CeRq: "I think I can show even more"

The big surprise of the first day of the ECS Season 5 Finals in London was NRG beating FaZe to move on to the semi finals. A big part of their succes has been the 18-year-old AWPer, Tsvetelin "CeRq" Dimitrov. We sat down with him to discuss his recent blossoming.

NRG continue their run of taking down big teams, recently beating Liquid in the quarter finals of StarSeries i-League Season 5 and now winning a convincing best-of-one against FaZe.

CeRq managed a 1.56 rating in the victory against a team consisting of some of his biggest heroes, sending them down to the lower bracket and an elimination match on day 2.

CeRq played a vital part in the victory against FaZe

We talked with the 18-year-old Bulgarian about his performances at StarSeries and at ECS:

I was watching Twitter while you guys were playing, and your name came up a lot. You've been turning up and showing off your talent, with your awping really being in focus. How do you feel about being the center of attention like that?

I don't really get affected by that. I'm just happy that people think I'm being good. I'm just glad that I'm actually playing with confidence, and not playing like I did before. Before, I had zero confidence and my hands were shaking, but now I'm doing better, and I think I can do even more. A month ago, I was coming into LANs and every morning I was thinking 'I really hope I perform well today', and now I show up and just play my game and I think that's helping me.

So as a young talent without much experience, how do you just make the switch like that? It seems like a hard thing to do - what happened?

I just got tired being bad on LAN. We were doing bad and I was blaming myself because I know I could play way better and I was just hoping I could show it. I guess I'm just emotional. Once we get rolling, and get in the lead, it helps a lot and I tend to cheer up everyone. But then, if we start losing, I go silent. I'm trying to work on that and my team is always there for me, cheering my up.

You seem like really anxious to shed your bad feelings in game and force yourself to cheer up. Do you think there is a limit to how much you can pressure yourself?

Actually I'm trying not to put pressure on myself or my teammates. Every time we play, we have this thing where daps (NRG’s in-game leader) just says 'guys, it's just a video game, just have fun', and that's how we've kept the pressure off ourselves recently and that's what's been helping us a lot.

You've been beating some pretty big names recently, like FaZe today, and you also took down Liquid at StarSeries. How does it feel to play against and beat this big teams?

It's actually crazy. FaZe and Liquid, those are players I've been looking up to for years. So being in the server with them and actually putting up a fight, or even beating them, is a really crazing feeling.

On the AWP'ing side, you're now taking on star players like GuardiaN. What's that like for an 18-year-old talent just recently beginning to show his form?

I'm a huge fanboy of GuardiaN, so it was great just getting to play with him. I really hope we get to play against each other more and that I can keep learning from him.

Bulgaria Tsvetelin 'CeRq' Dimitrov
Tsvetelin 'CeRq' Dimitrov
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
2018-06-08 22:44
khaos | 
Greece SneakPete 
2018-06-08 22:44
Paraguay imjustmau 
2018-06-08 22:45
2018-06-08 22:45
smooya | 
Austria shaakeh 
2018-06-08 22:50
Lol no
2018-06-08 22:49
Xyp9x | 
Russia wWOrry 
Completely with you he agrees
2018-06-08 22:46
Poland vzk 
2018-06-08 22:44
Sweden Unluko 
2018-06-08 22:44
eZ heaviest team in the tournament.
2018-06-09 08:15
Sweden Unluko 
+1 I it may very well be a NRG vs Astralis final lol
2018-06-09 11:17
But they don't stand a chance against them. Astralis is just out of earth right now
2018-06-09 21:34
Sweden Unluko 
jinxed it
2018-06-10 15:53
Doubt it. He'll be gone in a few months.
2018-06-08 22:45
Frankie | 
United States lybrel 
danM worshipper in 2018 LUL
2018-06-08 22:46
2018-06-08 22:47
2018-06-08 22:47
2018-06-08 22:47
2018-06-08 22:47
2018-06-08 22:47
2018-06-08 22:47
Nice internet my friend.
2018-06-08 22:58
Ahhaha ive never seen such a shit
2018-06-09 08:52
RapeN | 
Finland ENCEL 
It is because he is from Bulgaria
2018-06-09 09:05
2018-06-09 10:25
New Zealand onelover11 
2018-06-09 14:31
Is he gonna be died?
2018-06-09 00:04
2018-06-09 00:16
few months? he will be gone in the next game (Semi-finals) just watch ...
2018-06-09 10:00
kennyS | 
United Kingdom Pex15 
agree! for example like Ska and nifty :D
2018-06-09 16:53
Show your ass
2018-06-08 22:45
Ukraine ArtemXGOD 
2018-06-08 22:46
girL | 
CIS Sforz 
but only nohomo plz
2018-06-08 22:49
No homo no girls... I only fuck with angels and sometimes with your wife
2018-06-08 22:52
girL | 
CIS Sforz 
but I have only a husband
2018-06-09 01:41
Russia zovk 
top 1 team in US soon
2018-06-08 22:45
2018-06-08 22:45
United Kingdom SickaBoy 
yes if u take that shirt off you can show us another world
2018-06-08 22:46
Serbia VuleKindeR 
2018-06-08 22:46
Frankie | 
United States lybrel 
serbia 0-3 costa rica serbia 0-5 switzerland serbia 1-7 brazil
2018-06-08 22:48
Serbia VuleKindeR 
stfu mc donald cunt, na is a disgrace for humanity
2018-06-08 23:02
Top 3 world powers btw. Helped many countries btw. 2nd world leader in technology btw. CSGO wouldn't even be a thing if it wasn't for Valve or the developers who were from NA. Nt tho
2018-06-08 23:09
Serbia VuleKindeR 
Developers are from other countries who are living in america. Never gonna have more intelligent minds than Serbs, our guy Tesla invented power, you uneducated punk.
2018-06-08 23:12
he Croatian nigga
2018-06-08 23:19
Serbia VuleKindeR 
Nice one!
2018-06-08 23:21
you got mad because he said serbia will lose all wc matches?? They will tho
2018-06-08 23:47
Serbia VuleKindeR 
I mean, it's true after all xd But when an american says something like that i get triggered.
2018-06-08 23:52
Frankie | 
United States lybrel 
Jebaited btw USA has won the last 45/45 national football league super bowls u jelly? also serbia soccer LUL
2018-06-09 00:22
2018-06-10 16:35
Cringe Serbia isnt top country, its ok and u must feel proud of it, but just saying random stupid things shows the iq of these "serbs"
2018-06-09 00:13
Serbia VuleKindeR 
Ye sure, get informed a little first, before saying something like this. It is a a fact.
2018-06-09 00:40
France spotted_x 
serbs are very intelligent espacially during july 1995
2018-06-09 14:08
Developers were born and raised in America. nt though.
2018-06-09 03:08
Serbia VuleKindeR 
Ye, the newer ones.
2018-06-09 12:39
No. Literally the developers of CSGO and Gabe Newell ( Founder of Valve ) are born and raised in America. Please do your research before you speak...
2018-06-09 20:56
Serbia VuleKindeR 
I didn't meant for cs:go, i meant in general, there are a lot of Serbs who are big developers.
2018-06-09 22:07
as he says that on his american operated computer, on american invented internet, on a site talking about an american invented game.
2018-06-09 02:04
Serbia VuleKindeR 
Who invented the fucking power, ay cunt?
2018-06-09 12:39
Power through electricity was founded in America.
2018-06-09 20:56
Serbia VuleKindeR 
No, Edison invented the direct current which wasn't so good and couldn't transfer power too far, but Tesla invented alternating current which could easily transfer power wherever they wanted.
2018-06-09 22:10
Edison still held the patent for the machine that he made together with Tesla. They worked together but Edison had first used Electricity for power, he just couldn't transfer it far enough but with the help of Tesla they created a way to transfer this electricity as far as they needed
2018-06-10 15:54
Serbia VuleKindeR 
Haha, nice one! Edison scammed Tesla for the project, he offered him a lot of money for the same one. After Tesla gave him the project idea and what not, he did not gave him the money. Tesla then started working as a road work so he can survive.
2018-06-10 22:41
pretty accurate tbh, but cmon Brazil is not that good anymore
2018-06-09 05:10
Xyp9x | 
Germany l9nkz 
mad cuz he rekt faze with ease?
2018-06-08 22:59
Serbia VuleKindeR 
He might be good, but never gonna be better vs niko or olof <3
2018-06-08 23:08
ok man as you say.
2018-06-08 23:53
2018-06-09 01:27
Crn crn just a noob
2018-06-08 22:46
babyface virgin
2018-06-08 22:46
Poland Oleczeq 
2018-06-08 22:59
Other |v1bes| 
2018-06-08 22:46
Bulgaria BlindBG11 
bik boi <3
2018-06-08 22:46
Sri Lanka stalingodynwa 
2018-06-08 22:46
My boi doin' big boiz thingz over here!
2018-06-08 22:47
he hardly missed. I have seen Kennys and Jw on fire miss more then he did. no one is that accurate ever.
2018-06-08 22:47
Bulgaria nrgtop1 
Best NA AWPer
2018-06-08 22:52
this fat kid playing good
2018-06-08 22:53
World Nydhogg 
Bulgaria carrying NA CS
2018-06-08 22:54
How nrg spotted his talent? All the way from bulgaria? Wtf?
2018-06-08 22:55
HLTV stats
2018-06-08 22:56
2018-06-08 22:56
Cerq aka Lil JW
2018-06-08 22:58
„I just got tired being bad on LAN” and then I turned on cheats LUL no srsly tho he's promising. Might be one of the most talented players ever
2018-06-08 22:58
France cedd 
NRG have two players that ppl considered to be bots, daps and fugly. look at them now. setting up their teammates to really shine and provide a good structure. nice job NRG, awesome team.
2018-06-08 23:00
Daps is their igl lol
2018-06-09 08:57
Coffee | 
Netherlands p2dr 
In my opinion, ImaPet has a lot to do with it, always improves teams somehow
2018-06-09 09:10
Germany uRaguuu 
show ur belly
2018-06-08 23:00
Xaxaxa wanted to say same :D
2018-06-08 23:10
>Looking up to Liquid Just like when AnJ said he looked up to NRG. Things people never said lol
2018-06-08 23:09
are you retarded? you don't have to answer btw
2018-06-09 02:06
I'm NA. You're NA. So we both have extra chromosomes
2018-06-09 15:59
2018-06-08 23:12
i think you have very lucky game Mr,Cerq
2018-06-08 23:15
Good luck in the future!
2018-06-08 23:16
Xyp9x | 
Asia B15HOP 
Really talented kid. Definitely can reach KENNYS' or GUARDIAN's level.
2018-06-08 23:42
Denmark eoNs! 
Kennys is a garbage rn
2018-06-09 06:53
Ukraine TimaSicK 
he is saying that he can reach garbage level or god level
2018-06-09 08:57
Bulgaria d0peY1 
lmao nice one
2018-06-09 09:14
2018-06-09 00:05
liTTle | 
CIS Dowa) 
open bob
2018-06-09 00:05
yea show titties or gtfo
2018-06-09 00:07
Brazil BuddyINSANE 
Humble boy! Congratz, you def deserve it! We smart, we loyal, we friendly, we are from BRAZIL! Kreygasm
2018-06-09 00:17
United States soggydollars 
NRG aint losing any of these players. Loaded with cash and taking over the NA CS GO scene. As the clouds fade away.......
2018-06-09 01:04
Bulgaria vectralsoul 
Reference game on point
2018-06-09 02:01
Hiko | 
Turkey vVoLF07 
no you cant cuz you are bulgarian
2018-06-09 02:18
jasonR | 
Bulgaria tfinc 
nt kebab
2018-06-09 23:32
Hiko | 
Turkey vVoLF07 
dai mi stotinki be bate xD
2018-06-10 01:58
United States xiquo 
yea boi! spread your wings and show the world what you can do KappaPride.
2018-06-09 04:05
Iran Xanbibi 
look at this fat fuck hes adorable lmao
2018-06-09 04:15
CeRq | 
Netherlands insanik 
Stay humble
2018-06-09 04:16
China haskell_cg 
God performance in CT with awper, unexpected
2018-06-09 05:17
Usually a hater on this onliner but he did well in group stage of LAN tournament so I'm not going to say anything negative, gl in future.
2018-06-09 05:26
this kid tells us “work hard until your idols become your rivals”
2018-06-09 08:06
show bobs and vegana
2018-06-09 08:08
he is ugly AF, but playin good if not cheatin
2018-06-09 08:10
you can't cheat on LAN...
2018-06-09 08:24
are you say they usin vac secured servers?
2018-06-09 08:24
nah they're using more secure servers ;)
2018-06-09 08:25
vac is the bestest dude. ask gaben
2018-06-09 08:27
sounds like a good guy. lul @ bashing his appearance
2018-06-09 09:42
United States Grabboid 
Get on a treadmill kid.
2018-06-09 09:57
2018-06-09 13:29
Like him. good stuff .
2018-06-09 11:30
Show us baby
2018-06-09 11:50
The new JW
2018-06-09 13:29
He has more talent in his arm fat then 99% of HLTV users.
2018-06-09 14:41
World Nydhogg 
What more can he do? Decimate enemies just by the look? He's already barely misses a shot
2018-06-10 02:02
Humble CeRq <3
2018-06-10 10:47
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