ex-MYM will not join Crack Clan

A few days ago we reported that Crack Clan released their CS team, back then it was rumored that the old MYM team would be joining up. 

Now however Crack Clan announces that they will not be picking up the existing MYM team, even though they had been in negotiations with them, but reportedly the old MYM team got a better offer. We can only speculate that this means the MYM team will still attend the ESWC Master event in Korea.

This however leaves Crack Clan without any CS team, they however state they are determined to keep growing, and will keep looking for a new team.

We will of course update on the status of the polish players from the old MYM team when their new team is known.

still good luck guyz
2009-04-22 19:35
2009-04-22 19:36
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2009-05-01 02:47
2009-04-22 19:37
2009-04-22 19:39
and why they fired their squad? :/
2009-04-22 19:40
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Probably an overhasty decision after jumping to the conclusion ex-MYM would join. Or not seeing the wanted results.
2009-04-22 19:55
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MYM accepted the offer, we had everything ready, they then turned around and changed their mind. Nothing we can do in that situation, gl to them
2009-04-22 21:20
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2009-04-22 21:34
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as nomad sayed "old MYM team got a better offer"
2009-04-23 07:02
2009-04-22 19:40
pick a romanian team :D
2009-04-22 19:43
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haha :)
2009-04-23 12:22
cmon ex.mym tell us the name of the new organisation !:D
2009-04-22 19:44
2009-04-22 19:44
pick my team plz we are kids around 15 with a huge future
2009-04-22 19:46
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sure you are!
2009-04-22 20:07
I think they will join EG :P
2009-04-22 19:53
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EG.pl haha
2009-04-22 20:05
That really isn't a bad idea.
2009-04-23 22:55
good news :)
2009-04-22 19:55
lol pick finns back/ or rootz
2009-04-22 20:09
Twiazz was right! so ex-mym got better offer? nice nice!!!
2009-04-22 20:14
2009-04-22 20:18
I just have read the crackclan website and I am so sorry for them, I like that organization, they were going to announce today the new team (ex-mym members) but yesterday they were informed they got a better offer. well gl mym and GL cc//
2009-04-22 20:20
sad faces
2009-04-22 20:25
no CrackClan|NEo :( haha pick rootz pls
2009-04-22 20:45
this is awesome, when it will be announced the new organization of mym? :o
2009-04-22 20:45
www.hltv.org/?pageid=12&matchid=986329 nice match:)
2009-04-22 20:50
5 replies
What time match&&& plz)))
2009-04-22 21:01
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Now but i see some problems with HLTV
2009-04-22 21:03
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2009-04-22 21:34
2 replies
or kuben:)
2009-04-22 21:48
1 reply
Super match))) nice dgl eco!!!
2009-04-22 22:04
gggg this is means that neo and company will join Pink Zinic (like ex-mYm.female) ;D;D
2009-04-22 20:55
buhahahahahahaha nice "organization"
2009-04-22 20:57
hahaha , well done CrackClan :) , They had a Good team I think , now they have nothing !
2009-04-22 20:57
kuman why is red point? match is closed? :(
2009-04-22 21:05
1 reply
working, ex-mym winning 10:4 atm
2009-04-22 21:26
very funny situation :) will ex-mym be EG.pl? :) now cc must bring the finnish team back :)))))
2009-04-22 21:41
roccat is back ??? ;PpPppppP
2009-04-22 21:42
1 reply
they couldnt pay finish team, how can they pay the polish superstars?:)
2009-04-22 23:41
:D and Crack Clan is in ... :D
2009-04-22 21:47
Neo is ENDER Man1ek is Loord taz is Taz urke is Lukas Avis is Kuben
2009-04-22 22:04
well they deserve a better orga so I'm pretty glad they didn't.
2009-04-22 22:14
ex.MYM join hltv.org haha xD HLTV.pl xD
2009-04-22 22:15
good to hear that they had an offer they could't resist
2009-04-22 22:19
Estonia FrispeN
you can write more news about ex-mym not joining: - fnatic - sk - mouz - eg and other organisations.
2009-04-22 22:27
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Crack Clan was about to announce joining of ex-MYM as their CS 1.6 team. They "were informed late last night that MYM had a change of heart and wouldn’t be joining"
2009-04-22 23:18
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Estonia FrispeN
sorry for my bad try for good humor :S
2009-04-23 19:55
pick FireGamers :P
2009-04-22 22:27
3 replies
why not?would be nice i think
2009-04-22 23:40
2 replies
very nice, they got the skill but not the money :/
2009-04-22 23:49
1 reply
very nice, imagine two brazilian CS teams in a internacional camp. Two good tems.
2009-04-23 00:23
k1ck.es over, k1ck.pl i guess :p
2009-04-22 22:38
EG or Giants I think:) or some UK orga like Reason or anything like that
2009-04-22 23:47
2009-04-23 00:14
GIANTS NEO and cc/fnx L
2009-04-23 03:00
1 reply
2009-04-23 09:58
3D | nEO 3D | LoorD 3D | kubeN 3D | taz 3D | LUq :D
2009-04-23 05:05
3D isn't coming back because they threw away their funding and EG picked up Lurppis, and the owner of eg doesnt wanna look like a front runner so he's not gunna just cut the EG.usa team to pick up ex-MYM but the EG organization has enough cash to buy out the ex-MYM team..they've already bought the ex-MYM WC3 players.
2009-04-23 05:12
Brazil fzZ
2009-04-23 06:42
i don't really understand what counterstrike is nowadays..... is the old opengl based game using half life engine, the entertaining game we all hooked up back in 2002, the game we were playing with our friends, playing versus other teams, the game we were enjoying playing, happy to spend some more money on it, to make some more i-net buddies and have sth common to discuss for, the game we would never give up playing, either win or lose we were still happy... or is it just MONEY ? the way e-sports are developing is kinda.....don't know... i just don't like it. Being a professional team requires you to have some sponsors, i agree. Most of the counterstrike related websites have sponsors so they can offer paying or not services to the customers -other players-. Nothing wrong here. But what the hell are the players thinking ? They just want to be rich or famous ? Both ? Hey GUYS just play the game as you always do, you'll still have your fans either you are rich or not or whatever..... We are all FANS of the game called "CS 1.6". anyway....
2009-04-23 06:49
3 replies
okay..so you want to be at top of the CS scene in the world...You are f0rest/neo or some other top player in the world...you practice 8+ hrs a day....do hardwork,keep impressing fans like you who would be impressed by good players and cs action...,,, while you enjoy the CS action....like we all do cricket/football (soccer whatever you call it),it is the performance of the star players, their mental satisfaction and executions that really keeps us smiling.. Don't they deserve this??should they not earn enough? Think about that.. And yes Money is important factor here... Money keeps your motivation high.....only fame no money will pull you down......eventually.. .....Just 2 cents from my side.......
2009-04-23 08:17
think before posting, this is their "work" as for example LUq or kuben said, they live with the money earned on tournaments,if they weren't playing they would have been working (normal work) like the rest of the people. so they need to earn money... I would like to see these words coming from you if you were top player, your post was just no sense.
2009-04-23 19:49
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players should care more about their play
2009-04-24 02:44
2009-04-23 07:21
ex-mym will join an european organization, which has not cs division yet, and offered 2 times better offer than cc// and is well known on e-sports cybersport.pl/newsy/pelny/Nagly_zwrot_w_negojacjach_ex_MYM/0/0/0/0
2009-04-23 10:23
They wont take ex-crack back. And not rootz. :/ Fail crack!
2009-04-23 11:18
Great news
2009-04-23 12:18
Poland kRAMERO
srs or xlbet supported them
2009-04-23 13:22
ex MYM -----> 4k :>
2009-04-23 13:35
Serious Gaming mb? ;-)
2009-04-23 13:54
where can download D-link Pgs vs ex-MYM
2009-04-23 14:04
MYM cool CC sucks
2009-04-23 15:39
greedisgood ahahaha
2009-04-23 15:51
dp & corrected :P
2009-04-23 15:53
roccat i think
2009-04-23 16:19
not bad ;]
2009-04-23 18:04
maybe offer from Microsoft. Windows Vista | NEO :D
2009-04-23 18:27
5 replies
omg -,- please go away
2009-04-23 18:53
1 reply
NO ! :D
2009-04-23 19:01
Hahahahaha You've made my day :D:D:D:D
2009-04-23 21:48
2009-04-23 21:55
ain't funny just lame ...
2009-04-24 10:33
maybe NiP?
2009-04-23 21:53
CC pick pcw team.. i want to see a norwegian Team.
2009-04-23 23:39
Shame!!!!!! :(
2009-04-24 10:55
FTW!! wNv neo~ ~~
2009-04-24 11:18
wicked 100% check their homepage www.wicked-esports.com/ Are you ready for the WICKED REVOLUTION? nice nice, gl guys
2009-04-24 12:51
5 replies
Also there is screenshoot from Taz's screen, and you can see files downloaded for the wicked page.
2009-04-24 14:05
4 replies
2009-04-24 16:26
3 replies
2009-04-24 16:38
2 replies
This screenshot is from HLC?
2009-04-24 17:50
1 reply
2009-04-24 18:40
4Kings will be their new home- I hope so :P
2009-04-24 13:28
i think that was so bad for ex-MYM
2009-04-25 03:03
1 reply
what was so bad? o.o
2009-04-25 12:52
o.O ...
2009-04-25 13:30
The remake of PGS!
2009-04-26 08:31
1 reply
... they are going to join wicked esports.
2009-04-26 11:46
2009-04-29 21:51
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