Lekr0: "In practice, I usually frag really well, but it's not the same when I'm calling on LAN"

Our next interview from the Europe Minor is with NiP's new in-game leader, Jonas "Lekr0" Olofsson, who shared his thoughts on the Swedes' shaky run thus far and told us how he's adapting to his new role.

NiP are now waiting in the consolidation final after losing to OpTic in the upper bracket semi-final and taking a close victory against Sprout in the lower bracket final.

Lekr0 talked to us about his new role as an in-game leader

After his last match of day three in London, Lekr0 sat down with us to talk about his new role as an in-game leader and his first experience in doing that in a LAN environment. He also shared his point of view of NiP's run thus far and the struggles they've had to overcome throughout the tournament up to this point.

Your group stage run was quite up and down, especially with how you started against Red Reserve where you came back from a pretty large deficit, how would you evaluate the group stage as a whole from your perspective?

I think we were pretty disappointed in the group stage. Sure, we managed to beat Red Reserve in the first game, where we felt we should have closed it out earlier, but, at the same time, we had a rough start, so it's kind of okay. Sometimes it happens at LAN in the first game you play, you get a rough start, but I'm glad we had the mentality to come back.

The Sprout game took a lot out of us, we were really disappointed and a bit angry with how we played, but we managed to talk it through afterwards and solve some things. It didn't show today against OpTic, but it's alright, still.

In the rematch against Sprout today, you looked confident in the first map, but on Mirage you once again started out poorly and couldn't come back from that even though the attempt was there - was that just complacency, or what went wrong there?

I'm not really sure. We got off to a bad start, of course, but we managed to almost throw the game from that point since we lost 13 rounds I think it was, just because we thought we had a read on what to do, on how they would play and how we should play against them, just because they're not a highly skilled team, just individually.

So we decided to take some more duels, just be confident, and I think we gave them duels they were more confident in than we were, so I think we kind of threw it with our mindset a bit. We realized we shouldn't underestimate them, so we played with full focus for the last game on Train.

Touching on the in-game leadership change, what led to that? Was it just dennis not wanting to do it anymore, or was it your initiative?

From the beginning, I don't think dennis has ever really liked in-game leading. I think it got to a point where he really didn't want to do it since Cologne was really bad for us and that is where we made the decision. He decided that he really doesn't want to do it and I volunteered, I said I could try it out, if the guys liked it we could keep doing it, and if not, someone else could try it. And they agreed to it after some practices that it was alright.

So it was right after Cologne that you took over?

Yeah, it was right after Cologne.

How has that progressed since then? How did it work in practice and what has it been like doing it on LAN here for the first time?

We played incredibly well in practice. I think that's also why some of these tight games are taking a toll on us, since we had really good practices. We expected it to go just the same, but of course the teams play differently, we ourselves play differently, so I think we just want to find the way we play in practice, the same confidence.

Myself, in practice I usually frag really well, but it's not the same when I'm calling on LAN, so I think I need to get used to playing my own game a bit so that I don't fall behind.

Do you just find your focus drawn to adapting the game plan rather than your own game now, especially in the close matches that you have played here?

Yeah, of course, when the games are tight, I have to focus more on plans and stuff like that. When things are going well, people take the duels they want, come up with feedback and take initiative. But when it's tough, everyone wants to be on the same page, we need one plan and that's the plan I have to come up with, so sometimes just looking for the answers takes a bit of my own focus away.

You still have one best-of-three that you need to win to go to the Major, either against OpTic - who you've already faced here - or ENCE, who you had faced in Cologne and it didn't go very well. How confident do you feel going into that after your run so far?

I'm not really sure who I'd prefer, actually, or how I feel about them. I think we played a really bad Inferno against OpTic. We got Overpass, but on Nuke we played really bad, we never got into the game, I think we should have warmed up more, our individual skill was really low for that game.

On Inferno, I think we just played ourselves, our individual game was the main factor why it didn't work as CT, that was the main problem, we barely got to play any T rounds on Inferno since it was 16-3, so it was a bit hard for us. I think if we just get into the groove like we did with Sprout here, I think everyone was feeling on point, then we can play against either team and then we don't care who, I think.

NiP haven't made the Major for a long time, how do you see this affecting the players that have actually gone through this? Does it show in-game or even out of the game how important this is for them?

Everyone has been spending more time playing CS and everything, the focus is just unreal, we have had so much practice. I think we're really prepared for this, I just hope we can show that and manage to qualify because I know everyone has been putting everything to this. Everyone in the team. From how much they play, I know how much they want to go through.

Sweden Jonas 'Lekr0' Olofsson
Jonas 'Lekr0' Olofsson
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Lekro is not an IGL! They should kick GTR and add hampus.
2018-07-22 01:18
-pita -GeT_RiGhT +hampus (IGL) +GeT_RiGhT (coach) gg NiP top 1!
2018-07-22 01:22
India TYZ4 
Me too lekr0, me too. In aim_botz, I wreck everyone, in a match, I'm a bot and everyone wrecks me.
2018-07-22 06:03
Poland Oleczeq 
Me too TYZ4, me top. In aim_botz, I wreck everyone, in a match, I'm a bot and everyone wrecks me.
2018-07-22 08:34
Kazakhstan Fijithings 
Me too Oleczeq, me too In aim_botz, I wreck everyone, in a match, I'm a bot and everyone wrecks me.
2018-07-22 09:36
Mongolia k0ng0 
Me too EmirT, me too In aim_botz, I wreck everyone, in a match, I'm a bot and everyone wrecks me.
2018-07-22 13:28
Twistzz | 
North America f^rax 
I've been saying GTR should just retire finally, he's decent in-game but that doesn't matter when you're not winning. They need an igl, hampus or golden would do fine im sure.
2018-07-22 01:22
Germany Xoxo33 
I bet if he would retire and start streaming he could be one of the top csgo streamer in terms of viewers.
2018-07-22 01:25
ceh9 | 
World mukas17 
If anything they should remove rez. He is a mad fragger who doesn't frag nearly as much as he should considering that his decision making is really bad. gtr can be an amazing support player and he still has some clutch potential.
2018-07-22 10:59
Twistzz | 
North America f^rax 
Get_Right - 28 years old, health problems that affect his performance at times, bad for his team and himself. under a dedicated igl would still be mediocre. Rez - 20 years old with plenty of potential, could thrive under a dedicated igl. ??? you tell me which one is better This also isn't because I hate get_right, he's way past his prime and needs to acknowledge it. It would give him a chance to do other things instead of ignoring his own problems to practice while he's physically in pain.
2018-07-22 12:28
ceh9 | 
World mukas17 
rez - only added to frag - can't frag half the time. gtr - proven veteran that always gets his 10-15 frags, reliable, good in clutches.
2018-07-22 13:04
Twistzz | 
North America f^rax 
hltv.org/stats/players/matches/39/GeT_Ri.. hltv.org/stats/players/matches/9278/REZ?.. Clearly rez is fragging more than half the time, you're blaming nip's performances for him not being able to frag like a superstar? Remember when rez was brought in he was brought in to be fresh blood who could bring something new compared to what friberg brought. They didn't expect him to be a superstar. Your logic basically: we play a pug and I go 34-16 and we lose 13-16, and you fragged 15-17. Are you still going to kick me because I couldn't do more?
2018-07-23 00:16
Venezuela CACHi 
2018-07-22 01:22
REZ | 
Europe dafuqsrsly 
or Golden, right?
2018-07-22 01:34
2018-07-22 02:45
2018-07-22 01:18
smooya | 
United Kingdom c1ties 
Rip Lekr0
2018-07-22 01:18
jkXy | 
Slovenia jkxy 
2018-07-22 01:19
I feel so bad for lekr0. For most teams this sort of process is a death sentence. Honestly f0rest, Dennis, REZ, and lekr0 is a pretty promising core and Dennis does well in a hybrid awp role. If gtr could actually show some talent in game leading and take over the supportive elements, it could still be a good squad
2018-07-22 01:23
JW | 
Hungary BPricegod 
f0rest hasn't been doing shit for the minor, on the other hand Get_Right has been staying up late and practicing...
2018-07-22 13:07
f0rest has been terrible so far sure, but get_right has hardly been any better, ad doesn't have a decent 3 months behind him like f0rest has
2018-07-22 14:35
Sweden Nokkeri 
2018-07-22 01:19
Hungary StraYzie 
he is still better than GTR :/ GONINJAS!
2018-07-22 01:20
Belgium bioZARRRD 
It's really weird they decided to put Lekr0 in the IGL role. Such a waste of his talent
2018-07-22 01:20
2018-07-22 01:20
Lekr0 is very cleaver guy and very calm. GTR has lack of motivations.
2018-07-22 07:32
Switzerland hoooooray 
2018-07-22 10:06
but as you can see hes still fraggging
2018-07-23 12:14
Belgium bioZARRRD 
Well yeah I'm surprised he's still doing this well tbh
2018-07-23 12:27
yeah hes a sick player. he definitely has potential of being top 5 player in the future.
2018-07-23 12:49
Lekrcuses..... Dennis is a good igl nip just didnt need to change draken they were a good roster they just had a bad tournament..... Every team can has it.... Astralis faze sk vp......
2018-07-22 01:21
Twistzz | 
North America f^rax 
Long-term it still wouldn't work, nip has gone on too long without an igl. lekr0 as igl still won't work either, they need to get hampus or golden or try intl.
2018-07-22 01:24
let forest be igl, he's not fragging anyway
2018-07-22 01:21
Poland big_boy_69 
True Or GTRT maybe
2018-07-22 02:35
India Ad1_KaM 
Lol? Not fragging? Yeah maybe not much at the minor, but he's still a beast.
2018-07-22 07:13
He don't/can't frag when he plays with silence m4 LUL
2018-07-22 07:34
+1111 lmao nice roast
2018-07-22 10:08
Finland Smoonah 
rip stats
2018-07-22 01:23
2018-07-22 01:25
Germany mogh 
maybe he should try putting bots on "expert". it's not hard to frag versus easymode bots
2018-07-22 01:32
REZ | 
Europe dafuqsrsly 
Are there other decent IGL's in Sweden except hampus and GOLDEN?
2018-07-22 01:35
Slovakia SLAVak 
pronax lol But he wouldn't be much of a use frag wise.
2018-07-22 01:57
REZ | 
Europe dafuqsrsly 
Yeah i totally forgot him, but as you said his fragging is pretty lacking. And others though (aimwise good aswell)?
2018-07-22 02:03
Slovakia SLAVak 
There's also BARBARR, he's been around for quite a while. There's plenty of Swedish IGLs, but NiP won't pick up any. If Lekr0's IGLing won't work out, it will get passed on to GeT_RiGhT or f0rest. But knowing NiP, they will make REZ the IGL, because gtr still thinks he's the superstar of the team.
2018-07-22 02:41
India Ad1_KaM 
If he thinks he was the superstar, he wouldn't take the support role would he?
2018-07-22 07:14
REZ | 
Europe dafuqsrsly 
Don't forget f0rest at this minor, he made a lot of costly mistakes. Flank on inferno from boiler, flank from ramp on mirage and many others...
2018-07-22 12:54
United Arab Emirates p1peb0mb 
xizt lul
2018-07-22 04:24
"Let's put the second best swedish star (behind Krimz) as IGL when he just joined us" NiP logic
2018-07-22 02:18
NIP- ruining swedish talent since 2016.
2018-07-22 10:09
Jame | 
Indonesia gryphon_ 
Pyth, draken, and now lekr0.
2018-07-22 15:56
yep, and right now also ruining dennis
2018-07-22 15:56
Sweden godname 
Onliner LUL Kappa
2018-07-22 02:35
Switzerland hoooooray 
2018-07-22 10:06
on warmup I kill everyone
2018-07-22 02:37
Poland big_boy_69 
-GeT_RiGhT +hampus / GOLDEN Get_Right becomes coach
2018-07-22 02:37
f0rest | 
China ZerOck 
GL NiP GL Lekr0
2018-07-22 05:55
NiKo | 
India Sishir 
NiP should get Golden somehow.
2018-07-22 07:22
only immature mention practice frag meaning something// nip is dead
2018-07-22 08:38
Denmark resolut 
Only fix for them is change org to misw and change bitch player for an american player. I hear auti is available
2018-07-22 09:00
Netplayer noob
2018-07-22 10:01
It's my | 
Europe R2D2s 
Lekr0 onliner /closed
2018-07-22 10:02
Switzerland hoooooray 
2018-07-22 10:06
Switzerland hoooooray 
online its easier with h4xx
2018-07-22 10:05
France StickyRice 
2018-07-22 14:21
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