fnatic win ESWC Asia Masters

fnatic conquers the gold at ESWC Asia Masters with a win against SK Gaming in the grand final.

The all Swedish grand final at ESWC Asia Masters ended with fnatic winning two maps against SK Gaming. There was never really any doubt that fnatic would grab the victory. SK Gaming had a lot of trouble against fnatic and the majority of the clutch rounds went fnatic’s way. A 16:6 win on inferno and 16:9 on train, sums up the 2:0 victory for fnatic.

mousesports was able to secure third place with a 2:0 win against the great upset in this tournament Alchemists. This make the final standings look as follows.

Final Standings

1. Sweden fnatic - $20.000
2. Sweden SK Gaming - $7.000
3. Germany mousesports - $3.000
4. Norway Alchemists
5-8. Denmark mTw
5-8. Korea WeMade FOX
5-8. Singapore TitaNs
5-8. United States Evil Geniuses

This concludes ESWC Asia Masters, where many top teams attended. Next week a lot of the teams will be present at KODE5 Global Finals in Moscow, Russia. You can find lots of contend from ESWC Asia Masters in our coverage section and we will be upload statistics from the tournament later on.
Sweden Vilseledd
congrats! well played
2009-05-05 09:14
sick by Fnatic!
2009-05-05 09:15
4th place and no money? too bad for alchemists, anyway gz for fnatic
2009-05-05 09:16
knew fnatic would win :D:D:D:D
2009-05-05 09:17
Kode5 will be really interesting event...
2009-05-05 09:17
congrats fnatic! :)
2009-05-05 09:17
Now draw winners in ROCCAT competition and we can call it a day.
2009-05-05 09:23
1 reply
Need to process stats first, not sure when this will be done.
2009-05-05 09:24
nice fnatic! fnatic got the money :P
2009-05-05 09:23
Hehe lurppis finally got his...5-8 finish again. xD
2009-05-05 09:24
1 reply
2009-05-05 16:24
outstanding play from get_right.
2009-05-05 09:28
very good game , cArn lucky man :)
2009-05-05 09:32
really good comp i think ... venue looked amazing, good teams + congrats to fnatic AND titans for playing so well
2009-05-05 09:32
lurrpis again 5-8 :)
2009-05-05 09:35
ehhh fnatic have incredible form... they can beat all teams now ...
2009-05-05 09:37
6 replies
They lost 2-0 to mTw a week ago.
2009-05-05 11:20
1 reply
yeh well, they have beated mTw with like 16-4 some weeks ago, and they beat them with 2-0 now so. just FYI, mTw isn't gods, they have never been, will never be.
2009-05-05 16:25
and to SK in the group play :) but yes it likes always. The top5 teams can all beat each other if thye hit the day
2009-05-05 12:32
3 replies
look at Get Right ... and now tell me which team have the best players... + forest+dsn+gux...
2009-05-05 15:31
2 replies
What kind of view is that thb.. Put 5 aimers in 1 team and they won't win everything.. Chemistry, chemistry dude
2009-05-05 16:02
1 reply
true... they need carn in there, without tactics you aint gonna do shit :)
2009-05-05 17:43
Congratulations fnatic! Really nice to see you reborn. Its a shame the time zones differs so bad but at least there is demos to catch up with.
2009-05-05 09:38
da best
2009-05-05 09:43
i missed da final due to college :( . now that i know the result not interested in seeing the game :|
2009-05-05 09:45
i want too see mouse in top 1 but gj fnatic
2009-05-05 09:54
mad fragger GTR.......killed the whole opposition in a zap...tak tak tak.... counter terrorists win.
2009-05-05 10:07
the year of fnatic
2009-05-05 10:09
fnatic no1 :) grat fnatic :) well played :)
2009-05-05 10:16
lol fu fckn fnatic won. But I have a hope they will lose ALL next tournaments. Hate YOU.
2009-05-05 10:17
6 replies
me too... they fcked up everything..
2009-05-05 10:49
2 replies
Wtf fucked up everything. They were the only team that had to play all the major teams and if you watched the fnatic matches as a neutral fan you saw great matchtes. And allways with a deserving winner except in de groupfase vs sk.
2009-05-05 14:10
1 reply
just my opinion. everything i hoped and expected didn't happen. that's what i meant.
2009-05-05 18:07
shut the fuck up, or i smash ur fucking face, same with #29
2009-05-05 16:32
2 replies
Take it easy please, or I will have to cool you down ;P
2009-05-05 17:57
haha, your move.
2009-05-05 18:08
#23 me too!!!
2009-05-05 10:21
poor Alchemists, no money prize. gg fnatic!
2009-05-05 10:25
Bad luck SK...:(
2009-05-05 10:31
2009-05-05 10:48
Congrats fnatic, best team in the world. n1 anyway Alchemists! My new favorite team after mTw :P
2009-05-05 10:49
it's appitty , i didnt saw VP
2009-05-05 10:49
I feel rly bad for Alchemists, they should've at least 3rd place, it's so bad to see a rising team, with great gameplay, being knocked down by european giants :/
2009-05-05 10:50
2 replies
I think this just makes them motivated, they have been a clan for only 2 weeks (!) now the can see that they got something to do in international cs. Rly hope they`ll get picked up by an organisation.
2009-05-05 10:56
1 reply
2009-05-06 18:56
Grats fnatic! :)
2009-05-05 10:53
get_right is for sure TOP K/D PLAYER. goodjob fnatic
2009-05-05 11:10
1 reply
yeah but to bad f0rest dont play like normal
2009-05-06 14:49
2009-05-05 11:29
1 reply
It's called a mouth... =)
2009-05-05 11:51
mTw :waa
2009-05-05 11:34
Germany M1n1M3
grats fnatic mvp = dsn
2009-05-05 11:35
1 reply
2009-05-05 11:49
YEAAA!! fnatic won Who are the best K/D PLAYER AND K/D TEAM ?? MAYBE I GET THE ROCCAT AWARD :D:D
2009-05-05 11:41
1 reply
i think get_right and fnatic or mtw
2009-05-05 12:15
gtr u gotta work out brother
2009-05-05 12:15
javla nice Boyz !
2009-05-05 12:23
IMO GeT_RiGhT shows who is the best now :) His Tournament K/D ratio must be impressive :D
2009-05-05 12:41
fnatics for sure nr1! i think they are going to win most big events this year.. i mean they have so many amazing players that can win mathes alone.
2009-05-05 12:53
fnatic 4EVER, onelove, gj ;)
2009-05-05 12:56
shit groups..
2009-05-05 13:08
Yeah !!! I was for fnatic all the way !!! GJ GUYS ! <3
2009-05-05 13:14
fnatic 2009: 1st - ESL Extreme Masters III Global Finals 4th - ESL Extreme Masters III Continental Finals Europe 2nd - ESL Scandinavia Finals 1st - ESWC Masters 2009 mTw 2009: 3rd - ESL Extreme Masters III Global Finals 1st - ESL Extreme Masters III Continental Finals Europe 1st - ESL Scandinavia Finals *well keep up the good work fnatic ! *Congratulations SK-Gaming too. 2nd place is good. Maybe this year you will comeback in top3 :) ESWC Masters 2009: SK.CS - 2nd SK.WC3 - 2nd
2009-05-05 13:37
4 replies
they need to comeback to top 3?? haha SK was the best team with mTw last year.nooob.
2009-05-05 14:30
3 replies
I don't think so. fnatic and e.x MYM was other 2, or maybe mousesports...
2009-05-05 16:31
2 replies
dont think so??? mym won like 1 event last year! and fnatic also! SK won more!... SK won most events after mTw last year just look at some facts before you start talking shit. And after SK MOUZ won most. I dont understand what you are trying too do here? evreyone knows SK was the second best team last year....just look up some facts ffs.
2009-05-05 17:12
1 reply
yep u r right it was smth like : 1.mTw 2.SK 3.mousesports
2009-05-06 17:44
Congratz fnatic you deserved it! Anyways it's sad that what is probably the last EWSC event was made without a proper seeding.
2009-05-05 13:53
2009-05-05 13:54
2009-05-05 13:59
btw I LOVE SK =)
2009-05-05 13:59
gw fnatic!
2009-05-05 14:00
Good job boy's EG so bad:'(
2009-05-05 14:02
Top K/D Player: ??? Top K/D Team: ??? Winner: fnatic can anybody tell me, who's the top team and the top player?
2009-05-05 14:08
1 reply
Probably GeT_RiGhT or f0rest the top players and fnatic the top team.
2009-05-05 18:39
Nice play fnatic!
2009-05-05 14:08
fnatic <3
2009-05-05 14:10
they really are the best again, I'm so proud of them <3
2009-05-05 14:26
fnatic on fire. :)
2009-05-05 14:45
GeT_RiGhT win!
2009-05-05 14:47
congratz fnatic you deserve it.
2009-05-05 14:50
sweden own
2009-05-05 14:53
fnatic the best ^^
2009-05-05 15:17
GJ fnatic !! GTR is not from this planet...
2009-05-05 15:23
gj rip eswc:(
2009-05-05 15:47
Stupidity of the owners of the tournament, not to implant looser bracket. mTw did never had a chance to meet a great opponent so they could get "warm", because of their grouplay. If mTw had one great opponent in their group, the result of fnatic vs mTw might had come out different. Also, if the tournament had a looser bracket, mTw/fnatic could had come all the way to the final (real final of this tournament; mTw vs fnatic for me)
2009-05-05 15:52
2 replies
haha no way crybaby...Sk won Vs fnatic in the group and they deserved to be in the final.... go and cry now mTw fanboy
2009-05-05 16:18
1 reply
Cool down the attitude, or I will, this is your only warning.
2009-05-05 23:26
they won 16-12 against titans, was that not a "warm" up match as it was quite a close one? congratz to fnatic for the win.
2009-05-05 16:00
1 reply
grats to titans for getting that close ... met them @ KODE5.AU! nice guys!
2009-05-05 18:44
2009-05-05 16:31
gg fnatic ! 3rd place 3.000 not even the travel costs :/ better would be: 2nd 9.000 3rd 5.000
2009-05-05 16:39
Congratz lurppis, you made my day!
2009-05-05 16:37
1 reply
mine too, and 5-8 is luck because in groupstage wNv had 2 victories like them...
2009-05-05 17:22
wicked fanboys are quiet now? ='''''''')
2009-05-05 17:58
2 replies
ye they got owned by fnatic and SK
2009-05-05 18:04
who the hell is wicked? ^^
2009-05-05 18:29
congratz fnatic :)
2009-05-05 18:09
fnatic best team atm in world =)
2009-05-05 18:10
1 reply
what did you expect... they owned EM with only a week of practice with their line up ^^ i was sure they where going to win this :))
2009-05-05 18:19
2009-05-05 18:15
I'm glad for the norvegians..look's like a new eoL could come to the scene.
2009-05-05 18:24
3 replies
yep youre right, they could be top10 easily, hopefully they stay together/get picked up by an organisation.
2009-05-05 18:45
omg what a hype..for what?the only good they did was too beat WeMadeFox that is so out of shape...nothing like old eStro.
2009-05-05 19:38
1 reply
But Alchemist had just played 3 weeks (?)
2009-05-06 17:33
n1 fnatic, didnt expect anything less =) gl to alchemists tho! keep this s*** up :D
2009-05-05 18:48
n1n1n1n1n1n1n1 fnatic!!! f0rest&gtr <3
2009-05-05 19:23
alchemists are a one hit wonder
2009-05-05 19:45
#76 I'm not a mTw fanboy, so go away with your childish "FNATIC / SK ROOOCKS"-thing. You say so because you are swedish, and oboviusly isn't objective. #74 Properly because mTw didn't expect the most from them (and again, wasn't "warm")
2009-05-05 19:58
5 replies
you are such a mTw fanboy hahaha !...... only fanboys can make soo bad excuses! mTw wouldnt even have got too the playoffs if they were in fnatic group.
2009-05-05 20:13
3 replies
I hate to interrupt....but you suck dude....what the fuck is this all about you criticizing everyone to be fanboys and all.....look at yourself ..you moron..you yourself are a big shit fanboy. And don't reply me..
2009-05-05 22:50
2 replies
Its nothing wrong that he is a fanboy i just think he is ridiculous...cause he makes up 100 excuses why mTw didnt win and that is so stupid. So go to bed noob.
2009-05-05 23:31
plz shut up
2009-05-05 23:32
Seriously stop cry now mTw fanboy. Fnatic is better then mTw.
2009-05-05 20:19
nice gz fnatic but i gotta say alchemists have been great. they haven't played so much together and still make it too the 4place GZ aU
2009-05-05 20:03
nice fnatic
2009-05-05 20:17
GG fnatic! best team in the world! so amzing
2009-05-05 20:19
Brazil fzZ
GeT_RiGhT > SK
2009-05-05 20:25
mTw should cry , fnatic best team by far
2009-05-05 22:12
Sweden Vilseledd
ringpolisen would you let others have their opinions without raging at them, calling them fanboys? Look at yourself for christ sake.
2009-05-05 22:39
4 replies
Are you stupid? get a brain plz..first of all he is a mTw fanboy...why else would he make up 100 excuses why mTw didnt win???....and why am i fanboy?? because i think he was ridiculous to say that??????? i dont understand?? but even if i am a fanboy i dont care.. its nothing wrong with it...i just said he was. And stop be so fucking stupid and learn to read better thanx.
2009-05-05 23:37
3 replies
Thats it, banned, you were warned.
2009-05-05 23:39
2 replies
2009-05-06 01:50
i'm with you nomad... well done... this guy went out of the limits.
2009-05-06 06:07
WHERE IS e-STRO?! T_____________T GG top4, and a big gg for fnatic and GeT_RiGhT =)
2009-05-05 23:03
1 reply
e-STRO have a new name "we made fox" gg fnatic :o)
2009-05-06 00:17
link for video plz :)
2009-05-06 06:02
ringpolisen - you can't even read yourself. I'm not "mTw fanboy", but what the heck. I don't care about your opinion, your obviously not mature enough to discuss.
2009-05-06 07:29
big respect to Alchemists
2009-05-06 09:57
gg fnatic teh best!
2009-05-06 10:52
gl fnatic
2009-05-06 12:18
what a pity what if mtw didnt meet fnatic so early :( i'm still their big fan and congratulation to fnatic
2009-05-06 13:10
Poland Fiolas
Wicked got pwnd... Not our time, I really counted on you guys, I hope you will grow stronger and we will see old PGS, but for me they are still golden five :D
2009-05-06 16:34
forest make smile :)))
2009-05-06 16:54
fnatic All4LOve ahah :D
2009-05-06 17:48
2009-05-07 23:27
fnatic all winer
2009-05-09 08:18
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