s1mple: "We didn't worry about [losing to TyLoo]; sometimes that happens in the first game"

We spoke to Aleksandr "⁠s1mple⁠" Kostyliev after Natus Vincere secured their second win at StarSeries i-League Season 5, defeating Virtus.pro.

The Ukrainian-based team had a slow start to the event, losing in TYLOO in two maps, but are now on the verge of playoffs with wins over VG.Flash and Virtus.pro.

Na`Vi took a short break before the event, to recover from playing in Dallas

In a post-match interview, we asked s1mple about the early loss, Asian teams and playing Dust2.

Coming into the tournament you obviously have high expectations, you've been playing fairly well and there is not that tough of a competition here, but then you lose to TyLoo in the opening game. What happened there, how did you asses that match?

I think we lost because we didn't play in the three days before the tournament, we decided to take a break since some players were jetlagged after the ESL Pro League Finals. After we lost our first game, I mean, we didn't worry about it, you know? Sometimes it happens in the first game of the tournament, Cloud9 won the Major starting 0-2.

We just went to our room, talked about everything, talked about all of our maps. We are doing that every day after the games, and practicing, we are trying to get our form better in the tournament.

After that, you played against VG.Flash, you beat them, did you see any similarities between the two teams, both being Asian teams?

Yeah, they played the same on Mirage, we watched their demos. It's really weird to play against Asian team or teams from other regions because they have a different structure, they have different rotations and everything. We watched two or three demos and prepared.

You played Virtus.pro now and both maps were comfortable on the CT side, but in the last couple of rounds you kind of let them get back into it, they got the last couple of rounds. Was there a little bit of complacency at the end of the halves?

I don't think so, on Nuke we lost some rounds against force buys because of our communication, we just did good timeouts on Nuke and on Mirage, at the beginning we used two timeouts to decide how we are going to play against them with those guns. We felt comfortable playing against them, I mean, you never know what to expect when you are facing Virtus.pro, it's always random, but I believe that with MICHU, they should play two or three more LAN tournaments and they will bounce back with their great form.

Dust2 got reintroduced, for you personally, someone that is known for great fragging, does anything change when you come into a new map,one that has slightly different angles and stuff like that?

At the begging it's really hard, you are watching a lot of demos, a lot of games to see how players play. Before I was playing B, which is not the main AWP spot on this map, now I'm playing on the A site. It's always good to play Dust2 on scrims because you see what top AWP players do, how they peek, what angles they use. On this map, it's easier for me to find opening kills, entry frags. There are a lot of places where you can go and try to find them.

Overall you like the map, what are your impressions of Dust2?

Yeah, I like the map, it's like the old one, everything is the same, there are different smokes and [that's more or less it].

Ukraine Aleksandr 's1mple' Kostyliev
Aleksandr 's1mple' Kostyliev
Rating 1.0:
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Not expected
2018-05-30 21:56
3 replies
Canada Conscience
2018-05-30 21:57
1 reply
Austria shaak!
yes expected
2018-05-30 22:42
Na`Vi top3 babe!!!!!
2018-05-30 23:40
Armenia cGev
0 - 2
2018-05-30 21:56
2018-05-30 21:56
Good job s1mple :)
2018-05-30 21:56
2018-05-30 21:56
very good simpell
2018-05-30 21:56
Xyp9x | 
Czech Republic Puqet
2018-05-30 21:57
2018-05-30 21:57
2018-05-30 21:57
Gj navi
2018-05-30 21:58
Having beaten VP and VG.Flash he think it was easy
2018-05-30 22:00
Having beaten VP and VG.Flash he think it was easy
2018-05-30 22:01
2018-05-30 22:01
2018-05-30 22:06
“We, a top 3 contestant, didn't worry about loosing to an irrelevant tier 3 team”
2018-05-30 22:18
7 replies
chernobyl radiation logic
2018-05-31 06:32
6 replies
Ukraine minemax
STFU stupid troll. Another your post about Chernobyl. And you are too dumb to understand that the air is constantly moving above the planet. So just now you might be inhaling that radiation. So, again, STFU and go jack off once more on those juliano pics.
2018-05-31 06:52
5 replies
my fellow dipshit: radiation moves through air. radiation surrounds us all the time. but you can't argue with the heavy contermination in the chernobyl area. if you wish to anyways - go visit the coffin, get cancer and die. sincerely a person that's concerned about the bullshit you're talking
2018-05-31 10:08
2 replies
Ukraine minemax
Fucking moron, do you have at least a slightest idea where geographically Chernobyl is located, how big (or small) the contamination zone is and how big Ukraine is?
2018-05-31 10:19
1 reply
He is from island, they don't have schools there
2018-05-31 13:30
actually i will go wank to the juliano pics thanks chernobyl man
2018-06-01 15:52
1 reply
Ukraine minemax
You are welcome! I am glad that my wise advice will ease your frustration.
2018-06-01 16:08
2018-05-30 22:46
you should worry about winning tournaments
2018-05-30 22:53
s1mple god
2018-05-30 22:58
Tyloo VG and VP their first 3 opponents lol. Rigged af and still waiting for them to play against a real team so they're back to reality.
2018-05-30 23:00
1 reply
Poland HTMFS
Ago will show them how to play Xd.
2018-05-30 23:13
S1mple Cyka Kovács
2018-05-30 23:09
Na`Vi and S1mple raising very fast... HAPPY!
2018-05-30 23:33
gl s1mple
2018-05-31 19:49
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