CS:GO update with CZ-75, M4A1-S, Mirage changes

June 13th, 2018 00:54

The game's latest update sees the base damage of the CZ-75 lowered, M4A1-S receive additional ammo and Mirage changed slightly.

The CZ-75 update sees the automatic pistol receive a small nerf in base damage, from 33 to 31, meaning that a headshot against an armored opponent will no longer be lethal at any distances.

Two other guns were changed slightly, the M4A1-S additional ammo has been increased from 40 to 60 (80 in total), and the MP7's price was reduced from $1700 to $1500.

Alongside miscellaneous fixes to the game, two maps have been updated, Canals and Mirage. The latter has received a large number of minor changes, with the removal of the skybox the most interesting one for competitive play.

ESL One Belo Horizonte, which kicks off tomorrow, will not be using this CS:GO update, but the older version (, ESL's official clarified on Twitter.

You can find the full release notes for the 6/12/2018 patch below:

– Reduced base damage of the CZ75a from 33 to 31 (a single shot is no longer lethal against a helmeted opponent).
– Increased reserve ammo for the M4A1-S from 40 to 60, to provide some additional utility without impacting brief engagements.
– Reduced price of the MP7 from $1700 to $1500.

– Game servers will no longer print their public IP address in response to “status” command from clients.
– Unsealed graffiti items can now be deleted.
– Fixed a bug where looping sounds playing from dormant entities could play briefly before switching off.

– Removed skybox limitations
– Updated some landmark art
– Lowered skillceiling to get into apartments from T spawn
– Banked corner in hallway leading to A site scaffolding
– Removed ladder near entrance to apartments from T spawn, replaced with boxes
– Removed broken corner near van in bombsite B
– Improved visibility from T side of mid towards A connector (removed dark background door inside connector)
– Improved visibility from CT stairs towards T ramp in bombsite A (removed dark background door inside ramp)
– Disabled bullet collision on vertical fence columns in mid
– Removed wooden pillars at bottom of mid
– Fixed some player collision bugs

– Redesigned T approach to B site through alley, with split entrances
– Improved visibility of players against the scaffolding near A
– Removed ability to stand on top of doorframe at CT stairs to B
– Other minor bug fixes and improvements

rain | 
Norway Norsk 
nice update, finally its cs:go and not cz:go
2018-06-13 00:54
Thorin | 
Netherlands RafV 
FINALLY GJ valve I have to say they are doing a pretty good job lately
2018-06-13 00:56
mOE | 
Palestine zwe 
2018-06-13 00:56
What is that supposed to mean? I know about panorama but what are you trying to show?
2018-06-13 00:59
Germany Trip1909 
means they might be getting ready to pish panorama in what could be the near future. just a lot of mights and ifs so i don't get why people get overly excited already. afterall it's been 685 days since panorama was announced lmao timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20..
2018-06-13 02:57
Yeah, but at least it's something, so I get why all the hype
2018-06-13 03:04
Austria shaakeh 
2018-06-13 06:56
no one cares about csgo...
2018-06-13 13:36
you know that one of the devs said in may that they hadnt yet started with panorama on servers and demoui so they havent started anything to do with gameplay
2018-06-13 17:17
So that means theyve added some files of the panorama ui to the game with this update?
2018-06-13 01:03
Portugal nakbarone 
2018-06-13 04:31
Sweden C0P_t 
Dev actually listens. Now where is the source 2 update
2018-06-13 00:58
United Kingdom nimmyjeutron 
IKR, killing the skin market
2018-06-13 01:02
TaZ | 
Poland DraggerPL 
Battle royal pushes too hard so they have ti
2018-06-13 01:04
2018-06-13 01:29
2018-06-13 07:58
United Kingdom PizzeH 
fuck the CZ
2018-06-13 00:57
Quite a weak "big update" tho.
2018-06-13 00:57
Cz fix and M4 ammo were like the 2 biggest concerns??????
2018-06-13 01:05
Who cares about A1-S ammo when fire rate is still dog shit? No one is going to switch from A4 to A1 with this buff, people who were dumb enough to keep A1-S will be a little less useless now I guess. CZ is quite a big nerf I admit, time will tell how the meta changes, more deacos or more saves?
2018-06-13 01:10
Ur an idiot lol and clearly don't grasp what the a1s is used for
2018-06-13 03:27
Y'all are fucking triggered and none of you were able to tell me in what scenario the A1-S is better than the A4. Because the answer is almost none, it's just not good enough and there is no reason to have it instead of an A4
2018-06-13 10:57
its silent, it doesnt have bullet tracers.
2018-06-13 20:37
If they make the tec-9 silenced will you ditch the CZ?
2018-06-13 20:39
" none of you were able to tell me in what scenario the A1-S is better than the A4" i just told u something where the a4 doesnt compare and im sure u can think of many scenarios where these advantages would be great to have. didnt fuckin say pro players or good players in general should use it did i? the point is: the a1 has distinct advantages over the a4 where the a4 doesnt even compare. whether u value those advantages highly enough to pick it over the a4 is questionable, but there are reasons for it.
2018-06-13 20:42
I'll try to list the specifics of each gun based on my experience and what other people said. The A4's burst is amazing, the spray pattern is wide but fairly simple to manage, the fire rate is the same as the AK, the accuracy is absolutely on par with the A1-S on 90% of the maps and it has loads of ammo. The A1-S has a very tight spray pattern so now with the ammo buff you can sort of spray through smokes more reliably I guess that's nice on some maps (another guy told me it's good for Nuke outside for example), the silencer can be good because if you're far enough you won't hear it shoot at all, it doesn't have any tracers (which comes into play now that you have enough ammo to spam, it was insignificant before IMO), the first shot accuracy is insane, I'm not sure but I think the inaccuracy decay is shorter than the A4's (that could be bullshit). I personally play mainly cache, inferno, overpass and mirage and maybe apart from mirage the A4 is a no brainer for me and even on mirage the A4 is absolutely capable of doing as good a job as the A1-S which can't be said the other way around on the other maps I play.
2018-06-13 21:03
why the fuck would u list all this bullshit thats clear anyway? look everyone knows the a4 is superior in straight up gun battles. all i said is that there is an aspect about the a1 where the a4 is clearly outmatched and "doesnt even compare". u need to decide how highly u rate that aspect compared to the inferiority in gun battles. what u or me use is not even interesting bcs were shit players and for shit players its about preference. pro players are a different story bcs u can expect them to easily master the mechanics of the a4, which are slightly harder than those of the a1 but that isnt even a factor on pro play since like i said theyre gonna master it anyway.
2018-06-13 22:25
The only aspect where the a1 wins is when you are hiding in a bombsite and you want to get 1 kill.After that you will be dead.If terroist do b rush you are screwed.M4a1 and ak47 have same fire rate.But ak47 has higher damage.The m4a4 has a higher firerate which compensates for its less damage than ak47.M4a1 is not at all viable in any situation except if you only wan to get 1 easy kill.The m4a4 on the other hand is easier to control since its similer to the ak47.Silencer doesent even matter in pro matches and higher ranks since you cant always hide in the bombsites.M4a4 has ton of ammo so ez spraying through smoke.You give your position away but you can switch it.
2018-06-14 07:44
this must be the dumbest shit ive read all day. "The only aspect where the a1 wins is when you are hiding in a bombsite and you want to get 1 kill.After that you will be dead." bullshit. ".If terroist do b rush you are screwed." l2p fucker ".The m4a4 has a higher firerate which compensates for its less damage than ak47" it doesnt, the m4a4 is not even close to as good as the ak. "M4a1 is not at all viable in any situation except if you only wan to get 1 easy kill." complete bullshit. ".The m4a4 on the other hand is easier to control since its similer to the ak47." wrong. "Silencer doesent even matter in pro matches and higher ranks since you cant always hide in the bombsites." what the fuck have u been smoking u dumbfuck?
2018-06-14 19:37
M4A1-S is not that bad cuz if you play for headshots then you will win every duel
2018-06-13 08:52
Oh because with the A4 if you play for headshots you can't do that? BTW if you're not playing against bots playing for headshots doesn't mean you will win every duel at all. When I say the A1-S is shit it's not objectively shit, if there wasn't the A4 it would be fine but there is the A4 and it's much better.
2018-06-13 11:00
But if you play some map you must be 100% accurate (Nuke) then A1-S is very good because if you are spaming through the smoke at long range then 7 seconds and 2 frags and mostly all rushing enemys will get some damage but if you short controlled burst then no difference between these 2 M4's
2018-06-13 11:24
Understandable, I don't play nuke so I'll have to trust you on that one.
2018-06-13 11:26
But still I play on A site with M4A4 cuz I don't want to get reports anymore EDIT : I've got 5 reports because I was spamming the smoke and I killed 2
2018-06-13 11:34
Sweden Sexicano 
I hope you realize that being reported won't do anything unless you're actually cheating.
2018-06-13 12:55
But after that reports (For spamming through the smoke with M4A1-S) I've got match vs cheater
2018-06-13 13:17
Malaysia Aggress1on- 
A4 will always be better atm .
2018-06-13 12:14
> always > atm Pick one
2018-06-14 23:40
Finland Smoonah 
2018-06-13 08:59
I have always favour M4A1-S over m4. If uu cant handle it, that dosent make it a shit gun :)
2018-06-13 09:01
2018-06-13 09:11
second that
2018-06-13 10:36
Nobody cares about your preferences, if you don't want to use the better gun it's up to you.
2018-06-13 11:01
Better gun? You think it's factual your opinion? Oh boi you are very wrong. Both weapons are situational and suit different play styles. I know this because I have tried it myself. The M4A4 is an offensive weapon. It makes noise, has a lot of ammo so you can deal with people who might be charging towards you or you can go and take a position that you think the Terrorists will most likely use. The M4A1-S, in the other hand, is very stealthy. The long range silenced shots do make a difference for you and the Ts. For instance, if they have been smoked and they are being shot at, it's hard for them to analyze where the sound comes from and for the user is good because you can shoot at them while not being easily detected. in Poor words, it's suited for a defensive player, who will hide in spots that are a bit further away and less known for the enemy. In conclusion. use whateaver makes you feel more comfortable, but do remember that both weapons are suited for different situations and different users. I personally use both depending on where I am playing. for example, I play with the M4A4 in inferno since a lot of players tend to push Banana in Inferno and I always play B. While in Mirage, I tend to use the M4A1-S because I can then smoke T ramp and be able to hide somewhere far so I can shoot at the enemy while not being heared.
2018-06-13 13:02
everyone can handle the m4a1s
2018-06-13 14:59
my point excatly ^^
2018-06-13 16:17
United States ascendaNt_88 
2018-06-13 10:31
smooya | 
United Kingdom TemA_ 
It'll still take the same amount of shots to kill though in most situations. I don't think this will make that big of a difference to be honest
2018-06-13 00:59
Lekr0 | 
United States Lin00 
Inb4 an update later and they make the base dmg 40 because people complained
2018-06-13 00:59
Portugal ron4r 
It's still overpowered bro... They should've also lowered the ammo or reduce the precision whilst running.
2018-06-13 01:01
United Kingdom XNL 
The gun already has a small amount of ammo. Reducing the damage will make a big enough of a difference.
2018-06-13 01:05
+1, like when people said they should have nerfed the UMP harder but now almost no one uses it. People use the CZ because it can 1v1 a rifle, if it can't then people won't use it that's it.
2018-06-13 01:12
United Kingdom XNL 
2018-06-13 01:17
wtf everyone still uses ump
2018-06-13 01:22
United Kingdom XNL 
You see a lot of people using the MP9 and MAC-10 - there's a bit more variation in the selection of SMGs.
2018-06-13 01:26
vs eco yes, but on force, ump is preferable chouce among pros
2018-06-13 01:26
United Kingdom XNL 
I beg to differ. You'll find pros will go for the FAMAS or Galil, the UMP will only be purchased if the money is super low.
2018-06-13 01:28
United Kingdom XNL 
Here's a quick example for you that the FAMAS and Galil are purchased/used more than the UMP. In the Moche XL final with HR vs. SK - there were 21 FAMAS or Galil kills, while there were only 5 UMP kills.
2018-06-13 01:49
more reliable stats, famas and galil are irrelevant on a larger scale hltv.org/stats?event=3460 cz had same % of usage as ump, mp9 and dgl combined, scary stats
2018-06-13 02:14
Congrats ur own stats show more mp9 use than ump rip argument
2018-06-13 03:29
#130, mp9 vs eco, ump on forcebuys vs fully armored opponents, read for gods sake
2018-06-13 03:30
Against armor UMP is trash at middle range since the nerf, so if you're gonna play close range might as well buy a CZ
2018-06-13 11:04
United Kingdom XNL 
If you look at this trend: 12 month stats: hltv.org/stats?startDate=2017-06-13&endD.. 6 month stats: hltv.org/stats?startDate=2017-12-13&endD.. 3 month stats: hltv.org/stats?startDate=2018-03-13&endD.. You can see that over 12 months the use of the UMP has dropped by almost 1.5%, while the FAMAS has slightly increased. The UMP is becoming less and less favoured.
2018-06-13 13:31
Not even remotely everyone and even if they do it's not to the extent of needing another nerf because it's as strong as it should be (although MP7 Price change will probably kill it)
2018-06-13 01:27
United States SmokaDaWeEDs 
They do?
2018-06-13 01:30
Portugal ron4r 
Even after this nerf the cz can still 1v1 a rifle, I mean, if it were nerfed properly there should be some pro players prefering the tec 9 or the five-seven over the cz, I doubt that'll happen since it's still better than both. Let's say we keep the same ammo, reducing the extreme precision while running would be a good way to make it a more skill wise weapon and not a force buy hero pistol.
2018-06-13 13:40
I agree as well as many other people that the base damage wasn't necessarily the issue however the meta will take time before it changes and it's important to add that most people ditched the 5-7 and tec-9 almost immediately after the nerf so there is going to be a learning curve. I don't think the tec-9 will come back because its one single advantage is running accuracy but the inaccuracy decay after you shoot is way too long. The 5-7 could very well be popular again I think.
2018-06-13 14:09
Its still the same bullshit
2018-06-13 01:24
2018-06-13 02:45
Rip skins
2018-06-13 03:10
India swast1k36 
Make. M4a1s great again
2018-06-13 05:04
xDDDDDD CZ:GO nice pun my friend
2018-06-13 12:57
s1mple | 
Indonesia vancyl 
rip cz-75
2018-06-13 13:44
Yet we wait for background noise from trains on overpass!
2018-06-13 17:48
Brazil Fallenzera__SK 
2018-06-13 00:54
Sweden Dino1 
– Reduced price of the MP7 from $1700 to $1500. ChrisJ masturbaiting rn
2018-06-13 01:07
Press F for UMP, it had its time :'(
2018-06-13 01:13
+1 I always loved the MP7 cause it's decent at medium-long range
2018-06-13 01:24
Yes, the first shots are very close together + running accuracy is good. If you catch a rifler off guard you can easily 1v1 him at mid range.
2018-06-13 01:32
If you are good aimer you can land a headshot from long range
2018-06-13 08:55
Yeah but it won't do much lol Edit: against armor
2018-06-13 11:05
2 one taps and enemy is down Try on Lake when your enemy is in CT spawn EDIT : 2 one taps into head without helmet it's only one tap
2018-06-13 11:28
India MistaJ 
2018-06-13 00:54
Brazil coldzao2 
– Lowered skillceiling to get into apartments from T spawn was that hard?
2018-06-13 01:30
I think it's a troll
2018-06-13 01:33
France Ghoul98 
yeah talking about the typical "why did u jumped u fucker ? Now you blocked us" when smbdy blocked the team before apps
2018-06-13 01:59
Yes very hard
2018-06-13 10:13
s1mple | 
Europe SQXZAF 
2018-06-13 00:54
FalleN | 
Poland Snoozie1 
2018-06-13 00:54
OMG ye baby
2018-06-13 00:54
Turkey darknight53 
What ??
2018-06-13 00:54
Sweden aer1aL 
heeeeellz yea
2018-06-13 00:54
Portugal manuhcruz 
2018-06-13 00:54
Turkey Aeon6002 
2018-06-13 00:55
Brazil 16|0 
MP7 new meta?
2018-06-13 00:55
kinda, it's strong
2018-06-13 02:46
nah, rather buy a ump+smoke than an mp7
2018-06-13 06:48
United Kingdom arsehole 
“108 damage in 9 hits”
2018-06-13 09:37
On close angles ump, on longer ranges mp7
2018-06-13 13:00
HeatoN | 
Russia rassvet 
finally, they fixed a bunch of annoying shit on mirage and buffed my lovely m4a1-s <3
2018-06-13 00:55
I know right!? I loved that rifle, but the lack of ammunition stopped me from using it, and picking it up from a corpse was almost suicidal.
2018-06-13 04:41
I still use it, kill an enemy and take his AK xd
2018-06-13 08:02
Was using it all the way through
2018-06-13 09:06
Norway vargvikernes 
Too late
2018-06-13 00:55
2018-06-13 00:55
2018-06-13 00:55
Emd of cz go era
2018-06-13 00:56
i arent think that cz is still good, from the last ~hours of expirience cz is still retarded, mirage feels so good to play now, it's brighter and very clear
2018-06-13 02:47
United Kingdom Dimwit 
Dunno why people think the CZ is balanced now. It’s still a 4 shot kill automatic pistol, and it’s still pretty accurate
2018-06-13 09:37
Yes, exactly cz shoul have been nerfed more with 5-7 and deagle, deagle is supposed to be high risk-high reward pistol but you just spam it and get a kill
2018-06-13 12:02
Ireland TGC_ 
I mean.. This nerf to the cz won't do much... Its still a fucking $500 cz
2018-06-13 00:55
"a headshot against an armored opponent will no longer be lethal at any distance" it's a step in the right direction who knows how it will effect things...
2018-06-13 00:57
It never was lethal really, you had to be literally touching the enemy to 1 tap with it against armor and even then, it was unlikely.
2018-06-13 01:27
Sweden C0P_t 
RiP Force Buy
2018-06-13 00:55
Just get good with deag tho.
2018-06-13 01:14
or don't u can run and gun with deagle lel i hope they fix that
2018-06-13 02:48
u can run and gun with everything lol so annoying to get 1 tapped by fucking sonic
2018-06-13 03:17
JW | 
United States VeryGodGuy 
2018-06-13 04:56
Dominican Republic Jetskee 
It depends on the distance and if they counterstrafe or not
2018-06-13 06:22
+1, although i think deagle should be nerfed (with 5-7)
2018-06-13 12:05
Oh no now you have to actually aim instead of relying on RNG :(
2018-06-13 01:34
RNG? No one actually sprays with CZ, when its not close range
2018-06-13 02:12
United States Custer99 
Insane lol
2018-06-13 00:55
United Kingdom Fizzhaz 
2018-06-13 00:55
Lekr0 | 
Peru synergy_ 
2018-06-13 00:55
mp7 underrated before now meta
2018-06-13 00:55
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
Nice update... It's about time Valve updated this game and it's a good, much needed update.
2018-06-13 00:55
jOELZ | 
Finland TiltedAF 
I totally agree dear Jonty, Have a nice evening with a fine glass of wine. Good night sir.
2018-06-13 01:03
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
Most efficacious. Thank you for your reply, friend. Have a good day.
2018-06-13 01:04
shox | 
Norway fen0m 
have a bad day Jonty!
2018-06-13 17:28
Cyprus Swishh_ 
Agreed, would like to see the cz get abit more nerfed though
2018-06-13 01:03
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
Well this is true to a certain extent, but at least it's been improved overall.
2018-06-13 01:05
Cyprus Swishh_ 
Yup, it does look like a step in the right direction. Good night.
2018-06-13 01:06
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
Have a good night, friend. :) <3
2018-06-13 01:06
I still think the price should be 600$ or more but i agree, a much needed update
2018-06-13 03:15
Denmark Muamelele 
keeping it like this and making it $600 would actually be a good idea
2018-06-13 16:25
Maybe you'll be back to CS:GO again Jonty, at least you'll have more reasons to do so now.
2018-06-13 09:37
2018-06-13 00:55
Rip C-Z: GO, i will miss 1tap from cz
2018-06-13 00:55
Finland EdiEz 
2018-06-13 00:55
2018-06-13 00:55
Argentina roulettesoad 
wow valve actually caring about his game.. shame this should've happened two years ago
2018-06-13 00:56
32# lol
2018-06-13 00:56
Greenland AkiKleist 
Care? More like paying attention a little and returning their focus back to dota 2, it is Valve real child, while CSGO is that needy adopted child they don't really want to give some attention
2018-06-13 02:43
the ammo thing with a1 should have happened 3 years ago...
2018-06-13 00:56
Turkey Mertcursed 
2018-06-13 00:56
k0nfig | 
Turkey aesky 
wait wtfffffff volvo listening to community no wayyyy
2018-06-13 00:56
It is new i know
2018-06-13 09:07
Great update, thx vulva
2018-06-13 00:56
Germany Benjir_V1 
yes +1 why not advertising apples anymore?
2018-06-13 00:58
I still do, but I think I should use a reduced version for comments
2018-06-13 01:01
Germany Benjir_V1 
very nice good luck to you man
2018-06-13 01:01
Thanks, you too m8
2018-06-13 01:02
Poland Astoner55 
An actual good update LOL
2018-06-13 00:57
fer | 
Portugal joao_kappa 
2018-06-13 01:07
Spain JasonRacism 
Need to nerf CZ even more tbh
2018-06-13 00:57
Spain xHipeRzZ14 
They reduce the damage and it has only 24 bullets in total Maybe theu should nerf the precission while running but nothing more
2018-06-13 08:42
Poland b7ack0ut 
2018-06-13 00:57
Boombl4 | 
Estonia Rifyy 
Fucking finally cz nerf
2018-06-13 00:57
Argentina GonzaPines 
Rip czgo
2018-06-13 00:57
Brazil The_Merchant 
[GAMEPLAY] Expected [MISC] Expected [MAPS] Unexpected
2018-06-13 00:58
Russia Nikosimus 
Finally, ffs, that CZ is so annoying At least something
2018-06-13 00:58
Finally no more "cz:go" in twitch chat, really nice update over all
2018-06-13 00:58
Poland 0VERATED 
2018-06-13 00:58
bring back og m4a1-s i wanna feel this again
2018-06-13 00:58
It was really fucking OP though
2018-06-13 01:15
cz nerfed, panorama coming soon neat
2018-06-13 00:58
Poland Marcines 
its good but i dont play cs go anymore
2018-06-13 00:58
2018-06-13 00:58
thank you! I think the CZ will need to be nurfed futher and I still won't be using the m4a1-s but maybe some will swap (I hope)
2018-06-13 00:59
2018-06-13 00:59
mixwell | 
Spain loviac 
2018-06-13 00:59
cz nerf - meh a1s buff - noice
2018-06-13 00:59
right after i quit game... thx valvula
2018-06-13 00:59
Portugal dracø 
Better late than never
2018-06-13 01:00
Finally, thx volvo
2018-06-13 01:00
funny how not a single person complained about cz75 when tec9 and 5 7 were good, but now they are complaining like crazy
2018-06-13 01:00
+1, dis community is insane, one kid says that cz still op, and whole community start complainin. And i remember the period when after cz nerfs people complainin how useless cz is lmao
2018-06-13 04:52
rah | 
United Kingdom rah(-_-) 
That's because the community isn't one person. Different people have different opinions.
2018-06-13 05:18
NiKo | 
India BCaddict 
Hahaha this will be interesting
2018-06-13 01:00
Lithuania KoksSkirtumas 
New meta soon.
2018-06-13 01:00
finally a good update!
2018-06-13 01:01
thank god
2018-06-13 01:02
India cap7ainskull 
I expected the clip size to increase to 25 Welp
2018-06-13 01:02
Kazakhstan DanabekAlt 
so they just giving20 more bullets ? instead of 30 b mag ?:/ m1a4 still better
2018-06-13 01:02
Denmark monroEski 
I agree
2018-06-13 01:05
m1a4 ? us army abrams tank version 4 wow 3 isnt still out...
2018-06-13 01:17
France Ghoul98 
lmao turn cs into fucking battlefield
2018-06-13 02:02
New CSGO meta, CTs get tank, Ts get Toyota pickup trucks, It's about as balanced as Valve will get
2018-06-13 02:05
Truly a revolutionary game
2018-06-13 04:11
Ukraine petruska 
+ it's new skinz Tank azimov
2018-06-13 13:11
"– Lowered skillceiling to get into apartments from T spawn" People who weren't "Skilled" enough to walk up the wooden platform into appts deserve their own version of counter-strike so the rest of us don't need to witness their handicap.
2018-06-13 01:03
2018-06-13 01:06
Germany simbrero 
there were enough idiots who thought it would be necessary to jump up there :D
2018-06-13 01:14
Well on the old one you had to jump at the very top of the ramp that connects to apps which was annoying. I'm glad they smoothed it out and made it all stairs
2018-06-13 01:23
No, no you didn't need to jump. All you needed to do was run the entire way up. The version where you needed to jump was updated over a year ago. You are one of the people who needs your own version of the game.
2018-06-13 01:25
???? are you dumb? you need to jump because there is a ledge
2018-06-13 01:41
Stop baiting please.
2018-06-13 01:48
That ledge on Valve Mirage was changed to be an invisible ramp over 3 years ago. Only in the original Mirage or the very early versions of Valve mirage you needed to jump to get to apps. For the past 3 years you didn't need to jump over the ledge, you only needed to run up it.
2018-06-13 02:08
United States Hosch 
I mean at least there'll be less blocking on rushes
2018-06-13 01:45
India Jan7Y 
2018-06-13 01:04
Denmark monroEski 
Looks like a really good update!
2018-06-13 01:05
eyy finally giving my m4a1s some ammo.. took you like 3years LUL
2018-06-13 01:05
Get a soul and equip the A4 so you won't lose your team rounds by dropping this shit pea shooter to people who are used to a weapon that can actually 1v1 an AK or a p250 for that matter
2018-06-13 01:18
if you can't handle a1.. FeelsBadMan
2018-06-13 11:07
I'm not gonna spend my time getting better with a gun that's weaker than its other option in almost every way. Valve should have never added the A1-S (or should have had A1-S instead of A4 to begin with then never add A4 I don't care)
2018-06-13 11:12
if they increased mag size to 30 to A1-S instead 20 i would picked it up but only increases ammo count does not make a really big impact :( so i will still stick with m4
2018-06-13 17:12
ammo is not the problem rate of fire is the problem. When it had a good rof no one complained about ammo and it was absolutely dominant in the pro scene
2018-06-16 12:16
Sweden Bangs 
U cant 1v1 an AK with the a1?
2018-06-13 12:27
That was kind of a troll but you really are at a big disadvantage compared to an A4, also it's so annoying on anti ecos because the low fire rate makes it harder to spray moving targets
2018-06-13 12:31
Sweden Bangs 
Guess thats preference then because the lower fire rate makes it easier to both spray and spray transfer on moving targets for me atleast
2018-06-13 15:55
Sweden godname 
2018-06-13 01:08
Turkey ozzy4128 
2018-06-13 01:09
2018-06-13 01:09
Sweden stenvaar 
nice update volvo
2018-06-13 01:13
You will see, now people will use p250 meta, its really strong pistol, inc crying VALVE NERF p250, problem is in fking MOVEMENT ACCURACY, its too damn high, with pistols you just hold W and spam mouse 1 you will hit all shots, thats the real problem, not damage model
2018-06-13 01:13
+1 stocking up on Sand Dunes for when people realise the new meta and prices skyrocket
2018-06-13 02:00
France Ghoul98 
2018-06-13 02:03
Ukraine petruska 
thats why i hate five seven
2018-06-13 13:15
Hungary raffai 
Interesting update
2018-06-13 01:15
m4a1-s kinda back
2018-06-13 01:15
2018-06-13 01:27
roman | 
Palestine ndr[o] 
2018-06-13 03:42
gj valve ! later better than never !
2018-06-13 01:15
There is not a single bad change in this update I'm just floored
2018-06-13 01:15
Denmark Xipingu 
“Graffiti can now be deleted” Look Valve... Nobody with a fucking brain asked for that. Stop wasting your time -.-
2018-06-13 01:16
Switzerland codplayer 
i think some lineups for smokes got fucked by graffities sometimes (sign on overpass - smoke from outside bathrooms to A)
2018-06-13 07:46
dude... they mean delete them from your inventory like the cases....
2018-06-13 08:24
2018-06-13 09:39
With a brain you would understand
2018-06-13 11:29
Denmark Xipingu 
Stop defending worthless updates, sheep.
2018-06-13 11:32
You don't even understand that patch note, dummy.
2018-06-13 11:39
Denmark Xipingu 
0/8, go back to elementary.
2018-06-13 11:42
Fucking stupid, or what?
2018-06-13 12:20
Denmark Xipingu 
I could ask you the same question, since what you wrote first makes no sense.
2018-06-14 22:42
Poland Kobel_ 
2018-06-13 01:16
Just tried it, czgo still op, 3 bullets needed instead of 2, still quick fire rate and accuracy, just run and gun... m4a1-s not really buffed, still wont be used by majority
2018-06-13 01:19
Xyp9x | 
Portugal CRMN1 
Looks like everyone is getting a bit over excited about the CZ "nerf". The CZ was (is) OP to a point that reducing 2 points of damage won't stop those eco upsets from happening. Sure there's no more 1 shot headshot capability but the CZ wasn't a gun built for tapping and even if you only hit the first bullet and die afterwards, you leave the enemy on red hp. If you eventually get to fire multiple bullets, you'll only need ONE additional bullet to kill. That'll have very little impact in my eyes and I don't think people will stop complaining about it very soon. The real CZ nerf that'd actually balance this pistol and not make it so much better than the others would be reducing the rate of fire by a little bit and increasing the recoil, also by a little bit. People would eventually start tapping with it as well, offering more variety to the gun and it wouldn't be as deadly as it is now that it fires just way too rapidly.
2018-06-13 01:24
Finland xcel 
The fire rate is fine. Whats the point nerfing it more, when the point of an automatic pistol is the fire rate? And who would buy cz to just tap away when p250 does the same thing with 300$ and 100% kill bonus. I didnt even think cz was op before but i guess this will stop the rest of the complaining too.
2018-06-13 09:46
EliGE | 
United States Jono13 
2018-06-13 01:22
Xyp9x | 
Portugal CRMN1 
You have no idea how that fence has caused me death.
2018-06-13 01:25
That fence VS Lamppost on old inferno Whoever made these is a terrible human being.
2018-06-13 01:39
+1 its so annoying to give ur most accurate taps on someones head and see the sparkles from the fuckin fence....in the next moment you're dead without doing a single dmg
2018-06-13 05:40
Denmark donjo9 
what he said --^
2018-06-13 07:23
Hell yeahh
2018-06-13 01:25
malta | 
Malta vfXy0 
How did this buff m4a1? We need more dmg or faster fire rate not fucking bullets.. its still shit gun if u play against high level ak users
2018-06-13 01:26
exactly they should give the old m4a1-s a try again, since all the maps have become more t-sided nowadays
2018-06-13 01:48
just make it as fast as the a4 so the only difference wlll be the ammo.
2018-06-13 07:10
Denmark Muamelele 
it needs to be slightly slower than a4 because it would make the a1 a better choice overall due to the advantages it already has such as the silencer etc
2018-06-13 16:30
ScreaM | 
Poland Saroox 
Yes! Normal CS INC.. NOT CZ:GO +1 valve
2018-06-13 01:27
I really like the a1s buff. spraying thru smokes no longer fucks you in the ass.
2018-06-13 01:30
they are still trying to improve canals LUL who cares about this shit map
2018-06-13 01:31
f0rest | 
India compL1 
+1 seriously. Who cares about that map. They could have given that time to cache instead.
2018-06-13 15:30
finally rip cz go
2018-06-13 01:34
Russia VeryBlyatGuy 
>> ESL One Belo Horizonte, which kicks off tomorrow, will not be using this CS:GO update, but the older version (, ESL's official clarified on Twitter. ESL, go to hell!
2018-06-13 01:40
There are always people who are never thankful. It's a brandnew update, obv they will use old Patch. go to hell!
2018-06-13 02:14
you are rasist
2018-06-13 09:47
and you are unable to spell your insults
2018-06-13 11:29
i think the m4a1-s 'buff' is pointless and cz will somehow always be op :D
2018-06-13 01:47
Poland Kobel_ 
I feel like the m4 change just doesn't affect the game much - additional magazine for a smoke spray or something like that. One day it'll probably save someone from getting 0/0 ammo scenario during a clutch tho And yeah, CZ still op, just less op
2018-06-13 01:53
Portugal hpn- 
Awesome update tbh
2018-06-13 01:50
mixwell | 
Spain Alser 
2018-06-13 01:51
ropz | 
China SWhinX 
CZgo gone hahah
2018-06-13 01:58
– Lowered skillceiling to get into apartments from T spawn?? didnt know holding "W" was a problem for some people.
2018-06-13 02:05
haha nice now we are goin to witness them dgl only forcebuys since 1.6 that extra ammo makes the silenced m4 atleast kinda useful now
2018-06-13 02:05
Turkey Idiotb8er 
Mp7 Nice weapon for second rounds
2018-06-13 02:08
Yes but not for long range, i'll still using Dicgle for second rounds tho
2018-06-13 05:07
shox | 
United Arab Emirates R4SH4SH 
2018-06-13 02:13
Turkey i_am_am 
Thank Mr Gaben Thank Mr Gaben Thank Mr Gaben Thank Mr Gaben Thank Mr Gaben hahahahahaahahaha
2018-06-13 02:16
United Kingdom warpspider4 
Two good changes in CS:GO in less than two months. I'm not saying CS:GO is on the rise but things are finally changing boys xD.
2018-06-13 02:24
Nerf CZ a little bit but Fine GJ Valve
2018-06-13 02:36
Basically an update for scream who uses m4a1 and hates cz
2018-06-13 02:39
20 bullets are not enough make it 25
2018-06-13 02:56
Armenia 1915 
This update just buffed me
2018-06-13 03:07
flamie | 
Europe LeeFY 
Tec-9 meister is back boysss!!
2018-06-13 03:08
They finally listened
2018-06-13 03:09
No one cares about your tiny whiny cosmetic updates VALVE. Game is dead. Shutdown the servers, disband and demolish the company. Forest the land and GTFO.
2018-06-13 03:10
why nerf cz now the cz has been in its current state for like 3 years wtf so its just op now??? and not the other 3 years???
2018-06-13 03:11
Serbia aXilelele 
Cuz no one used it 5-7 was op tec9 aswell
2018-06-13 07:08
Sweden Bangs 
because 3 years ago we had kek-9 and fucking 5-7 so cz wasnt used. cz didnt need nerf imo, just saying why people complain now
2018-06-13 16:26
Denmark baitpolice 
2018-06-13 03:13
Andorra hltv_citizen 
whew panorama UI finally came out why anyone didnt notice it?
2018-06-13 03:24
not gonna lie valve is so fast :D :D :D changing two parameters in game take them 2 years hahahahaha (good mirage changes)
2018-06-13 03:24
roman | 
Palestine ndr[o] 
took them only 3 years to give the silenced colt a somewhat "reasonable" buff... Psh
2018-06-13 03:37
Lowered skillceilling... What skill? I thought for a moment they were referring to that jump from window in middle to catwalk. Btw, I cannot do that jump, but I think it is good, because movement is part of the game
2018-06-13 03:42
roman | 
Palestine ndr[o] 
go tbase and go right side... you'll see... everything's catered to the nubs
2018-06-13 03:45
Turkey xantaclaus 
Nice update
2018-06-13 03:56
Good first step. M4A1-S should get 25 clip ammo and then slightly faster fire rate. CZ should cost a bit more Buff AUG pls
2018-06-13 04:15
Hmm pls god no, last time they tried "Buff AUG pls" gun was actually retarded.
2018-06-13 04:52
Brazil MommyStealer 
2018-06-13 04:19
Rip my 3 cz's victoria :(
2018-06-13 04:21
If M4A1s reload time - 0.1sec, I will consider using it.
2018-06-13 04:38
New Zealand JK_77 
ez vp now
2018-06-13 04:47
2 good updates in a row? Fuck Valve going to work for once.
2018-06-13 04:51
yea legit :D
2018-06-13 05:50
s1mple | 
Turkey solfex 
2018-06-13 04:58
Very good
2018-06-13 05:07
2018-06-13 05:24
Turkey xantaclaus 
2018-06-13 05:57
2018-06-13 15:20
I love you cpl_mill
2018-06-13 16:33
Turkey xantaclaus 
Ty man I appreciate it!
2018-06-13 17:26
Valve on fire as of late first shutting down opskins and now nerfing the cz
2018-06-13 05:31
wtf nice
2018-06-13 05:49
NAF | 
Peru AgentLF 
This is fake Valve don´t listen to community voice
2018-06-13 05:50
Turkey Idiotb8er 
2018-06-13 12:18
China haskell_cg 
Its time to show deagle's power, rip cz player
2018-06-13 06:23
cadiaN | 
Denmark megz 
Awesome. The age of the cz has come to and end. The dawn of the deagle has begun!
2018-06-13 06:36
Make the A1-S's fire rate 667 and bump up it's ammunition to 25 and then we are talking. I'm pretty sure people will still only use the gun for extremely select situations so Valve hopefully touches it again. I don't even know why the M4a1 and M4a4 are different guns. The silencer isn't that great an advantage in the first place.
2018-06-13 06:39
the additional accuracy of the m4a1 is good for most casual players but the top level guys who have good precision and spray control anyway always prefer the one with more ammo and higher fire rate
2018-06-13 06:51
Right but 25/667 makes it an actual choice. Better accuracy. But less ammo. In fact the magazine would empty just about as quickly as it currently does. At 600/20 there is no choice. Even for like a Gold Nova the a4 is the obvious choice. I do like the MP7 change. It's a really good SMG and it's even better now for forces.
2018-06-13 07:46
then the m4a1-s would be too op tho.
2018-06-13 10:20
You think so? Dunno if the same damage really does anything but equalize them. Still has less ammo in mag/reserves.
2018-06-13 17:15
Turkey headshotk1ng 
mp7 sucks anyway lmao
2018-06-13 06:47
Slovakia ghely 
Not expected, valve is back?
2018-06-13 06:49
2018-06-13 06:54
Nice, good update
2018-06-13 07:06
good Update but take back trade restriction fucking PLEASE
2018-06-13 07:18
Luxembourg alex24 
thats never gonna happen
2018-06-13 09:07
Keep dreaming
2018-06-13 10:11
Welcome back m4a1s my old friend?
2018-06-13 07:19
is this real life?
2018-06-13 07:28
2018-06-13 08:03
I haven't even tried the game yet and i have to say that dmg nerf is amazing. Keep going the same rout valve and csgo players will love you! <3
2018-06-13 08:04
btw next. five seven
2018-06-13 08:08
why? CZ will probably still be used over 57 xdddd
2018-06-13 08:20
not a competition about piss or shit. I'ts about them both being fucked pretty much :D Would be cool to get to the point where it was, were pistols had certain attributes that are ok and not super weapons that can do anything with only a 500$ investment. ._.
2018-06-13 09:31
Turkey ckr^ 
wheres new operation :(
2018-06-13 08:37
Luxembourg alex24 
2018-06-13 09:07
2018-06-13 08:45
Dev1 | 
Slovakia Trav1s 
there is a step right direction but we nned more cmon
2018-06-13 09:05
Fkin lazy cunts, where is operation
2018-06-13 09:08
Ukraine niXoN|w1 
2018-06-13 09:19
Thank GOD CZ nerfed
2018-06-13 09:22
2018-06-13 09:40
Russia MH- 
gj i'm back
2018-06-13 09:54
New de_mirage will be such a T-sided chaos...
2018-06-13 09:54
Finally they nerfed that shit pistol
2018-06-13 10:03
They did something useful, wow
2018-06-13 10:11
2018-06-13 10:13
Who else is really happy with the m4 buff?
2018-06-13 10:40
Latvia Tibro 
2018-06-13 10:41
Netherlands ASIS 
2018-06-13 11:15
Cool, half a month for another meaningless update.
2018-06-13 11:17
Brazil Collee 
Put the CZ in the deagle spot($800) now, and you have a balanced pistol. Don't know why it takes so many patches for them to properly nerf this. Should have decreased the damage like this last time the CZ was nerfed already
2018-06-13 11:18
cool update, especially the Mp7 part
2018-06-13 11:52
Norway duffz00r 
– Removed ladder near entrance to apartments
2018-06-13 11:52
useless CZ are still OP even without a single shot on helm silenced m4 is still useless against rushes cuz few bullets and low fire rate MP7 still useless when you can buy ump for 1200$
2018-06-13 11:57
. . .. ...maybe ban also the cheaters?...
2018-06-13 12:04
So they cant fix the ladder for like 5 6 years to work properly and now they put 2 or 3 boxes there insead kek. Also cz "fix" which should have happened years ago, (every pistol should have lower moving accuracy and also riffles shouldn't even be able to spray precisely while crouching but whatever...) No new ui, demo viewer is worse than one in 1.6, but yeah they added few textures on mirage and updated canals. But i guess its still better than last update which was like: moved nuke vent 1 meter to the right
2018-06-13 12:41
Turkey Sekolelele 
2018-06-13 12:46
Canals lul xD TY Valve
2018-06-13 13:04
Lowered skillceiling? Are they talking about that wooden ramp to B apps?
2018-06-13 13:12
Germany unsalted 
MP7's price was reduced from $1700 to $1500. Basicly buffed Gob b
2018-06-13 13:13
and chrisJ
2018-06-13 13:38
World Tenshi_R 
Don't think this will solve the problems with cz and a1-s but at least valve started to work in this direction and it's good
2018-06-13 13:19
tfw when cz wasn't nerfed at all m4a1-s slight buff is welcome but m4a4 is still superior due to higher rof
2018-06-13 13:23
Great job Gaben. CZ aka M4 with 12 bullets finaly nerfed.
2018-06-13 13:33
Finnally good changes!!
2018-06-13 13:38
Serbia gzgzone 
– Game servers will no longer print their public IP address in response to “status” command from clients. Why that!? It was my preferred way of finding out the ip address of the server I was redirected to (mostly in other source games which this wont impact though).
2018-06-13 13:38
Sweden Zolity 
Finally a m4a1 buff
2018-06-13 14:05
no more running headshots thx Gaben
2018-06-13 14:35
Indonesia Speartuna 
Love you Volvo
2018-06-13 14:51
2018-06-13 14:54
Netherlands Deji 
1 dev woke up?
2018-06-13 15:01
meh thought a1-s will have 30 bullets/mag
2018-06-13 15:01
man what a good update OP7 now 1500$ ez anti eco for long range volvo doing good to csgo right now now time to wait for the source 2 update also the next operation
2018-06-13 15:12
Serbia R4ngO 
What about source 2 engine? Fakkots!
2018-06-13 15:29
f0rest | 
India compL1 
Lowered skillceilling? Can someone explain what is this?
2018-06-13 15:34
The ramp next to T spawn that goes to B apps has been changed from the old ramp on a basket which looked like a ledge you needed to jump when there was actually an invisible ramp there so you did not need to jump. All you needed to do was run up it - no jumping needed. However, loads of people were still jumping over the top of the old ledge when you did not need to. Therefore, it's Valve joking that they're lowering the skill ceiling by removing the visual cue of you needing to jump by changing it to a stairs so you don't need to jump on the ledge when all along you haven't needed to jump that ramp for years.
2018-06-13 16:35
f0rest | 
India compL1 
Ok. Thanks for explaining mate. Got it now.
2018-06-13 16:36
2018-06-13 16:28
Brazil BuddyINSANE 
Will be fun! I'm lookin for watch that new path! We smart, we loyal, we friendly, we are from BRAZIL! Kreygasm
2018-06-13 16:53
sounds like a good update only 3 years too late tho
2018-06-13 17:12
Germany Fuyuwa 
2018-06-13 23:10
where source 2 guys and optimization fps guysss
2018-06-14 22:45
Norway AleXeiCS 
800 FPS bro, what optimization
2018-06-16 12:12
mirage downgrade t apps suck so much hope they return old tv enter
2018-06-16 12:25
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