Gambit qualify for ESL One Cologne as HellRaisers forfeit match

May 26th, 2018 17:43

The second team coming through the European closed qualifier for ESL One Cologne is Gambit, who have booked a spot at German event after HellRaisers forfeited the consolidation final.

HellRaisers shockingly pulled out of the tournament before their final match as Kirill "ANGE1" Karasiow could not take part in the encounter due to personal reasons. The Masters Season 1 champions did not wish to field coach Ivan "Johnta" Shevtsov as a stand-in and suggested using a player from pro100 as a stand-in, but none of the Ukrainian team's players were eligible to compete.

Gambit, who had beaten Space Soldiers 2-1 in the Lower Bracket final, will join North at ESL One Cologne after the Danish team had topped the qualifier's upper bracket.

mir helped Gambit to beat Heroic and Space Soldiers

ESL One Cologne 2018 will run from July 3-8, with 16 teams battling it out for their share of a $300,000 prize pool. The team list for the event currently looks as follows:

Denmark Astralis Germany BIG
United States Cloud9 Europe FaZe
Sweden fnatic France G2
North America Liquid Europe mousesports
Ukraine Natus Vincere Sweden NiP
Brazil SK Singapore BOOT-d[S]
Australia Renegades Denmark North
Kazakhstan Gambit Other GG.BET Majestic winner
Ukraine Kirill 'ANGE1' Karasiow
Kirill 'ANGE1' Karasiow
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Ukraine Ivan 'Johnta' Shevtsov
Ivan 'Johnta' Shevtsov
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
rofl angel pls
2018-05-26 17:43
easy 4 seized
2018-05-26 17:43
2018-05-26 17:44
Belgium KevinGatesYo 
Wasted spot, Gambots were lucky HR had to forfeit, what a shame ESL!!!
2018-05-26 17:45
Estonia slstune 
Mir had to crush hr, but didn't happen
2018-05-26 17:56
France Astyx 
Not ESL's fault, ANGE1 had personal reasons Edit : Just seen a comment saying that ESL declined the stand-ins.
2018-05-26 20:04
Palestine MrZoldiK 
Ange1 told his teammates about this appointment in 26.. and the qualifier was set to be in 23-24-25 but before 2 weeks they edit the time to be in 26... So ange1 is not the only responsible of this ... :)
2018-05-27 09:23
2018-05-26 17:47
Mongolia Tendies 
Lmao description
2018-05-26 17:44
jks | 
North America alfredbond 
The real reason was, ange1 was fasting and in Germany is a lot of beer.
2018-05-26 18:21
2018-05-26 19:00
Mir 1st day of playing for Gambit and already qualified for ESL One Cologne Gambit got kinda lucky but still
2018-05-26 17:46
CIS STAboss 
The second team coming through the European closed qualifier for ESL One Cologne is
2018-05-26 17:44
Paraguay HighAlching 
is john CENA
2018-05-26 18:18
India pranshu 
2018-05-27 05:50
Europe H0wLinqDawN 
2018-05-26 17:43
Russia timurt 
ANGE1 stupid
2018-05-26 17:44
He went to brother’s wedding
2018-05-26 17:45
That not a fucking good explanation for leaving the qualifier. he let his teammates. its not about only him he needs to get some punishment
2018-05-26 17:49
Yeah, the other option would be letting his BROTHER in the lurch. FFS, foi have no brain. They all knew that ange1 would not be able to play if they reached the final.
2018-05-26 18:18
ange1 knew the wedding is today.let me ask you if u had a brother will you help your brother for wedding n stuff or go to the wedding when it starts ? help your fucking brother of course. so they coulda dodge the qualifier instead of playing and forfeit.
2018-05-26 18:37
As mentioned by the article, HR thought that they would be able to field in some other player from pro100. ESL denied it as, for some reason, pro100 players were ineligible. Meaning that HR sole option was to forfeit, or to field in their coach.
2018-05-26 18:51
United Kingdom galaxzy 
ur actually thick lol
2018-05-26 21:10
expected answer from uk
2018-05-26 21:28
United Kingdom galaxzy 
and? you’re acting like you know everything and that you’re right, how is it wrong to want to go to a wedding especially if it was his brothers/best friends? the team knew and tried to field a standin but couldnt, esl denied, they were forced to either forfeit or play with jontha (coach) which they didnt want to do. but expected answer from turkey, y’all stupid most of the times
2018-05-26 21:31
going wedding is not wrong where did i say it? the part u saying about team knew and tried to play with a standin. i didnt know that part if its true the things i said is wrong though.
2018-05-26 21:37
United Kingdom galaxzy 
read #37 ‘That not a fucking good explanation for leaving the qualifier. he let his teammates. its not about only him he needs to get some punishment’ you think he needs a punishment for going to a wedding? lul
2018-05-26 21:44
Only if he left the team without any explanation. if team know about it and tried to get a stand in its my bad.
2018-05-26 21:52
The qualifier was originally planned to be held on the 24th and 25th, it got rescheduled after ange1 had everything planned.
2018-05-27 17:58
best friends, not brothers
2018-05-27 10:28
Italy Er1cz 
2018-05-26 17:43
Sweden 1ArKade1 
2018-05-26 17:43
Poland krzyu 
2018-05-26 17:43
United States PepeBizon 
2018-05-26 17:44
mir | 
CIS sUvaoS 
2018-05-26 17:44
2018-05-26 17:44
2018-05-26 17:44
jks | 
Australia Mosski 
wow nice
2018-05-26 17:44
322 CIS
2018-05-26 17:45
Now we can understand why Angel will never be in Navi
2018-05-26 17:45
he has a fucked contract with HR that he can't leave
2018-05-26 17:46
Yea? Why?
2018-05-26 17:47
he's like one of the owners or something iirc
2018-05-26 17:51
Cause yoy need to be more professional to play in Navi
2018-05-26 17:53
What makes you think he's unprofessional?
2018-05-26 18:29
Leaving the match for a slot at major for a friend's wedding is unprofessional
2018-05-26 18:31
Laz | 
Kazakhstan Duka 
It's not major
2018-05-26 19:20
hooch | 
Russia c0ldl3ss 
A little reminder - This is unprofessional too.But they're still in navi.
2018-05-26 19:37
I agree this is a shame and childish. But at least I see some reason behind it like potential deal with Sk. Here is just a friend's wedding
2018-05-26 20:53
Norway insy 
Just a friends wedding. RU brain.
2018-05-26 22:03
Wedding is nothing, just show off
2018-05-27 06:18
Spain N0Love 
2018-05-26 19:41
Didn't know that was a reason. Thanks.
2018-05-26 22:00
Lul. That fits Navi perfectly fine
2018-05-26 18:28
unproffesional... poor w0xic
2018-05-26 17:46
Russia Fros1 
I hope Gambit will give ther invite in GG Majectic to HR
2018-05-26 17:47
Turkey fallendoceu 
poor ANGE1
2018-05-26 17:47
Brazil MITOElementt 
2018-05-26 17:48
congrats deserved
2018-05-26 17:48
Seems like wedding > cologne for ange1.
2018-05-26 17:48
Wedding is once in life, playing is forever.
2018-05-26 17:52
its not about wedding. he left his teammates in the lurch
2018-05-26 18:01
Yeah, the other option would be letting his BROTHER in the lurch. FFS, foi have no brain. They all knew that ange1 would not be able to play if they reached the final.
2018-05-26 18:17
CIS eddie42 
yeah, very hard, I think he made the right decision tho
2018-05-26 18:18
Finland Smoonah 
wtf is a fois
2018-05-26 20:08
Switzerland zaViM 
They probably actually thought the could qualify directly, without having to play the consolidation final. But North punched about their heights in the upper bracket final
2018-05-26 23:35
Once? You can do it as many times as you want, anyway its just show off
2018-05-27 06:19
Ok but you don't get married everyday.
2018-05-27 12:49
Kazakhstan ezWWS 
2018-05-26 17:50
Arthas | 
Ukraine Q1ang 
cs>real life
2018-05-26 17:51
2018-05-26 18:03
France StickyRice 
And then surprizingly in a few weeks :"Ange1 replaces Dosia in Gambit" :)
2018-05-26 17:52
Nice story
2018-05-26 18:18
HR to replace Gambit/ Heroic to replace North in GG.Bet Majestic you can already post this news hltv =D
2018-05-26 17:54
Ireland fabooJACK21 
how do you know?
2018-05-26 19:21
german cs knows all the answers my friend
2018-05-26 19:58
did teams shoose themselves who will replace them? Gambit choosing HR (team with Ange1 and 1 more CIS player and CIS org) and North choosing Heroic (2 danes and danish-players owned org) to replace them is kinda option they could make.
2018-05-26 21:50
Norway BigCannon 
Its gonna be North and VP. Next teams from qualifier. It should be HR but after forteit they wont get invite.
2018-05-26 23:12
but North already got the spot in Cologne, why would they play one more tournament to get it once more?)
2018-05-27 11:43
Norway BigCannon 
My mistake. I meant Heroic and Vp :P
2018-05-27 13:37
ahhh np ty
2018-05-27 15:10
That was my question, thanks!
2018-05-26 23:52
w0xic: "FUCK THIS SHIT" damn ange1 really triggered his teammates with it
2018-05-26 18:04
CIS eddie42 
pretty unprofessional too. smells like disband.
2018-05-26 18:20
He is mad because they could not field in any other player. They were aware about ange1 situation and that he would not be able to play the final.
2018-05-26 18:21
aight I got it
2018-05-26 18:21
fnx | 
Portugal lovessd 
no chance against mir anyway
2018-05-26 18:11
2018-05-26 18:21
Other saVy 
Angel to replace dosia
2018-05-26 18:33
Europe tweekzter 
He had to clean his room.
2018-05-26 18:35
wedding his brother = esl lan
2018-05-26 18:39
Russia AR4ER 
Glad for Gambit,,,gL!
2018-05-26 18:43
expected from ukraine
2018-05-26 18:51
hardstyle | 
Turkey B^S 
Lan dodgers
2018-05-26 19:30
2018-05-26 20:05
Ukraine minemax 
2018-05-26 20:05
Poland adriannB 
play hours to forfeit the most important match :D
2018-05-26 20:14
Brazil BuddyINSANE 
RIP! We smart, we loyal, we friendly, we are from BRAZIL! Kreygasm
2018-05-26 20:31
African Union mikecool 
gambit are so lucky, HellRaisers would've beaten them convincingly...
2018-05-26 20:52
Paraguay HighAlching 
they wouldve lost either way
2018-05-27 11:43
2018-05-27 15:55
Paraguay HighAlching 
prrof or ill kill you
2018-05-27 16:03
Are you sure you wish to report this post?
2018-05-27 17:05
Paraguay HighAlching 
pls no ;s
2018-05-27 17:07
disband inc, gl woxic and issaa
2018-05-26 21:31
Spain T0rt1 
EPL and now this, they don't deserve this
2018-05-27 11:34
Denmark Xipingu 
Well I read that ange1 had said he had this appointment at the 26th, so it is not his fault the organiser decided to include the 26th as well. That is the fault of the tournament.
2018-05-27 13:20
very nice :)
2018-05-27 14:38
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