oskar: "It doesn't affect us when we lose the first map like that"

September 1st, 2018 20:28

Tomáš "oskar" Šťastný talked to us following mousesports' triumph over FaZe in the quarter-finals at DreamHack Masters Stockholm, shedding some light on the team's controversial Cache pick and how his team recovered from it.

mousesports are now in the semi-finals after beating FaZe 2-1 despite getting off to a poor start in the series, losing their own pick, Cache, 1-16, as they came back with 16-11 scorelines on Dust2 and Train.

oskar shared mousesports' reasoning behind picking Cache

We sat down with oskar to find out what led mousesports to picking Cache, what went wrong on the opening map, and how they recovered from the dismal start to the series:

Let's start with Cache and your decision to pick it in the first place - what made you start playing Cache and why did you pick it in this match?

We started practicing Cache before the break, we had it as a pocket pick that we thought should work against these teams, like Astralis or FaZe. After the break, we played it maybe three times and we felt good on it, we won those practice games, at least, so we used it now, but nothing went well for us.

We had a bad start and we didn't win any of the clutches, we had a chance once in the round where Chris killed me, and if we had won that round we would have probably had more rounds as CT, but it didn't work out. It was a bad match.

What was the morale like after Cache? Were you able to just shrug it off and move on?

We took it as warmup (laughs), we warmed up a little bit. We don't really have issues with someone destroying us like that, we're mentally strong and it doesn't affect us when we lose the first map like that. We then start from scratch on the second one and no one really thinks about what happened on the first.

Did it help that you got off to a good start on Dust2, as well?

I think we played structured, most things we wanted to do worked, we were just calm and focused. We weren't afraid of losing because of what happened before, it just pushed us forward and everyone was even more focused.

Towards the end of Train it was looking like FaZe could bring it back and it ended up being quite a close match until you won some close situations, including your clutch, what was the ending of the match like from your point of view?

It was similar to Dust2, the start didn't go as well on Train, we didn't have such a big lead, but we ended up taking the first half to 10-5. We knew we had a strong T side and that we could defeat them, which we did. The clutch, that was a bit lucky, I just went out of the smoke at the right moment when karrigan turned his back on me.

North or Na`Vi in the semi-finals - any preference?

I think it doesn't matter. Na`Vi beat us the last time we played them in the playoffs, I think, it might have been the StarSeries final, I don't remember where exactly we played them. We'd probably prefer them so that we can take our revenge for last time.

How confident do you feel now that you've proven yourself more with a win over a team like FaZe, especially after struggling against MIBR in the groups?

That kind of a win will help us mentally and in-game, everyone should be a bit more confident now. I think we'll show better Counter-Strike than we did in the groups, where it was all about Robin and suNny, who helped us even get out of the group.

What about your personal form?

I'm feeling better. It was hard to get into it, I always take the first two matches to warm up, those are usually my worst at tournaments.

Czech Republic Tomáš 'oskar' Šťastný
Tomáš 'oskar' Šťastný
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I agree with oskar.
2018-09-01 20:29
2018-09-01 20:30
suNny | 
India S1ayR 
I agree with TheAwekening
2018-09-01 20:31
I agree with S1ayR
2018-09-01 20:34
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I agree with 3mirhan
2018-09-01 22:15
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I agree with WeniX
2018-09-01 23:13
Poland MemesGODZ 
I agree with Ramp8
2018-09-02 01:00
oskar | 
Czech Republic Trolic18 
I agree with MemesGODZ
2018-09-02 01:35
i agree with prodka
2018-09-02 03:56
Australia nazzle 
i agree with Sympkid
2018-09-02 07:47
I agree with nazzle
2018-09-02 13:02
tarik | 
United States Unluko 
2018-09-01 20:39
2018-09-01 20:29
Sri Lanka Vizir 
2018-09-01 20:30
ok mr stasny
2018-09-01 20:30
United Kingdom Fizzhaz 
2018-09-01 20:30
Because you knew FaZe will choke as always anyway.
2018-09-01 20:30
Exactly. Doesn't matter if you love or hate FaZe, you can always be sure that they'll choke when it gets important
2018-09-01 21:40
oskar is such good guy and player, people should consider mouz like real treat. GGwp
2018-09-01 20:30
Czech Republic CharlesIV 
2018-09-01 20:33
Netherlands ZoMilan 
If treat'd have been threat +1
2018-09-01 22:41
frozen | 
Czech Republic popoa 
2018-09-02 01:28
kioShiMa | 
Australia x2Rolz 
ez 4 oskar ?
2018-09-01 20:30
suNny | 
India S1ayR 
Get carried Sunny GOD
2018-09-01 20:30
nice joke :)
2018-09-01 20:34
2018-09-01 20:31
Croatia KockicaRekt 
"We took it as warmup" what a legend hahahaahh
2018-09-01 20:35
i assume u interviewed him in czech and then translated?
2018-09-01 20:39
ropz | 
Czech Republic rusteD 
obviously... striker is czech aswell. and oskars london is bad
2018-09-01 20:48
Australia nazzle 
should have gone to pasha london school
2018-09-02 07:48
ZywOo | 
Sweden j9mply 
Even tho oskar played well after the 1st map I doubt this generally, him and Chris are heavy tilters.
2018-09-01 20:40
yeah, i don't believe him that this doesnt affect him at all.
2018-09-01 20:55
he said he doesnt care so much, chrisj confirmed it, but chrisj said hes only one (chrisj) who tilts when things doesnt go the right way
2018-09-01 21:03
Netherlands ZoMilan 
Remember cobble vs Liquid? that was pretty much the same scenario..
2018-09-01 22:42
daddy oskar put Faze to sleep
2018-09-01 20:41
Winning a bo3 against Faze after being destroyed on Cache is pretty impressive. I think that all had their weaknesses in this tournament. Everyone seems to hold their A game back for the major.
2018-09-01 20:46
Belgium HLTVnewfag 
it does effect faze if they win a map too easily
2018-09-01 20:58
Thomas 'oskar' STATSny
2018-09-01 21:10
Faroe Islands rationale 
I'm not sure he's completely honest: judging from their faces they were completely depressed but somehow found their footing on the last two maps.
2018-09-01 21:24
Czech Republic Kechis 
they always look depressed :D
2018-09-01 21:43
France Dov 
Lol losing their own map pick 16-1 doesn't affect you? Try again
2018-09-01 21:37
Netherlands ZoMilan 
Against Liquid vs cobble in some semi-final they did it aswell
2018-09-01 22:43
Europe FancyMinister 
Mousesports will never play at their 100%K$ as long as Snax is treated as a cuckoo egg by the team, especially Oscar. But after that the number one is sure.
2018-09-01 21:39
France Dov 
What do you mean?
2018-09-01 21:41
Europe FancyMinister 
If you look closely on Dust 2 demo, Oscar intentionally blinded Snax with flashbang with no reason many times (Ive seen 3x).
2018-09-01 21:44
Europe FancyMinister 
However, I believe, at the end of the day, Tomas will like and trust to Janusz.
2018-09-01 21:50
f0rest | 
China ZerOck 
2018-09-01 21:46
flusha | 
Czech Republic screwy1 
The man, the myth , the legend
2018-09-01 23:18
Czech Republic entooo 
2018-09-02 02:34
Korea Hunyango 
2018-09-02 16:58
India illumination 
It does not affect us winning(16-0) first match like that we will still lose remaining two maps ----OSCAR and now they lose to NORTH
2018-09-02 20:08
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