tihOp joins rootz

Tino "tihOp" Puumala has decided to quit the ranks of astralis to join local rivals rootz.

The Finnish veteran was picked up by the ex-roccat squad in early April to help fill the void created by the departure of the Kovanen brothers.

However, he has now decided to leave astralis after a one-month stay to team up with rootz.

It has been confirmed that Puumala will replace Otto "danzer" Dimitrow - who has decided to take a summer break from gaming.

Miikka "dRiim" Toroi stated:

"danzer told us he would like to spent the upcoming summer with his friends and just chill, instead of playing cs. Tino was a natural choice for the team, since he had already asked us if we were interested in taking him. Things didn't go so well in astralis, I presume."

Tino "tihOp" Puumala added:

"I have joined rootz because we couldn't find anyone to cover our travel expenses for astralis, and also the motivation of the players may also have something to do with this decision."

rootz have now the following team:

Finland Joona "natu" Leppänen
Finland Niko "nasu" Kovanen
Finland Matti "SpikeOne" Järvinen
Finland Miikka "dRiim" Toroi
Finland Tino "tihOp" Puumala

1st ^^ GL HF
2009-05-13 15:40
Very nice lineup! GL Rootz!
2009-05-13 15:41
thats a good lineup but without ruuit its boring :)
2009-05-13 15:47
RUUIT for dRiim , this should be a good lineup on paper.
2009-05-13 15:50
Sick lineup, can't wait to see them at some LAN-events!
2009-05-13 15:52
Good addition, but I was so excited to see how danzer would do :(
2009-05-13 15:53
gl, I rly hope u guys take the #1 in Finland in front of astralis. Rly don`t like contE and plastE after the dues with lurppis.
2009-05-13 15:54
Oo, I don't know anything about it. Can you tell me something more?
2009-05-13 17:44
Poland qater- 
Haha,Great Line-up,gl !
2009-05-13 15:57
ruuit instead of natu and that's a top 8 team D:
2009-05-13 15:58
agree with you
2009-05-13 16:30
Ukraine QD 
2009-05-13 17:56
And who'll call the strats?
2009-05-13 19:53
2009-05-14 04:58
2009-05-14 15:14
Now astralis is one man short.. wonder what happens next >:o
2009-05-13 16:10
Spain deBurrows 
bah that's not good for Fins, too many stupid movements.
2009-05-13 16:26
diGitaL go to astralis :D
2009-05-13 16:30
You all fail to see that the reason they don't even want contE or ruuit there is the fact that the teams they've played in haven't been able to practice seriously at all. From all the different interviews it has become clear that especially contE has been in the center of everything. Also it has been said somewhere that ruuit doesn't have the motivation to play a lot these days, no matter how skilled he is. And natu is probably the only "famous" player in the Finnish scene that has been succesfully calling tactics in his previous teams. Hopefully they could keep this lineup for a long time and get a sponsorship as they seem like a team that could take playing as seriously as all the other international teams take it.
2009-05-13 16:31
2009-05-13 17:46
2009-05-13 19:53
2009-05-14 14:53
4 news today .. nice MIRAAA :D @ nice line up .. GL :)
2009-05-13 16:32
good lineup good luck rootz
2009-05-13 16:34
how old is natu? :D
2009-05-13 16:37
And next week we will see "SpikeOne leaving the team - JiGetus join" And 2 weeks after that we will see "Rootz breaks up - they don't wanna play cs during the summer" And after that, we will see 100 new teams from Finland and so on...
2009-05-13 16:45
haha may be that'll be true :)
2009-05-13 17:00
2009-05-14 14:53
Finland natu 
#17 I'm 24. danzer is a really good player and a nice guy, we would've more than wanted him to stay with us as things were going smooth as ever. He just had a change of heart which we couldn't have predicted and we were left with no choice but to look for options. Tino on the other hand was the obvious choice in our eyes as a player who has the necessary workethic, is a very variable player and mostly has the best AWP in Finland so that gives us more variety tactically.
2009-05-13 16:49
Heh.. still wearing inari's tag. Btw any info about dreamhack's and wcg's quals and have you been praccing at all for this events ??
2009-05-13 17:43
Ukraine QD 
Puumala added: "I have joined rootz because we couldn't find anyone to cover our travel expenses for astralis... And rootz have any organisation?
2009-05-13 18:00
2009-05-13 17:05
more news with miraaa :D n1
2009-05-13 17:10
2009-05-13 17:11
nice lineup gLLLL
2009-05-13 17:13
that's why I like finnish cs ^^ gl naSu <3
2009-05-13 17:30
GL with the new line-up...but its still 5-8th position kinda team... :p
2009-05-13 17:41
gl n1n1n1n1
2009-05-13 18:54
lets see how long time this lineup will stay like that
2009-05-13 18:56
2-3 week
2009-05-13 19:21
Italy joz 
old roccat set teh rules.
2009-05-13 19:52
Sick lineup! "and also the motivation of the players may also have something to do with this decision." why add the may, if he don't want to say it loud and clear he shouldn't even say something about it since everyone understands from this that it had something to do with it, and if he isn't afraid of saying it loud and clear why add the MAY?
2009-05-13 19:55
thats called politics :D
2009-05-14 14:56
Yeah, and politics is dumb!:D
2009-05-14 15:11
Brazil fzZ 
2009-05-13 20:25
rootz is a great team and tihOp is an AWESOME player. Good luck.
2009-05-13 20:26
nothing interesting
2009-05-13 20:33
Russia Jusa 
Lol Finish cs. 8916327524741679127460 changes in teams every month. And every time these are the same 10 players. Idiots. Every time say we would like to play with XXX and 2 days later kick him and say he has stopped playing cs. And again 2 days later this guy has joined new team or old team, and the most interesting that the mates say WE ARE GLAD TO SEE THIS GOOD PLAYER IN OUR TEAM AND WE KNOW HE WILL GIVE US THE MOTIVATION. Ofc from this team will be kicked other player, because he is gonna STOP playing cs (bla bla bla, try to think something new idiots) Morons, n/c.
2009-05-13 21:04
Italy joz 
haha you're my hero from right now
2009-05-13 21:40
Russia Jusa 
2009-05-14 03:08
I am sure you can comment on the topic without calling anyone idiot or moron. Thank you.
2009-05-13 21:57
Russia Jusa 
argh. Sorry. But emotion > me. I dont understand how it may be so often and it makes me angry. (about changes in finnish cs).
2009-05-14 03:06
tOTALY agree stupid finns
2009-05-14 02:28
this is the best line up
2009-05-15 04:59
pls diGitaL or GuA join to astralis :P
2009-05-15 06:27
Czech Republic mbS 
nice line up:))
2009-05-15 13:48
fucking cover =)))))
2009-05-15 17:05
dRiim out ruuit in plz
2009-05-15 17:34
Would ruin it all imo.
2009-05-15 17:56
2009-05-15 18:19
Ruuit back back :$
2009-05-15 23:07
i hate nasu go spikeone go tihop go natu go driim
2009-05-17 16:54
-drim + jigetus and there u have a nice team needs more lurppis too
2009-05-17 18:09
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