FACEIT's Michele Attisani: "We want to bring new life to the Minors"

We got hold of FACEIT co-founder and Chief Business Officer (CBO) Michele Attisani to quiz him on the company's decision to host all the Minors in London and discuss what teams and fans can expect from these events.

FACEIT announced on Thursday that all the Minors leading up to the next Major will be staged at the same venue, the prestigious Twickenham Stadium, the home of England rugby, in London. 

This is an unprecedented move in the history of the Minors and highlights FACEIT's commitment to providing "consistency and cohesion to the Major", with the UK-based company running all the stages behind the $1 million competition, from the opening qualifiers through to the live event, which will be held at the SSE Arena, also in London, from September 20-23.

The FACEIT CBO talks about the Minors

Read on as FACEIT's Michele Attisani discusses the company's plans for the Minors, the benefits of having all events in the same location, the overlap between tournaments on certain days, the format and more.

Whose idea was it to host all the Minors in one city? Was this something that you proposed or had Valve been considering it, too?

This is something we discussed with Valve. It felt like the right decision to host the Minors in one location. We both want to try and improve the system and bring new life to the Minors. It means more consistency between events and ensures that any team qualifying for the Major through the Minors will not face visa issues.

In FACEIT’s press release, it is stated that having all the Minors in one place will allow for the creation of more content around the teams. What are some of the other benefits of this decision?

We get complete control over the player experience and consistency between Minors. One of the biggest issues with the Minors/Majors system in recent years has been the difference in event quality and organisation when you have Minors hosted all over the world by different organisers. It also means we can tie the Minors and the Majors together in a much more seamless way - they will all have the same FACEIT look and feel.

The added bonus is that players will be able to share the same experience as teams from different regions are able to practise together for the first time. This is a fantastic opportunity for up and coming teams from developing regions.

If you’re hosting all the Minors in the same city, why not combine them into one big event? Was this considered?

We looked into this and liked the idea, but we thought it was too big of a step and we were already making some significant changes. We are open to the idea in the future, but our focus right now is making sure we can help promote and nurture talent from emerging regions. It’s also important to us to have players from different regions playing, relaxing and mixing with each other where usually they wouldn’t have that opportunity. This is a truly global celebration of Counter-Strike, so it is important to ensure that teams from all over the world are represented for fans to get behind.

Two stages will be built for the Minors. Where exactly at the Twickenham Stadium will they be located? Will there be a stage on the pitch, or will they be placed indoors?

The Twickenham Stadium has state-of-the-art indoor facilities away from the pitch, so we are taking advantage of that rather than risking the British weather outdoors. The stadium will offer 24-hour practise rooms through to a gym and executive chef and, of course, the two stages.

Having two stages means we can have matches in quick succession, rather than having teams wait with their setup until the previous match is finished. This cuts down on logistical problems that events of this complexity are sometimes prone to. We’re so excited to make use of professional-standard sporting facilities for our players.

In the past, teams have faced visa issues when trying to attend Minors. What steps will FACEIT take to prevent players from experiencing such issues this time around?

At the moment, we are already processing invite letters for teams to avoid any last-minute issues. With the Minors being in London as well, teams who have made it to the Minors will already be set for the Major. We also made sure that the timeframe from qualifying for the Minors to the Minors itself was big enough for teams to get visas in due time. While we are not in complete control of the teams’ visas for the Minors, we are confident that players who get a visa for the Minor will be also cleared for the Major - meaning we avoid heartbreak for teams who qualify via the Minors only to be denied at the last minute. We are already working on visas for the Legends teams.

Will the Minors be open to public? If so, how many spectators will the venue accommodate?

It’s possible and is a consideration, but competition integrity is our priority and we’re focusing on the experience for the players first and foremost. The Major will, of course, be open to the public, and has the largest capacity our venue will allow - up to 10,000 people. Only General Admission tickets are left, though, so if you are a fan you should grab one fast!

Normally, Minors give up-and-coming casters and analysts the chance to prove themselves. Will FACEIT continue this trend, or will you stick to the broadcast talent that you normally work with?

We’re always looking for new talent and ways to help them get there - it’s one of the things FACEIT is built on. Dan and James started with FACEIT and are our home-grown talent. n0thing, launders, seangares and more have made themselves broadcast regulars in ECS, and our Community Casters competition has opened up new opportunities for up and coming talent as well. As for the talent for the Minors, it’s too soon to be specific, but it’s definitely in our minds. With the amount of CS:GO we’ll be hosting, it would be impossible to do with just one team!

Is there anything that you can reveal about the tournament format for the Minors? Will it remain unchanged from the most recent iterations?

We feel it’s important that all Minors are consistent with each other and that teams from all regions have equal chances, so they will all have the same format. The Minors will be using GSL-style groups (with lower bracket matches and upper bracket final being best-of-three), followed by a four-team best-of-three double elimination bracket.

What was the thought process behind the decision to run Minors concurrently on certain days? Don’t you fear that this overlap will hurt viewership ratings?

From our experience with ECS, we found that longer broadcasts often have bigger viewerships as people stick around for more matches. We’re hoping that by organising the days the way that we have, we can ensure every region gets to play at a time that makes sense for their fans and their time zone and that the crossover between regions will help to cross-promote teams and make them more prestigious and international.

The qualifying process for the Asia Minor will be different from the other regions’. How come we still do not have a unified qualifying system across all regions?

Each region has a different infrastructure. While in Europe and North America teams can easily play other teams within their continent, connection speed from client to the game server is much more complicated in Asia. A team from the Middle East playing against a Chinese team will be extremely difficult as one of them will have an unfair ping advantage, or both teams will have extremely high ping.

Bulgaria nekzcs 
gogoogoggo windigo
2018-05-11 10:31
Germany FuckMIBR 
2018-05-11 10:32
Netherlands Deji 
Commenting to first comment for attention 4Head
2018-05-11 10:46
United Arab Emirates Rashy 
Your doing the same thing.
2018-05-11 10:50
2018-05-11 11:27
Snax | 
United States Waldu 
My team is going to be playing in the open qual
2018-05-12 00:14
2018-05-11 12:03
Estonia Virtus_pro 
With asian flag, i arent think that
2018-05-11 12:42
2018-05-11 13:04
kNgV- | 
Brazil vini_zan 
2018-05-11 14:16
if no one get killed in BH.
2018-05-11 14:20
kNgV- | 
Brazil vini_zan 
Prove ...
2018-05-14 09:30
Europe We1NN 
probably bulgarian boyz take 2th place so BIG top 1 of this tournament i so think
2018-05-11 10:33
Bulgaria nekzcs 
1. Heroic 2. Windigo
2018-05-11 10:34
Europe We1NN 
Heroic do not play this tournament
2018-05-11 10:51
Bulgaria nekzcs 
2018-05-11 10:58
Germany h1treX 
Why should big participate in the minor? They still have a Challenger Spot iirc
2018-05-11 11:36
Germany t_mmey 
no challenger spot obviously, there are no reserved challenger Slots. they have a Slot for the Major qualifier which is =/= minor
2018-05-11 11:45
Germany h1treX 
Thats what i mean... As the Major Qualifier is part of the major now they dont need to go to the minors..
2018-05-11 11:47
Germany t_mmey 
ah yeah, i didn't even remember that :D imo it's not really a part of the Major though still :D
2018-05-11 11:48
playins now
2018-05-11 13:04
Nice ez4 ENCE
2018-05-11 10:31
Thorin | 
Netherlands RafV 
2018-05-11 14:31
Yes dawg
2018-05-11 10:32
Bangladesh irisviel 
2018-05-11 10:32
Wtf? I got 1st and the admins deleted it
2018-05-11 10:32
Germany t_mmey 
that's exactly what a 2nd comment would say
2018-05-11 11:46
Denmark Snadefar 
2018-05-11 10:36
so there will be no crowd at the Minors?
2018-05-11 10:40
2018-05-11 10:52
Australia ADAWG 
Not a fan, some of the lesser teams in the minors will struggle to afford flights and possibly accommodation in the UK, Especially if they get eliminated early and don't make much in prize money
2018-05-11 10:42
Xeno | 
Netherlands Xenoo 
Pretty sure all those expenses have been getting paid for since 8 majors ago by the organization/valve...
2018-05-11 10:42
Australia ADAWG 
farkk... i had no idea, then i retract my original comment
2018-05-11 10:43
Germany t_mmey 
+1 it's also the reason why it is a hard decision to make, Hosting the minors in one spot, it's a huge amount of additional Money faceit will have to invest
2018-05-11 11:47
Indonesia Not_A_Carry 
But if faceit make it work, valve will give them another major considering their bold move
2018-05-11 11:59
Germany t_mmey 
probably yes i like faceit but i am still hoping for ESL One Cologne to become a Major again :(
2018-05-11 12:07
The sun will shine upon us again, brother.
2018-05-12 13:14
Xeno | 
Netherlands Xenoo 
That's insane. Hopefully it works as seamlessly as they are trying to achieve. Best of luck to them. This should be amazing for the players.
2018-05-11 10:42
Damn wesley sneijder got old FeelsBadMan
2018-05-11 10:42
u mean jason stattom
2018-05-11 10:44
2018-05-11 10:45
Portugal rafaelpaisgk1 
2018-05-11 11:18
havu ence imperial valiance
2018-05-11 11:03
Greenland ilikeshrooms 
imo its gonna be envy, sprout, imperial and valiance - sprout and envy due to being in the major quali at eleague and imperial and valiance due to their achievements in the past few months
2018-05-11 11:30
Europe Dan Zero 
The format sounds good. The schedule sounds great. I will be looking forward to it.
2018-05-11 11:10
Norway insy 
Great stuff from FACEIT.
2018-05-11 11:22
0 questions about anti cheat measures of course
2018-05-11 11:23
Well, the question is just retarded to ask. -Will you have any anti cheat? -Yes, of course we will. -What typ of AC? -Well...we can't give out details. See, totally pointless.
2018-05-11 14:02
lol why cant they give out details about simple anti cheat measures like putting the pcs out of physical reach of players so they cant plug in their phone and download cheats
2018-05-11 15:24
Stop being a delusional piece of shit
2018-05-11 15:46
They aren't even allowed to touch the computers and plug in their own equip almost, yet they are able plug in their mobile and send over cheats before admins notice. Good logic, fuckface.
2018-05-12 00:09
Minor stickers incoming from $$$GREEDY VALVE$$$
2018-05-11 11:24
Greedy valve? Wouldn't that give very big financial initiative for minor orgs to actually invest into CS:GO? I don't see any problem with doing that, that will only make the scene even bigger.
2018-05-11 14:04
+1 people always complains.
2018-05-11 14:21
South African Servers plz
2018-05-11 11:40
Canada |Frog 
+1 really sucks how excluded the South African scene is. No invites or qualifiers to international tournaments.
2018-05-11 22:15
Thanks. Bro. At least we getting noticed 😂
2018-05-14 14:12
BnTeT | 
Indonesia DhizRade 
Incoming New Stickers.
2018-05-11 11:53
I'ma be going to London for this baby, any of y'all got recommendations for food?
2018-05-11 12:06
2018-05-12 09:42
i thought minors can't play? you need to be at least 18 right?
2018-05-11 12:10
Malaysia byaIi 
in the past right but now idk
2018-05-11 12:17
2018-05-11 12:13
fix the cheating in open qualifiers first then
2018-05-11 12:19
Denmark Xipingu 
The minors will finally have a proper crowd? Bloody time.
2018-05-11 12:21
Holding CIS minor in London is actually the worst mistake you could've made Getting visa to Great Britain is extremely difficult for Ukraine and Russia 100% the situation will be the same as it was during the last CIS minor
2018-05-11 12:56
Are you stupid? They will have to get to london anyway if they make the major, it's 10x better that teams would drop out of the minor right before from visa issues then to drop out of the MAJOR right before with visa issues, it is the simplest of logic
2018-05-11 14:41
JASON STATHAM ceo of faceit PogChamp
2018-05-11 13:16
Slovakia sanjuro 
These retards should bring new life to their shit mm system first
2018-05-11 13:16
Europe trey_ 
budget jason statham
2018-05-11 14:39
Really nice, good to see faceit really is very invested in making this major a great experience, its gon B gud
2018-05-11 14:40
Austria db42 
the second to last point is actually incredibly cool if they can somehow manage to get this to work. i.e asian teams late at night or early in the morning for cet, european teams at primetime in europe and the na teams inbetween.
2018-05-11 18:33
Portugal zpm 
lets goooo
2018-05-11 19:03
We have arrived at the best major
2018-05-12 00:24
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