karrigan: "Hopefully, we can soon reveal what will happen [with olofmeister]"

We caught up with Finn "karrigan" Andersen in the aftermath of FaZe's elimination at the ESL Pro League Season 7 Finals and quizzed him on the team's run in Dallas and what the future holds for them.

FaZe were sent packing in Dallas following a 2-0 defeat to eventual champions Astralis in the semi-finals, with karrigan's men picking up just nine rounds total in what was a one-sided series.

The semi-final exit in Dallas leaves FaZe with just three more chances to pick up the $1 million Intel Grand Slam prize, after winning ESL One New York 2017 and this year's IEM Sydney event.

karrigan says fans will know more about olofm 'soon'

Read on as karrigan discusses the team's heavy defeat to Astralis, the reasons for Danish team's recent success, FaZe's plans for the future and the situation of Olof "olofmeister" Kajbjer, who is currently on a break.

We should jump straight into the semi-final against Astralis. It was just a spanking, not sure what else to call it, tell me about your point of view of that match.

I think we got off to a pretty okay start, we won the first two gun rounds on the T side on Mirage and, suddenly, we came out of our comfort zone. Astralis are good at trying to put you outside of your comfort zone, they really succeeded at that at the beginning, and there was this round where we saved a CZ without armor, I was the one guy doing it, and we saved a CZ armor and two weapons.

I think that was the turning point of the half, where Astralis felt like they shook us out of our comfort zone. Other than that, they just played way better than we did on the day. Not much to say, I think we have to learn from the mistakes. It's just one of those days where nothing worked for us and everything went their way.

What's your overall opinion of Astralis and how they've been playing lately, given how dominant they have been, barring the IEM Sydney final, of course...? Why are they so ahead of everyone else at the moment?

Obviously, they play the best CS right now and the best that I've seen in the last year, at least. I think other teams are dropping off as well, so it's a mix of Astralis really improving well and other teams falling off, like us losing olof and trying to get back into form with Xizt. I think that is the main thing people have to look at why Astralis are playing very well.

Besides that, I think they have a very good tactical approach, it really works for them, they're really confident in their roles and everything just seems to fit them very well. What everyone knows is that it's hard to keep it up once people find out how they play.

Another thing is, Dust2 came in in the perfect scenario, they didn't play so much Cobble and suddenly they get a seven-map pool while they're on the rise towards being the best team in the world. All in all, it's three things: Dust2 coming in, teams dropping off, and Astralis playing individually very, very good CS right now as well.

Speaking of Dust2, you have been actively avoiding it, banning it against anyone aside from Cloud9, who did it for you at this event. Why don't you play it yet? Have you not had the time to practice it?

Obviously, we've been in Sydney and here, so we have had time to practice it and play it, but we feel comfortable on our other six maps right now, so there's no reason for us to pick it, I would say. Often if you go to a third map and you don't feel like an underdog, you don't want to play Dust2 if you don't feel like you have the upper hand.

We did it against Grayhound because their Nuke seemed to be okay and we'd rather play Dust2 than Nuke as the third map if they wanted to risk it. That's the only time we played Dust2 because it made sense in the veto. Other than that, I think we have to go home now, we have more time to practice and prepare for the next upcoming tournament, and then we have to see.

Now we've got about two to three months before the Major starts looming, what will your goals be in that time with Xizt?

Right now, we're just focused on trying to win the Grand Slam. I think we have two out of three chances to win it, Belo Horizonte is the event we have to win if we want to have a chance, so that is one thing on our horizon right now because that's even before the Major.

We want to try to get that and try to create a big result for us, that's been our goal since day one when we won New York. Other than that, we have time to figure out how we want to play. Like we said, time is strained in how long we're going to play with Xizt and people have to wait, maybe it's coming soon, maybe it's going to be one or two months that olof is coming back.

So, you really still don't know for sure when olof will be coming back?

We have way more news now. Hopefully, we can soon reveal what's going to happen and give a timeline to the fans. We just have to wait and see, whenever he's ready, we're ready to take him back into the lineup. Xizt has been playing well and it was very good that we won a tournament with him, 2018 has been really good for us.

Sweden Olof 'olofmeister' Kajbjer
Olof 'olofmeister' Kajbjer
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Denmark Finn 'karrigan' Andersen
Finn 'karrigan' Andersen
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
shox | 
France KR1MEZ 
poor xizt
2018-05-22 11:35
Czech Republic B0barian 
why ? He knew he was just a stand-in, it's in his contract
2018-05-22 12:29
Yeah, and he has also came out and said that he wants to be an IGL again after his time with FaZe is over. No one ever implied that he would be a lasting member.
2018-05-23 03:16
Well plot twist maybe
2018-05-23 07:23
Join FNC then he can be IGL again
2018-05-23 10:03
rip xizt
2018-05-23 15:07
Xzist > Olof Olof is better but u can’t add the best of th best and expect it too work they need to add a Player who is willing to give up some freedom for the other star players like Guardian or Niko
2018-05-24 07:56
2018-05-25 17:41
RpK | 
Germany STIFAN 
olof 🤔
2018-05-22 11:35
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2018-05-23 15:08
go reveal men)))
2018-05-22 11:36
Europe Antichraldo 
"2018 has been really good for us" this is bit of a overstatement. Beside winning Sydney, 2018 has been complete disaster for faze
2018-05-22 11:37
Norway Scrotimus 
+1 atleas most of 2018 before sidney was bad, Thea have been growing as a team! Thea will be the best team in 2018 if the astralis Linup dies in a plancrash
2018-05-23 02:13
2nd place at katowice and major ? ALOOO
2018-05-23 06:59
First time here? Everyone thinks he can win all
2018-05-23 15:48
olof will become a woman
2018-05-22 11:37
Algeria Maxmeister 
wtf XD
2018-05-22 12:38
2018-05-22 12:39
+1 underrated
2018-05-22 15:53
India bonelessp3 
+1 smart
2018-05-22 23:43
+1 nasty
2018-05-23 04:27
+1 JRNasty
2018-05-23 04:55
AmaNEk | 
France ZywHere 
expected from swedistani progressist
2018-05-22 12:42
Argentina Fa7e07 
2018-05-23 00:53
Europe sweet0 
2018-05-22 13:31
Norway duffz00r 
2018-05-22 13:43
Brazil hltvsuckers5 
Sure hahaha
2018-05-22 16:23
3000$ is enough for a car ?, two hands ofc
2018-05-22 11:37
lsd | 
Germany dzynK 
First car?
2018-05-22 11:39
Bangladesh drvken 
no it's not
2018-05-22 11:40
Germany t_mmey 
two Hands OMEGALUL
2018-05-22 11:49
i also loled when i saw this reply :D i was like ok new meme 2k18 is born xD
2018-05-22 12:45
Germany t_mmey 
+1 lol at least he tried
2018-05-22 13:06
India TYZ4 
$3000 is enough for a CBR 600 RR or an R6 and laugh at noobs who can't ride a motorcycle,while you wheelie past them at 200 kmph
2018-05-22 12:12
I just put my CBR929RR on sale for 3k, but Euros haha
2018-05-22 12:25
India TYZ4 
929 and 954 were the last two good Fireblades :'(
2018-05-22 12:44
Yes, especially 929, 954 has some problems with crank and engine. I'm so sad to sell mine, but need to buy something never, maybe 1000RR 2007 HRC or Repsol. It's hard to do services on this one, it's on 60000+ km now. But it's most enjoyable and 'wild' bike ever. Here it's. With her roaring sound :D youtube.com/watch?v=hy67e9hyFcE
2018-05-22 20:39
Poland HTMFS 
Also that felling when you ride 200kmph and you fall down and die... Awesome hard to describe.
2018-05-22 13:17
India TYZ4 
We dont fall and die, coz we got something called "skills"
2018-05-22 13:41
United Kingdom jMz86 
and because of gyroscopic effect of course :)
2018-05-22 13:58
nt prokda
2018-05-23 07:52
yea im sure, go and race on the Isle of Man TT, your ''skills'' will come on handy. retard, you're gonna get scooped up by some fireman or someshit when you crash
2018-05-23 09:51
India TYZ4 
2018-05-23 10:03
Hong Kong IAmAutistic 
2018-05-22 11:37
2018-05-22 11:37
Olof is not coming back... My sources told me he is coming to NiP instead of GTR.
2018-05-22 11:37
i hope so
2018-05-22 12:01
Poland papaski2 
lol, worst move of his career that would be haha
2018-05-22 12:14
2018-05-22 12:17
Ha but there's no way f0rest and GTR are going to separate like this
2018-05-22 12:47
2018-05-22 14:14
olof in NiP.... Sure it will be a downgrade from Faze but... on the other hand, he will team up with Dennis once again, along with having f0rest in his team.. sounds very interesting thou.
2018-05-22 12:59
Maka | 
Russia YIKES! 
but it won't be that easy to seperate forest from gtr
2018-05-22 15:47
source: dude trust me
2018-05-22 14:01
Mexico d0naldtrump 
2018-05-22 11:38
hes chilling at olof in train
2018-05-22 11:39
Norway felt 
basically confirms Olof is going to be kicked/benched forever.
2018-05-22 11:40
Paraguay HighAlching 
"We just have to wait and see, whenever he's ready, we're ready to take him back into the lineup" clearly
2018-05-22 12:06
Norway felt 
don't be naive.
2018-05-22 15:53
Poland kvvach 
sad but might be true
2018-05-22 12:14
Olof comeback will be huge
2018-05-22 11:40
He is probably never coming back ;(
2018-05-22 11:42
We want olof to fnatic or nip
2018-05-22 11:44
Italy DRickraft 
No, YOU want it. An italian in csgo? Really?
2018-05-22 22:34
Better than you xd
2018-05-22 23:58
France Deadfish 
He's in jail
2018-05-22 11:46
wth why ??
2018-05-22 11:59
many ppl talking shit but they say " bcz drugs "
2018-05-22 12:45
Norway duffz00r 
true, I was the guy who sold it to him :/ they busted down my hotelroom as well. On the other side, olof has a great lawyer.
2018-05-22 13:46
I'm his lawyer and i prefer not to discuss the circumstances around the accusations of my client. He's innocent victim of the drug war.
2018-05-22 14:23
I'm the judge of this case,olof's lawyer is right,he is innocent
2018-05-22 17:34
France uNLmofo 
i read it somewhere too
2018-05-22 14:01
Italy DRickraft 
I think with olof FaZe can't win any tournament. He gives unluck to FaZe. :)
2018-05-22 11:47
yea, sure that's why they won straight away 1 ( if not even 2 ) with him and guardian joining? Also, I can say that when he was in Faze, the team was playing much differently, more aggressive and much more fun to watch. Hopefully, he will join back and return to the aggressive, but kinda passive so successfull way to play.
2018-05-22 11:55
Italy DRickraft 
that's right
2018-05-22 11:58
Hopefully, we can soon reveal karrigans retirement
2018-05-22 11:47
Iceland hdjdAkINg 
/EXPECTED s1mple to faZe confirmed! olof to NIP confirmed! hobbit to NaVi confirmed!
2018-05-22 11:48
Portugal fura_pitas 
2018-05-22 11:52
tabseN | 
Germany Ratwar 
No Need simple when they have God guardiaN
2018-05-22 11:57
2018-05-22 12:02
Triple agent 0 0 14
2018-05-22 13:26
0 0 16 code name inferno
2018-05-22 13:46
this numbers will hunt him down to the rest of his life. it will probably even be incrustated on his gravestone.
2018-05-22 14:26
Ladislav Kovacs ? - ? 0/0/16
2018-05-22 22:15
He has robotic hand now
2018-05-22 11:49
Europe wai7ing 
he hasn't installed aimbot on it yet, that's why he's out for so long
2018-05-22 14:58
Bloddy firmware wont work
2018-05-22 16:27
I hope he will go to fnatic instead of Lekr0
2018-05-22 11:54
Asia ElemeNt4ffff 
Why lekro?hes insane Instead golden and flusha back to igl role
2018-05-22 12:06
I dont think so, flusha was not good enough for igl role and golden is decent igl also. Olof just can will be replace with Lekro. Bcuz he is not enough
2018-05-22 12:12
If anybody should be replaced on fnatic its JW he has not been consistent for a while. Flusha and krimz are the stars of Fnatic while Golden IGL and Lekro is a great aimer and support/3rd best fragger.
2018-05-22 12:09
Finland t33mu 
-xizt +olaf dreamteam yaayyy
2018-05-22 11:53
walle | 
World zhandri 
wonder what's wrong with olof. would just like to know if it was a health issue again or personal stuff.
2018-05-22 11:54
He was spending time with his new boyfriend.
2018-05-22 12:01
walle | 
World zhandri 
but also talking shit after making love to him?
2018-05-22 12:05
World memyselfandI 
Maybe he is in a rehab. When you get too much money as a youngster, you can easily fall into various pitfalls. Maybe he is genuinely ill. Maybe he is in jail. But something is going on, which is considered of no concern to the public.
2018-05-22 22:23
walle | 
World zhandri 
yeah i think so too. if it was something normal like health issues or injury or maybe a family matter they would've made it public. keeping it this secret is always dodgy
2018-05-22 22:49
China kazuk1 
faze xantares nip olofmeister xizt ex-ss dennis gtr retired
2018-05-22 11:57
NiKo | 
Europe trey_ 
2018-05-22 12:01
Sweden KarlXII 
Olof will be kicked 1000000% Olof -> NIP -WashedUp_Right
2018-05-22 12:07
well, almost 4 years later after he last climbed on his boost spot (overpass boost got fixed anyway), he tried climbing again then got stuck.
2018-05-22 12:08
who cares Dead GAME
2018-05-22 12:11
teams dropping off lul. nice excuses botigaN. fluke clan can´t handle not being even close to #1
2018-05-22 12:14
United Kingdom DefineDarkk 
Lol. Sad
2018-05-22 12:20
Europe MyNameIsLMAO 
Mad caz true?
2018-05-22 12:41
karrigan speaks the truth
2018-05-22 14:50
Sf | 
Turkmenistan Autista 
Olof to FaZe.female We’re all proud of you Olof.
2018-05-22 12:26
Japan papa_smurf 
olof > xizt
2018-05-22 12:29
Yeah, it would be dumb for karrigan to keep xizt for a long time, because the others might want him to stay and kick karrigan.
2018-05-22 12:38
we all luv u olof, now gimme hanna-meister (ur sisters) phone nr ;> tack.
2018-05-22 12:49
2018-05-22 12:54
But he is one of the best igl of the game next to Glave
2018-05-22 13:55
But he is one of the best igl of the game, next to Glave
2018-05-22 13:55
nex | 
Germany Der_Pabst 
FaZe Academy Team LUL
2018-05-22 12:56
Kazakhstan dc7 
its not obvious? RobbaN is retiring olof is new coach
2018-05-22 13:20
Europe deviaNz 
I got inside source :) but psst.. keep it quiet *FLIES AWAY* Olof to NIP / GTR will retire and join the management in NIP. Xizt to GODSENT as igl. s1mple to faze former SS team joining Fenerbahçe S.K. (as they take esports division.) hobbit to navi
2018-05-22 13:23
My bullshit detector is tingeling, but i would love to see this happen nonetheless..
2018-05-22 13:43
As sick as that would be... No..
2018-05-22 14:09
World memyselfandI 
Now that we are at it, why not reveal that Fallen will join them, becoming IGL. Honestly, without being a Faze fan at all, and I am danish as well, I hope that he would join them. It would also be a great personal challenge for him. I think he is considering if and when to move on, and which options are viable choices. SK are in a slight panic mode, changing too many variables too quickly, which is more often punished than rewarded.
2018-05-22 22:28
2018-05-22 13:27
Papa Olof pls come back.
2018-05-22 13:32
Can’t handle the suspense
2018-05-22 13:33
xitz dont leave :(
2018-05-22 13:35
Dosia | 
Hungary Joco413 
ez -karrgian +olof
2018-05-22 13:41
Chile nachooww 
-karrigan + olof
2018-05-22 13:48
olof shit is trash washed up living trash retired
2018-05-22 13:51
2018-05-22 14:03
Norway HoDoe 
Hope to see you back soon Olof
2018-05-22 14:26
Happen to, not with Nice admins writers
2018-05-22 14:29
Denmark [OLD2]Larsen 
I think Xitz and Ololf is past in Faze, to little impact in the game fragwise. my best offer is that Simp!e weill be the next big transfer Faze does, hes bound to be tired of his NAVI team mates, and seek some on his own insane lvl.
2018-05-22 14:29
The reason faze winning tournament with xizt is because niko and rain not choking in finals. So yeah with or without olof. They both need to keep their good form especially in big lan.
2018-05-22 15:00
Ukraine minemax 
Abducted by aliens...
2018-05-22 15:16
allu | 
North America N1tsuA 
Any day now
2018-05-22 15:18
cockyrrigan in his best
2018-05-22 15:30
o b v i o u s l y
2018-05-22 15:37
-olof for sure
2018-05-22 15:41
Nifty | 
Turkey G4Z01 
i think the worst case scenario is olof retirement I think he wants to get out of esport but faze gave him break to figure out whaat he wants to do so faze gonna look for new support rifler for team diffintly not xizt
2018-05-22 16:22
2018-05-22 16:20
United States nobaithere 
-karrigan +Olafmeister This is the move keep Xizt
2018-05-22 16:40
Olof to become a streamer kappa
2018-05-22 16:43
Brazil stewArt1 
Retire and disband plz
2018-05-22 16:44
Spain xHipeRzZ14 
Xizt wants to become IGL. What about -karrigan +Xizt
2018-05-22 17:10
-xizt +s1mple -robban +olof
2018-05-22 17:35
Italy CHEBBOxxx 
BOTTIGAN is the problem. we know him very well. enjoy
2018-05-22 18:46
Denmark denDAY04 
It wouldn't surprise me if they keep him out until the major is the next tournament and bring him in as a "surprise" factor, while having worked/trained with him on the side to stay in form.
2018-05-22 18:53
Finland hiddz 
He's undergoing some sex change treatments to dominate the Female pro scene
2018-05-22 19:37
What happened with olof? Injury?
2018-05-22 19:44
Olof is Mad I am dating his sister and been fighting the whole family after we announced marriage. He took time to try to convince her to leave my but I have a latino way of love, wasting time y0
2018-05-22 21:28
tiziaN | 
Germany FREIER 
2018-05-22 21:56
tiziaN | 
Germany FREIER 
Olofs massive forehead pimple is back and he wants to grow it for a world record. He will reveal it soon with a big FaZe logo on it.
2018-05-22 21:56
i keked veri hard
2018-05-23 06:57
Poland Ktav 
Can comfirm. I was cleaning his toilet , while he was looking in the toilet mirror. Pimple is impressive.
2018-05-23 11:17
Karrigan to take RobbaN spot. Xizt to become IGL and s1mple to join. Olof will go to Nip to replace gtr. f0rest will retire and freddieB will take his spot in Nip. Dosia to NaVi
2018-05-22 23:10
2018-05-24 01:21
Yes, Olofmeister is one talent in cs i wanted see again this guy in best events.
2018-05-23 01:37
Olof tried bbc for the first and it was too much for him. He is recoverying from anal surgery.
2018-05-23 01:40
i laughed so hard +1
2018-05-23 09:01
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