shox: "I didn't expect that I would need to work so much on myself, especially on the mental part"

We managed to sit down with Richard "⁠shox⁠" Papillon at the end of the first day of ESL One Cologne, learning about his recovery and the new G2 lineup's first month.

G2 secured two wins in the opening day of the tournament, edging Natus Vincere in a BO1 before taking down mousesports in a BO3, with those results earning them a day off and a place in the playoffs.

shox is looking to work with a mental coach to help him recover from the wrist surgery

Following his team's victory over mousesports, we quizzed shox about practicing since ECS, the lack of official matches to play and the mental barriers he has to overcome after coming back from a three-month break.

Starting with ECS, that was your first event, pretty early in. What was the feeling like after it, what were you focused on after the first outing?

Basically... everything. Because we had four-five days of practice before ECS, we were happy with how many rounds we managed to put together at the ECS Finals, we just played like a mix, we tried to do our best. Talking about the future, we just started working on every map, taking it map-by-map. Talking to each other about how we want to approach the map as CT and as T. And basically, just starting to work.

How happy were you with the practice you got in between the two tournaments?

The first two weeks were really interesting because we could definitely see that we were improving and learning every day, day by day, and even practice to practice, it was really good. The second two weeks were a bit harder because we started to have a basis of our game style, so it was really working on some details and it's definitely harder to practice the details. Overall, we definitely didn't have good results in practice (laughs), but we learned a lot and what we said to ourselves before going to Cologne is that even if our practice results were kind of bad, at least we experienced almost everything we could. So we are definitely not afraid if we are losing like against Na`Vi, 9-0, that was something we have experienced in practice. (laughs)

Is it hard to practice considering there are almost no officials to be played? All of the leagues are done and the qualifiers as well?

It could be, but actually, it's not because we are at the beginning of the team so we have a lot to work on. We know that Cologne can be one of our last tournaments before the holiday break in August so it was definitely our challenge to come here as best as we can and see how far we have come with our preparation.

You often ask players what their goal is for an event, but what I'm curious about, especially as you already reached the playoffs, is if there something in your game that you wanted to see click or improve at this tournament, some small goals that you have?

I would say to be calmer, find serenity. For example, during the BO3 against mousesports we lost a lot of force buys, and of course, that annoys players and it makes you feel really angry about it. When you lose one it's ok, but when you lose every one it starts to affect you more. So I would say the goal is to not lose to force buys and try to not get annoyed as much when you lose them. It happens, we will work on it after, but just focus on the match.

Less losses to force-buys and more calmness is what shox is hoping for as the tournament goes on

Just to touch on the mousesports game, for your pick you went for Dust2 - they played Dust2 in the tournament as well, they are kind of fresh now with Snax. Tell me about the decision to pick Dust2, is it something you picked because of yourself or because you already saw how they played? A bit of both?

I can't fully answer this question because Ex6TenZ did the veto by himself, but from what I can know and from what we talked together I just think it was because we were just feeling good on Dust2.

Lastly, you obviously went through surgery. How is your hand feeling? Are you fully back, can you play as much as you did before?

Definitely, I'm fully back, I don't have any pain when playing. I still have some when I'm deathmatching for more than 30 minutes, I start to feel some pain, but I think it's just because I lost the habit to play a lot.

I can still feel that it's in me, somewhere, that I have the level to be a really good player, but honestly, it's still not there, I'm still fighting myself. I lost a lot of confidence and I have an individual plan to get a mental coach because I know that this three-month break was really hard for me. I try to come back the best as I can, but I didn't expect that I would need to work so much on myself, especially on the mental part. I can see that even here, when I play or whatever, sometimes I feel really scared and that is something I was not used to feeling. So yeah, basically a lot of psychological stuff which I will try to handle individually by talking to a mental coach and working on it.

France Richard 'shox' Papillon
Richard 'shox' Papillon
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2018-07-04 13:06
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Go G2 Go!
2018-07-04 13:06
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leman | 
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2018-07-04 13:06
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Palestine zwe
2018-07-04 13:08
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New Zealand onelover11
2018-07-04 15:12
2018-07-04 13:08
2018-07-04 13:16
shox | 
Canada dB-
2018-07-04 15:55
ego maniac needs to work mentally WHO WOULD HAVE SEEN THAT COMING HMMMMMM
2018-07-04 17:42
Get scream now ty
2018-07-04 13:06
6 replies
Latvia Skym93
Scream for who? Bodyy?
2018-07-04 13:08
France Static2k
2018-07-04 13:08
2018-07-04 13:23
2018-07-04 13:32
India swast1k36
Don't think so
2018-07-04 13:52
2018-07-04 14:27
Shox sucks
2018-07-04 13:06
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2nd best fr player once he's back to his level we will see god shox carry with kennys
2018-07-04 13:56
2018-07-04 13:06
leman | 
Yugoslavia w13lan
best g2 lineup ever
2018-07-04 13:07
1 reply
2018-07-04 14:04
Interesting way of playing. Love to see more
2018-07-04 13:07
G2 top 1
2018-07-04 13:07
Iran Animal1ty
2018-07-04 13:07
Very nice
2018-07-04 13:08
shoxie jesus will be back in his true form anytime soon.
2018-07-04 13:10
CIS dank1ng
2018-07-04 13:10
France cedd
gotta feel good when everyone talkin shit saying you have bots on your team then you just shit on Na'Vi and mousesports first two matches of the tournament. good shit boyes
2018-07-04 13:14
1 reply
2018-07-04 13:22
2018-07-04 13:14
Hungary janikiraly
it was good to see them win yesterday
2018-07-04 13:16
Peru cookiesA
Nice interview
2018-07-04 13:16
Poland qube1
ma boi
2018-07-04 13:16
they gonna get rekt in cologne now, mark my words :)
2018-07-04 13:17
4 replies
ROFL thats not even a prediction, that fckn obvious
2018-07-04 13:24
3 replies
Belgium GQHAN
It's hard to beat Astralis. Almost impossible.
2018-07-04 13:27
1 reply
Noone can beat astralis atm Its astralis era
2018-07-04 22:22
Thx my ellas <3
2018-07-04 14:26
2018-07-04 13:18
1 reply
2018-07-04 14:26
2018-07-04 13:19
Ukraine TBOY(2)
2018-07-04 13:29
2018-07-04 13:33
G2 Is Backkk💪🔥
2018-07-04 13:51
Denmark Ableskewer
its cause ur french
2018-07-04 14:07
SmithZZ and Kenny carry shox
2018-07-04 14:10
Belarus Dat_Boi
Shox is coming back to his best form Nemiga is the best team in the world.
2018-07-04 14:11
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Who is Nemiga? NEVER heard of her...
2018-07-06 01:22
2018-07-04 14:12
Sweden godname
godddd shoxie
2018-07-04 14:20
mental work never stops
2018-07-04 14:22
that question about what he'd like to see improve in his team was really good. nice interview overall. keep doing a good job man.
2018-07-04 14:56
kennyS is the one made this team work
2018-07-04 15:55
2018-07-04 16:33
Indonesia FinZzz
respect to this man. All this years, meta keeps changing, best teams and players go up and down. Then theres shox, always fighting to stay on top. And imagine the old form of shox unleashed, the csgo scene will be added by another monster. And we already have plenty with simple, niko, device, cold, etc.
2018-07-04 17:08
ENCE vs G2 final incoming
2018-07-04 18:14
feeling scared ??? i thought i was only one who got scared from fight but im not alone even pro does that !!!
2018-07-04 19:06
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