REZ: "We want to play a way where draken is more supportive, static"

Following NiP's victory over North, that got them a playoff spot in Kiev, we caught up with Fredrik "⁠REZ⁠" Sterner.

Despite a defeat to AGO, NiP were able to make it to the playoffs of StarSeries i-League S5 with a 3-1 score by defeating HellRaisers, TYLOO and, lastly, North.

NiP are trying to anti-strat opponents more since pita joined

After the match against the Danes, in which REZ stood out with a 1.50 rating, we talked to the young Swede and heard about the tournament, the upcoming Minor qualifier, and the team's style.

Your team beat TyLoo yesterday, you were 2-1 in the group stage after that, but it didn't seem like you were very satisfied with the result, or maybe how you played. How were you feeling after that win, about the tournament you played that far?

We had some minor issues, and we still have them, I think. We are still working really hard on getting the structure in the team. With that, we need to make draken more static. We want to play a way where draken is more supportive, stays static, so we can work more structure in a core of me, dennis and f0rest. That's how we want to play and that's what we are striving for, right now. It's still new to us because before dennis joined we have always played individually, played more in free roles, me and draken were mostly free. We are trying to get a hybrid of having these free roles while also having this structure. That's why we are struggling a little bit. We are trying to get that done.

Now that pita is also in the team, what is his role in all of that?

pita is doing coaching, analytics, statistics, he shows us the big picture of a team. He watches how they play, he figures out what they tend to do, and how we are going to work on a certain map against a certain opponent. We try to anti-strat more right now.

Talking about maps, in the map veto against North picked Nuke against you. With this core you don't have a good history on that map, but do you think they kind of played themselves picking Nuke against you?

We will always leave Nuke open. Historically, we don't really have good results on it, but we always feel like we have this confidence going into it, it's a map we all go way back with, we all like it. I think we have the structure needed to play it well. Rotations are the most important thing on Nuke and I think we got that down 100% now. North is a really good Nuke team, I think we just showed today how good we are with the rotation and how structured we are on Nuke.

The road to the Major is the main focus of NiP at the moment

You made the playoffs here, you have Cologne and the CS:GO Asia Championship coming up. Is there pressure on you guys to deliver in these couple of tournaments, to achieve good placings?

Not at all, actually, we have a few tournaments right now, before the Minor qualifier, but the Minor qualifier is the most important. All these tournaments we are playing right now we are just pretty much trying to get better, get this structure and practice more and more. We just want to be performing the best at the Major. That's what we are focused on right now.

Talking about the Minor and qualifying for the Minor, it's obviously a sensitive spot for your team. But obviously playing tournaments like this, Cologne, tier one tournaments, is not the same as facing tier 2 and 3 teams online and at the Minor. Is there something specific you are trying to get prepared for that level of competition?

All these tier 2, tier 3 teams are difficult to play because you don't understand 100% what they are going to do, how they are going to play - it's hard to read them. That's the most difficult part that we need to work on. We want to get this structure because if you get good structure, gameplans, and team play, you will destroy teams like that. That's what we want to work on the most.

Final words, going into the playoffs, what's the mentality like for you guys now?

It's great. I'm super hyped to play in the playoffs again, this is where I want to be.

Sweden Fredrik 'REZ' Sterner
Fredrik 'REZ' Sterner
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
2018-05-31 18:26
2018-05-31 18:28
2018-05-31 18:30
Translation: "Draken can't hit shots for shit so we want him to hold easy angles and don't go for opening picks so he doesn't throw the round like JW"
2018-05-31 18:47
Throwing rounds like JW just like how Kng ruined his career and 100theives is in a big slump lol
2018-05-31 19:23
Okay? Why are you telling me this? You are right, KNG ruined his career. We are talking about how draken is bad here.
2018-05-31 19:26
I am finding out similarities here. They both are throwing so what's wrong with my comment?_? Darken throwing the game by missing easy shots Kng throwing the grand final by having parties. Similarity here : failing at something that is easy to do.
2018-05-31 19:33
True. You are correct. I was just curious why you made it, it's almost like you did it to antagonize me based on my flag because you are upset. I must've been mistaken though ;)
2018-05-31 19:36
u shouldn't have replied to that guy bro but congrats for this calm answer
2018-05-31 23:55
Actually I was kinda wrong since darken is seemingly committed to his career and Kng just wanna have fun. I guess the degree of seriousness to their mistakes are much different. Or the intention too.
2018-06-01 03:49
Just like the fact he didn't reply to you bro :(((
2018-06-01 03:47
The fact that I was trying to agonize you doesn't change the fact that you agree with me. And that's all I need. Just like the fact that you were trying to agonize me either. It doesn't weaken our intention for elaboration. Because well.. fact is fact...Since you admitted it.
2018-06-01 03:48
What a passive-aggressive loser hahahaahahahah
2018-06-01 00:21
Brazilian glory hunter when Brazilian roster isn't looking as good as astralis gets triggered because they suddenly remember they are Brazilian because I criticise a Brazilian player.
2018-06-01 03:44
Am I the triggered glory hunter here? You're the salty passive-aggressive cunt here trying to offend everybody with a million comments dedicated to nothing but offend people. LMAO
2018-06-01 03:51
Aren't you trying to offend me by calling me a "salty passive-aggressive cunt"? But that doesn't stop us from elaboration right? It is not about our intentions. We are here to piss each other off and talk shit. The point is which of us are doing it better. Since you are just a name caller and no actual content in your attempt to roast me. And triggered by me to lengthen your name calling in which you called me from "passive aggressive loser" to "salty passive-aggressive cunt" . I don't see you doing a better job than me. I mean anyone can call everyone that. You are not doing any better either.
2018-06-01 03:57
Credit where it's due.
2018-06-01 16:53
2018-05-31 19:06
sk top 1 2018
2018-05-31 18:28
2018-05-31 18:30
India naetu
2018-05-31 18:52
2018-05-31 21:50
SK had only luck in the last years, now there are much better teams like FaZe, Astralis and NaVi on Stage R I P SK
2018-06-03 07:44
-8 / 8
2018-06-06 16:03
South Africa Kinohai
2018-06-01 13:32
that is why they kicked him.. wtf? are they gay?
2018-06-07 02:07
Poland Kamiloo10
2018-05-31 18:27
No rezpect
2018-05-31 19:07
2018-05-31 18:27
2018-05-31 18:27
Armenia cGev
R ez
2018-05-31 18:27
Nifty | 
Ukraine ifhy
but why???
2018-05-31 18:27
this, he was their best player for a while, why nerf him like that, makes no sense to me.
2018-05-31 18:29
Big draken fan but probably because it becomes predictable if he does it all the time
2018-05-31 20:13
Because if you always play individually and aggressive you can lose games at random, to teams who are way worse. If you have structure - but also combine it with aggressive and skilled individual rounds - you have way better chances of being a solid top 5 team.
2018-05-31 18:34
draken is the only player in nip atm who is capable of being part of a top5 team
2018-05-31 18:36
dennis, REZ and f0rest can all do it. GTR needs to step up or drop the team though. My hope is -pita and +GTR as coach. Then add Lekr0 or even maybe Brollan.
2018-05-31 18:39
Other solomong
u called it kinda
2018-06-06 02:13
Europe skelteR
You got to be kidding me...atm he is their worst player...
2018-05-31 18:45
ye and REZ is actually a fucking beast
2018-05-31 18:50
support awper lul, deadfox meme
2018-05-31 18:28
"We want to waste his skills as much as possible"
2018-05-31 18:28
Denmark JustYes
2018-05-31 18:28
France t3r4byt3
draken is better while being free to move lol
2018-05-31 18:30
Russia Nikosimus
2018-05-31 18:32
Poland Mimaaacz
This makes no sense at all. draken is born to be aggressive AWPer and his biggest advantage is hitting all those sick flicks while he always struggles in holding angles. And now they want him to be what, Skadoodle-like kind of AWP? No, just no lol
2018-05-31 18:34
worst thing is itll take them a long time to realize how dumb it is
2018-05-31 18:35
I think, at least I hope, that ReZ was talking about T side when he made that comment. Draken has always been much better as a CT AWPer than a T AWPer imo, and you need an AWPer who can run around the map and surprise the opposition as CT if you want to be a good team, which is what Draken is good at.
2018-05-31 19:01
rain | 
Spain Jajile
Obviously he is talking about T side, and i agree with you that draken is better on Ct, but REZ comment that he try to open angles with the awp when he just need to hold the angles and he is penalized in many rounds and therefore the team is panalized too.
2018-05-31 21:40
He most likely meant the T side, he will ofcourse still go for peeks on the ct side if he has a good spawn or something similar for it. But it makes sense to get the whole team in a structure for the T side which also means that draken will have less freedom to just say ok ima peek here and there
2018-05-31 22:07
Noooo, let him move and entry! If they need a static awp use a secondary awper like f0rest or rez in those rounds
2018-05-31 18:40
Sweden balunan
When does the Minor qualis start for NiP?
2018-05-31 18:39
A supportive awper who is very static. Now who does that remind me of, who also played for NiP and got kicked because he couldn't just play as he wanted to? :thinking:
2018-05-31 18:43
Portugal mrsc
2018-05-31 21:44
Portugal kippster
2018-06-01 01:14
Europe KittyChamp
"in the map veto against they picked North against you." LOL
2018-05-31 18:43
Talking about maps, in the map veto against they picked North against you. Think there are a few minor typos there Professeur, good article I enjoyed it. =)
2018-05-31 18:54
India Ad1_KaM
"......more since Pita joines"
2018-05-31 19:03
rez is the new star!
2018-05-31 19:33
That has been obvious since iem oakland, he just needs to find consistency and he will be a real beast
2018-05-31 22:08
Finland Smoonah
North fans haha
2018-05-31 19:52
Draken been missing a lot of shots lately. So of course they want him to take it easy for now. At least until he's got it again. Why doesn't this make sense to you all?? You prefer them to let him keep missing and throw??
2018-05-31 20:38
in other words we have to carry him until we change our roster
2018-05-31 20:40
2018-06-05 20:16
well played
2018-06-05 22:32
2018-05-31 21:23
just go -draken pls
2018-05-31 21:51
your wish is granted
2018-06-06 18:10
Haha presents of mind ! It can go only better after this change :)
2018-06-06 23:17
-draken after event :(
2018-05-31 22:12
Latvia s1^
he called it
2018-06-06 14:09
I was first :D
2018-06-06 23:17
Poland xkhao
''All these tier 2, tier 3 teams are difficult to play because you don't understand 100% what they are going to do" lol rez talking shit about t2/3 team when nip is t3 lol
2018-05-31 23:39
How they used Fifflaren?
2018-06-01 04:06
gtr is not the one of cores in this team.. lol // pity top 1 2014 2015
2018-06-01 05:08
2018-06-01 09:58
Other admin_1
- Draken + Snatchie
2018-06-01 10:46
in that case just get allu, he is better anyways
2018-06-05 13:53
Germany SadBUGfan
liars lmao
2018-06-05 20:15
"We want to play with draken on the bench"
2018-06-05 20:20
Czech Republic dreamARTz
more supportive: delivering pizzas and shit :>
2018-06-05 20:33
2018-06-05 21:32
Kazakhstan TimaTea
😆👌 Nice one
2018-06-05 21:33
2018-06-05 21:47
Nice joke
2018-06-05 21:48
rip draken
2018-06-05 21:48
2018-06-05 22:08
France StickyRice
e-sport players are becoming huge liars like "regular" sportsmen. Like "i'm not about to join this team, i haven't talked with them" and then few days later that player "surprisingly" signs in that team.
2018-06-06 02:14
Norway Noreg
2018-06-05 23:55
Malaysia Suno[t]
2018-06-05 23:58
2018-06-06 00:14
Brazil hugoooo
More supportive = being replaced
2018-06-06 01:48
2018-06-06 01:58
2018-06-06 02:13
2018-06-06 09:36
2018-06-06 13:01
2018-06-06 14:04
rip Draco hahaha (:'ccccccccccc)
2018-06-06 16:51
aaaaaaaaaaaaaand his gone
2018-06-06 18:09
guess draken didn't want to be 2nd allu
2018-06-06 19:10
and you kick him? r u guys dumb lmfao?
2018-06-06 21:02
2018-06-06 21:59
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