Bravado win ESEA MDL Season 28 North America over Vision

July 27th, 2018 10:54

Bravado have defeated Vision 2-1 (16-10 on Dust2, 12-16 on Nuke, and 16-5 on Overpass) in the grand final to claim the ESEA MDL Season 28 North America title.

The grand final kicked off with the South Africans securing the pistol and the following anti-ecos as CTs on Dust2. Coming back aggressively on their T-side, Vision managed to spread Bravado's defense thin, only dropping three rounds to even the score at 5-5. Bravado weren't having it and kept their distance adding three on the board, but in the end, Vision pulled the game back and settled the half down, 8-7.

Vision carried their momentum over in the second half, securing the second pistol and the following anti-eco, before Bravado pounced on the CTs to win eight out of the next nine rounds. With Dimitri "Detrony" Hadjipaschali standing out for his side (29K-12D), Bravado secured a 16-19 Dust2 win and the series lead.

ELUSIVE and co. won every CT pistols

The series then moved on to Nuke, Vision's map pick, with the South Africans once again getting off to a slated 3-0 start as CTs. It didn't take Vision long to get back in the thick of things, stamping six of the following nine rounds, before Bravado won the next two out of three to close the half, 8-7.

The second half saw Bravado secure the T pistol, but they could not convert for another great start. Ricky "floppy" Kemery put up impressive numbers for Vision on Nuke as they kept it tight on the CT side, evening up the series with a 16-12 victory.

It all came down to the decider, Overpass, where for the third time in a row Bravado go off to a 3-0 lead as CTs, but once again could not hold off Vision, who swung right back to tie (3-3). The South Africans weren't rattled and stood their ground to close the half with a commanding 11-4 score at halftime.

Vision came out in the second half to claim the second pistol, but from there it was all Bravado who closed the series 2-1 - claiming the ESEA MDL Season 28 North America title.

27th July 2018
 Bravado K - D +/- ADR Rating 2.0
South Africa Aran 'Sonic' GroesbeekSonic 58 - 47 +11 85.1 1.22
South Africa Dimitri 'Detrony' HadjipaschaliDetrony 56 - 45 +11 83.1 1.22
South Africa Ruan 'ELUSIVE' van WykELUSIVE 55 - 45 +10 78.0 1.21
South Africa Johnny 'JT' TheodosiouJT 52 - 45 +7 69.1 1.12
South Africa Rhys 'Fadey' ArmstrongFadey 60 - 57 +3 85.1 1.11
 Vision K - D +/- ADR Rating 2.0
United States Ricky 'floppy' Kemeryfloppy 60 - 60 0 89.5 1.16
United States Gabe 'Spongey' GreinerSpongey 55 - 49 +6 74.6 1.10
United States Jake 'kaboose' McDonaldkaboose 48 - 60 -12 74.5 1.03
United States Alex 'lanhero' Suarezlanhero 45 - 58 -13 69.9 0.90
Canada Danny 'huynh' Huynhhuynh 31 - 55 -24 38.7 0.70

ESEA MDL Season 28 North America final standings:

1. South Africa Bravado (S29 Premier) - $16,650
2. United States Vision (S29 Premier) - $9,250
3-4. United States Monstars (S29 Premier) - $5,550
3-4. United States Gorilla Gang (S29 Premier) - $5,550
5-8. United States Dignitas (S29 Premier)
5-8. United States (S29 Premier)
5-8. United States Swole Patrol (S29 Premier)
5-8. North America FYB (S29 Premier)
9. North America RESOLUTE (S29 Premier)
10. United States BlackOut (S29 Premier)
11. United States Mythic (S29 Premier)
12. United States Squirtle Squad (S29 Premier)
13. United States Fam143 (S29 Premier)
14. United States AZIO (S29 Premier)
15. Canada Really Old People (S29 Premier)
16. United States Velocity (S29 Premier)
17. United States Clutch Solutions (S28 Relegation)
18. United States Vikings (S28 Relegation)
19. Mexico Forty Six and 2 (S28 Relegation)
20. United States ex-Atmosphere (S28 Relegation)
21. United States Prospects (S28 Relegation)
22. United States XFORCE (S28 Relegation)
23. United States subtLe (S28 Relegation)
24. United States Levitate (disqualified)

United States Ricky 'floppy' Kemery
Ricky 'floppy' Kemery
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
South Africa Dimitri 'Detrony' Hadjipaschali
Dimitri 'Detrony' Hadjipaschali
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
REZ | 
Croatia Bruca 
2018-07-27 10:55
Europe bobo2k18 
I like how a single South African team is ruling all american teams :D
2018-07-27 10:57
Germany Youdontknowme 
So true this comment gets a +2
2018-07-27 12:02
Lekr0 | 
Turkey Cherub 
2018-07-27 12:23
Lol online play against shit teams. Bravado done nothing at LAN and will be bottom of pro league if they play there ever
2018-07-27 18:09
im sure they will rek you on LAN
2018-07-27 19:52
Being better than a random old HLTV guy that hasn’t played in a league since 2009 still doesn’t make them better than dogshit though! They are about as good maybe a little better than I was in 2005-2008
2018-07-28 19:48
Honestly BVD is a very good team and if they make pro league they'll be top 8
2018-07-27 21:39
NikoM | 
Argentina gonZAA 
they could make a pretty good na+za team
2018-07-28 06:22
tarik | 
United States Unluko 
2018-07-27 13:31
Sweden ThorinEk 
Africa > NA confirmed
2018-07-27 13:32
Australia lyt3x 
2018-07-27 10:55
Turkey DespeCito 
remove last 14 teams, total trash
2018-07-27 10:56
2018-07-27 10:56
Afghanistan CEO_of_HLTV 
2018-07-27 10:56
Europe bobo2k18 
2018-07-27 10:56
D0cC | 
Netherlands duudiGOD 
wtf no black africans?
2018-07-27 10:57
Slovakia SLAVak 
South Africa has a lot of white people in it, afaik.
2018-07-27 10:58
not hat many
2018-07-27 13:21
Rugrat’s still the only black player in MDL now lmao
2018-07-27 15:10
South Africa FraPie 
Currently about 4,6 million
2018-07-27 14:04
NikoM | 
Argentina gonZAA 
not that much though, there is even more white people in argentina than in south africa
2018-07-28 06:23
South Africa KeRriE_RyS 
Good game guys!
2018-07-27 10:57
United Kingdom cowbunga 
Bravado South American? wtf hltv its south africa
2018-07-27 11:00
South Africa tsarbae 
South Americans... lel wp bvd
2018-07-27 11:09
Germany Xantennn 
NA CS LUL cant even win against African CS
2018-07-27 11:09
2018-07-27 12:57
nEGRo | 
African Union ramrod 
It would be considered racist if the Americans beat the Africans.
2018-07-27 13:42
They used to beat them, in a different way
2018-07-27 14:50
Korea RemoveBooster 
Africa cs lol
2018-07-27 11:10
Europe Freeburger97 
Africa CS > NA CS 4Head
2018-07-27 11:17
Sweden TDK Em1L 
Na CUCKED by Africa LUL
2018-07-27 11:20
2018-07-27 12:46
You know na CS is dead when an African team wins an na tournament.. Liquid is the only hope left for na
2018-07-27 11:22
2018-07-27 12:46
Still just two teams
2018-07-27 13:39
France StickyRice 
So so so stupid that even the winner of the season doesn't get to ProLul.
2018-07-27 11:24
Well it is tough unless you simply decide to add more teams to pro league which seems to not be something they want to do. So as there is no pro league season played, no one can relegate to open new spot for best teams xd...
2018-07-27 11:51
France StickyRice 
Yeah i know. But it's totally like those MDL teams played a seasons of practice games, with some cash for the best teams.
2018-07-27 11:51
Then again for these teams even winning this 16k is pretty good honestly so IDK if it is total waste but ultimately season feels kinda useless for sure. Also ofc for teams from lower divisions it is still very important season like any other.
2018-07-27 11:55
Still now thinking it more as you first eluded, somehow winner should get spot for EPL, maybe you could simply change how relegation from EPL works or something to add one spot for this season, regardless surely this season begs to have some more value for teams, it seems even worse on EU side anyway, thinking how Gambit even decided to forfeit their season and spot in division, not so sure it would happen if all seasons had been more meaningful ...
2018-07-27 12:28
Ukraine TimaSicK 
they make a LAN for the teams that are facing relegation and two top teams to decide the EPL spot. Dont you remember, you dont seem to be a newfag
2018-07-27 15:22
France StickyRice 
Not this time. Bravado has already won this season and there won't be promotion games towards Pro League
2018-07-27 17:39
Looking at the standing why are teams still facing relegation for mdl? I thought this season didn't matter which is the reason some teams forfeited the season in eu
2018-07-27 19:19
France StickyRice 
Yeah it's weird and a pretty bad idea that you can't move up yet some teams will apparently move down.
2018-07-27 19:33
So proud, been following these guys since their appearance in the wesg 2016! Practically unbeatable in africa, now theyve levitated to a whole new level. Congrats guys!
2018-07-27 11:25
2018-07-27 11:33
subtLe (S28 Relegation)
2018-07-27 11:45
Finally, I can be patriotic on HLTV. GG's
2018-07-27 11:46
Indonesia Speartuna 
If I remember correctly, Bravado managed to be in a major once, 2014 or 2015 I forgot. Anyway congrats!
2018-07-27 12:28
They made wesg in 2016, maybe that's what your thinking of, no major appearances from them.....yet
2018-07-27 12:37
Only one player still in the roster and three rounds won in total, but... incorrect.
2018-07-27 12:45
I stand corrected, thank you sir. but yea three rounds? we'll just say they didn't go for the sake of their dignity.
2018-07-27 12:49
South Africa BrucieBoi 
they where in a major with old lineup long ago bru wtf fake fan spotted
2018-07-27 13:14
Did you read my reply to Professeur?
2018-07-27 13:14
South Africa BrucieBoi 
gotta go f4st
2018-07-27 13:15
The most interesting thing is they were actually invited
2018-07-27 15:24
Denmark Xipingu 
subtLe. What a bunch of bots
2018-07-27 11:54
World smash143 
Next season has promotions so it's gonna be a bloodbath.
2018-07-27 11:56
2018-07-27 12:11
South Africa dece1t 
The boissss! Well done!
2018-07-27 12:11
Why Levitate disqualified cheat or something ?
2018-07-27 12:34
United States Burnzie 
Think they forfeited the rest of their matches.
2018-07-28 03:04
Ah okay thx bro
2018-07-28 18:58
Kinda proud finally a team from africa showing that we can still compete with other teams from other continents
2018-07-27 13:35
why african so white?
2018-07-27 13:35
Estonia teremartin 
start learning geography
2018-07-27 13:46
for what? for showing your skills on hltv's forums?
2018-07-27 13:47
No, for your own sake of having culture and knowledge, and being curious and open to new countries’ history. It works in every aspect of life, and is very useful, I can tell you, as a fan of geography. If you want to know, South Africa was a colony of the Netherlands, who sent a good chunk of white dutchs there in the 18th and 19th century, as well as whites Protestant immigrants from countries in Europe, like France, Germany, Italy. These people mostly became farmers and attached to their land. Moreover, as the colony was very well situated on the way to the Indies (which were at the time colonized by the Brits), the Brits conquered the country against these guys named “Boers” who created their own country and language soon after the Dutch Government had left the place, all of that between 1830-1870. Therefore, there was a high population of whites and there still is! We’ve heard of them during the apartheid, that the white people of South Africa started.
2018-07-27 14:00
Nice boys!!!
2018-07-27 14:39
2018-07-27 14:58
Its really nice to see that they have been doing so well since their move here. They actually crushed main last season, but looked a bit rocky in the nail season of MDL. I think honestly they got a but lucky when they went to playoffs, but there is some talent on this squad and they seem to have chemistry in their play. Hopefully they improve for ext season and compete for EPL moveups
2018-07-27 15:27
Good teams. It's refreshing to a see a group stay together dedicated to a common goal. Kudos to both Vision (3 original members from ESEA-open) and Bravado. Best of luck.
2018-07-27 15:36
South Africa DFox7 
Well done Bravado. South Africa represent
2018-07-27 15:39
GJ BVD! Keep it up boys
2018-07-27 17:21
Awesome, keep it up!
2018-07-27 17:42
LMFAO Dazed relegated
2018-07-27 18:22
South Africa antmch 
2018-07-27 19:00
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