mTw sign 2 year contract

While waiting to play fnatic in the grand final at ESL Pro Series Scandinavia season one finals, the Danish team mTw sign a new contract with the German organization, for another two more years.

The team of 2008 tonight signed a new contract with the German organization mTw. The contact will sign the Danish players to the organization till end of April 2011. Rumored at CeBIT that the Danes would not be in the organization anymore, was put to the ground quickly and tonight the team sign a new contract, signing them to the mTw tag for another two years.

CEO of mTw, Lars Eiben states:

"I am looking forward to be able to work another two years with this team and look back to four years in eSports together when the contract expires. The last twelve month were the road from a topteam to world's best CS squad that we managed to go together and we are anxious to show that we are capable of proving last year's performances. I want to thank everyone that worked with us on our goals. A special thank goes to our partners and sponsors that believe in us in this time of a financial crisis and that support the clan on the road to become the best in the world."

The Danish team received team of the year award at the last eSports awards and team AWP’er Christoffer "Sunde" Sunde received the award as player of the year. Winning most of the titles worth winning in 2008, mTw went out as the team to beat of 2008.

Find more phots from the contract signing here.

We will now be looking at the Danes representing mTw till end of April 2011. Later tonight the Danes can pocked their first tournament win under the new contract, when facing fnatic in the ESL Pro Series Scandinavia season one grand final.

2009-04-25 20:32
2009-04-25 20:40
Great news for the CS Scene imo.
2009-04-25 20:41
very nice go mtw!
2009-04-25 20:44
Brazil fzZ
2009-04-25 20:46
2009-04-25 20:46
GL mTw very nice :D D:
2009-04-25 20:50
yea, nice
2009-04-25 20:52
nice good to hear that :D gl in future
2009-04-25 21:04
2 more years they will be playing game :D
2009-04-25 21:08
2009-04-25 21:32
2009-04-25 21:39
its good to hear in nowadays ;)
2009-04-25 21:53
maybe an indiscreet question, but does anyone have any idea how many is their salary? imo is more than 3000€
2009-04-25 21:55
6 replies
dont think so SK Gaming has cirka €2000 a month, and they have the best salary of the players in europe.
2009-04-25 23:05
5 replies
2000€ per player? oO
2009-04-26 03:50
2 replies
2009-04-26 06:39
1 reply
wow, thats a lot of munny.. for playing cs :o nice!
2009-04-27 06:36
Hmmm at the beginning of this year we heard that mTw wouldn't have a contract with the organizaton mTw after this summer. So I think that mTw have showed them a very good contract that they couldn't say no too :) Who knows, maybe it's more money than you think. But anyways it's nice to see that mTw will continue! :)
2009-04-26 16:51
They get around 1500euroes pr. player every month. Which isn't that much as opposed to fx fnatic, mouz, but they get to keep all the prizemoney to themselves. They are the only team to keep all the prizemoney to themselves also :)
2009-04-26 21:55
good news! mTw ftw!
2009-04-25 21:56
2009-04-25 22:01
if they want to play 2 years more they must do something with those updates. Atm i'm sure they won't play same as for example they can't pick guy silent to window@de_inferno. They could help somehow.
2009-04-25 23:23
a clever move
2009-04-25 23:26
2009-04-25 23:38
2009-04-26 06:35
2009-04-26 07:11
this is great .....
2009-04-26 10:46
Does anybody know how much they are (I mean best teams such as fnatic,mtw,ex-mym,attax) earning monthly? I dont want sure ammount I just want to know is it like 1000euro~ 1500euro~ < >
2009-04-26 10:58
2009-04-26 11:51
Nice, securing the future of CS! ;D
2009-04-26 13:25
Me want Noa back
2009-04-27 21:44
this is just GREAT mtw FTW!!!!!! best CS team EVER!!!!
2009-04-29 20:23
2009-05-01 20:25
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