Crack Clan sign rootz

Crack Clan have completed the signing of the rootz Counter-Strike team.

The British-based organisation had been linked with a move for the former Meet Your Makers team but the ESWC holders opted to join the ranks of WICKED instead.

Crack Clan have now secured the services of the rootz team, who won the Finnish qualifier for DreamHack Summer last weekend.

The new line-up contains three players that have already represented Crack Clan in the past, who are now hoping for better fortunes after a first spell hampered by instability.

"I’m excited to be working with such a talented and professional group of individuals again," Crack Clan director Luke Cotton told the team's official website. "After dipping our toes into the CounterStrike waters recently we discovered that it’s definitely something that we want to get involved with deeper and we’re confident that this line-up will do the cc// tag justice."

Crack Clan have now:

Finland Joona "natu" Leppanen
Finland Niko "naSu" Kovanen
Finland Matti "SPIKEONE" Jarvinen
Finland Miikka "dRiim" Toroi
Finland Tino "tihOp" Puumala

2009-05-23 03:49
they were dumb for dropping them to begin with, should of seen a simular line up at eswc korean but dropped them 2 weeks before the event
2009-05-23 03:52
oh my god fantasic news !!!! come on cc// :) but i like roccat more :D gllglglglg
2009-05-23 04:09
1 reply
slow down...:)
2009-05-23 15:56
next news: roccat sign crack clan hahahaha,and everything will return to be like before, or seemed :P
2009-05-23 04:21
3 replies
would be great :D
2009-05-23 12:02
But there's no lurppis. :(
2009-05-23 21:22
Poland qater-
If you are talking about that,so then they'll join GamePlay and then roccat :)
2009-05-23 22:29
seemed kinda obvious
2009-05-23 04:22
1 reply
lol, cc said that they will be well represented, i never tought that they'll pick finns again...
2009-05-23 15:57
2009-05-23 04:33
Malaysia phyzell
Finn's lineup for operation Chengdu? I also lol'd about all these temporal hope renewals.. Dissolve and let's all jump into the sea of love XD
2009-05-23 04:43
2 replies
You sir, have smoked.
2009-05-23 21:22
1 reply
2009-05-25 15:55
2009-05-23 05:17
Nice news
2009-05-23 05:54
2009-05-23 06:24
oh niceeee ! gl guys hope you do good !
2009-05-23 06:51
gl. i miss ruuit :D
2009-05-23 06:54
1 reply
u might see him in another team...cant remember the name, but i guess he is playing with conte and plaste again. astralis yeah, i saw in another post down here
2009-05-23 15:59
Great team I hope to show very good results.
2009-05-23 06:57
plastE? contE?
2009-05-23 07:05
2 replies
They area playing for ex-cc a.k.a astralis
2009-05-23 07:19
They are in astralis
2009-05-23 07:20
2009-05-23 07:19
needs more ruuit plaste conte
2009-05-23 07:31
GL plaste conte ruuit jig !!!
2009-05-23 07:43
I think the team will show itself more.
2009-05-23 08:08
who is tactic leader?
2009-05-23 08:11
10 replies
driim ?
2009-05-23 09:25
8 replies
actually it's natu i think who is the in-game leader and captain
2009-05-23 11:25
7 replies
natu is for sure the captain, but might not be leading ingame since I know dRiim were doing it in his former team(can't remember the damn name, just and they were quite decent:)
2009-05-23 21:24
6 replies
and then some?
2009-05-23 22:01
3 replies
Wasn't that what I said? But they had another name after that because they got kicked from the organization I think. Or maybe they didn't?
2009-05-23 22:32
2 replies
tought you didnt remember what ATS standed for, my mistake
2009-05-23 22:56
1 reply
Np hehe, it was Soltec I was looking for.
2009-05-23 22:56
2009-05-23 22:43
1 reply
That's it, ty.
2009-05-23 22:55
dRiim or natu.
2009-05-23 21:24
go go CC* :D tactic leader ? natu i think
2009-05-23 08:41
tac leader is natu yes :D but cant wait to see driim... hes a new talent in my opinion just sad their only have one of the korvanens brothers :(
2009-05-23 11:06
2009-05-23 11:14
new website looks still ugly :D but goodluck again to finnish powerhouse
2009-05-23 11:24
Give them Hell..... Probably they will gain more than the last time
2009-05-23 11:24
If they had -dRiim or -SPIKEONE and added ruuit, this team could go places. They have and excellent caller(natu), a very good awp(tihOp) and then they have 3 all-rounders wich are currently very good but if one of those 3 were to be ruuit this team would make the difference between very good and awesome, probably because ruuit is the best finnish player atm. Anyways goodluck boys! :D
2009-05-23 11:31
3 replies
have u ever seen spik1 playing?he and driim are actually very good and young the way, ruuit is playing for astralis, and i dont think we want to change...oh and by the way, Conte is the best finnish aimer, in my opinion
2009-05-23 16:02
1 reply
yes dRiim and SPIKEONE are great players but ruuit is much better then any of those last 2 and furthermore i didn't say to remove both players, i said swap one of those with ruuit. And no conte isn't the best aimer in finland, ruuit is, but is lack of motivation takes his advantage when compared with the other finnish players. Nice day
2009-05-24 11:13
ruuit is probably the best aimer in Finland yes, but he ruins the teams he's playing for... Lack of motivation and so on.
2009-05-23 21:24
I think this team got way more potential in teamplay than astralis. Even tho astralis may have the best aimers imo.
2009-05-23 12:00
1 reply
They probably do, but CC would probably win atm. :)
2009-05-23 21:25
natu is too burnt
2009-05-23 12:08
Don't give criticism to the team about the fact that they don't have contE or ruuit there. You can read all the different interviews lurppis and co have given and it has been said that ruuit doesn't have the motivation to practice a lot anymore and contE has been in the center of their problems as well. However, I do agree that ruuit is definately the best Finnish player if you look at his fragging ability. I think this team has the potential to become the best Finnish team in the recent years as they supposedly can also practice well, hopefully they can stay together and get good results already at Dreamhack.
2009-05-23 12:13
The best lineup FOR ME would be: ruuit tih0p nasu contE plastE Anyway good luck new CrackClan. I believe You will become one of the best teams in the world. But I still miss old players :(
2009-05-23 12:17
25 replies
you cant but a team consisting of fraggers together.. its a team game.
2009-05-23 13:41
1 reply
Yes but spike1 and driim in my opinion are fraggers too and why team can not consist of 5 fraggers? If they could play together as a good team, why not? :)
2009-05-23 20:19
+1 bro
2009-05-23 20:34
1 reply
Thanks :)
2009-05-23 21:14
Who would lead? And there would only be a lot of trouble. Just individuals imo.
2009-05-23 21:25
18 replies
Poland qater-
4 individuals and 1 TEAM PLAY GAMER ! And I hope u get it
2009-05-23 22:28
9 replies
I do, who is the IGL?
2009-05-23 22:30
8 replies
Poland qater-
2009-05-23 22:32
7 replies
Seems strange to have your trouble-maker as IGL, but apparently he was before, maybe it'd be good who knows. :)
2009-05-23 22:32
6 replies
Poland qater-
I know as always
2009-05-23 22:37
5 replies
YOu know nooooothing:D
2009-05-23 22:56
4 replies
Poland qater-
I know ALL dude
2009-05-23 22:58
3 replies
You are from Poland. You know nathiNG
2009-05-24 01:13
2 replies
Poland qater-
I am from Poland and that's great , you swedish 200kg retard <---
2009-05-24 01:22
1 reply
I'm VEEEEEEEEERY serious.... why get upset..
2009-05-24 14:36
Maybe like a last time when they played together hmm.. contE who can be good igl?
2009-05-23 22:24
7 replies
Okok, we won't find out who's right but I don't believe in that lineup.:p
2009-05-23 22:30
6 replies
Just find some demos with this line-up here, on They didn't play long together, but when lurppis was out of old Roccat they had a really good time. Don't take me wrong, imo Lurppis is very good player :)
2009-05-23 22:35
5 replies
But we're talking about now, not how it worked out a few years ago.
2009-05-23 22:56
4 replies
I don't understand you. The problem was betwen lurppis and someone from team. They played really good in this line-up which I gave You, they are friends, they have known each other for many years and I don't think that it would be problem for them to play together... And it didn't work few years ago. It wasn't year ago. 10 months?
2009-05-23 23:23
3 replies
I have one opinion, you have one, I'm tired, over and out.
2009-05-24 01:13
2 replies
Ok, You have opinion but if You don't know that contE was igl, why You tell there's nobody to lead? This team can consist.
2009-05-24 12:58
1 reply
I didn't say nobody could lead? I asked you who would do it!
2009-05-24 14:35
That lineup would be excellent but -nasu and +lurppis natu or dRiim to lead in-game!
2009-05-24 11:17
1 reply
Yes. For me the best would be dRiim because new player in top team could get a chance. And I really like his style of playing. Anyway where's Freon? Imo he was really talented player :(((
2009-05-24 13:00
2009-05-23 12:31
1 month
2009-05-23 12:45
1 reply
2009-05-23 13:09
great ! best finn lineup :) go natu&nasu! <3
2009-05-23 13:12
=) nice nice
2009-05-23 13:21
they didn't sign astralis,why ?? :((
2009-05-23 13:21
2 replies
I think, they see better opportunities in Crack Clan, though astralis is a big organisation too.
2009-05-23 13:49
Astralis is their former team xD
2009-05-23 21:26
OMG! That is a REALLY powerful team. tihOp, naSu, natu, SPIKEONE.. This team can make it the whole way.
2009-05-23 13:48
Top finnish 5 players regarding to pure aim would be imo contE - plastE - ruuit - spikeone - lurppis But with the problems between contE/plastE and lurppis they are better off not playing together. I like this CC lineup, it might show the world som great teamplay.
2009-05-23 14:13
I somehow dont see this going well.. It just seems the finnish teams like to only hold on to an organisation or the other way around for 1 maybe 2 months.
2009-05-23 14:40
1 reply
I think this line might last, seems like all the trouble has been around lurppis, ruuit, contE and plastE and none of them is there. The only reason naSu was involved in the trouble imo is because he's lurppis' brother.
2009-05-23 21:27
Lol they won't win anything... plastE contE ruuit kookas > rootz by far.
2009-05-23 15:18
must be a joke. Those finns are crazy.
2009-05-23 15:37
Great! natu brings the very great addition of experience, others are just good. If only ruuit would have had enough motivation... :/
2009-05-23 16:03
plastE, contE are the best finns players, without them they cant be better then old Squads. Still top 6-8 world (nothing change since 3 years?) I hope im wrong, good luck!
2009-05-23 16:58
1 reply
Well this is totally different team than 69N-28E/Roccat.
2009-05-23 19:08
good luck !
2009-05-23 17:06
2009-05-23 18:06
No point in throwing their old team out though!
2009-05-23 18:09
1 reply
Ex-Crack got kicked because they tried to take ex-mym but Wicked made better offer.
2009-05-23 19:49
Time will tell.
2009-05-23 19:38
This team can win if they have motivation and patience to train hard, more than one or two months. But I really doubt that... I still think the best Finnish lineup ever was Lurppis, Conte, Ruuit, Nasu, Plaste. But without any motivation they just kept hanging in top5-10. I feel bad for Ruuit because he could be one of the best players of cs history if he'd just practise like others do.
2009-05-23 20:01
isnt driim in egc?
2009-05-23 20:08
2 replies
As far as I know he played in rootz from the start
2009-05-23 20:38
EGC is kinda mix-team.
2009-05-23 21:03
Everytime the same!! This lineup can.. This lineup would be better with.. blablabla! I dont think they'll play a long time together or will be successful. Maybe they do but its always the same with the finish guys. They split up, form a new lineup with 2 or 3 changes and 2 months later they play again with the old lineup. Same s*** every 3 months. :-)
2009-05-23 20:08
1 reply
actually like 2-3 weeks
2009-05-24 10:43
-driim for conte -spikeone for ruuit -natu for plastE and gl cc
2009-05-23 20:34
2 replies
I don't think that'd work out very well ^^
2009-05-23 21:28
The best line up bro! But it wasn't Crack Clan. It was roccat. In CC wasn't tih0p but lurppis :)
2009-05-23 22:39
"mibr is better than this line" gl Crack
2009-05-23 20:41
1 reply
No they're not?xD
2009-05-23 21:28
Finnish scene....
2009-05-23 21:28
anyways any finnish team without ruuit cant compete for top3 by my opinion ... and i dont think ruuit dont have the motivation i think hes just sick of all this changes ...
2009-05-24 01:48
Brazil fzZ
Nice... gl guys
2009-05-24 05:43
gl, finns ...but... long would it last?...
2009-05-25 14:55
2009-05-31 14:52
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