Groups drawn for ESWC Asia Masters

The groups for ESWC Asia Masters have been drawn – Wicked, SK Gaming, fnatic and Immunity together, where only two may advance.

This evening had the opening ceremony, where the teams were welcomed to Cheonan. The groups were drawn at a dinner party, where the sixteen teams got split into four groups. There is still four teams to be determined, as the Korean qualifier is to be finished tomorrow.

Group A

Korea WeMade FOX
China wNv
United States Evil Geniuses
Korea To Be Announced

Group B

Japan Speeder
Germany mousesports
Norway Alchemists
Korea To Be Announced

Group C

Poland Wicked
Sweden SK Gaming
Australia Immunity
Sweden fnatic

Group D

Denmark mTw
Singapore TitaNs
Taiwan UMX
Korea To Be Announced

It will be a tough run for the teams in group c, as only two teams will advance to the second group stage. The four Korean participants will be determined tomorrow.

We will be back with more updates tomorrow. The group fixtures will be announced tomorrow. Remember that these groups will start 05:30CET on Monday.
Group C :o Gl everyone!
2009-05-02 15:22
wOw group C! ...indeed a tough run :S
2009-05-02 15:26
lol... group c? poor immunity =\
2009-05-02 15:28
Malaysia phyzell
team Immunity ---> :/ :\ *_* o.O :|
2009-05-02 19:32
Group C DEATH Group :O
2009-05-02 15:27
Poland p!
Loled so fuckin much. Get some seeds next time -.-
2009-05-02 15:27
Group of death - C going to be interesting.
2009-05-02 15:28
wicked out
2009-05-02 15:28
wowowow Group C is goooood ! :D Really interesting :)
2009-05-02 15:29
SK out
2009-05-02 15:29
Group A we made fox and EG Group B Mousesports and alchemists Group C wicked and fnatic Group D mTw and Titans gl
2009-05-02 15:29
sk gonna win this tournament, believe me...wicked wont made it..
2009-05-02 15:51
sk wont win i bet fnatic ;)
2009-05-02 17:37
wNv will win anyway
2009-05-03 02:25
Group c is strong
2009-05-02 15:30
:LoL: group B - mouz ofc group D - mTw ofc group A - WeMadeFox ofc but Group C - OMFG I think that Group C: 1. WICKED 2. fnatic 3. SK 4. immunity
2009-05-02 15:31
stop saying sk is out. sk has won over wicked 5 out of 6 times since the beginning of 2008
2009-05-02 15:31
NEO | 
Poland Antro
but that doesn't mean they'll win again
2009-05-02 17:22
He is entitled to his opinion.
2009-05-02 17:29
Group C is good =DD fnatic!
2009-05-02 15:31
fnatic gogogo!!!
2009-05-02 15:31
where is x3o?
2009-05-02 15:34
good question ;) were is x3o?
2009-05-02 15:59
i guess they were replace by EG cause didnt confirm they presence or something like that..:S
2009-05-02 16:13
wasnt it at KODE5? not eswc
2009-05-02 17:54
2009-05-02 18:12
x3o pulled out 34 drewdg21 0 Frags + - Spam X3O could not attend, we told ESWC directly after the issue with CrackClan/Gravitas broke and offered our spot to any other team that could attend. Joined Aug 2003 | Total Posts 1214 Posted Today at 6:43 PM EET
2009-05-02 18:33
Oh My God why Neo&Guys always have to be in death group ;d
2009-05-02 15:35
to show that they are the best :))
2009-05-02 17:54
Good Luck !
2009-05-03 06:16
2009-05-02 15:35
ofc they are....every single tournament they are...
2009-05-02 15:50
too easy for mouz
2009-05-02 15:36
Group A also very tough one.
2009-05-02 15:36
but not even close to as close as group c. all groups are really easy in comparasion
2009-05-02 15:38
really smart brainiac did theese groups ffs group D it is a joke?
2009-05-02 15:36
It is like ESWC Korea will have the most Asians teams in finals... GO WeMadeFOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOX!!!!!!!!! (I work Monday, shit)
2009-05-02 15:38
Bleh that they did not use seeding pools. Sad to see either SK, fnatic or Wicked drop out after first group stage, but that is just how it is going to be.
2009-05-02 15:39
im hoping for an official complaint from any of the teams. this is unacceptable
2009-05-02 15:41
Singapore Nephalith
What's up with group C..? Seriously.. Good job retard(s) for making such great group
2009-05-02 15:39
sk or fnatic out.. Wicked has a form
2009-05-02 15:40
LOL ofc they have, if u ask a swedish guy i'll tell u the same of swedish teams...
2009-05-02 15:47
Sweden Vilseledd
I would say SK is in bad shape and will probably drop
2009-05-02 17:44
Poland qater-
Haha,something new:D
2009-05-02 21:37
Haha, we have the final in the group stage, somebody not rly clever has drawn this groups (i mean group C..), immunity would change theirself with MTW from group D..
2009-05-02 15:40
You don't have to be clever to that. You just put your hand into the box and pull up balls or paper, or something like that. :D
2009-05-02 23:35
go go go WICKED !
2009-05-02 15:41
France whitx
2009-05-02 15:41
wtf???Group C...organizations - the stupid monkey...sorry for my bad english!
2009-05-02 15:41
you're brazilian ? ur english rocks dude :P
2009-05-02 15:45
i love it! so if dont know english very well, u are brazilian! gr8...<3 u dont know portuguese, then were are u from?china?
2009-05-02 15:49
Poland qater-
Haha +1 :)
2009-05-02 21:38
2009-05-02 15:50
quick look at group B and then at group C... group b is the build up and group C is the real deal... mr.korea hw ever hard u try to elimnate teams.. in quaters they hav 2 show skill... cuda helped sk into group a or D are selections random or pre-determined btw???
2009-05-02 15:42
read again, it says GROUPS DRAWN, so ofc it wasnt pre-determined, otherwise it would be stupid.
2009-05-02 15:48
they still should have used seedings in the draw, like 2 high seeds and 2 low in each group. would have avoided this stupid group
2009-05-03 11:57
mTw - walk in the park
2009-05-02 15:45
HAHAHAH GROUP C thats so bad haha
2009-05-02 15:46
OMG luck at C and D groups. LOL. in C: 3 top6 world teams, in D: only mTw...
2009-05-02 15:48
Alchemists have a great chance, that's good! But it's ridiculous not to use seeding, we'll have a random Korean team, Titans or UMX(?) in the playoff from group D for example.. Wouldn't it be quite fun if Immunity would advance? XDD
2009-05-02 15:48
Group C is so bad :(
2009-05-02 15:51
HAHAHA GJ! Groups are just great haha :D
2009-05-02 15:51
Group C ~ Wicked will win this time :p
2009-05-02 15:52
i don't think so ;d they will end on 3rd position in group imo
2009-05-02 15:55
2009-05-02 16:14
wicked will win all this crazy sHI* BLESSSS YAAA ! polish master living in ireland
2009-05-02 15:52
Group C ~ hardest ever :) kiddin' :d
2009-05-02 15:52
Group C Gl Wicked
2009-05-02 15:56
eswc not using seedings like wcg did? didnt they learn that that was an absolutely horrendous thing to do? i guess now that eswc is dead htey dont mind rubbing their name through the dirt anymore
2009-05-02 15:56
Immunity got this!
2009-05-02 15:57
Guyz....imagine what would have happened if Group C had : 1.fnatic 2.mTw 3.WICKED lol^2
2009-05-02 15:58
whats the odds?
2009-05-02 15:59
present probability =0 ,,since the groups are already drawn..
2009-05-02 17:11
ouh A and C will be hard :D unfortunately at a bad time
2009-05-02 15:59
Germany pharex
group c is ridiculous, horrible seeding go iM
2009-05-02 16:00
No wicked, fnatic or SK (1 of them) in the playoffs, and some fucking TMX or Titans in it...
2009-05-02 16:00
omg... group c ;/fnatic and wicked gl!!
2009-05-02 16:03
lol at mtw's group, should be easy for them
2009-05-02 16:06
heres a thought... take mTw frm D and shift them with immunity group C is SK fnatic Wicked mTw y else have a tourney... the other teams can go home.. for a team other than the top 4 wins im quittin CS as a result of outsmart by the koreans
2009-05-02 16:06
yep, thats what i said a few posts above, there would be no need to watch anything except the group stage as i dont believe that mousesports is an enemy to count with..
2009-05-03 12:10
Poland qater-
Haha,Group C so funny :D GL WICKED!
2009-05-02 16:08
very unfortunate for iM - travelled all the way to korea, would have had a good shot at getting out of group play, and the admins decide seeds are worthless? aside from being aussie and being angry at the group, its poor form that one of the top 5 teams in the world will be out before playoffs.... gl iM!
2009-05-02 16:09
Group C - SK, fnatic...
2009-05-02 16:10
Group C is strong, group d...
2009-05-02 16:20
rofl gl aussies terrible group for us.
2009-05-02 16:21
c'mon! immunity can make this! :D
2009-05-02 16:23
your team's gonna take the 1st place in the group xD
2009-05-03 12:11
2009-05-02 16:26
group c is very very difficult
2009-05-02 16:28
C LOL :D wicked > all
2009-05-02 16:28
cmon mouz
2009-05-02 16:30
A: EG B: mouz C: Wicked D: mTw
2009-05-02 16:31
2009-05-02 16:35
2009-05-02 17:28
WTF... group C very strong easy groups for mous and mtw
2009-05-02 16:32
Bulgaria Geko
2009-05-02 16:34
i think SK will do better then fnatic tbh in group c, and i just wanna tell the dude that set this up "ur realy are a idiot" :D
2009-05-02 16:35
Hahaha, will be really hard for fnatic/SK/WICKED.
2009-05-02 16:36
make the groups more balanced
2009-05-02 16:39
group C ? joke ? lul?sk out. *-* poor Immunity , them first big off-line event and ... :D
2009-05-02 16:45
wcg 2008 :P
2009-05-02 17:16
lul. my foult ;d
2009-05-02 17:22
OMg! Group c is amazing!
2009-05-02 16:49
And surely on first brackets round 2º from grup C will fight against MTW so... WHAT A JOKE
2009-05-02 16:50
GROUP C omfg.. death group .. hard :/ wicked gl
2009-05-02 16:52
Group A: WeMade FOX / wNv Group B: Mousesports / Alchemists Group C: Wicked / fnatic Group D: mTw / Titans And GL HF all teams!
2009-05-02 16:53
Is there gonna be any hltv broadcast....
2009-05-02 16:55
omg, im afraid that wicked wont make it. if they will then top3 is very possible.
2009-05-02 16:58
lol at all the mad aussies. get a better team i guess :'( Go EG!!!
2009-05-02 16:59
haha do you think EG would have a chance in GROUP C? they would loose 16-0 every mach :D
2009-05-02 17:06
Maybe, maybe not, but I wouldn't come here crying that the groups are unfair.
2009-05-02 18:24
you think they are fair?
2009-05-02 20:10
I don't know the method of the creation of the groups. If the groups were randomly drawn, then of COURSE they are fair. Random drawing is the only completely objective way to create groups. If the groups were just made up by a panel of Koreans running the event, then under the rules of the competition it is fair. Better luck next time on the groups for an event on your home soil. Their event, their rules. Bring your A game in the group stages, and if you are bested by two teams, then you weren't strong enough to win the competition in the first place, go home and start training harder.
2009-05-02 21:11
they previously stated, and it can (could) be seen in their group template on the ESWC website, that groups would be based upon seeding. sk/fnatic/mym/immunity are seed 3, 5, 9 and 15, not in any order? still think its fair?
2009-05-02 21:15
Fair by whose standards? Whose standards should we hold the Koreans seedings to? I say that Fnatic is #3 in the world, some other people say they are #1, yet some others say they are #4. The Koreans obviously thought they were #3 or #5. How can you say they are wrong? AFAIK, there is no composite world rankings. This is all under the assumption that the groups were based on subjective seedings. I know the website makes it seem that way, but things change and websites become outdated. The original article says they were drawn at a dinner. Either way, you don't really have an argument. If the groups are random, they are objectively fair. If they are done from subjective seedings, how can you say your opinion of the seedings of the top 10 attending teams is more privileged then the people who put together the seeds? TLDR: Yes, the groups are "fair"
2009-05-02 21:53
random groups by their very definition are not fair; but i know what you're saying. Teams that have had decent placings and consistently placed well deserve to be given a high seed based off results - ignoring previous results and doing random seeds eliminates this and is completely and utterly unfair.
2009-05-03 07:05
give it a rest you fool, everyone on this website can see the groups are rediculous not just the unfortunate australiens you've picked a contest with
2009-05-03 12:05
Then everyone on this site is butthurt idiots. iM themselves stated groups were random. Groups are random, completely fair. Get over it already.
2009-05-03 17:05
goooo WMF, mTw
2009-05-02 17:00
ALL > wicked ;)
2009-05-02 17:13
@HHH@ immunity > wicked ? brainiac ..
2009-05-02 17:14
omg group C... immunity would have reach play offs in another group, bad for them...
2009-05-02 17:39
what else did we expect. i bet eg still won't make it through the group stage xD
2009-05-02 17:42
Mym is now called Wicked ???
2009-05-02 17:47
Good Morning ALICANTE! Welcome back
2009-05-02 17:51
...:O Im afraid of you..
2009-05-03 17:29
It is not Mym but the former Mym CS 1.6 team who joined Wicked:
2009-05-02 17:59
3 teams from top4 in group C imho
2009-05-02 17:54
i acctualy think alchemists can make a 2 place in group B:) gl all teams. And guys! the groups are DRAWN! its nobodys fault that group c turned out the way it did.
2009-05-02 17:54
well the groups should not have been drawn to begin with. so yeah there are people that are responsible for the groups
2009-05-02 18:02
Group C is a conspiracy against Immunity lol Though as usual Sk and fnatic (just like Alternate and mouz most times) hand in hand in group stage. Mtw very lucky with their group indeed.
2009-05-02 17:57
I think that mouz very lucky too :)
2009-05-02 17:59
Well, at first sight I would agree but mouz is, unfortunately, not as stable lately as mTw is ;)
2009-05-02 18:01
yeah, agree with you.. mouz very bad played for KODE5 Sweden and in Germany mouz now is top2 bcuz of Alternate :)
2009-05-02 18:14
some random korean team will trash everyone
2009-05-02 17:58
I think Immunity is really happy cuz of what happend :) they gonna play with best teams on the world, it's such good news to them as their are not top team
2009-05-02 17:59
guys can i know when this matches will start ? And they will have hltv coverage ?
2009-05-02 18:01
As it is stated, Remember that these groups will start 05:30CET on Monday. And, yes, there will be Hltv coverage.
2009-05-02 18:03
it'll starts when it starts
2009-05-02 18:03
thank you :)
2009-05-02 18:04
Omg, who made the groups ! even I can qualify frm groupD XDXDXD! Korean organisers always suck willy
2009-05-02 18:07
mym always takes the hard groups and mtw always the easy one.
2009-05-02 18:15
thats true :(
2009-05-03 10:34
A -> Evil Geniuses / WeMade FoX B -> Mousesports / Alchemists C -> SK Gaming / fnatic D -> mTw / TitaNs or TBA Team :D
2009-05-02 18:17
gl SK
2009-05-02 18:20
Immunity GL ! (haha) WICKED/SK-gaming!
2009-05-02 18:20
fnatic !!! go go go
2009-05-02 18:21
C-> fnatic/wicked
2009-05-02 18:22
o_o group C :|
2009-05-02 18:28
5:30 cet!!???!!! sm1 with sufficient wisdom plz convert it to GMT.. is it AM or PM..?? 24hrs time?? dnt temme players get up early in the morning and play!!
2009-05-02 18:30
cet covers pretty much all of europe so its about time you learn it. :P cet is gmt+1 and yes its in 24hours format
2009-05-02 18:33
Poland qater-
I think in ur country this is 9:30 :)
2009-05-02 19:08
fnatic gogogo! =D
2009-05-02 18:30
gl fnatic! ...i want to see them take their revenge against mTw =)
2009-05-02 18:36
omfg, mTw again in a easy group....AGAIN. how in the hell could you put 3 top teams in the same group ? that means less one top team in the after-group stage
2009-05-02 18:44
Portugal fanatic2k
Group c :)
2009-05-02 18:50
GL SK =)))
2009-05-02 18:50
Go Alchemists :D
2009-05-02 18:54
group c :o 2.fnatic
2009-05-02 19:04
mouz has an easy group. Looking forward for group C, will be really interesting. Easy group for mTw and group A will be also great to have a close look at with EG, WeMade FOX and wNv. 1.SK 2.wNv 3.mouz (:
2009-05-02 19:04
crap, group C is a really bad news... I hope fnatic is on top but according to their pretty good results against mTw in a not too serious tournament, they can beat both SK and WICKED.
2009-05-02 19:08
not serious? it was very serious and there was alot of money involved. fnatic also stated that they gave all they had to win
2009-05-02 19:13
Why the MiBR was not invited? :/
2009-05-02 19:15
even if mibr won that faked voting, it didn't win anything. vote - 20% or something like that? rest % is organisers voting and achievements
2009-05-02 19:21
1.mtw 3.wmf
2009-05-02 19:25
2009-05-02 19:36
Group A : EG Wemade Group B : Mousesports Alchemists Groupc : Wicked fnatic Group D : mTw TitaNs
2009-05-02 19:31
2009-05-02 19:34
GL Wicked
2009-05-02 19:42
Group A : We Made fox and EG Group B : mouz and Alchemists Group C : fnatic.MSI and Wicked Group D : and TiTaNs 1st Place : mTw 2nd Place : WeMadeFox 3rd Place : Wicked
2009-05-02 19:46
gl to all ~
2009-05-02 19:47
Way to destroy the tournament...why dont use seeded groups?
2009-05-02 20:03
how does it work?
2009-05-02 20:08
LOOOL. Group C is crazy this is not right -.-, but i bet fnatic and wicked
2009-05-02 20:04
Group A: WMF / EG Group B: Mousesports / Alchemists Group C: fnatic & iMmunity (<3) Group D: mTw & i dont care. 1st: mTw 2nd: fnatic 3rd: mouz
2009-05-02 20:06
Group D is death group!!
2009-05-02 20:06
Absolutely! No doubt ;s
2009-05-02 20:08
Sri Lanka ChaQ
I think Wicked and fnatic in gropu C.
2009-05-02 20:07
Group A : / EG Group B : mouz/ ??? Group C : SK / fnatic Group D : mTw / umx
2009-05-02 20:09
hehe against all the chines
2009-05-02 20:12
imagine the chinese player screaming eich other , and the EG.usa like : "ah? -.-'"
2009-05-02 20:39
thats how it will be -.-
2009-05-02 20:54
probably x) go fnatic :)
2009-05-03 14:36
jeah fnatic win,
2009-05-03 15:51
Group C brrrrrr.... :)
2009-05-02 20:12
fnatic ftw eswc champions fnatic <3 IZnoGouD
2009-05-02 20:13
its sad that one of the best teams in group C dont gonna get out. For example in group D theres only mtw and will go with a random team out. And so its going to be boring watching their matches later.
2009-05-02 20:29
still think that alternate > mouz :x
2009-05-02 20:38
yep me2
2009-05-02 20:40
1.WICKED 2.fnatic 3.mouz
2009-05-02 20:39
2009-05-02 20:43
lol group c jojojo
2009-05-02 20:55
1)fnatic 2)mtw/sk 3)wicked/sk/mtw
2009-05-02 20:56
Those stupid asians did group C to eliminate the strongest first and make for WeMadeFox easiest way to win :/
2009-05-02 21:02
wow, group A and C are going to be interesting! anyway group B and D are easy for mouz and mtw respectively...
2009-05-02 21:11
Wicked>SK Wicked>fnatic Wicked>Immunity Wicken>All GO WICKED !!!
2009-05-02 21:11
2009-05-02 21:23
Will there be HLTV for qualifier?
2009-05-02 21:32
A + C gonna be most interesting groups to follow.
2009-05-02 21:34
You guys should stop complaining about seeds, if you read the ESWC-site it clearly stats that Group C consists of the seeds 3,6,9 and 15. SK was seeded 9 then i guess :/
2009-05-02 21:50
lol Sk is top 4 in the world...top4 is:mTw fnatic wicked and SK
2009-05-02 21:55
even so, they were still seeded as number 9.
2009-05-02 22:01
Group A : We Made Fox ,EG Group B :mousesports ,Alchemists Group C :fnatic,SK - I hope Wicked will manage in this group.We will see. Group D : mTw,Titans
2009-05-02 22:04
Final is Wicked vs SK
2009-05-02 22:05
group c - sk and wicked fnatic wont be ready for wicked's new strats(if they have any new ones, if not, I'm busted) and sk will be using some badass anti-fnatics-strats for sho!
2009-05-02 22:15
Immunity will win this tournament.easy for these skilled players..
2009-05-02 22:20
aa NOT
2009-05-02 22:45
Group C is the toughest "random" group I have ever seen. Convenient there are no Korean teams there.
2009-05-02 23:00
invite mibr :)
2009-05-02 23:15
mibr sucks like UMX or other random team ...
2009-05-02 23:45
go wemadefox!
2009-05-02 23:29
it is a joke ? 3 teams from world`s top5 seeded in one gropup , there should be pools with teams for example "pool a - mtw , sk , wiced, fnatic" pool b "mouz , eg , wnv , wemade" etc etc , one team from pool should be seeded in the group (in my opinion)... its very bad for this event coz 1 very good team will not advance in to the bracket stage :/ but it will be very interesting :) WICKED !! :D
2009-05-02 23:35
maybe its a stuped question, but why mibr wont participate of this champ?
2009-05-02 23:46
Is that the case is not set. Because chances are small so that the 3 the best team in the world were in one group
2009-05-02 23:47
NEO | 
Poland Antro
The one who was choosing the groups is really stu... mtw and mouse got rly easy groups, it should be more balanced.
2009-05-02 23:48
maybe its a stuped question, but why mibr wont participate of this champ? please, answer me. thankss
2009-05-02 23:49
I dont get theese seedings and their pool voting for match east vs west...that is terrible too
2009-05-03 00:12 is Win ! :D
2009-05-03 00:22
i dont fucking understand how 3 of the top 4 teams in the world can get in the same group.....that really sux.
2009-05-03 00:29
Gl group C :D :)) A = EG or WeMadeFox not sure... B = mousesports C = GoGo Wicked :D its going to be hard :) D = mTw
2009-05-03 00:47
retarded poules lol
2009-05-03 01:24
so sry,but i hate the name : wicked. :)
2009-05-03 01:31
group C will be very random, the two first places, as each team can win the other team. In EMIII we could see it, wicked won sk and lost with sk, won with fnatic and lost with fnatic. I dont remeber if fnatic played with sk there. but walle is walle so... I would like to see wicked and sk in 1st and 2nd place in group.
2009-05-03 01:31
some1 can linking me to offical site ? and when this tour finish ?
2009-05-03 01:37
Here you are
2009-05-03 01:46
They should pick a korean team from group a or b and switch them with SK/Wicked/fnatic :)
2009-05-03 02:07
A: EG & WeMadeFOX B: mousesports &Alchemists C: fnatic & SK D: mTw & Titans -.-
2009-05-03 02:11
READ THIS ONE!! According to Fragbite, the groups ARE seeded, and the seeds in group C is 3,5,9,15 which means one of SK, fnatic and WICKED were seeded as 9th team, which is incredibly stupid!
2009-05-03 02:31
ive personaly talked to flpee and he knows just as little as we do about this
2009-05-03 02:57
They posted it, I posted it.
2009-05-03 20:52
I heard they drew them at random instead of doing seedings.
2009-05-03 05:36
Everyone probably hears different things.
2009-05-03 20:51
I heard it from the owner of iM, the Australian team that is in group C.
2009-05-03 21:30
According to ESWC website it was seedings.
2009-05-03 21:54
Yes that is old news. They decided just to do it randomly instead and never updated their website. I trust the people that were there and are in the competition over the un-updated ESWC website.
2009-05-03 22:05
Might be correct, yes. I believe you.
2009-05-03 22:12
i guess fnatic 3, Wicked 5, SK 9 :))
2009-05-03 12:18
There are 5 top class teams there, strange if SK would be nr 9 ^^
2009-05-03 20:52
group a and group c are tough groups
2009-05-03 03:24
The manager of immunity posted this: "Just confirmed, these are the correct groups. They decided to draw them out of a hat and ignore seedings. Tomorrow is a 'rest' day and competition starts on the 4th - we'll have some video up during the event so tune into our IRC channel and Website for updates. "
2009-05-03 03:55
Cheers sai :)
2009-05-03 04:03
Brazil fzZ
SK out
2009-05-03 05:14
gutted for group c gunna have to use everything they have to get outta groups
2009-05-03 05:19
I heard Immunity is a good team, then show me how good they are !
2009-05-03 06:21
Spain alexp16
Group A: WeMade FOX / EG Group B: Mousesports / Alchemists Group C: Wicked / fnatic Group D: mTw / Titans
2009-05-03 06:56
omg group C :O:O:O-- go fnatic! gl hf all teams ;)
2009-05-03 09:31
good work Koreans!:/ There should be 4 baskets like in football. For example: 1BASKET- FNATIC, WICKED, SK, MTW 2BASKET - MOUZ, WMF, ATTAX, EG etc.
2009-05-03 10:43
2009-05-03 10:51
The groups are not that important, because mTw and fnatic will play in finals, but I would like to see Wicked do something.
2009-05-03 11:10
final mtw/fnatic vs mousesports/EG
2009-05-03 11:16
Group C - Wicked, fnatic
2009-05-03 11:52
HLTV is covering all matches or only these which are in"hot matches section right now" I mean the date: Monday 4, 05:30
2009-05-03 12:31
All matches.
2009-05-03 12:43
Thank you Nix0n!
2009-05-03 12:53
iM should chance of winning - BenoR has no control key, BenoR is always in control
2009-05-03 12:54
2009-05-03 18:33
the bigapple BEAUTIFUL PICTURES , WHAT ELSE CAN I SAY ... YOU REALLY SHOUL BE CALLED SO " LORD OF THE LINKS " NO COMMENT !!! friends , mates , and ...kuben ..WTF ? looks gay HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHH ( no homo ) just joking <U guyz ; go WICKED !!!
2009-05-03 22:38
Luq at last one -"What was that? Bunny hop?"
2009-05-03 22:11
bye bye sk
2009-05-03 17:41
why not take out immunity from group C and ad mTw?
2009-05-03 20:12
Why not put together a group of only Asian teams and do some stupid draw so it's guaranteed one of them will go to the final?
2009-05-03 21:54
i thougt x3o were there too?
2009-05-03 23:23
Nix0n do you know when the group C will start? pages like sk,, even eswc main page have different information about it. Does it start at 7:30?
2009-05-03 23:37
iM vs Sk first game starts at 6:30pm AEST :)
2009-05-04 01:49
I think you are wrong. group C should start 7:30 OK, time to sleep GL WICKED!!!!! own them all!
2009-05-04 03:02
where is PGS ?
2009-05-04 07:09
2009-05-04 07:11
where can we see the mathes?
2009-05-04 07:55
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