mTw win ESL Pro Series Scandinavia

The first ever ESL Pro Series Scandinavia season concludes as mTw defeat fnatic in the overall final.

The Danes signed a new contract earlier today, and just now confirm they are worth if, after beating fnatic in the grand final at ESL Pro Series Scandinavia season one finals. It was down to the wire several times, but mTw continued their good read on fnatic, to secure the overall win.

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ESL Pro Series Scandinavia Finals Standings

1. Denmark mTw – 7.500€
2. Sweden fnatic – 5.000€
3. Sweden Lemondogs – 2.500€
4. Denmark PlayZeek – 1.000€

We will be back with more tomorrow, bringing you interviews with both of the teams.

2009-04-25 23:37
2009-04-25 23:39
2009-04-25 23:39
gg mTw
2009-04-25 23:39
2009-04-25 23:44
Denmark Still Worlds Best Wuhuu :D <3
2009-04-25 23:46
33 replies
still? Now, that is argueable.
2009-04-25 23:50
10 replies
Everything is. But yes, mtw is STILL the best.
2009-04-25 23:56
9 replies
Not really. A game doesnt show something (well something yes, but not everything)
2009-04-26 14:17
8 replies
he meant "the best at cs"... omg useless post -_-
2009-04-26 15:41
7 replies
totally :D I just used statisticly they are the best and apparently people still disagree :)
2009-04-26 17:44
3 replies
I did not say they are NOT the best.. I did however say it is argueable since the top4 teams are so close to each other... For instance, fnatic lost to mTw in scandinavia finals, but mTw lost against MyM which got beaten by fnatic.. Explain that to me please otherwise dont bother commenting if u dont know what argueable is. If they are the best in ur opinion then keep that opinion to urself.
2009-04-26 22:56
2 replies
Taiwan rah(-_-)
"If they are the best in ur opinion then keep that opinion to urself." Everyone should be free to express their opinion, just like you did.
2009-04-28 01:03
1 reply
True, that was a slip from my tongue, thats not what I meant. Though u got it wrong.
2009-04-28 18:03
I mean the game against fnatic .. what can i say.. idiot?
2009-04-26 22:54
2 replies
lol say want you want... so geek -_-
2009-04-30 09:35
1 reply
Sorry? Didnt quite understand ur comment there.
2009-04-30 16:41
Lol mTw is maby....But they dont nick Denmark sry.
2009-04-25 23:56
1 reply
2009-04-26 01:39
Denmark isn't the best in the world....
2009-04-25 23:59
5 replies
mTw IS Denmark (in cs)! Its like the only team in DK that can compete highest level of cs. So thats why I used the "Denmark" phrase.
2009-04-26 01:41
I dont even want to argue about what team that are the best in the world. Because that there are facts like in football and other stuff. This is the official top 10 in the world. So plz dont say "Denmark isn't the best in the world" Bladimir14 plz dont say stuff like that when you got nothing in it.
2009-04-26 15:10
3 replies
Denmark isn't the best in the world, mTw is the best ranked one, but sweden is the highest ranked nation in the world. conclusion best ranked TEAM: mTw best ranked NATION: Sweden
2009-04-26 15:12
2 replies
Ye, but if you read what I replied to you would know what I was talking about... He says that mTw isn't the best and I just proved it by linked the official top 10 -(Read before repling :)-
2009-04-26 16:44
1 reply
I said Denmark isn't the best.... not mTw.. do u understand? ^^ I know mTw is ranked number 1 (at the moment) in the world... but not Denmark.
2009-04-29 19:14
Lol both Sweden and Germany are better!:)...but i agree that mTw is the best team right now! but soon Alternate and SK will rape them.
2009-04-26 00:12
4 replies
I dont think so.Alternate was raped by n!faculty yesterday, they'v played so poor :/
2009-04-26 01:16
1 reply
aahaha Alter[ed]nate.. no offence :P
2009-04-26 06:27
2009-04-26 01:39
Nope, mTw will own their asses big time.
2009-04-29 22:29
don't say such stupid thinks fnatic owned them iff they didnt had a break
2009-04-26 12:27
1 reply
lol "dont say stupid things" and then you write that? :D hahaha
2009-04-26 17:43
still? if i recall right fnatic won last time
2009-04-26 12:47
6 replies
Well last time mTw actually also won against fnatic so right now its mTw 2-1 over fnatic if you count all the times they met. Statisticly they are also still the best so you cant change my mind with what you say
2009-04-26 17:42
5 replies
just su faggy denmark kid iff you dont know anything about it
2009-04-26 18:30
4 replies
so you do? :D right....
2009-04-26 18:56
1 reply
i think mtw isn't the best team anymore :) rofl
2009-05-22 13:12
chill out, he's random fanboy
2009-04-26 21:57
1 reply
And so is he, and so are you, and so am i. Doesen't change a thing didn't it? :b
2009-05-02 20:27
n1 mTw! next time fnatic wins! :) GTR just had a bad day! but next time he wont! :D and mTw wotn be sp lucky ! hahaha
2009-04-25 23:57
great game by whimp ;x
2009-04-25 23:58
6 replies
ye whimp was sick today!
2009-04-26 00:03
5 replies
yes he was lucky today
2009-04-26 00:10
4 replies
Portugal dAwn1
lucky?? you are good he is lucky. he plays on mtw you play inet :D he is only the lucky guy but you are the FUNNY guy :D:D
2009-04-26 11:47
hahah whimp is most experienced mTw's player dumbass.
2009-04-26 19:48
2 replies
All that doesn't change the fact that he might have had a good day where he got some shots he would not have gotten on another day.
2009-04-27 02:51
1 reply
good day doesn't mean lucky imo :P i am never lucky - really, but sometimes i've got some good days ^^
2009-04-27 20:28
GG mTw hurts that I lost all the money bet on fnatic but in the end, congratu
2009-04-25 23:59
bad flag :D
2009-04-26 00:01
4 replies
where? it was in sweden the event was :D
2009-04-26 12:16
3 replies
but mtw is from denmark and in title is mtw 1st than sweden events :P
2009-04-26 19:44
2 replies
still se other events like kode5 dk
2009-04-26 21:02
1 reply
ok guy, you got true :)
2009-04-26 21:16
Lucky :D This is the only win they are gonna get this year :) fnatic will be better soon. And SK, Alternate and mYm will own everybody!
2009-04-26 00:12
6 replies
Well if Sk will own everybody than this mean that they will own alternate and mYm, if Alt will own all than they will own Sk and mYm, and so how in the world can all of these 3 teams own all at the same time o_0? ?-_-?, think dude think, or this post was just a +1?
2009-04-26 01:18
4 replies
SK, Alternate and mYm will own everybody. That ofc means everybody but themselves. Think before posting.
2009-04-26 01:56
3 replies
it must be really lonely being you!! Please stop replying to me! and ignore all my posts they are to profound for your little mind.
2009-04-26 15:35
2 replies
actually, his post was just about common sense... ofc "mYm sk and alt will own everybody" merely means that they're gonna be the best 3 teams, no need to argue about such a thing -_-
2009-04-26 17:49
It isn't, and if you have the time to make so unnecessary and ignorant posts, immature aswell, who's lonely? Jesus, some people here are too funny..
2009-04-27 00:27
Denmark kazzb
haha. First of all, it is too easy to mention 4 of the world's best teams and say they will own all. Second of all, it wasn't luck, of course. And finally, it won't be the last win for mtwdk. peace.
2009-04-26 04:29
2009-04-26 00:11
1 reply
Available in Demosection.
2009-04-26 21:25
2009-04-26 00:15
N1 the best
2009-04-26 00:19
mTw played very nice
2009-04-26 00:25
#16 - Bladimir - If mTw is "ISN´T the best of the world who is? mTw, such a time don´t appear a team like theses, mTw RULEZ.
2009-04-26 00:38
6 replies
seriously, i dont like mtw, i mean, they dont have a player that i want to see more than another u know what i mean?in fnatic, we have forest, in sk we have allen, ex-mym we have neo, and the list goes on...ofc they are all great players, but they dont have a player that shine more than the team...but gg anyway.
2009-04-26 14:58
3 replies
They have Zonic and Sunde. 2 star players what else do you want to see. One sick sprayer and worlds most skilled AWP player in one team. Its your problem if you havent looked'em so seriously so you cant know anything also.
2009-04-26 18:22
1 reply
dude, slow down, thats my opinion, so dont argue with me...u missunderstood me, im not saying they are bad, ofc they are all 5 superstars, but u them as a team, i like to see great plays, great frags, like aces, 4 kills, im not saying they dont do that either, im just saying its different to see them or another team...
2009-04-28 03:57
because they all 5 are bests
2009-04-27 14:13
Dude... u8se the Reply button and learn to read... i said Denmark isn't the best in the world! NOW DO YOU UNDERSTAND?
2009-05-02 19:35
1 reply
its hard to get into the top, but harder to stay there without any loss.
2009-05-14 18:19
I hope they keep and play together
2009-04-26 00:39
Fnatic is still fresh team (Gux and Get_right joined) But mTw is really strong, 5 players with great aim and experience in game, but I Hope MyM show soon their SKILLS and get TOP. Sorry for off topic, Congratulations mTw they deserved it, gux MVP FINALS.
2009-04-26 00:57
2 replies
That wasn't OT?
2009-04-26 01:56
I Hope too Wicked get to top again, but gonna be hard for them. I think since 2007 they don´t show a great game like was
2009-06-23 22:19
I said: "Team Work!"
2009-04-26 01:35
whimpwOw!! ;)
2009-04-26 01:47
mTw one of the best, but 1 on 1 every player from mTw would lose against forest or gux or get_right.
2009-04-26 01:54
21 replies
Not GTR today, he was no good.
2009-04-26 01:56
14 replies
to bad.
2009-04-26 17:15
13 replies
This time he was just ze fat kid to me..
2009-04-27 00:24
12 replies
hahaha :D
2009-04-27 00:30
11 replies
2009-04-27 00:30
10 replies
yes, it was great ! :D
2009-04-27 15:13
9 replies
Don't tell me you woke up when you wrote that..
2009-04-27 16:16
8 replies
hahaha no, I was at work :P
2009-04-27 18:38
7 replies
That's nice, make a living. And give me half.
2009-04-27 21:22
6 replies
What do you all day? And chillin' @ does NOT count :P
2009-04-27 21:28
5 replies
School, football, work out, friends.. This is just when I don't have especially much to do ^^ You always seem to be online when I am, that might be why I think you're here a lot, and you think I'm here a lot. :P
2009-04-27 21:34
4 replies
hahaha yes maybe. But ofc in the week I dont have so much to do, beside work.
2009-04-27 21:37
3 replies
I do.:D
2009-04-27 21:38
2 replies
Ys and how old are you? 15, 16, 17? :D
2009-04-27 22:00
1 reply
I'm 16 this summer;)
2009-04-28 00:10
lol, maybe they lose in 1on1's but this is 5on5, and mTw is the best team "team-play vice" :) - and they are just smarter and got the best strats...
2009-04-26 11:15
5 replies
Yes, mTw has better team play and tactics, but fnatic has better players. It's something like Denmark and Brasil in football.
2009-04-26 11:48
4 replies
some of fnatic's players are better, but Sunde is defently better then dsn with an awp, and ave is better aim vice than carn sp i think its 50/50 who have the best players -.-.. and cs is not only about haveing godo aimers, mTw shows that again and agian and again, mTw got a good strat caller, and crazy team play, and mTw must be better when they win? :) - i dont care about some teams got great aimers, but they lose cause they sucks at callling strats :).. But fnatic is a good team and they maybe win next time.
2009-04-26 14:46
Worst comparison so far this year..
2009-04-27 00:24
2 replies
2009-04-27 18:54
1 reply
Because yes fnatic and Brazil have better individual players, and mTw have better teamplay than fnatic, but you can't say Denmark has so good teamplay they'd beat Brazil.
2009-04-27 21:21
he hasn't wish to play :S
2009-04-26 02:04
2009-04-26 02:36
1 reply
Available in Demosection.
2009-04-26 21:25
Sweden Vilseledd
Congrats. I didn't watch the game though it seems fnatic played a bit wierd.
2009-04-26 03:03
dem? ftw
2009-04-26 03:20
1 reply
Available in DemosectionAvailable in DemosectionAvailable in DemosectionAvailable in DemosectionAvailable in DemosectionAvailable in DemosectionAvailable in DemosectionAvailable in DemosectionAvailable in DemosectionAvailable in DemosectionAvailable in DemosectionAvailable in DemosectionAvailable in DemosectionAvailable in DemosectionAvailable in DemosectionAvailable in DemosectionAvailable in DemosectionAvailable in DemosectionAvailable in DemosectionAvailable in DemosectionAvailable in DemosectionAvailable in DemosectionAvailable in DemosectionAvailable in Demosection
2009-04-27 18:32
donde estan las demos ?
2009-04-26 03:31
3 replies
say in english please. he says: wheres demos? :D
2009-04-26 03:34
2 replies
ajaja XD okey !! wheres demos :DDD ???
2009-04-26 04:25
1 reply
Available in Demosection.
2009-04-26 21:25
gg mtw
2009-04-26 04:06
good job mTw, they once again prove that they deserve to be if not the best one of the best teams in Europe.
2009-04-26 04:45
Brazil fzZ
2009-04-26 06:38
congratz mTw
2009-04-26 07:12
ye that was nice
2009-04-26 07:21
big congratz mTw still showing hard work makes the difference. I really like fnatic players but mTw are the team to beat.
2009-04-26 07:40
fnatic pwned.
2009-04-26 08:31
where I can download demos final from this event ?
2009-04-26 09:26
lol fnati^^ MYM 4ever~
2009-04-26 10:44
GG mTw
2009-04-26 10:49
whimp's face looks like he is enjoying something
2009-04-26 11:25
1 reply
2009-04-26 11:57
Germany M1n1M3
2009-04-26 11:37
Why there's a swedish flag on the title? :D Is it cuz the finals were played at sweden?
2009-04-26 12:00
1 reply
Denmark mindgames
2009-04-26 12:33
2009-04-26 12:01
Germany M1n1M3
oh no no demos because its ESL right ? i hate this this league sucks really hard...sorry *edit* yeah downloading demos from esl site with 10kb/s wtf..nice service back to the roots, modem speed
2009-04-26 12:29
2 replies
Easy, demos are up now, I just had to sober up first.. ;)
2009-04-26 12:58
1 reply
Germany M1n1M3
nice thx :)
2009-04-26 19:50
best theam in word 1)MYM 2)fnatic 3)mTw 4)SK Gaming 5)eSTRO ^^
2009-04-26 12:57
3 replies
Huh? How the heck do you get that? EX-MYM hasn't been playing good for a LONG time. mTw just beat fnatic yesterday? Like this: 1) mTw 2) fnatic 3) Mouz 4) SK 5) Alternate/EX-MYM
2009-04-26 22:00
1 reply
Lol SK beat mouze just some week agoo so SK>Mouze mouze sux right now.
2009-04-27 16:06
U should stop drinking ;)
2009-04-27 09:21
who said that fnatic will be a winner ? lolz gg mTw
2009-04-26 13:15
Was a good match, although I did expect alot more from GTR :)
2009-04-26 13:30
1 reply
2009-04-26 17:14
Good job mTw keep doing it :)
2009-04-26 13:53
2009-04-26 14:41
scores? was it a close match?
2009-04-26 14:56
Fuckers mTw pwn you
2009-04-26 15:43
Muhamed MJE Eid's power! Congratulations mTw =)
2009-04-26 15:44
2009-04-26 17:54
lolz fnatic ,( n1 mTw ,)
2009-04-26 19:03
congratz mTw really nice game. Want to see more of fnatic. Gux showed some nice skills.
2009-04-26 19:56
As usual mtw kept their best play for the final.
2009-04-26 21:30
mTw 4 EveR baby ! They're gonna crash everbody! GG Love mTw ! :D
2009-04-26 21:52
Mortal team work by mTw [:P].... tOtally impressed by their team work...awesome team..really worth top 2 teams in the world... I would still say Fnatic and mTw are the top two teams in the world (without mentioning their ranks...).... It all depends on the day....had f0rest being at his best in finals....fnatic would have won for sure....poor game play by GTR in 4 or 5 rounds @inferno and dust2....he was just so vulnerable...... But I am really impressed by Gux....he is an awesome player..and a player to watch in future..he has the potential to become the best CS player in the world........absolutely stunning defence tactics and awesome aims..... overall <3 fnatic ...<3 mTw......... cheers..
2009-04-27 10:23
best team in thw world 1.mTw 2.fnatic 3.mYm 4.Alternate 5.SK
2009-04-27 11:51
actually mtw is the best team, but roman is much better than any player of denmark team
2009-04-27 11:55
2 replies
whimp > ALL
2009-04-27 12:08
1 reply
true. roman is sick fragger, but WhiMp awesome play in 1x2 and 1x3 situations.
2009-04-27 20:47
who`s who in the picture?
2009-04-27 13:41
2 replies
Whimp, Ave, Zonic, Mje, Sunde? not sure.
2009-04-27 14:16
2009-04-27 14:23
Who the best will rotin ESWC
2009-04-27 15:19
fnatic have better players and soon they are going to have very good teamplay and then mTw gets destroyed
2009-04-27 16:01
2 replies
2009-04-27 18:33
1 reply
2009-05-05 20:23
2009-04-27 19:37
i was expecting of mTw to win that championship
2009-04-28 22:44
gratz mtw
2009-05-01 20:47
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