tiziaN: "I've actually practiced it 3 or 4 times, but I wasn't planning on doing that shot"

September 5th, 2018 20:06

We interviewed Tizian "tiziaN" Feldbusch after his team, BIG, breezed past Renegades on the first down of the FACEIT Major New Challengers Stage.

The German side was in control of the game on Overpass start-to-finish, with Fatih "gob b" Dayik and Johannes "tabseN" Wodarz leading the fragging as they took a 16-6 victory. BIG are therefore in the 1-0 bracket, with two more wins needed to reach the top 16.

tiziaN's unbelievable USP-S frag kicked off the game on Overpass

In the post-match interview, we spoke with tiziaN about his role on the team, his individual development, time off and preparation for this event.

I wanted to start off by getting your initial feels, I know it has been a while now, but joining BIG, the biggest German team at the moment, they have a Major spot and all that. How has it been to join them?

Joining this team was the biggest accomplishment I had in CS:GO I guess, they are all really good players, they already had some achievements, it was the biggest opportunity for me to go big (laughs), not literally of course. I'm just super happy, I'm so excited to play with all these good guys and I'm excited about the future.

Tell me about the role you have in the team, and how you have been fitting in on the server.

I'm more of a versatile lurk, I have to fill in any position at any given time, but if I have to simply describe it, I'm just a lurk.

You had a great run in Cologne, after that the player break came, the offseason was there... was it hard to get back into the groove, get back to practice and all that after having such a good result? Did that demotivate you at all?

No, not really, because after Cologne we had a big vacation with all of the players together. It was really chill, we could all cool off, and after that, we had four weeks of preparation I think, we just had the perfect plan for how we were going to use the time. We are going into this tournament really confident.

Coming to the Major, what was your goal, what did you think you could do with the preparation you had?

I think we can do anything, it just depends on us, how we are feeling on the day, because we have a lot of off days sometimes, and some players individually have off days as well. I guess we can do anything... I don't know (laughs).

Some of the off days you have, what are the issues you deal with? Is it communication, stuff like that, can you tell me a bit about that?

Communication problems, people tilt, and communication gets harder. Sometimes people don't give important callouts because they didn't make a kill or something. It's just simple tiltness.

Talking about the game you had here, it started off with that kill you had from barrels. How does that happen, is it something you actually practice, because it seems so fluid, or did it just happen at the moment?

I have actually practiced it, I don't know, three or four times, but I wasn't planning on doing that shot, you know. But I guess that it's easier for me to land the hard shots. (laughs)

Playing in this team, you obviously have the role that is kind-of plug-and-play, you support and fill in the gaps. How have you been satisfied with the performances you've been putting in for BIG so far, individually?

I'm not at my peak at all, when I joined the team I was really, really bad, I didn't understand a lot of elements of the game. So I sat down with gob b and tabseN and every time I didn't understand something we just talked about it. We talk a lot about CS. I learned so much at this time, I think I became a 50% better player since I joined this team.

You've been around for a pretty long time actually, from the start of CS:GO, you played the second Major with mousesports. For the younger players, who have come into the scene and think they have learned a lot in maybe a year or two, how would you explain to them that you can advance yourself so much more three or more years into your career? What is it that happens that makes you click and understand the game on a higher level?

I think the reason I got better is just gob b's game philosophy. All my others in-game leaders didn't have this philosphy about the game. They are more kind of set-go kinds of IGLs. gob b just lifts the game, he has so many reads, he is calling so much on the fly, I've never seen any other IGL doing that.

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Germany Johannes 'tabseN' Wodarz
Johannes 'tabseN' Wodarz
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Germany Tizian 'tiziaN' Feldbusch
Tizian 'tiziaN' Feldbusch
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Germany Fatih 'gob b' Dayik
Fatih 'gob b' Dayik
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Nice shot!!!!
2018-09-05 20:06
Austria shaakeh 
+1, tiziaN expected god
2018-09-05 20:15
2018-09-05 22:41
United States B4st1le 
Shakeeh is back! :-D
2018-09-06 01:28
Austria shaakeh 
2018-09-06 03:14
Nice lock!
2018-09-06 22:22
Italy Federico1001 
2018-09-05 20:06
2018-09-05 20:06
that was crazy
2018-09-05 20:06
Poland czarnycs 
2018-09-05 20:07
2018-09-05 20:10
ayaya | 
Russia Dedaireks 
tizian are you kidding me?!
2018-09-05 20:08
KQLY style with are you kidding me Hiko
2018-09-05 20:08
Germany Kuruyo 
2 ez 4 BIG
2018-09-05 20:10
United States B4st1le 
2018-09-06 01:29
Norway Hydropanic^ 
So good shot ahah
2018-09-05 20:10
n1 ( laughs )
2018-09-05 20:11
Still a crazy shot nevertheless
2018-09-05 20:11
Woow ns
2018-09-05 20:11
Europe potatomato 
2018-09-05 20:13
lucky bot but no problem, he is always raging after getting killed so..
2018-09-05 20:14
Europe haHAA_ 
2018-09-05 21:01
Finland opiuyt 
clip plz
2018-09-05 20:15
Finland Smoonah 
get shotted
2018-09-05 20:16
"I didn't plan on activating the cheats" Jk, it was a great shot ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wanna buy the best apples in HLTV? call me NOW: 011-1337-APPLE and get an 80% discount on your first 5 kilos!
2018-09-05 20:16
2018-09-05 21:12
???? Reply needs to have actual content
2018-09-05 22:00
Other mekkicsgo 
Does not count against some tier 4 american team. Do it against EU team and you will get my respect.
2018-09-05 20:16
Estonia ropzsports 
NiP brain
2018-09-05 20:18
nip brain
2018-09-05 20:20
World ZMDR 
nip brain
2018-09-05 23:17
Finland dev2ce 
2018-09-06 03:21
Dosia | 
Poland WrzodX 
RIP brain
2018-09-06 09:23
NiP brain
2018-09-06 09:24
nip brain
2018-09-06 11:54
Spain Carbonizante 
NIP brain
2018-09-07 20:05
Germany CY_hollow 
NiP brain
2018-09-07 20:09
allu | 
Sweden Dguyg 
Epic shot
2018-09-05 20:16
yep davcost we saw who spirit are. good choke even better than faze
2018-09-05 20:18
Hehehe lol
2018-09-05 20:31
Who practice that lul
2018-09-05 20:19
kill of the tournament already. In the qualifier. By Tizian. Can´t make this up.
2018-09-05 20:21
One of the best trickshots / oddshots in recent times... Maybe of all time..
2018-09-05 20:31
Clip ?
2018-09-05 20:37
Germany unsalted 
clips.twitch.tv/IgnorantRacySnoodNotATK its linked in the news aswell.
2018-09-05 20:41
Germany unsalted 
That shot was so nuts :D
2018-09-05 20:41
Asia radd1shgg 
jamesBDolph was practically going crazy after that usps frag. #simpleDejaVu
2018-09-05 21:23
suNny | 
India S1ayR 
perfect placement
2018-09-05 22:22
Greece her-1g 
Thats whyngob b was considered one of the best igl back in the day along with carn ave and zeus.
2018-09-06 00:30
he was insane at fragging in 1.6 he was so good
2018-09-06 03:19
Big has the potential as the next astralis-like team, with gob b as the igl. You should see how smart they play. Or maybe it just rng bad day
2018-09-06 01:47
BnTeT | 
United States EdgyBlob 
That shot was insaneeeeee Also james going crazy again 'you can't do that you're at a major' s1mple deja vu feeling
2018-09-06 03:34
2018-09-06 11:23
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