to a crammed schedule, the qualifying process for the upcoming FACEIT Major 2018, and the August player break, ESEA has decided to call off the Global Challenge LAN
2018-05-08 08:04
Poland sylwo108 
That's not looking great :(
2018-05-07 21:51
2018-05-07 21:50
2018-05-07 21:50
Bosnia and Herzegovina m1rza 
2018-05-07 21:50
2018-05-07 21:51
this is fucking stupid lol, no reason for top teams to try AT ALL
2018-05-07 21:52
If you are a top team in this league (most notably Gambit vp godsent) the reason to try is so they get into epl where the real money is.
2018-05-07 22:01
didn't you read? there won't be any relegation at the end of the next season. they CAN'T get into epl anymore. that's why #12 wrote that.
2018-05-07 22:13
Ok NVM that makes no sense at all wtf
2018-05-07 22:15
esea do that sometimes , like in the season 25
2018-05-07 23:26
“There will be no regional relegation matches to be played offline.” Relegation matches will be played online then just like SS did last season to qualify for season 7. NICE READING SKILLS FAM.
2018-05-07 23:26
"this season is unconnected to ESL Pro League" Pretty sure there isn't any relegation matches. I don't blame you, I don't think it's poor reading skills, but a badly written article that isn't very clear.
2018-05-07 23:46
Fuck you might be right man I can barely see cuz little eyes haHAA
2018-05-08 08:02
well, it is like that always, 1 season goes to EPL the season next to it doesnt, nothing to cry about it NOW because it already existed
2018-05-08 06:51
2018-05-07 21:52
Virtus.premier forever
2018-05-07 21:52
go-go power rangers
2018-05-07 21:53
pretty nice to see that some tournament organizers care about other tournaments existence
2018-05-07 21:53
Germany Sabba1 
Its not about careing about others but knowing noone is gonna watch a irrelevant while there is a fucking major going on
2018-05-07 21:56
Bulgaria BlindBG11 
2018-05-07 21:54
liTTle | 
CIS Dowa) 
na mdl xD
2018-05-07 21:54
ez vp
2018-05-07 21:54
Wait, so if you get first place in Open you get promoted straight to MDL?
2018-05-07 21:56
Yea and if you get first in mdl you get promoted to epl.
2018-05-07 22:03
Alright time for my team to get first. Cya in MDL season 29
2018-05-07 22:03
Gl man!
2018-05-07 22:05
Thanks :D
2018-05-07 22:09
read again ;) there won't be any relegation/promotion next season
2018-05-07 22:15
Portugal rafaelpaisgk1 
But from Open to MDL there is :)
2018-05-07 22:22
I stand corrected. My bad however there is still a chance to go from open to mdl if you get first.
2018-05-07 23:50
North America Muenster 
They will probably change it so open 1st place goes to advanced now.
2018-05-07 22:18
1st place from Open gets promoted to Main, but if the team proves to be too good for that division, or if it's formed by pro players who came from another region they can be invited by ESL to play MDL instead
2018-05-07 23:22
Forty Six and 2 got first place in Open and got promoted straight to MDL.
2018-05-08 13:40
they probably got invited, just like tempo storm, gx and flamingos were invited in the past
2018-05-08 19:27
Except they won ESEA Open. Also their players aren't very well known pros/semi pros/former pros.
2018-05-09 01:21
so did the teams I mentioned
2018-05-09 02:18
United States SWiFTzZzZz 
How is feelsunderageman going to play at all? Their name is literally feelsunderageman
2018-05-07 21:59
nex | 
Germany Der_Pabst 
2018-05-07 22:54
Yea the age restriction sucks hopefully they make an exception.
2018-05-08 00:44
United Kingdom tr4c 
playing a whole season for a 5-way split of $16k? :/
2018-05-07 22:03
And the chance to get into epl. First place is guaranteed a spot in epl.
2018-05-07 22:09
United Kingdom tr4c 
2018-05-07 22:15
Nvm it looks like there isn't epl relegation matches? Yea this league is pretty pointless lol
2018-05-07 22:21
NEO | 
Macedonia ElGancho 
Coach too haha
2018-05-07 22:09
Norway Mickey Mouse 
GO NOrWAY!!!! oh wait..
2018-05-07 22:04
4 Polish teams, nice!
2018-05-07 22:11
without relegation epl is effectively a franchised league. let's wait and see which (maybe wesa member) teams are going to get invited :>
2018-05-07 22:17
Europe Spoonman20 
Good for onliners, ez for AAttax and other German teams.
2018-05-07 22:33
Portugal PortugueseFan 
Lets go Movistar Riders!
2018-05-07 22:43
Actually I don't think havu will be playing this league so this would be mistake in team list, it would seem spot has gone to xarte, khrn, reflex & co with their team "minttu" instead. For those interested havu should play esea advanced however instead considering saw and slowi seem to have LGR's spot for this one step lower league xd
2018-05-07 22:56
nex | 
Germany Der_Pabst 
hahaha no imperial
2018-05-07 22:56
Yea they choked against bad teams and then were forced to play with their coach.
2018-05-08 00:41
Norway Fant0s 
Will hltv cover advanced league?
2018-05-07 23:02
Ez for Go-Go Power Rangers
2018-05-07 23:14
EZ 4 Forty Six and 2, Tool best band ever
2018-05-07 23:23
Where's extatu
2018-05-07 23:29
2018-05-07 23:29
World Notb8ing 
They relegated to lower division
2018-05-08 00:05
dafuq ? :D they couldve been in fckin epl this season, only if they didnt fuck it up :D and now they are in esea main ? :D dafuq
2018-05-10 18:55
thats why vp stayed
2018-05-07 23:33
South Africa jaczerdio 
Confusing, can someone please explain the different leagues and how they work?
2018-05-07 23:39
Brazil CaioOlive 
2018-05-07 23:45
Slovakia bombmeister 
2018-05-07 23:45
World Notb8ing 
They relegated to lower division
2018-05-08 00:06
Slovakia bombmeister 
wtf...last season almost ESL Pro League, now relegated to some shit... rip ext...ago shines, ext died
2018-05-08 00:07
World Notb8ing 
Well what u have to remember frozen wasn't able to play due new rule regarding players age in MDL so they had to use stand in through whole season xD...
2018-05-08 00:09
Slovakia bombmeister 
yes but still, they suck in this season so hard, online and LAN...i think its too late for them, they had much better times and MDL age restriction destroy them as team which can shine and fill potential....comeback now will be hard, im expecting frozen's transfer to better EU team tbh
2018-05-08 00:11
United States Kalihi_ 
Ez for FeelsUnderAgeMan
2018-05-08 02:33
Australia more money than brazil lmao
2018-05-08 04:03
Indonesia Lya 
Where Asian ?
2018-05-08 15:15
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