GeT_RiGhT: "It meant the world to me knowing that I could still put up a big game and do everything for my team"

July 22nd, 2018 23:17

To finalize our coverage of the Europe Minor, we interviewed one of the winners, Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund, about NiP making it through to the first stage of the Major.

GeT_RiGhT discussed a variety of topics in our interview with him at the end of the Europe Minor, where NiP came out victorious after defeating ENCE in the consolidation final, securing their place in the New Challengers Stage, before besting OpTic in the grand final.

GeT_RiGhT explained just how much making it through means to him and NiP

The Swedish veteran shared it all when it comes to what it means for him, personally, to get over that hurdle for the first time since NiP failed to make it past the ELEAGUE Major Main Qualifier at the end of 2016.

The 28-year-old also discussed Jonas "Lekr0" Olofsson's new role as an in-game leader and his impact on their result at the Europe Minor before closing out with some final thoughts on how NiP are going to spend the break ahead of DreamHack Masters Stockholm and, naturally, the FACEIT Major.

After you qualified, we could see that you were getting a little emotional, so tell me about that moment, how much this means to you, personally, and the team.

I think it means more to me than everyone else in the team, mostly because of all the comments about me. I've seen them, I've read them, I haven't commented so much on them because I tried to block myself out of it. I don't really use my social media anymore mostly because of it, because every time I go into it, there is a lot of hate. It can go to the point when it's fine, people can complain about me, about my game and everything, but I can't hold on and keep doing it, be more social, when there are a lot of death threats against me and my family and friends. That's the boiling point.

I've been playing a long time, I've had this issue before, as well, when I was very successful, but eventually, a guy like me or someone is going to crack. And that crack can become even bigger. Like I said, I'm fine getting a lot of hate for my play, but I don't ever get into the hate when they actually want to me to die, or something like that, that's over the top.

After the game, I felt very emotional, there was a big weight on my shoulders that just disappeared. I've been grinding so hard for this tournament, I've been staying up late, putting in the hours, I've been dragging myself every day, I even slept worse because I needed to play more. I've been just thinking about CS, I've just been watching demos, playing deathmatch, bots, I've been doing everything that every professional should be doing, but I've been putting in even more, I've been sitting here wanting to play more and more and more and more and more.

And it felt like that weight I had before, because I've done it a couple of times in the last two years and it hasn't given any success back, and this was the first time in maybe one and a half years that it actually gave back to me, and I was so happy about it. It really meant the world to me knowing that I could still put up a big game and I can still do everything for my team, because, at the end of the day, I don't really give a f... about having bad stats or anything like that, I just want to feel that I did something for my team and feel that I'm there. So it felt really good to just know that I can pull a little bit more weight than usual. So I was just happy about that as well.

The veteran duo haven't played at a Major since ESL One Cologne 2016

Speaking a bit about the in-game part of it, you had faced ENCE at ESL One Cologne and it had gone badly, so were you perhaps a little surprised by how one-sided that match ended up being here?

I don't know. I think that we were in a very weird situation during Cologne. My health was very bad, I lost a lot of weight, I couldn't eat, I couldn't drink, I couldn't focus, really. I gave everything for the Minor, I gave everything for the online part, I gave everything for the tournaments we were playing. And I wasn't really there. I tried to give everything for the team and I had to take care of my health, and that showed in Cologne. I was barely there, people were asking me 'how are you doing?' and I felt very bad. But I pulled through because I wanted to do it for my team and I wanted to do it for myself, but I couldn't deliver and that disappointed me the most.

Of all the disappointments I've had in my career, that was the one that broke me a lot because I did a lot of hours before the tournament, as well, I put up great numbers in the online qualifier and everything, but I wasn't there in Cologne at all. No one was there, so it wasn't just me, but everyone wasn't there. I'm pretty sure that everyone was affected by it because they knew that my health wasn't there and I wasn't really there, either, as a person.

But we came through, I went to the hospital and got myself fixed, or at least in a way, I'm not fully done, but now I have a vacation and I can take care of myself, so that's a good sign that I can just relax for a while after winning here. But we had a different mindset, we fixed a lot of issues, we were very mad about the issues that we had and we were very open and vocal about it, as well, and I think a lot of weight was also removed from a lot of players because of different issues they had in-game and outside of the game.

But that helped us and made us even stronger, we had a lot of help from our mental coach, the people around us that no one probably even knows who they are, but they helped us a lot and we pulled through here. Winning over ENCE was a big weight that was released from everyone's shoulders, especially mine and f0rest's.

There's always this discussion about the Minor grand finals and how much meaning they have considering both teams have already qualified and that there's pretty much just pocket change at stake. How much did winning the final mean to you guys as a team that hasn't won a tournament in a while?

It means more than you think. And it means more to everyone else in the team because we haven't won anything in a long time. IEM Oakland was the last one - typical, apparently, we're really good there every time (laughs). But getting another first place on your resumé is something that I always strive for.

I don't really care about the money or anything about that, I just want to add another trophy to my cabinet. And that's the only thing that matters for me and that everyone is playing well. And now we've got one for this year, now we can just prepare for the next season, so I'm very happy about that.

GeT_RiGhT believes Lekr0 has a lot of qualities as a leader figure

The other big storyline regarding your team was Lekr0 becoming the in-game leader right after Cologne. How do you see his progression over the last couple of weeks and especially here, where you had to overcome quite a lot?

I think he did a super good job. He has a lot of qualities that people may not see, I think he has a lot of leadership qualities that don't really shine through now because of the short time we had and the preparation. He's very calm, he's very happy, he's always making jokes, and he's always a guy that can turn it around for someone who gets a little bit tilted or anything like that. That's good to have in a guy like him, as a leader, because it cools everything down.

I think that changed a lot for us, that was an issue for us before that we could get very tilted very quickly and get stuck there. But he was the guy who changed that completely for us, online, when we bootcamped, and at this tournament, he shined through the most, if you ask me.

We just need to work even harder now, I don't think we're going to relax at all. I hope we can just continue what we've done here because now we're qualified and now we have even bigger battles coming up and we can't be too happy about this. We're happy for now, but now we just have to grind even harder and keep going, give back to our fans who have been waiting for a long time.

Speaking of relaxing, and you already touched on this a little when you talked about getting yourself back together, how much time are you going to spend away from the game in this break that is coming up and how much time will you spend on preparations for the Major?

Right now my feelings are that I just want to go back and grind because I'm in that mood right now. But I think that I should keep it down and quiet a little bit and just focus on my health, firstly, just relax, and I'm going away on a 10-day holiday with my girlfriend. I think around the 12th-13th - I don't know exactly, we haven't really discussed it specifically -, somewhere around there we're going to start again, redo everything, and just work hard again.

So it's at least going to be a few weeks that you'll have...

I think it's around three weeks what we talked about regarding the break, but I think it's going to be less, it depends, you'll always want to grind a little bit more. Eventually, when you're on vacation, you get bored easily because people are working, your friends, etc., so you're like 'hmm, maybe I should play a little bit' and then you start playing earlier anyway. Maybe we're not going to really practice as a team, but we're probably going to start earlier.

Sweden Christopher 'GeT_RiGhT' Alesund
Christopher 'GeT_RiGhT' Alesund
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Maps played:
Sweden Jonas 'Lekr0' Olofsson
Jonas 'Lekr0' Olofsson
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Lebanon RobloxPorn 
Nice, get right will retire after he wins major #EZFORNIP
2018-07-22 23:18
I love Christopher
2018-07-22 23:26
Lekr0 | 
Turkey Cherub 
2018-07-23 00:02
actually, it was lekr0 who did the carrying to get the nip boiz to the major get right is still useless
2018-07-23 07:38
ScreaM | 
Germany KRY2k 
He did great yeah, happy to see him performing well.
2018-07-23 10:05
2018-07-23 17:22
miss 1.6 times when true legends was destroying everyone.. in csgo they suck dick
2018-07-23 17:42
s1mple and electronic still destroy everyone.
2018-07-24 11:29
Philippines sirpj21 
Eat shit
2018-07-23 18:42
i cannot hear u over the sound of third world XDDDDDDDD
2018-07-23 22:57
2018-07-23 00:57
Yes they do
2018-07-23 00:13
TFW GTR out of all players gets death threats for not performing. What's worse is that he's probably not talking about random HLTV bait threads but actual people on Twitter and shit. This is honestly unacceptable and I feel like it makes our community look far less mature than other esports communities
2018-07-23 00:17
poor guy was a top2 player from 2010 all the way to 2015 and he gets so much hate for being mediocre, not even that bad. he may not play that well, but it's pretty embarrassing how all those nerds that can't even win silver games are talking shit about the biggest legend we have apart from f0rest
2018-07-23 00:39
suNny | 
United Kingdom Nerv3 
I feel really sorry for him with his health, he's such a good guy
2018-07-23 02:54
Yeah, chrons disease sucks big hairy balls. No known cure, some treatments which can take the edge off the pain, but it's lifelong and not cureable :((
2018-07-23 03:14
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2018-07-23 04:57
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2018-07-23 16:08
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United Kingdom Peath 
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Denmark Xipingu 
*Sigh* ... So when your economy collapses, you intend to just raid everyone to force them to acknowledge you're #1? Good luck with that lmao
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Our economy is not even close to collapse, in fact it has grown more than any European country since the recession. If anyone tries to force us to pay a debt, we have a military stronger than theirs.
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Denmark Xipingu 
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Highest GDP and most billionaires is nothing to boast about, because it has literally no bearing on YOUR life, you absolute fucking moron. With that gross income inequality, I'd be fucking ASHAMED of having "the highest GDP" and the "most billionaires", honestly.
2018-07-23 23:01
Lol I’m not a billionaire but my family makes more than 99.9% of the world. Y’all seriously fucking pathetic, even something not that much like $1m/yr is SO much more than socialist and poor countries LOL. Average in us (PPP) is $50k, retardedly low but still that’s so much higher than almost every other country
2018-07-23 23:04
Bulgaria OP_m0rphine 
Income inequality is the stupidest issue EVER. The fact is that the American people have higher standard of living. Do you know who makes that - rich people creating new products/services, enlarging the pie and making people's lives better. On the other hand Sudan has 0 income inequality - they are GREAT ! Keep believing that leftist propaganda :D
2018-07-24 11:24
Sweden StaffaN1 
2018-07-23 04:09
REZ | 
Singapore Ndev0r 
Agreed. Would actually hurt the player's self-esteems.
2018-07-23 00:40
Greenland Jardeet 
Probably alp Brazilians too
2018-07-23 15:25
the death threats were probably due to expectations of him to play the best csgo possible especially past performances
2018-07-24 23:31
Brazil Dornas13 
2018-07-23 03:17
Xizt | 
Finland Dolmi0 
I think you meant #EZ4ENCE
2018-07-23 09:50
so he retired 3yrs ago?
2018-07-23 13:05
Thorin | 
Sweden ezwuo 
2018-07-22 23:17
It feels good to see you back GTR, it really does. Now let's go further. #<3NIP
2018-07-22 23:19
Lekr0 | 
Turkey Cherub 
nip to win the major
2018-07-23 00:02
India Ad1_KaM 
Ez for NiP in Pyjamas!!! <3
2018-07-23 03:52
Lekr0 | 
Turkey Cherub 
smh my head
2018-07-23 03:49
Shake my head my head?
2018-07-23 04:36
Lekr0 | 
Turkey Cherub 
he said ninjas in pyjamas in pyjamas so i said shake my head my head
2018-07-23 12:52
India MihirX27 
+1 XD
2018-07-23 14:57
Portugal SPLASH1020 
GoD_RiGhT <3
2018-07-22 23:18
Sweden NiPGaming 
2018-07-22 23:18
friberg | 
Norway BirgerM 
2018-07-22 23:18
2018-07-22 23:18
Legend <3
2018-07-22 23:18
2018-07-22 23:19
get right saved
2018-07-22 23:19
Will see at Qualifier to Major.
2018-07-22 23:19
nt old guy
2018-07-22 23:19
Turkey Black237 
masterpiece <3
2018-07-22 23:19
how people can hate legend? Wow, this guy love counter strike the most. Just love it
2018-07-22 23:19
because a fair percentage of people just completely suck balls really.
2018-07-23 07:32
f0rest | 
Finland Kentab 
King Totte
2018-07-22 23:19
Turkey Experium 
legend GOAT
2018-07-22 23:19
Little virgins giving hate to pro gamers. Standard. Hate them
2018-07-22 23:20
1.6. nothing to say
2018-07-22 23:20
2018-07-22 23:21
Sunde | 
Australia art1kano 
2018-07-22 23:21
Europe Vallon 
BibleThump I love GTR.
2018-07-22 23:21
shaGuar | 
United States brieN 
a "big" game in a minor versus tier 2 teams...
2018-07-22 23:22
Yea because unless you’ve been living under a rock for the 7+ years you’ve been on the site NiP qualified for something that they haven’t competed in for 2 years That’s why it’s big, it’s an important event to happen in the history of CS, like NiP’s 87-0 streak with its original 5, and then their struggles while playing with and releasing many talents, like Fifflarren, pyth, Xizt and draken to name a few. And, like so many haters of GTR and NiP, I doubt that most of them have been through 2 years of hardship in their place of work. You’re not as ignorant as the people who say they want to kill GTR but your still ignorant ass actually needs to shut up before it gives your brain an aneurysm.
2018-07-23 00:47
shaGuar | 
United States brieN 
the gtr of 2013 would not be satisfied with a decent game versus guys who don't go to majors. probably would be pissed at himself for not doing better and wanting to do better looking forward. it's the change from a guy who wants to be the best to a guy who just wants to stay on a team. it is sad
2018-07-23 04:03
Too bad it’s not 2013 GTR and co. worked their asses for their biggest accomplishment in 2 years to date, and even if GTR worked only to keep his spot on NiP, then he’s done himself a giant favor, because losing to ENCE would’ve been probably his gravestone
2018-07-23 04:08
shaGuar | 
United States brieN 
dude has been dead for years lul
2018-07-23 04:09
nice over-exaggeration take 5 seconds to realize that dead would mean he’s pulling a solid 0 on the 2.0 rating, while he’s pulling a 1.0 which is better than you expect
2018-07-23 04:14
It's only sad that random people blame him personally for not dominating the scene anymore. GTR is a true winner,he is not just playing to be on a team.
2018-07-23 07:42
tier 3
2018-07-23 15:00
Denmark muggge 
Legends never really die
2018-07-22 23:22
2018-07-22 23:22
only just 1.6......... i'm crying
2018-07-22 23:22
you've commented "1.6" 4 times on this thread now. What you are trying to convey is a mystery to everyone though.
2018-07-23 13:08
gfu, but u've no idea wuts means 1.6, u're just cs go without potential spraynpray mr 30bullets kit
2018-07-23 13:19
and yeah, NT MURIFAT
2018-07-23 13:19
I've never seen worse bait mister 15 year old.
2018-07-23 13:20
isn`t b8, why u so stupid? cuntinho
2018-07-23 13:21
k m8
2018-07-23 13:21
just sweet truth nothing else
2018-07-23 13:21
Poland swstk 
let's go GeT_RiGhT, ez major <3 for the legend
2018-07-22 23:23
2018-07-22 23:23
Good luck
2018-07-22 23:23
Sweden axim51v 
1 good game of hundreds bad games lol
2018-07-22 23:23
Has been playing decent for last couple of months .. Just dont be cocky m8
2018-07-22 23:25
hes honestly been playing fine all year. he's been putting up like 1.1 ratings online and, discounting cologne, .95 ratings offline which isn't too bad. even if he isn't the top1 player he was a couple of years ago, the criticism he's getting is pretty unwarranted as he's still more than capable of pulling his weight against top teams.
2018-07-22 23:39
Exactly,dunno what people expect from him.if he gets some crucial lurk frags or clutches then he is done his job.this is what he was doing even at his prime
2018-07-22 23:50
I think most of people dont know how he is playing a hard role. always other side as t but not a lurker but making first frag or anything. yes he was unstable about shooting especially when he tries full auto too much. but his reading about game is incredible still now. if he is shooting with calm like today, I think he can keep shining.
2018-07-23 00:15
yeah once every year loooooooooooooooooooooooool get lost foul you too bad and old
2018-07-22 23:23
Norway infusedboiz 
gambit fanboi LOL gambots are worse than the ninjas , so go and cry in your corner
2018-07-22 23:29
when did nip win major again? 4 years ago? wow you were 8 back then time flies
2018-07-22 23:32
Norway infusedboiz 
ahahaah did u get triggered that easily , even if nip is trash until the end of csgo, they are still gonna be better than gambots, also im pretty sure im older than you doggo
2018-07-22 23:33
respond needs to have actual content
2018-07-22 23:35
Norway infusedboiz 
triggered d o g g i
2018-07-22 23:36
2018-07-22 23:50
and that was exactly 4 years ago
2018-07-22 23:24
Norway SkaMathias 
2018-07-22 23:24
Australia Lolfeminists 
Imagine if they were vs actual good teams and not tier 3.
2018-07-22 23:24
France cedd 
i think its reasonable to say that optic and ence right now are tier 2, and can beat anyone thats not in top 6 teams. and NiP managed to do it. so shut your dirty hooker mouth.
2018-07-23 00:26
Australia Lolfeminists 
WOAHHHH relax Islamic certified country.
2018-07-23 01:28
they are tier 3
2018-07-23 15:05
Nip fans be like : 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
2018-07-22 23:25
Portugal xxxRUI75xxx 
Who the fuck would send death threats to him and his family because of his performance? I know there are lots of retarded people in the csgo community, but that is just way over the top...
2018-07-22 23:27
Sweden Div-\ 
This is true and really sad. Criticizing someone for his/hers performance is one thing, sending death threats is another. Sad to see this has affected GTR (and players like Smithzz, STYKO and who knows how many others).
2018-07-22 23:33
2018-07-22 23:36
That's what gambling does to people
2018-07-22 23:45
2018-07-22 23:53
Slovakia SLAVak 
That's what gambling does to kids* fixed it up for you buddy.
2018-07-23 00:12
nice one. probably very true aswell.
2018-07-23 02:52
2018-07-23 08:27
Indonesia linekerrr 
Happens in literally everything where money is involved. Just gotta deal with it and take the risk
2018-07-23 10:19
Finland Lassius 
2018-07-22 23:28
Always loved Get right, so glad to see him doing some excellent work and nip having some success.
2018-07-22 23:28
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
Remember you have people who love you, Christopher! <3 You're one of the greatest players to ever touch Counter-Strike and you have the stats to prove it -- No amount of hatred will change that and you should be proud of the skill you have. You have far more heart and passion for the game than most people and I think that shows in the games you play. Look after your health, spend loads of time with your loved ones and get a nice recharge before the big games. :) Ignore the hatred, it's unintelligibly fallible and entirely untrue. Once more, a final congratulations and just know I'll always be wishing you the best of luck. :) <3 Have a good day, friend. :) My love to you and the rest of the guys. :)
2018-07-22 23:28
Haha Hello dude, only me who said NIP gonna take this :) no1 believe in them ahah
2018-07-22 23:30
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
I've been cheering for them always, but from an analytical POV, The "NiP" we all know and love has been absent for a long time now. 2012-2014 was the dominance and 2016 had a good re-birthing from NiP. They had won some tournaments in 2017, but funnily enough this accolade is probably their biggest in those couple of years. Attending the Major is a big step for NiP and I'm sure inside they must be ashamed it's taken this long to accomplish it.
2018-07-22 23:32
Like Renegades get rekt in 1 Bo1 Lost 1 Bo3 and Rekt Everyone in Bo3 lower bracket and win finals
2018-07-22 23:33
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
They looked shaky as all hell, but I think they felt a lot calmer when they got to the finals. It was "do or die" and they played their hearts out.
2018-07-22 23:37
Yes you right i think they gonna win this minor when they win vs Sprout
2018-07-22 23:37
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
The pressure on NiP to perform was cataclysmic... It was truly harrowing to see them crumble when they shouldn't, so you could definitely tell the confidence barrier changed once they got into the latter stages of the tournament. f0rest/GTR turning up against ENCE was a glory to watch, I'll admit. :D
2018-07-22 23:39
hope the best for them nice to meet you again. good night
2018-07-22 23:41
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
Always a pleasure, friend. <3 Have a good night, friend. :)
2018-07-22 23:42
jontyyyy 😀 how are you my friend? 😆
2018-07-23 00:57
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
Hey, friend. :) I am good, thank you. :D I wasn't feeling too good for a few days; hence the inactivity, so it's always a pleasure to be able to talk with awesome users again. ^^ Hope you've been well too, friend. Always a pleasure. :D
2018-07-23 11:57
glad to hear brother-from-another-mother ive been ok for past days allthought im bothered about all the "name checks out" comments when im trying my best to only make top notch threads... have nice day! 😎😎😎
2018-07-23 12:40
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
Well the username in tandem with the threads is ironic, but simply disregarding all possible logic just because of personal, flawed logic is that of their own downfall and not your own. :D Have a good day! :)
2018-07-23 12:43
thanks for your support, means alot. hopefully its sunny and warm there too!!😆
2018-07-23 12:45
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
It is very warm and sunny and I detest it... :( I want some rain... I hate the sun. :(
2018-07-23 12:46
vampire confirmed Kappa 😁
2018-07-23 12:48
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
Definitely... I have a blood pressure problem in that I always sweat regardless of the weather, so I prefer it cooler and always raining than the beaming sunshine, cascading it's way into our very souls.
2018-07-23 12:56
BnTeT | 
Indonesia rareguy 
Oh, hi Jonty. It's been a while since I saw you on HLTV. Probably 'cause they deleted the blog. What the hell.. HLTV people and bettor are trying to kill GTR. This brought up to light and looked even worse when you think every time NiP lost again some shit team like in Cologne, there were always threads and threads regarding of his performance and telling him to just stop playing CS. Jesus christ, he played more than you think and it turned out that his abundance of practice was the culprit of his bad performance. Professional players are PAID to play the game of course he is practicing, but the comments were utter trash that he put a lot more hours into the game and torture himself to prove otherwise. But god do you know how fast my heartbeat when I see GTR on the match vs ENCE. I already saw NiP losses, and it was always GTR part that very emotional to me.
2018-07-23 00:37
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
It's been a long time since I've seen you, rareguy... So it's an absolute pleasure to be able to speak to you once more. ^^ "What the hell.. HLTV people and bettor are trying to kill GTR. This brought up to light and looked even worse when you think every time NiP lost again some shit team like in Cologne, there were always threads and threads regarding of his performance and telling him to just stop playing CS. Jesus christ, he played more than you think and it turned out that his abundance of practice was the culprit of his bad performance. Professional players are PAID to play the game of course he is practicing, but the comments were utter trash that he put a lot more hours into the game and torture himself to prove otherwise." People are stupid and do not realise the impact GTR has... Talks of booting him from the team, hatred-spreading, death-threats -- Despite all of this, GTR still showed up and proved he can play good CS:GO again. :) HLTV is a good example of a plethora of opinions from all angles, some good - some bad, it's just a shame it's mostly bad. You're spot on when it comes to professionals being paid for what they do and these same people evidently haven't watched CS:GO when GTR dominated the original scene for three years straight. "But god do you know how fast my heartbeat when I see GTR on the match vs ENCE. I already saw NiP losses, and it was always GTR part that very emotional to me." Same here. :D GTR and f0rest had some revitalisation during that BO3 against ENCE in the semi-finals. Despite a very rough road, they looked really convincing in the latter games they played. I know Christopher personally as I've played 1.6 with him and spoken to him on many occasions, so the hate-spreading I see coming GTR's way gets to me, too. He's the kindest person I've ever known and would honestly give his last penny to a beggar in the street. He's poured half of his entire life into this game and shows more passion for it than most people. He doesn't play for the money or the recognition and never has - it's for the fun of the game and for the people he's playing with. Have a good day, friend. An absolute pleasure to see you on HLTV once again. :D
2018-07-23 12:10
CIS antishaakeh 
Wise words as always, Jonty. Have a good night.
2018-07-23 00:54
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
Thanks, friend. :) A pleasure. ^^ Have a good day.
2018-07-23 12:15
2018-07-22 23:29
So when Brollan is joining ?
2018-07-22 23:29
um like never?
2018-07-23 00:58
name checks out
2018-07-23 01:20
are u as toxic man child as shitspiranto?
2018-07-23 01:23
Italy Er1cz 
Legend <3
2018-07-22 23:30
Sweden Rexz 
GeT_RiGhT deserves the best, legend. <3 #GONINJAS
2018-07-22 23:32
Anyway you know what happend on real qual =D
2018-07-22 23:35
Stop hating GeT_RiGhT guys, he worked harder than anyone else for this and he deserves to be in a Major again. Unbelievable how he took care of the Minor and his health at the same time...legend.
2018-07-22 23:33
Russia Nikosimus 
I guess there is no person that's more passionate about CS than GTR GL in the Major guys, win it and retire as legends
2018-07-22 23:33
Sweden godname 
love you
2018-07-22 23:33
hey thats pretty gay
2018-07-23 00:59
Denmark danishwarrior 
2018-07-22 23:35
f0rest | 
Finland gaazer 
2018-07-22 23:35
GeT_RiGhT don't stop believin LEGEND RESPECT <3
2018-07-22 23:35
United Kingdom how_much 
Chris is a CS hero
2018-07-22 23:37
get right i lov u <3
2018-07-22 23:37
Slovakia bukso 
best player for me and it will never change :) raise the trophy again
2018-07-22 23:40
Greece praytoGOD 
haters will be so mad right now. their big nightmare will be in next major. keep it up my friend!
2018-07-22 23:41
Germany Sabba1 
get right is a good up and coming player im sure he has a great future
2018-07-22 23:44
wow if a made thread that says gtr is good u would all fkn non stop comment ur bullshit but know u are sucking ballzy
2018-07-22 23:45
Bring it home GeT_RiGhT!
2018-07-22 23:48
Argentina IndTott7L 
NiP <3
2018-07-22 23:53
now just neo and f0rest back to the 1.6 skillz please <3
2018-07-22 23:54
grux | 
Sweden millekatt 
You can't always be at the top. GTR had a lot of success but not being able to get results for many years with exception of Oakland must be frustrating because he still has the same passion for the game like he had when he started his career.
2018-07-22 23:54
2018-07-23 00:06
horvy | 
Brazil horvy 
He should be the star player dude he was fucking insane the whole minor
2018-07-23 00:07
Poland big_boy_69 
We love you legend! He's so fucking passionate and dedicated, he deserved everything he achieved. RESPECT. <3
2018-07-23 00:08
Its just bad karma brah
2018-07-23 00:26
China chen110110 
GTR Don't Stop Believin!!! HeatoN potti----walle zet----f0rest GTR NiP duo???
2018-07-23 00:27
GTR good luck man i hope you will get even better after this win and the whole NiP as well.
2018-07-23 00:42
Great interview! I can't still understand how people can be so stupid to hate with such words against such a good hearted guy like GeT_RiGhT. He is THE role model for how a pro-player should be, towards fans and towards the game. And still there is stupid people making death threats.. Don't Stop Believin' Totte <333
2018-07-23 00:57
Come on Chris! You're a CS LEGEND, don't let retarded skillless people who never achieved anything in their lives dragging you down. Love & respect. Get well.
2018-07-23 01:25
0/8 gtr, nt
2018-07-23 02:54
thanks lekr0 you are dead player lol
2018-07-23 03:19
Israel Stryger 
We've been waiting =)
2018-07-23 03:20
It is truly glorious to see the return of your form in the recent months. All of us in the Discord have been cheering our hearts out and to see you guys playing at your best was simply amazing. You are a CS Legend and you will always be a CS Legend, you held an insane amount of skill that some could only dream of longer than most people have been playing the game. I hate to see people berate you for poor performances as you struggle to juggle your health, happniess, and professional career and I will defend you as long as you play man. Good luck winning the Major, prove all of those fools wrong and that you can do it again #GONINJAS
2018-07-23 03:30
1/10 games get right time to stop
2018-07-23 03:42
2018-07-23 04:17
Indonesia Speartuna 
Good luck champ, I was doubting NiP but really happy for them to reach the highest level once again
2018-07-23 04:31
s1mple | 
Iceland cy_ro 
goat cs player
2018-07-23 05:52
man I can't explain how emotional I got in his interview before the match against ENCE. I have been following him since the beginning of CSGO, and never seen him emotionally drained like that. No doubt his health issue affected him in that regard. I just wish him to get his healthiest form back. He's such a unique personality, and that's not only valuable for the scene but the whole esports community. GTR <3
2018-07-23 06:51
Other mikecool 
Glad to see you on the mend get_right. All of your experiences only make you stronger.
2018-07-23 07:04
Norway Napapijri 
"A BIG GAME" (versus ENCE, Sprout and Optic)
2018-07-23 08:09
Russia ZzzonkeDD 
Strong teams anyway
2018-07-23 08:40
While NiP are barely winning noobs and "it means the world to them", the real teams are in Atlanta.
2018-07-23 09:27
when there are a lot of death threats against me and my family and friends Drama queen will ya??🤔🤔🤔
2018-07-23 09:39
you don't know what he's been through, do ya?
2018-07-23 09:42
I do but if u cant handle that just stay low and get out of the scene??? Theres tons of jobs that he can do behind the scenes in esports...
2018-07-23 10:17
Think about it yourself, you go on social medias for over 2 years. And most of the things that he get is death threats to him/family and hate. Sometime it will bring you down.. This shouldn't even be in the scene to begin with, especially death threats. There is plenty of celebrities that have made their social medias private or deleted it when they have gotten these things when it have been too much of it.
2018-07-23 10:40
dont get me wrong, i dont approve these actions by those tards..u dont threaten people.. what im trying to say is, u can do smth about it...
2018-07-23 10:42
Why should that stop him for doing the thing that he lives and breath for? Better way is to maybe be open about it like he was in this interview and some of them will realise that they have caused pain/damage on a REAL person. Was even a thread up on reddit csgo first page some week ago when he made a statement about his condition etc that somone in NiP management screenshot and posted on his twitter. This is the right way to deal with it.
2018-07-23 10:47
2018-07-23 10:47
Romania skymeisteRr 
2018-07-23 09:47
Ez for GTR NİP ez Legend at major
2018-07-23 09:54
2018-07-23 11:28
Portugal beast_ 
god get_Right
2018-07-23 11:48
REZ | 
United Kingdom Voak 
2018-07-23 14:20
GoD_RiGhT from hero to zero to hero to z...HERO
2018-07-23 14:24
tabseN | 
Germany Ntasu 
get get_right right... Sounds very sick about his health and the hate comments. Should really care about himself. Never heard such a hard issue by a pro.
2018-07-23 14:38
I feel that, even if the teams at the minor were not top teams, they are on the right path to be a top team again, they finally have someone who WANTS to be the IGL (and is actually good at it), the teamwork showed up again, lekro dennis REZ and forest seem pretty confident picking up the awp and they are all showing up with clutches, even GTR. Its really sad to see how toxic the ppl can be towards a player that is giving it all to deliver to his fans and his team. #GONINJAS
2018-07-23 16:02
Czech Republic cheapos 
Here you see what CS means to him. GTR is legend agree or not :)
2018-07-23 17:19
little virgins show no respect to get_right and f0rest. because they have no idea who they were in their prime
2018-07-23 17:36
NEO | 
Poland JCdenton 
No, you cannot do everything Get Right, but you are good player and the legend
2018-07-23 18:43
Russia xtkjdtr01 
Please make it to the top 16 at least nip <3
2018-07-23 23:40
f0rest | 
China ZerOck 
2018-07-24 20:03
neo GeT_RiGhT Taz <3
2018-07-25 03:30
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