jmqa: "We have not thought about roster changes; we are just trying to solve our problems together"

June 8th, 2018 18:50

We caught up with Savelii "jmqa" Bragin ahead of Moche XL Esports and quizzed the Russian player about Quantum Bellator Fire's latest results and their hopes for the FACEIT Major.

Quantum Bellator Fire's quarter-final run at the ELEAGUE Major was one of the most encouraging stories of the first half of 2018, but the Russian team have struggled to live up to expectations since the Boston event.

After a group stage exit at Copenhagen Games and a third place at the WCA Finals, QB.Fire will attend Moche XL Esports hoping to get their confidence back ahead of the FACEIT Major.

jmqa discusses QB.Fire's recent struggles

Read on as jmqa addresses Quantum Bellator Fire's results since Boston, their expectations for the Portuguese event and their battle plan for the next Major.

This will be your first international event since the WCA Finals, in China. What are your expectations for this tournament?

We are playing better on LAN than online. We had some problems in our team when it came to online play, we tried to solve them, and now we are better prepared, so I hope we can get some good results. Winning the event, finishing top two... I do not, it is hard to say, but we will give our best.

You have not been able to play at the same level as you did at the ELEAGUE Major. Why is that? Are there any internal issues, or is it a matter of performance?

Some of our players have bad PCs, so we did not have the right motivation. Our coach has been helping us with that, he has tried to change our game style and some things inside the game. We will see now how that works.

Have you considered making changes to the team?

No, we have not thought about that, we are just trying to solve our problems, together. Everyone knows that teams are not trying to solve their problems, they always think that the problems are in the players. But that is not always the main problem, I think. It is better to keep your roster.

Do you think this event will serve as preparation for the Major?

I do not really know, because we will have a long bootcamp after this event, in Moscow. We will be better prepared for the Major than we are right now.

Do you think you will be able to repeat your top-eight finish from Boston?

It will be hard, I think no-one believes we will get Legend status again, and I think that could be an advantage for us. Before the Major, the bootcamp helped us a lot, and I am sure it will be the same again. We will bootcamp until July 15, then go on holidays for two weeks, and bootcamp again between August and the Major. We want to keep our Legend status and we will aim for that, at least.

Russia Savelii 'jmqa' Bragin
Savelii 'jmqa' Bragin
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B1ad3 | 
Hungary ImNATrash 
2018-06-08 18:50
Bangladesh drvken 
major legends
2018-06-08 18:51
Austria shaakeh 
Expected Legends
2018-06-08 18:52
2018-06-08 18:52
Finland Lehtori 
i bet they will start thinking about roster changes after they become completely irrelevant after 2 majors, and with no sticker money and the exposure, the org would also like cut some expenses.
2018-06-08 19:01
Austria shaakeh 
2018-06-08 18:51
2018-06-08 18:53
fake first you are #2
2018-06-08 19:11
no i'm first
2018-06-08 19:32
mad cause not real #1
2018-06-08 19:33
no i'm actually first
2018-06-08 19:34
Alright I take that. GZ
2018-06-08 19:55
Romania aSuSstar 
2018-06-08 18:50
Jmqa ez Clap
2018-06-08 18:51
Netherlands Suchknife 
2018-06-08 18:50
2018-06-08 18:51
NiKo | 
Austria Phil_1337 
2018-06-08 18:51
XigN | 
United States Plactus 
Oof rip
2018-06-08 18:51
Rip unlucko
2018-06-08 18:52
why would they?
2018-06-08 18:52
Lithuania Paulius_CS 
Kvik to imperial
2018-06-08 18:52
2018-06-08 18:52
Canada kRIZENj2k 
> Russians > Solving problems > "Together" pick one.
2018-06-08 18:52
France StickyRice 
QBF typical 2 weeks era team from CIS
2018-06-08 18:52
2018-06-08 18:52
QBF sold out
2018-06-08 18:52
bad PCs = bad form, excuses
2018-06-08 18:53
Russia skipster 
balblna has 80fps PC
2018-06-08 19:09
2018-06-08 19:35
2018-06-08 19:48
sXe | 
Russia Duzzle 
coach said in interview for MPKBK
2018-06-08 21:37
2018-06-08 21:51
sXe | 
Russia Duzzle 
poupai ih stikery, oni orgu skoro smenyat
2018-06-08 21:57
"You have not been able to play at the same level as you did at the ELEAGUE Major. Why is that? Are there any internal issues, or is it a matter of performance?" >Some of our players have bad PCs My sides
2018-06-08 18:55
Golden | 
Czech Republic _s0 
not enough money from stickers and major and matchfixing ofc LMAO
2018-06-08 18:57
"Some of our players have bad PCs," LUL
2018-06-08 18:57
>Some of our players have bad PCs wtf they made it to the major but they can't afford better PCs?
2018-06-08 18:58
expected from major legends
2018-06-08 18:59
Meanwhile at Cloud9
2018-06-08 18:59
Lekr0 | 
Peru synergy_ 
2018-06-08 19:31
"Bad PCs" Cmon bruh, you can't tell me that they didn't get at least few thousand dollars from Eleague for major quarter, no way they couldn't afford at least 250 fps machines.
2018-06-08 19:00
China yry666233 
2018-06-08 19:12
2018-06-08 19:33
United Kingdom FEodAL 
gogo faceit major winners
2018-06-08 19:35
Macau Bent0 
shitty excuse wtf bad pc, maybe talk with your org? gl anyway
2018-06-08 19:50
CIS Sforz 
top1 2019
2018-06-08 20:03
Norway JorgyZ 
QBF gets award for most inconsistent shit team in tier 3
2018-06-08 20:05
inb4 they actually make it again
2018-06-08 20:21
Turkey spaceSfanboi 
who cares. 3 of their players were on their days and they clearly are not anymore. hype train crashed hard
2018-06-08 21:27
f0rest | 
Russia 1.6 FTW 
Major legends bad pcs ayyyyyy
2018-06-08 21:47
Poland Kobel_ 
This, right? They made $35k there, what did they do with the money lul
2018-06-09 15:30
2018-06-09 19:40
Sweden skagge 
2018-06-11 19:01
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