device: "This is the best lineup I've ever played in"

We caught up with Nicolai "⁠device⁠" Reedtz, who earned his second MVP medal of the season at ELEAGUE Premier CS:GO 2018, which his team won after defeating Liquid 2-0 in the final.

device put on an MVP performance in Atlanta after leading the rating standings. He ended up with a tournament-high 1.44 rating, including a team-high 1.57 in the final. The Danish AWPer also topped the charts in seven categories, including a +75 KDD and a 73.8% success rate in opening duels.

device with his second MVP medal of the season

In his MVP interview, device talked about going to the break as the top team in the rankings, how he feels at an individual level, the map veto in the final against Liquid, and the psychological edge the Danes had over their North American rivals going into the final.

It's the end of the season, we're going into the player break, you ended with a victory after an amazing season. Looking back, did you see yourselves here?

Honestly, looking back, when we brought Magisk into the team, I knew it could be really good, but not this good. I said it in an interview previously, this is the best lineup I've ever played in. It's the strongest the core of dupreeh, Xyp9x, and I, have been in. I didn't expect to get this good, this quickly, but we found a really great system that works for us.

Now you're in great form, best team out there, do you think you'll be able to carry this after the player break, considering the Major is still far out there. Do you think you'll still be the best team going into it?

I think a lot of teams are catching up and getting better, but the thing is we've been here before. We've been the best team in the world for a longer period of time and we just dropped off, so I think we've gained some experience from that. To not lose the hunger of winning. Going into the player break right now we just want to relax because we've been pushing ourselves beyond some limits, I'd say. Obviously, I hope we can still be at the top, but it's impossible to always be the best team and win all of the tournaments. We're going to aim to at least be Top 3 and win the tournaments we go for.

On a personal level, individually, you've been playing lights out all season, you got a second MVP award here in Atlanta. Do you think you're in the best form you've been?

It was a really rough ending of the year, last year. I had some thoughts of "Can I still do this? Should I even consider this?" and so on, so it was really challenging. It has been really challenging on different levels than only Counter-Strike, but I think I have been playing the most consistent I have ever been. So yeah, I'd say I'm at my best, but I don't feel like I can't get better. I feel like I can improve my aim a lot, I think a lot of the things I win on are when I position myself correctly. The AWP is really good when you utilize it correctly, and when you find patterns in the opponents. It's not easy, but I've found a system with zonic, who has helped me look at opponents, and I think that's one of the main reasons that even though I feel like I'm not playing up top my 100%, I can still look really good.

NAF said before the match that they're a bit afraid of you, being a dominant AWPer. Did you feel like you had a bit of a psychological advantage going into the final? Also having beaten them in a few finals before...

I think psychologically we have had the upper hand against them for a long time. I didn't read his interview, but I can feel that when I play against them, not that they're scared of me, but they're a little bit hesitant when they're executing, and that's one of the things we took advantage of a lot. Other than that, I thrive against a team that doesn't have an AWPer that has been an AWPer for years. Take KennyS or GuardiaN as an example, I think those are the hardest AWPers for me to play against, because even though you look at them and see what their tendencies are, they can pull something out of their hat and surprise you all of the time.

Going into Inferno, you really smashed Liquid during the first half. Do you think this was a misspick by them? Should they have gone about the veto differently, perhaps?

We didn't expect them to pick Inferno at all. We expected them to pick Dust2 because they just won it against Na`Vi. They have some tendencies that are easy to read when they play Inferno, like how they play Banana as both T and CT, so we were really happy when they picked that, to be honest. As I said, they started off pretty slow, like when they executed and so on. One of the reasons for that was also Magisk who was just headshotting everywhere, so it's kind of hard when you meet a wall. But yeah, I was surprised, I thought we were actually going to play Dust2 and Overpass. I thought they were going to ban Nuke since we won it like six or seven times in a row. We were very confident when we heard the veto.

Going on to Nuke, you were very comfortable having won it so many times, but early on in the map, the beginning of the first half, Liquid took a 7-3 lead. Was there any moment you were having some thoughts that they were more prepared or had something special coming into it?

Last time we faced Liquid on Nuke they also played well on CT, they just got a bad start, but we know we're capable of playing a good CT side. One of the things I told gla1ve a few times was that we should go to B through Secret from Yard because they always put one guy there and he plays alone, so by the end of the half we ended up going there a lot and abusing, in some way, that they were playing heavier on other parts of the map. But yeah, we were really confident going into it. Nuke was the hardest map for me to play at this tournament. I don't know what happened, after I played against mousesports I got a bit out of the zone in regards to my T side and that stuck a bit in my head at the beginning of the half, although I was able to get past it and move on.

You guys are the undisputed #1 right now. It looked like Na`Vi was creeping up a bit, but how does it feel now, after winning here? Is this a nice reward for the season you put forth?

I would say it's a fair assessment to count us as #1 in the world. We still have a lot of series to play against Na`Vi. They got the upper hand the last time, but I still feel like we're the best team in the world. I'm just really proud and I think everyone is really proud of what we've achieved. Last year we tried skipping Cologne going into the Major and it didn't work out, this time we tried more often to be able to feel more energized at tournaments and it definitely paid off for us, being at full level at all the tournaments we played at.

Denmark Nicolai 'device' Reedtz
Nicolai 'device' Reedtz
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Russia Baitzera_SK
Doubt!!!! 0 Major with this lineup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! axaxaxax
2018-07-30 00:40
Press f for exit frags
2018-07-30 00:40
expected from noscene island
2018-07-30 00:41
Iceland? You mean Cyprus I suppose
2018-07-30 01:51
No, he said island. Learn english ofc.
2018-07-30 07:46
Slovakia AdorrioN
He wrote island not Iceland OMEGALUL
2018-07-30 07:50
Hungary Shaperz
Can u even read? Git gud brah
2018-07-30 09:41
2018-07-30 09:42
2018-07-30 12:04
Spain 1996
2018-07-30 19:05
2018-07-31 12:49
2018-08-01 12:12
United Kingdom XNL
2018-07-30 00:42
F xaxaxax
2018-07-30 00:45
Poland KasPro
2018-07-30 00:48
Besides leading in rating, device topped seven stats categories, including KDD (+75), damage difference per round (23.9), kills per round (0.91), and AWP kills per round (0.45). He was also the best at securing opening duels, boasting a 73.8% success record, with his closest suitor being Nikola "NiKo" Kovač at 58.5%. L
2018-07-30 12:06
How did you fall for it? It was like a 3/8 bait at best
2018-07-30 12:09
oof ofc astralis fan fell for the bait
2018-07-31 14:57
0 majors played with this lineup tho
2018-07-30 00:41
Infinite lose rate tho
2018-07-30 00:41
oh fuck
2018-07-30 00:42
Astralis have a cool team though, they are the kind of team that will always be ranked top5 before they make changes.
2018-07-30 00:44
2018-07-30 02:11
0/0 is not infinite though
2018-07-30 06:53
You mean 0% lose rate..! xD
2018-07-30 16:08
2018-07-30 10:39
They played with Kjaerbye in Boston
2018-07-30 10:40
shat ap am just waiting for triggered fags who are fans of Astralis since April and will bully me
2018-07-30 10:42
I'm impressed this name was only taken in 2018, is it an uppercase i or does no one want to impersonate thorin? kek
2018-07-30 12:07
Poland Unluko
2018-07-30 00:41
Russia v1p3rrr
no major during this lineup*
2018-07-30 00:42
2018-07-30 01:14
Denmark pistolen
Who care about majors with small prizes anyways?
2018-07-30 01:24
500k for the winner Small prizes Pick one
2018-07-30 02:00
Small prize
2018-07-30 06:11
Its more than cologne
2018-07-30 06:13
0 major with any of his other lineups tho
2018-07-30 02:45
United States johnjay
brain dead, typical guardian fan. Device 1 major, overweight guardian 0.
2018-07-30 06:37
Guardian is a better awper than device, though
2018-07-30 10:42
United States johnjay
You say what now? better... how? enlighten me.
2018-07-30 14:14
any unbiased source would confirm this, when it comes to pure awper skillbook. -thorin
2018-07-30 14:36
But Guardian is not at his top lvl atm.... so I would say device is better right now (2018).
2018-07-30 16:13
United States johnjay
You can't back up ur statement? Oh right, its just your opinion.
2018-07-30 17:36
you backed up your statement by "braindead" and "overweight". seems legit -thorin
2018-07-30 17:38
United States johnjay
Its a hard cold fact. Why would you quote someone else but not yourself? Brain dead?
2018-07-30 17:40
no one cares about weight it professional sport. people care about achievements, which GuardiaN has surely more of. Your point? -thorin
2018-07-30 17:42
United States johnjay
It's very simple. Device= 1 Major win, Guardian= O. i'll leave you alone with thorin. Come back to me when he wins a major.
2018-07-30 17:47
Dosia 1 major s1mple 0 major Dosia >> s1mple !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2018-07-30 17:51
Hungary Joco413
2018-07-30 19:40
:v - thorin
2018-07-30 19:43
Ivory Coast tyndlort
They havent played any major yet your morron
2018-07-30 08:09
soon will be first
2018-07-30 08:50
Watch that change in september
2018-07-30 09:26
+1. Maximum top 2 this year
2018-07-30 14:00
Denmark Jonasnhj
They havent been to a major yet ffs idiot
2018-07-31 23:22
2018-07-30 00:40
Canada Herodionus
"Hes just an exit fragger"
2018-07-30 05:19
He’s a literal god.
2018-07-30 18:56
Magisk boosted the team even more
2018-07-30 00:40
Magisk has been underrated previously, so it is no wonder that he is boosting the team, he is better than Kjaerbye for sure. He was the best player North had when he got kicked from there. Hopefully he'll be recognized as an absolute top player going forward.
2018-07-30 00:56
+1 he got robbed of a spot on the top20 last year because north are fuck ups and nearly fucked his career, but thankfully he kept his head levelled and kept grinding and is now where he belongs
2018-07-30 01:52
he will get a top 20 spot this year tho. mark my words
2018-07-30 09:46
Everyone from astralis will if they keep playing like this.
2018-07-30 10:22
yeah probably
2018-07-30 11:23
Spain N0Love
Maybe not Xyp9x
2018-07-31 12:14
Exactly... Xyp has dropped off lately. He won’t make top 20 this year.
2018-08-03 14:18
Spain N0Love
Doesn't mean he isn't contributing to what the team needs. He still holds the small bombsite quite well and wins important clutches some times every map. Only thing he's lacking is consistency with his fragging which is what the other 4 are doing nicely on a regular basis. You can't have it all in the same team I guess.
2018-08-03 18:29
That's not what I'm saying. I agree he is of HUGE value to the team! I'm just saying he's not gonna make the top 20 list this year.
2018-08-04 00:44
+1 & i was really mad when Konfig won a mvp over him at a tournament. Magisk carried them so much
2018-07-30 12:03
Brazil baldok1
I like him, but I think Kjaerbye is insane. I think they only changed time and plays in this sweep.
2018-07-30 12:49
Russia v1p3rrr
That's true!!
2018-07-30 00:41
yeee boi
2018-07-30 00:41
shit team xaxaxaxax
2018-07-30 00:41
2018-07-30 00:42
paz | 
Turkey aesky
win the major pls
2018-07-30 00:42
kjaerbye must feel so bad right now lmao
2018-07-30 00:43
Faroe Islands Jones123
I don't think they could do this with Kjaerbye, honestly
2018-07-30 00:50
Germany ConAction
kjaerbye is overrated af
2018-07-30 01:01
yeah, and Magisk has been underrated in the past
2018-07-30 01:05
Germany ConAction
to be honest I underrated him as well but ever since he joined astralis he impressed me a lot!
2018-07-30 01:06
+1 he's been fucking insane, Im def impressed. Him and device are tanks atm
2018-07-30 01:16
+1 he has a super fast aim and an insane spray transfer
2018-07-30 13:59
Same here. I didn’t understand why they picked him over k0nfig, Dennis or maybe even Jugi. But man... now I see why..! :-O
2018-08-03 14:23
north is like a school of csgo, a lot of player that join that team became great players.
2018-07-30 07:25
Denmark mersault17
"North academy"
2018-07-30 07:58
2018-07-30 01:03
2018-07-30 01:04
Astralis is the Best team ! They won, didnt they? :)
2018-07-30 00:46
Great to see devices respect for Kenny and guardian and his reference to how well the rest of the team is playing around him.
2018-07-30 00:53
When he loses: 'Oof oof my tummy hurts' When they win: 'Best lineup I've ever been in'
2018-07-30 00:54
good they dont lose that often then i guess? :)
2018-07-30 00:57
Not even Legends from the last Major lol.
2018-07-30 03:41
New Zealand rOtten_97
Differen lineup, this lineup has played 0 majors
2018-07-30 04:10
they still won Atlanta and they got hugely carried by Kjaerbye.
2018-07-30 10:44
Liquid fan triggered cuz you lost? :D
2018-07-30 01:10
I'm not even a Liquid fan. I'm fan of no teams, I only like some players. I just like the Liquid logo, same with C9, NiP, iBuyPower etc. I never cheer for one team in my life (atleast in CS). So thanks but I don't even care if they lost.
2018-07-30 03:43
Denmark mersault17
So you just love the logo of a horse.....great
2018-07-30 08:03
"zoophilia is not a crime"
2018-07-30 10:12
Avant-garde guy what can I say. You probably don't know what that term means.
2018-07-30 12:02
look at you trying to be smart. so in other words you're just a hater who cheers for no one. But write shit
2018-07-30 13:26
There is a lot coming from Norway I do not understand......
2018-07-30 15:03
Oh and I didn't lose anything. I don't play/coach that team so yeah.
2018-07-30 03:44
2018-07-30 07:38
2018-07-30 01:15
2018-07-30 04:05
+1 so true. such a diva
2018-07-30 09:51
Yes my friend
2018-07-30 12:01
Astralis e major
2018-07-30 01:06
lowkey roasting fallen when he mentions kenny and guardian lol he must be very hurt inside after getting his ass kicked time and time again by The True One good for him, now hes solid af and prolly top1 awper in the world with guardian rn
2018-07-30 01:28
True what?
2018-07-30 02:49
The True One, O Verdadeiro, Gabriel "TwoFaced" Toled, BadFalleN or FalleN
2018-07-30 02:50
France cedd
except hes been average player for months, not a standout player anymore at all
2018-07-30 03:17
yes yes I agree :) "good for him, now hes solid af and prolly top1 awper in the world with guardian rn"
2018-07-30 03:18
s1mple, oskar, GuardiaN have been way better with the AWP than Device. Device is a player who is successful because of a good system around him. Not that he ain't talented but he's different.
2018-07-30 03:48
idk if I agree, he's been insane in my pov but I agree GuardiaN top1
2018-07-30 03:49
Denmark mersault17
I actually do not think you understand the factor of teamplay in CS. Fair enough.
2018-07-30 08:08
Well who cares if he doesn't do such flicks as s1mple or Guardian? This is pro CS not a flickshot contest, and you don't get an artistic rating for your frags/wins... Device might be less flashy, than them but he clearly has been one of the most solid, if not the solidest AWPer of early 2018, and certainly the most consistent. Yes he AWPing style is school-style/academic, and more positional, but he clearly has been missing very few shots and that's what you ask to a top level AWP.. If it was a highlight reel contest with no regards to missed shots, draken would be top 1. And by the way oskar better than devve ? Are you kidding me ?? Are we talking about the guy that is literally invisible/missing in action one third of the maps ? oskar might have more AWP kills than anyone, but he clearly struggles way too often in big matches/against top 5 awp opposition.
2018-07-30 09:21
+1 well said.
2018-07-30 16:03
Lol you're acting like Device is always consistent. Device is also struggling especially versus teams such as FaZe, NaVi, even G2. Teams that have experienced full-time AWPers and have been God-tier with the weapon for years. Device always disappears in big games (part from this Final maybe) or plays worse than he did in Groups. Stop overhyping the guy.
2018-07-31 14:42
Even Cerq has flashy playstyle and insane flicks. So by your logic Cerq > S1mple, guardian, kennys?
2018-07-30 16:53
Where did I say something about flashy plays? Blind or making shit up?
2018-07-31 14:42
as much as i love sk, i must say that device owns fallen 7 out of 10 maps
2018-07-30 04:05
At the moment yeah, undoubtly.. But let's not forget it wasn't always the case.. But I think that one of the reason he didn't mention him is that he studied him a LOT and Fallen doesn't make as much unpredictable moves, hence he is more comfortable against him ( as evidenced by the infamous match against SK last year where he trounced Fallen on Overpass and probably has a mental click )
2018-07-30 09:23
ye after that map in interview device said that he was learning how to awp from fallen, so he knows his every move now
2018-07-30 15:52
Thats everything I thought about when writing my comment, friendo :) That Overpass is prolly one of the main checkpoints in this journey to dominance that Astralis is tracing
2018-07-30 19:56
Device has always shown a lot of respect to FalleN! The reason he didn’t mention him is probably because he’s in a slump right now and not as dangerous as he used to be (and maybe will be again in the future?)
2018-08-03 14:33
I know that sir, but you can still roast people you respect lol even more so when you're kicking their asses rofl
2018-08-04 00:28
2018-08-04 00:46
kjaerbye autorekt
2018-07-30 01:40
Nicolai "TwoFaced" Toledo
2018-07-30 01:48
Philippines p0k1em0n
Kjaerbye approves!
2018-07-30 02:03
Most lovable #1 team ever Gratz!
2018-07-30 02:13
Sweden flippig
2018-07-30 02:42
kjaerbye must be enjoying watching astralis on tv, dominating everyone.
2018-07-30 02:15
Well it's kinda thanks to him too, so he must feel proud ! It he stayed with the team they would still probably be in strategic limbo and not half as good LUL
2018-07-30 09:25
World Beard43
Well obviously... It's the best lineup anyone's ever played in :-)
2018-07-30 02:55
Russia evg1804
"THIS IS THE BEST LINEUP I'VE EVER PLAYED IN" and the team is the best, shakebye, who leaved to t-3 team with the worst IGL msl, cries
2018-07-30 03:11
2018-07-30 04:10
Thank you Brasiliano...! :D
2018-08-03 14:35
wp Australias
2018-07-30 04:18
Brazil hugoooo
2018-07-30 04:53
Device “ Let’s go B ! because TACO” Great tactics from him
2018-07-30 06:13
I lost all my world after this win...
2018-07-30 06:21
Brazil morFeux
consistent team, nice scandinavian mindset. gz
2018-07-30 07:31
Zeus | 
Ukraine Najara
Ez S1mple MVP 6 MVP at 2018 ez ez ez
2018-07-30 07:57
Korea xtkjdtr01
Ez top 2 of 2018 kkkkkkkkkkkkk
2018-07-30 09:28
Ye, devve will be 3rd tho
2018-07-30 17:39
Korea xtkjdtr01
1st spot is empty then?
2018-07-30 17:43
Give me one solid reason why would device be the top1 player. I can name at least 5 players who would top him, outskill, outsmart.
2018-07-30 17:44
Korea xtkjdtr01
#97 s1mple top 2 #190 ye but device isnt top 1 neither Then who?????????? s1mple or device is top 1 of 2018 so far thats my point
2018-07-30 18:11
why so many question marks? are you nervous? call a doc
2018-07-30 18:28
Korea xtkjdtr01
Well just dont reply if u dont have anything to say
2018-07-30 18:35
#1 - s1mple #2 - device #3 NiKo
2018-08-03 14:38
Korea xtkjdtr01
2018-08-03 14:55
Indonesia n0val
no major tho xD
2018-07-30 09:03
He has 1 major, wtf r u talking about
2018-07-30 09:34
Denmark resolut
Yeah well they havent even played in a major w this lineup so your post is pointless and misleading
2018-07-30 12:34
2018-07-30 09:42
United States Freakmode
no shit
2018-07-30 10:08
1 mouth xD
2018-07-30 10:15
Hey the MVP was supposed to be for s1mple, what happened?
2018-07-30 10:15
LOL.... bad b8. device played amazing this tournament - s1mple was avarage.
2018-08-03 14:40
Well the scene is in a constant change. Astralis might look dominant now but 6 months from now we all know we will have another team dominating. But the sort of low key change with just changing one player have obviously improved them, but in the long term we all know every other team is studying their game hard after this tournament and the next one will not be as easy. This sort of adjustment can temporarily improve a team, much like fnatic with Dennis back in 2016 which won 7 tournaments in a row, but we all know how that one ended. There is more money pouring into orgs and teams every year, and every team is itching to become the dominant force in the game. If Astralis are still winning the majority of tournaments into 2019 then I'd say they look "dominant" but until then, its still anyones game
2018-07-30 10:30
I agree, it's the matter of time Before astralis is gonna go down in rating.
2018-07-30 12:29
you're stating the obvious, bro.
2018-07-30 12:34
I agree that it’s always a matter of time. But to state that a team has to be dominant for well more than a year before you can call them “dominant” is just........ a bit stupid... :D
2018-08-03 14:44
Exit frag team w 0 majors xDD
2018-07-30 11:10
astralis have 1 major* and no it's not with magisk, but still it's simply incorrect that you say that this team (astralis) have 0 majors.
2018-07-30 12:31
expecteds from denmark
2018-07-30 12:59
nt monkey
2018-07-30 14:53
so i'm wrong? astralis have 0 majors? 0/8
2018-07-31 15:57
He’s Norwegian you dumbass...:D
2018-08-03 14:46
Nt norway
2018-08-03 16:27
expected from brazilian monkey. why don't you go back to shooting some more kids in the streets
2018-07-30 13:35
That is ma boi!
2018-07-30 11:57
thanks to Magiskgod
2018-07-30 12:01
Europe H!$T0rY
Top 2 in 2018 Expect
2018-07-30 12:21
Guys you are so frustrated he don't give a fuck about your opinions "0 major" "2 top 2k18"etc. In every match he play so fkin relaxed and focused no the matter situation, so appreciate that.
2018-07-30 14:10
Lol, u mad newfag?
2018-07-31 07:24
United States johnjay
They played 0 majors......
2018-07-30 14:21
2018-07-30 14:25
2018-07-30 15:43
karrigan LOL
2018-07-30 16:01
Poland Unluko
+1 xD
2018-07-31 15:00
Kjaerbye was the problem
2018-07-30 17:57
wp astralis cheat coder you really deserved that mvp
2018-07-30 19:07
Lmao even though if NaVi or Faze or any team for that matter wins the major astralis will still be ranked no. 1 because HLTV sucks massive astralis peepee...
2018-07-30 22:54
or bcuz astralis win tournaments
2018-07-31 15:59
major winners= no. 1 team, but not in hltv's case..
2018-07-31 23:19
i disagree, imo it counts for more to win 3-4 tier1 tournaments than to win 1 major. 1 major = 2 tier1 tournaments imo, ranking wise.
2018-08-01 14:16
Good guy devve
2018-07-31 09:15
Belarus Dat_Boi
True. Nemiga is the best team in the world.
2018-07-31 12:49
Poland Unluko
2018-07-31 15:00
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