StarSeries Season 6 qualifiers revealed

July 13th, 2018 18:31

Starladder has revealed the slot allocation and the first details of qualifiers in North America, Europe, and Asia for the recently announced StarSeries i-League Season 6.

A total of four slots at the $300,000 tournament are allocated for the qualifiers; one for each of North America and Europe and two for Asia, while the remaining 12 participants will be determined via direct invites.

The 16-team European qualifier will begin with a best-of-three GSL group stage, from where the top eight teams will advance to what StarSeries call "relegation matches". The winners of these matches will go on to face four additionally invited teams in a best-of-three, single-elimination bracket.

Four invited teams will skip the group stage and the "relegation" part in Europe

In North America, the system will be similar, as four invited teams will get to skip the group stage, which will only feature eight teams.

Details of the Asian qualifier, which will be organized by ImbaTV, have not been revealed.

The schedule of the European and North American qualifiers looks as follows:

Europe (1 spot at StarSeries)
July 16-29 - group stage
July 30-31 - relegation matches
August 1-5 - playoffs

North America (1 spot at StarSeries)
July 16-22 - group stage
July 23-28 - playoffs

Awesome :)
2018-07-13 18:32
nex | 
Germany Der_Pabst 
invite BIG pls
2018-07-13 22:14
Ok I will do my best Just for you :)
2018-07-13 22:37
Lithuania gime114 
pls invite Imperial as well.
2018-07-13 23:51
2018-07-14 10:05
nex | 
Germany Der_Pabst 
Also please dont invite team without 5 players like c9 or vp
2018-07-14 12:07
Uhm, okay. Anything else I can get you ?
2018-07-14 12:22
nex | 
Germany Der_Pabst 
I’ll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda.
2018-07-14 14:20
Grove Street. Home. At least it was before I fucked everything up.
2018-07-14 15:26
2018-07-13 18:32
2018-07-13 18:32
vsm | 
Brazil UnF4iR 
2018-07-13 18:32
sergej | 
Poland Noxize 
2018-07-13 18:32
2018-07-13 19:47
ez 4 ence
2018-07-13 18:33
2018-07-13 18:33
Russia Scorceze 
When you are idiots will forget about spamming your fucking ence, which sux everywhere?
2018-07-13 21:49
VP direct invite ofc
2018-07-13 18:33
2018-07-13 18:34
tier5 tournament
2018-07-13 18:34
300k$ prize pool and all t1 teams around = t5? how stupid can u be?
2018-07-13 18:36
Just look season5 and tell me what teams are t1 pls tell me
2018-07-13 18:44
There was all top teams except faze and astralis. All the previous seasons had all top team, this season non exception
2018-07-13 18:47
Europe p1peb0mb 
those top teams skipped starseries because of heavy schedule.they had to travel from dallas to brazil to london in a month for other big tournaments. they may not be able to take another stop in ukraine too. its still a t1 tournament no matter if those top team's didn't attend.
2018-07-13 18:55
k0nfig | 
Turkey aesky 
Check his name..
2018-07-13 18:44
you have turkey flag :) you cant be difference
2018-07-13 18:56
k0nfig | 
Turkey aesky 
2018-07-13 19:12
2018-07-13 19:16
yes stfu retard
2018-07-13 19:38
U are cringe. Get a life.
2018-07-13 19:56
Finland mattixboi 
2018-07-13 18:39
2018-07-13 18:39
Two slots for Asia and only one for EU? WTF Starseries?
2018-07-13 19:01
Denmark Zorrondo 
nice now plx don't invite mibr or G2 dead teams both
2018-07-13 19:18
Bait or retarded?
2018-07-13 22:16
World nakTriceps 
Is posible for FURIA play the NA qualifier? Or only invite teams for group stage, too?
2018-07-13 19:20
FURIA can play the NA qualifier just like Team one can. They are in NA now
2018-07-13 19:23
World nakTriceps 
Yep, dude. I mean, are there open qualifiers for this tournament?
2018-07-13 20:11
Not sure. Its a bit confusing
2018-07-13 20:55
World nakTriceps 
Yep. Very confused. Never saw that. Normally they explain the open qualifiers, too.
2018-07-13 20:55
so where is the qualifiers? lol?
2018-07-13 20:33
Its rigged af. Like everything in Ukraine.
2018-07-13 20:58
xd, but where can us normal players sign up for the qualifiers? there is no link
2018-07-13 20:58
Who pay more for a slot.
2018-07-13 21:01
probably, corruption is everywhere these days
2018-07-13 21:33
Corruption moves us to the bright future. Long live.
2018-07-13 22:04
Brazil Gunzel 
2018-07-13 21:30
I'm pretty sure VP is going to be invited since starladder is in good terms with VP management, but i'm worried it's going to a wasted spot again. They are playing so horrible lately that it would not give much in terms of interesting games to the show... And i'm even Polish, so i should support them but it's hopeless now and it's just time to stop more compromitations and disband.
2018-07-13 23:03
Denmark ghostan11 
2 spots for asia lmfao
2018-07-14 07:34
Sweden fanofH 
Europe qualifyer at the same time as Europe minor????
2018-07-14 08:56
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