SK leapfrog mTw in G7 rankings

SK Gaming have moved up one place in the G7 rankings, overtaking mTw as the second best-placed team.

Despite having failed to attend DTS-CUP in Ukraine last weekend, the Swedish team's runners-up finish at KODE5 has seen them displace mTw, who were fourth in Russia.

fnatic remain top of the pile after their KODE5 win, while Evil Geniuses have dropped out of the top ten.

emuLate have dropped to 10th, whereas WICKED, who are a new entry, have jumped to ninth following their DTS-CUP success.

G7 World Rankings

1. Sweden fnatic (831.12 points)
2. Sweden SK Gaming (621.12)
3. Denmark mTw (614.27)
4. Germany mousesports (289.99)
5. Brazil Made in Brazil (185.62)
6. Korea WeMade FOX (180.09)
7. Germany Alternate (142.66)
8. Finland Crack Clan (113.12)
9. Poland WICKED (66.75)
10. France emuLate (42.27)

Czech Republic acn 
fnatic <3
2009-05-18 16:59
SK s2
2009-05-18 17:01
Germany p4ssy 
Nice they are the best 2 teams right now
2009-05-18 17:02
HAHAHAh wicked is on 9 place O_o MYM have 4 place ZOMG. Why they reset his points :X So 2 ppl leave fantic it's no longer the same team why they have 831 points Oo
2009-05-18 17:05
It's an even better team now imo..
2009-05-18 17:07
Germany p4ssy 
i think they are going to add the old points soon
2009-05-18 17:08
WICKED went from one organization (MYM) to another (WICKED), which caused them to loose all the points they had. fnatic is not the same team, and it doesn't really matter, because it is the organization that gets the points, not the players themselves. If I'm not mistaken.
2009-05-18 17:12
New Zealand ZONi 
Then why is Crack Clan in the list?
2009-05-18 17:15
Because they got the points when they played in crack clan, they dont receive points longer now so they will fall out of the list soon it`s not hard to understand that
2009-05-18 17:40
Sweden WIWO 
So explain why WeMade FOX gets to keep former e-STROs points (and still receive more points), even though it's a new organisation? Crack Clan shouldn't have kept the points either, since as you say, the points belong to the organization (that would be Roccat/GamePlay).
2009-05-18 20:09
thats right man
2009-05-18 18:21
Different organisation means different points. Duh? :)
2009-05-18 19:03
it's not a gotfrag chart. read about G7 before you post anything in this topic :/
2009-05-18 19:44
top2 Sweden team nice
2009-05-18 17:04
Double Swedish! :D Why is CC still there when it doesn't exist anymore? And big fail on mousesports@4
2009-05-18 17:07
CC has a team, and they picked up the points from ex-CC. If I haven't misunderstood everything it is the organization that gets the points, and not the players or team itself. So if a team gets up on that list, and the organization switches all the players with new ones, it will still be on the list. I am not totally sure, but if that list is correct, it makes sense.
2009-05-18 17:17 Crack Clan doesn't have CS 1.6 team now...
2009-05-18 17:30
Oh snap. My mistake. I thought they did, I must have recalled something else. I just seemed to remember that they got a new team not a long time ago, oh well..
2009-05-18 17:52
No problem :) I was not sure if they don't have any CS 1.6 team. Probably they will have a new division but on this day Crack Clan shouldn't be in G7 rankings.
2009-05-18 22:59
New Zealand ZONi 
seems you don't understand the point system either.
2009-05-19 00:02
but I thought they gonna have one soon...
2009-05-18 17:54
and they will, when they fail to sign the polish guys, 1 of the guys of cc said that they will be well represented in the future. i just dont understande why they are there, if they havent won a single tournamen if im not wrong..:S
2009-05-18 19:08
Probably yes but today they don't have any CS 1.6 team :)
2009-05-18 23:00
2009-05-18 20:05
But the thing is that they don't..
2009-05-19 00:16
Austria svaL 
And big fail on mousesports@4
2009-05-18 17:21
Why do you post parts of my own post to me?
2009-05-19 00:17
Alchemist still 11? Can't find after top10
2009-05-18 17:15
lol the only good thing they have done is to win over WeMadeFox..and WMF didnt really play good.
2009-05-18 17:18
So, what ur saying is that they made it to #4 in ESWC, and they are really 'not' that good. Allright man. They have beaten excello many times, for example? They are a new team, so don't be negativ. Any team got to start somewhere.
2009-05-18 21:19
Yeah, but i personally don't find them top15 in the world... yet.
2009-05-18 22:24
That's true. i find g7 ranking as bullshit though. Just trying to prove that Alchemist got potential.
2009-05-19 16:18
Ofc they have
2009-05-19 17:45
If there are no other new teams that has moved up, they should be at place 12, because ex-MYM (WICKED) was not on the list when Alchemists got into it, because they switched organization.
2009-05-18 17:19
no they are #12 right between EG.USA and VirtusPro
2009-05-18 18:28
You either wrote wrong, or read it wrong, because both of us has #12 ^^
2009-05-18 21:47
Austria svaL 
And big fail on mousesports@4
2009-05-18 17:21
right! attax should be in this year
2009-05-18 17:41
n/c g7 = fail -.-
2009-05-18 17:40
wicked should be 3 or 4 but whatever. I red all the comments and I know why is that but old points from ex-mym should come back to new team wicked.
2009-05-18 17:49
where is 4glory? xD
2009-05-18 17:58
predpostavljam da se salis!! :X
2009-05-18 21:36
Sweden Vilseledd 
In my eyes mTw is still superior SK
2009-05-18 18:01
2009-05-18 18:03
lol, if WICKED would get mym & pgs points they would have 528.46 points and #4 spot. unlucky bastards :D
2009-05-18 18:31
Germany M1n1M3 
wicked and mym points should be added wicked is top 5 for sure!
2009-05-18 18:32
mousesports still have enough points to stay in top 5 after many defeats against Eml WMF mibre etc ???
2009-05-18 18:38
many? what are you talking about? they have placed much better in events then all those teams.
2009-05-18 18:43
in which?
2009-05-18 20:18
in Hannover, Kode5 ...
2009-05-21 20:41
France klwN 
haha it will take some time before seeing fnatic lose their first place :D
2009-05-18 18:51
People play and earn points not organization. In WICKED play the same people who win ESCW and his 5 earn points no MYM(organization) :/ Example: you kick all 5 SK player (walle,allen...) and get new Abc1,Abc2,Abc3... they have 621 points in this ranking :> nice! :X
2009-05-18 18:57
omg this is god damn point of this list -.- to show us good organisations not players... if they want, they would make points to players, but GUESS WHAT?!?!?! THEY DONT WANT!!!!!!!! ROTFLOLMAO!
2009-05-18 19:08
And what if player switches teams, points switches? its too much to proccess -.- with organisations getting points its more simple and you still cant get it dont you?
2009-05-18 21:16
but why you saying it to me? ;] I know it
2009-05-18 22:38
India pfx 
ya double swedish!
2009-05-18 19:26
fackin wmf is on 4 place XD
2009-05-18 19:43
wmf is 6th ;) and they deserved it - they was 2nd on ESWC 08, it means something.
2009-05-18 19:48
can you read comments before posting? at ESWC 08 WMF were in e-stro so points for that event couldn't be count
2009-05-18 20:12
lol i didn't mean that they earned points for this. i meant they're good and they deserved it. ... what an idiot.
2009-05-19 15:18
it's quite strange because CC saved their score even if they had moved to another organisation (if the current one can be called like that?) and Wi didn't.
2009-05-18 19:47
The organisation still exists and is still named CC.
2009-05-18 19:52
okay, i thought that G7 ranks only teams, not the whole organisations :P
2009-05-18 19:55
so read god damn comments!
2009-05-18 20:12
no one wrote it before, i love you :*
2009-05-19 15:22
No problem, it's a legitimate doubt I had myself :P
2009-05-18 22:11
1. fnatic (831.12 points) ;)))
2009-05-18 20:14
Canada Sirk 
I don't even get it. Is G7 an event?
2009-05-18 20:19
2009-05-18 20:29 :D ahhh November 11, 2006 :)
2009-05-18 20:35
2009-05-18 20:57
fnatic :D
2009-05-18 20:38
How come mibr is in top5 ? Every team in this ranking can pwn them easily (except emuLate)
2009-05-18 20:42
mibr got huge history, they are playing for this organistation for long, so they have been on many events getting points
2009-05-18 20:58
sk and fnatic da kings of da world
2009-05-18 20:51
fnatic > all @ 09' ! bottom line.
2009-05-18 20:59
ye for sure
2009-05-18 21:18
fnatic ftw #1
2009-05-18 21:08
mibr ftw n1 mibr congratulations
2009-05-18 21:08
sweden > world
2009-05-18 21:14
sweden cs > any individual country cs :P
2009-05-18 22:56
SK <3 =D
2009-05-18 21:19
mTw <3
2009-05-18 21:23
Poland bkx 
This year for CS is going likely to be really interesting. There will be a nice battle between fnatic/SK/mTw for 1st place in G7 ranking... Note, that there is ESWC and many more tournaments before us...
2009-05-18 21:41
1) fnatic 2) wicked 3) sk 4) mtw 5) wemadefox 6) mouz 7) mibr 8) a-gaming 9) wNv 10) alchemists/random americans/random finnish
2009-05-18 21:59
Hahaha funny guy....why would Wicked be nr2? cause they won DTS-cup? No SK is clearly #2.....They have been in the final the last 2 big events. mTw are better then Wicked Wicked should be #5
2009-05-18 22:13
Poland qater- 
Depends what are you talking about ;) If you mean that what is at the moment,so sure SK is better , but mTw isn't ... If u are talking about the year so Wicked = SK cause Wicked did EM III 2nd and 3rd,SK only one time 4th place. Cheonan clearly SK did great job and Wicked failed and also Kode5 SK did great but Wicked did also well :) I know you guys will blame myself but that's true (:
2009-05-18 22:35
for sure sk and fnatic is better then wicked now, I think mtw = wicked cuz both teams are not in best shape, but why the hell #5?! So who is #4?!
2009-05-18 22:42
ye maby they are better then mTw atm
2009-05-18 22:57
2009-05-18 22:21
Slovakia EjBi 
Alternate > Mibr and WMFox
2009-05-18 22:44
<3 fnatic
2009-05-18 22:54
1.fnatic 2. WICKED/SK/MTW wi>mtw mtw>sk sk>wi fnatic>all in this time ofc
2009-05-18 22:56
Singapore Nephalith 
+1 for truth
2009-05-18 23:27
not really SK won over mTw at KODE5 so SK>mTw
2009-05-18 23:32
yet in this year wicked will be better than fnatic tazzz<3
2009-05-18 23:02
Sweden rule the cs1.6
2009-05-18 23:45
Ok, can someone clearly explain me why "Crack Clan" is listed while being inactive and other inactive org~ (which would make to top) like: mYm 405,83 PGS 55,88 NoA 49,31 are not there? Just curious how inactive you need to be to get "hidden" on the listed (marked yellow)?
2009-05-19 04:26
points are for organisations, mym was kick out from list cuz they dont exist now, pgs too cuz they made new organisation with D-link Wilda, NoA - I dont rly know, what about CC, they still exist, but without cs team, so when they get new they will get their's points
2009-05-19 16:03
Mmm... still few things missing, but thanks for that :)
2009-05-19 16:44
Brazil fzZ 
go mibr
2009-05-19 06:24
NEO | 
Germany BackY 
good for SK :D
2009-05-19 09:46
gj fnatic
2009-05-19 10:17
fnatic always.!
2009-05-19 12:18
GJ SK but why on earth is WICKED 9th?
2009-05-19 13:19
JaCkz | 
France reakq  
emL 10th ? they don't deserve this place this year. btw WICKED must be 4th... i tought it was: 1. fnatic 2. SK Gaming 3. mTw 4. WICKED 5. WeMade FOX 6. Alternate 7. mousesports 8. Crack Clan 9. Made in Brazil 10. emuLate/wNv/DTS/AG/EG...etc
2009-05-19 13:50
WICKED-9? omg... I think 4 or 3!
2009-05-19 16:10
yOoo fnatic rockx :) f0resT rulez
2009-05-19 19:55
fnatic the best!!
2009-05-19 20:34
To be honest Mym (wicked) is barely top 5 at the moment - They are stuck in a wreck. Sure it happens to every team sometime and no doubts they will be better in the comming future. And since the press is unbelieveble on NEO being ranked as the top 2-3 best madfragger in the whole world he and the team need either a change or a big selfEsteem boost.
2009-05-19 20:45
to be honest, WICKED is top5 at the moment, possibly even top3 seeing as almost none of the other top-5 ranked teams have done better so far in tournaments, with an exception of fnatic and sk. in my opinion - at the moment. 1.fnatic 3.wicked 4.mTw skill-wise *AT THE MOMENT!* NOT COUNTING results from 2008 and so on. of course things change all the time, but i can only hope to see sk and fnatic continuing dominate as i'm also swedish.
2009-05-19 23:47
fnatic All4LOVER <3
2009-05-19 23:58
2009-05-20 20:07
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