Snappi: "I think we have the best team at the tournament if we play up to our level"

After OpTic passed their first test at the Europe Minor by defeating 3DMAX in convincing fashion, we caught up with Marco "Snappi" Pfeiffer to ask him about his team's progress over the last couple of months and their confidence to make it through.

OpTic's in-game leader shared what the issues were at the two DreamHack Open stops they attended since their debut at ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals, placing fifth-sixth in Austin and second in Jönköping.

Snappi talked OpTic's progress since ESL Pro League S6 Finals

Before we got to the Europe Minor and the Danes' group, Snappi also compared the style and firepower of this OpTic team to his old Heroic squad.

Let's start with the period between your first tournament, ESL Pro League S6 Finals, and now - you struggled with a similar level of teams that are here at the two DreamHack Opens, what do you think was missing from the team that you've since focused on?

I actually think we needed time because we came from three different teams, basically, gade from North Academy, two North guys, and two Heroic players, so this was not just fitting one player into a playstyle that had already been built. We had to build it from scratch and take the good from everywhere. Obviously, my style is the one that we use the most, but, overall, I'm trying to figure out how to play the best. We also had to swap a lot of positions around because, initially, we just fit people where it made sense, but sometimes that just doesn't work.

I think the difference between now and those tournaments is that now we actually have a map pool - I think people are going to be surprised that we can actually, in my opinion, play all six maps. We proved that online because our Dust2 and Overpass have been looking good, and those were the two maps missing. We really worked on our map pool and that's the difference between now and then.

I don't think we were prepared enough for the other events because we just didn't have enough time, we spent almost a month in North America, and at that time, SK wasn't there, Liquid wasn't there, Cloud9 wasn't there, and NRG wasn't there, so there were no good teams to practice and we couldn't practice Renegades because we were facing them in the ESL One Cologne qualifier. So, basically, we didn't have good practice for almost a month and that really hurt us.

Recently, you've been looking on the upswing online, winning the qualifiers for Stockholm and the Europe Minor, how do you feel form wise? Are you at your peak?

I don't think we are at our peak at all yet, we still have a lot of work to do. I think that we'll probably need around five to six months before we reach our maximum potential, but right now we can definitely challenge everyone, maybe except for Astralis, but that's because they're just on another level right now. I think we can actually challenge every team except for Astralis at the moment.

You mentioned using your style and trying to come up with fitting in the rest, how would you compare how this team is playing now to how Heroic used to?

I think we rely more on defaults now. This team has better players individually and in Heroic I sometimes found it hard to just play a default style, because when we go up against Na`Vi, they have s1mple and electronic, and when we go up against Astralis, they have five really insane players individually. Even though I think the players I played with in Heroic were skilled they just weren't the best players in the world like some of the other teams we were facing.

Every time we went to the bigger tournaments we obviously had the worst seed, so we would usually face a top-four team in the world right off the bat, and then you have to play a different style. You can't beat them playing their style and that's the difference between this team and the Heroic team; in this team, we actually have the firepower to challenge them playing a more loose style. But still, I play with the same structure as I used to.

OpTic defeated 3DMAX in the opening match

Looking at Group A here, 3DMAX, ENCE, and LeftOut, how do you feel about the group and your chances to win it after passing your first test here?

I think we've got the harder group, to be honest. I think in this group there are three teams that potentially could qualify for the Major, or have a really good shot at it. Getting out of this group, there's going to be one team left really disappointed. I think 3DMAX is a really good upcoming team, but they probably don't have much LAN experience, so I don't expect them to go out of the group, right?

I think that the three other teams have a really good shot at qualifying for the Major, so I see this as the harder group, but we are confident, we're playing good at the moment after the two last qualifiers as you said, and in practice we've been doing really well, so that gives you confidence.

What about the other group and your chances to go through to the New Challengers Stage?

I see them as good, I actually think that we have the best team at the tournament if we play up to our level. If we don't run into bad form at this tournament, I think we'll qualify.

Denmark Marco 'Snappi' Pfeiffer
Marco 'Snappi' Pfeiffer
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United Kingdom iMarbot 
ez for ENCE sorry
2018-07-19 16:20
k0nfig | 
Denmark QDouble 
ez optic
2018-07-19 16:20
United Kingdom nimmyjeutron 
ez for optic and ence
2018-07-19 16:21
Ez for optic
2018-07-19 16:48
k0nfig | 
Liechtenstein mary69 
2018-07-19 17:38
2018-07-19 16:21
Zeus | 
Finland Olter 
2018-07-19 17:21
Poland ShymiX 
nice snappi GO KINGWIN
2018-07-19 16:20
lul NIP will destroy you
2018-07-19 16:20
nukkye | 
Czech Republic kczr 
NiP who?
2018-07-19 16:34
United States Artifactz 
lekr0 IGL LUL
2018-07-19 16:36
nukkye | 
Czech Republic kczr 
Best player in NiP - > Going to be IGL Stewie2k syndrome
2018-07-19 16:37
United States Artifactz 
2018-07-19 16:39
Lithuania KoksSkirtumas 
2018-07-19 16:20
France Nicolito 
2018-07-19 16:20
Hahha rofl
2018-07-19 16:21
+1 NiP best at this tournament experienced IGL lekr0 ahaha
2018-07-19 16:22
Eh NiP? lekr0 top 1 igl EleGiggle
2018-07-19 16:21
kennyS | 
Russia yus1 
2018-07-19 16:22
+1 NiP best
2018-07-19 16:22
NiP and Left out will qualify lol these danish Bois don't stand a chance
2018-07-19 16:22
2018-07-19 16:32
NIP will show you Swedish nipples and you will be like whoaaa 🤣🤣
2018-07-19 16:22
Finland Madd!z 
Did he forget ENCE
2018-07-19 16:23
kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ence, nip >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>optic what a stupid guy
2018-07-19 16:24
Denmark oskarsports 
People acting like NiP is a good team OMEGALUL
2018-07-19 16:24
2018-07-19 16:26
Simple | 
Mexico Ch4vez 
Wrong 3DMAX on the news
2018-07-19 16:28
2018-07-19 16:29
Hahah yeah! he's gonna regret that one, now teams will fight extra hard to make him eat his words
2018-07-19 16:30
That is a jinx statement if ever there was one
2018-07-19 16:29
2018-07-19 16:34
Finland teco 
2018-07-19 16:37
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r u drink?
2018-07-19 16:38
not as think as you drink i am
2018-07-19 16:45
dobu | 
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ur country, ur team well well dreamers nihhahah
2018-07-19 17:23
United States ShawnM 
Pro league 6? Wasn't it 7?
2018-07-19 16:56
Russia dmitrydecoder 
hope they will not pass to the major
2018-07-19 17:05
funny guy , yes k0nfig and jugi are insane snappi = mediocre igl with limited firepower, cajunb awper turned riffler also mediocre and then there is gade totally nonamer. If NiP and Leftout perform they both will qualify and I even put ENCE above optic even tho the chance very much is there. But the again even kinguin and red reserv could qualify this minor thing is so unfair, most of this teams in EU would Qualify in NA,CIS and Asia lol
2018-07-19 17:22
hahaahahahahaaha you never seen them play if you think cajun is currently mediocre and virtually any team other 3dmax has a good shout for qualifying for the major qualifier
2018-07-19 19:05
NA CS hahahah hahahahahhahahahahhahaha
2018-07-19 19:40
haha like swedish cs is any better
2018-07-19 19:44
haha u dumb? Fucking burger fatto, swedish cs = most sucessfull ever
2018-07-19 19:45
who cares about the past currently na cs > swedish cs
2018-07-19 19:47
not really, sweden top 3 team = #8,12,25 NA= #4 #14 #29 Sweden 45 NA 47 Sweden > NA also Cloud9 is trash rn and liquid too and NA has like 100 times bigger population fucking burger go home
2018-07-19 19:50
idc about na cs anyway we were talking danish cs which is by far the best
2018-07-19 19:53
Danish cs is not the best sure they have astralis, but the of danish cs is shit, optic tier 3 north tier 2 heroic tier 3 lel done talking with some burger head like u bb nigger
2018-07-19 19:55
optic tier 2 north currently king of tier 2-1.5
2018-07-19 19:58
Denmark moosp 
Isn't it just a few weeks since Optic lost 16-0 to North?
2018-07-19 17:23
Snappi braindead confirmed
2018-07-19 17:38
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