zews: "Even though steel and TACO play similar roles, they don't have similar styles"

May 18th, 2018 02:12

Our last interview from the group stage of ESL Pro League Season 7 Finals is with Liquid's coach, Wilton "zews" Prado, who talked us through the last month from the team's point of view, as well as their run to the quarter-finals in Dallas.

Liquid have secured a place in the quarter-finals after beating Grayhound and Space Soldiers in the first two rounds of the upper bracket, before they fell to Astralis in the match for first place on day three of the group stage.

zews gave us an insight into Liquid's first month with TACO

We caught up with the coach, Wilton "zews" Prado, to find out more about how the team reacted to their early exit at DreamHack Masters Marseille, and had him talk us through some of the matches Liquid played in Dallas up until now.

Talk me through the last month since you played your first event in Marseille, which didn't go so well shortly after you added TACO, how did that go after you played your debut?

After Marseille, we looked at our performance there and we realized we didn't have the rotations and the teamplay aspect down as we had before we substituted a player. Last-second we got an invite to IEM Sydney, which we decided to decline due to all this and take three weeks of practice to try and get our teamplay going, get our map pool worked out, and that's what we did.

We just had the last online matches, we practiced a lot, changed our map pool a bit, tried to improve in some aspects. With TACO, a lot of it is maps like Nuke, he had to get the communication down just to start with, knowing the names of the positions already helps a lot. That's what we've been trying to focus on, it's still not close to perfect, any team I think needs like three to four months to start being close to 100%, but it's been a good improvement so far for us.

Has it been a big difference between steel and TACO in terms of roles or playstyles?

It's always going to be different because even though they play similar roles, they don't play similar styles at those roles. TACO really plays more aggressively, he likes to take duels, he likes to take charge of situations and control the team, so even though it's a simple substitution, it changes a lot in the way that we play and how maybe the mid-round calls go. So, it's not been hard per se, it just takes time.

How are you feeling about your showing here thus far? Up until the Astralis match, you looked more than confident, are you satisfied with your performance in groups?

Our first goal was to reach the stage and just do our job. Playing against Astralis we knew would be hard, up until then we had easier matchups than most other teams - nothing against the other teams, it's just that Grayhound is less experienced and Space Soldiers came in with a replacement due to visa issues.

I'd say we're semi-satisfied, we still need to go further and we still want to go further, but the first two showings were a lot better than today. Nuke was a super-strong map for Astralis, I don't think it was that bad, a few details, if we didn't lose the eco... Inferno wasn't as good, there's a lot more we can finetune there, but a lot of those situations I don't see repeating themselves in the way that they happened.

It's one of the matches where we got shot from the back a lot, we lost almost all the clutches, the flashes, the timings, our rotations were maybe three to five seconds late, and that causes them to get smoked out, so if we're able to finetune these things, I don't think this performance will be repeated.

Astralis have been dominant against pretty much everyone, aside from the grand final in Sydney. As someone who has just faced them, what do you think makes them so hard to play at the moment?

Astralis right now have a really solid map pool, with the removal of Cobblestone, it solidified even more. They're a really good team who has a good coach, they have a good environment, they have all the right pieces. I say it like they're so far ahead of the competition, not only because they're ahead, but because everyone else is a step behind. Everyone has some flaws that they don't, it's not them being so far ahead. In that being said, they aren't an unbeatable force, we were able to take a map off them in Marseille even despite the weak performance.

They lost the final in Sydney, I will also say that group stages and playoff stage games will always be different for teams that are known to have issues on stage. It's all about how that one match is going to start. I think they're really far ahead, they are the team everyone is going to look at, they're probably going to change the meta towards a more tactical side, but at the same time, everyone is looking at them now, they're the team that is going to be the most studied. In the following events, especially during this long run that we're going to have, I don't think they'll be having the dominant performances we've been seeing.

You're going to play a familiar matchup in the form of mousesports in the quarter-finals, is that one you're confident with?

Always confident, it's going to be in front of an American crowd. The mousesports matchup has always been dear to us ever since Mykonos and StarSeries in Kiev, we've faced them a lot. They're a team that has been on the rise lately, they've solidified their place among the best. We're confident, it's going to be dependent on the match.

Brazil Wilton 'zews' Prado
Wilton 'zews' Prado
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2018-05-18 02:13
Austria shaakeh 
2018-05-18 06:58
Denmark Twick_ 
Expected from Austrians
2018-05-18 07:39
2018-05-18 17:40
Hong Kong DIshsoap_OW 
Expected from Australians
2018-05-18 11:07
Brazil _Awper 
Steel > 74CO
2018-05-18 02:13
France Nicolito 
2018-05-18 02:13
2018-05-18 02:14
Brazil _Awper 
hltv.org/stats/players/7382/steel Same role and steel is also IGL. hltv.org/stats/players/9217/TACO Respect Steelega.
2018-05-18 02:17
shaGuar | 
United States brieN 
just get another US player that can actually aim, stop fucking around with sk rejects
2018-05-18 02:23
Brazil _Awper 
I think the team was working well with Steel, but yeah an american player would be better for them imo.
2018-05-18 02:24
United States Atomizerk 
The issue with steel is that he didn't perform well in his role. Keep in mind that during his tenure with Liquid, at no point was he he IGL; therefore, his only role was as a supportive player and, most importantly, as a solo site holder. If you watched Liquid's matches, the main problem with their all of their games, losses and wins, was steel not getting ANY kills when facing an execute as the solo site player. As a solo site player, it is your job to get at least one kill and preferably survive, but steel would often just lose the entry duel straight up. This is something TACO is much better at. If you watch how TACO played in SK and how he has been in TL, you'll see that his positioning as a solo site defender is much better than steel's. On multiple occasions throughout a match TACO will take a position that allows him to kill the entry fragger and either: fall back or multi-frag. That is why even though TACO and steel play similar roles and steel has "better stats," TACO is a huge upgrade to steel in the TL roster. I love steel as a player and what he was able to do with the IMT roster, but he simply was not able to do his job in Liquid, partially because of the language and cultural differences as well as his skill level dropping off as a result of an uncomfortable situation.
2018-05-18 02:54
This is actually well thought out and researches. +1
2018-05-18 05:40
Liquid with steel looked better than with TACO
2018-05-18 06:32
Singapore Wadufuk 
+1 for ur research done
2018-05-18 13:13
Denmark EggplantxD 
Good post, respect! +1
2018-05-18 18:53
taco was never kicied from sk
2018-05-18 11:27
Estonia Arkadee 
2018-05-18 02:36
Yes pls unban steel so he can play
2018-05-18 05:53
kissmyass | 
Denmark raaVz 
2018-05-18 02:14
Sweden KarlXII 
Its ok. Soon Zews joins MiBR.
2018-05-18 02:14
Brazil The_Merchant 
Name check'd
2018-05-18 03:05
Sweden KarlXII 
2018-05-18 03:12
He's brazilian, what do u expect
2018-05-18 11:42
Sweden KarlXII 
2018-05-18 15:29
2018-05-18 02:15
2018-05-18 02:15
United States _ATaXiA_ 
>Steel >Relevant News Pick one HLTV.
2018-05-18 02:15
He means they both have different skill levels Shiteel LUL
2018-05-18 02:18
exactly, he just doesnt want to say that.
2018-05-20 10:58
Bosnia and Herzegovina discoK1ng 
Good news
2018-05-18 02:23
South Africa Kinohai 
Am I the only one who thinks that NA CS is a joke?
2018-05-18 02:26
United States Stanzify 
hows nip doing
2018-05-19 00:37
Hong Kong DIshsoap_OW 
C9 after major = end of era Liquid?Never happened
2018-05-19 02:59
United States Stanzify 
2018-05-19 09:14
that comment just made my day
2018-05-19 14:37
steel 5x better than taco
2018-05-18 02:34
fer | 
Brazil Drezim1 
steel is 10x better than botaco
2018-05-18 02:41
Liquid vs Mouz has always been entertaining to watch, best of luck for both teams.
2018-05-18 03:04
Europe potatomato 
-Taco confirmed
2018-05-18 03:27
Finland Smoonah 
tacos style haha
2018-05-18 03:45
Taco top1 hltv
2018-05-18 04:27
United States SmokaDaWeEDs 
Solid interview just wish they edited better and caught their grammar mistakes. Make it difficult to read sometimes.
2018-05-18 04:59
United Kingdom skullfellout 
+hiko -fraudzera
2018-05-18 16:35
I laught too much when someone tryes to ridicularize Coldzera. Please man, show a little more respect and less jealous to the best CS player on the last 2 years. Maybe he is the better player on the history of this game. I'm not a fan boy, but we have to respect his history. Have a good night.
2018-05-20 02:24
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