gob b: "I'm looking forward to the fifth round, now we can show we're a really good team in the BO3s"

September 8th, 2018 21:35

We spoke to BIG's Fatih "gob b" Dayik after his team made it to the fifth round of the New Challengers stage with a confident win against Gambit on Nuke.

In our interview, the in-game leader shared his thoughts on BIG's losses earlier in the tournament against Vega Squadron and compLexity, as well as their latest win against Gambit, which pushed the German side to the fifth round.

gob b feels confident going into the best-of-three final round

gob b also talked about their potential opponents in the fifth round and explained why the team is glad to reach the best-of-three final stage of the tournament.

Going back to your previous matches and the Vega Squadron loss on Train at first, it's a matchup you've faced before at least with the previous lineup, did you have a clear idea of what to expect or was there anything surprising about them?

We thought we had a clear idea. Even though they kind of caught us off-guard, we didn't stick to our plan, I would say. We had a plan, we wanted to let them do what they're good at and counter that, but somehow they did what they liked to do and surprised us with it. I think TACO said it, he expected Vega to surprise them, that perfectly sums up what also happened with us.

To be honest, the game was okay from us, we obviously didn't play well, we didn't stick to our plan, that was our mistake, but, other than that, they played really well, they won some clutches which was really important in that game, they had some good lurks... It was a really heated game and that's why I must say that we were thinking about what was going to happen, but they just surprised us even then.

About compLexity, again quite a close match, this time on Inferno, but you obviously lost it and went to the 1-2 pool, so why did that go the other way?

I didn't know what went wrong in that game directly after. Normally, I kind of have a feeling as the in-game leader about what went wrong or what our mistakes were - against Vega, for example, we knew we didn't stick to our plan. But in that game, we felt like they countered us very well.

After watching the game, though, I must say that it wasn't like that, it was a close game, some unlucky rounds, we got six rounds because we lost some clutches. As T, it's okay to get six rounds without the pistol, but yeah, if we won one or two more clutches on the T side, we would have even won 9-6 and that would have been a great half for us.

That was one of the problems, we made some mistakes individually in the X-on-X situations, which we normally shouldn't, and then the game changes. On the CT side, I think the 1v4 clutch won them the game. We just made individual mistakes, I would say. After the game, I thought maybe the strategies were wrong or maybe we weren't prepared well enough, but after watching the game together, we said 'yeah, that was my mistake', 'that was my mistake', and then we knew we just made too many mistakes and that's why they won. And they also had great rounds with the 1v4 and this kind of stuff.

After winning this match against Gambit, tabseN commended your game plan and said that you were finally playing proper CS, was that just a comfortable match from your point of view?

No, it wasn't a comfortable game for sure because Nuke is always a map that you don't play at every event, that's a problem that you're missing this competition sometimes, it's a really unfavorable map for any team except for Astralis and a few others. You maybe played it in practice, but it's not the same as official matches, that's why it's always shaky.

I prepared three maps for this game and I had a really great game plan, I think that was the best game plan we have had so far maybe in this roster. That's why we were so confident going into it, we knew exactly what we wanted to do, and this time we stuck to the plan. There was one time, Owen wanted to say 'hey, we could do this' and I went 'no, no, no, we stick to the plan!', and it went well.

From that tweet, tabseN seemed to be looking forward to the best-of-three series, how do you feel about going into the fifth round?

Absolutely relieved. When we did the last Major run, we were just practicing for best-of-ones. We were just ready for best-of-ones and if we went into the best-of-threes, we would have a bad map pool. This time, when we started the team, we don't give a shit about best-of-ones anymore, we want to be a really good best-of-three team. So we are practicing for best-of-threes.

We're making too many mistakes when we play badly at the moment, and if it's a best-of-three, you can handle these mistakes, you can find your groove in the game or make a good comeback, that's why everyone is struggling in best-of-ones. Even the really good teams, and how many overtimes we've seen, so these best-of-one situations are really hard. That's why we're so relieved. It's not easy going into the best-of-threes or anything like that, but it feels like now we really have the chance and feeling a comfortable zone.

What do you make of the potential opponents and the competition in the fifth round, out of the teams you could face - Spirit, OpTic, TYLOO, and the winner of Rogue and North?

It feels good, North is obviously is a really strong team, they are probably the biggest favorites going into this 2-2 pool - they haven't even won, yet, obviously. TYLOO would be an interesting one, we have never played them, OpTic are the same... I think every team is kind of at the same strengths, maybe OpTic a little bit stronger than maybe Spirit, but you never know in these kind of situations, so that's why it's not so important for us.

I need to look up the maps, maybe one opponent suits us better than others, but in the end, it's a best-of-three and we are really ready to play against anyone. I'm looking forward to it, we practiced for the best-of-threes and now we can show we're a really good team in the best-of-threes. We just need to be as prepared as we were today and have the same mood, the same energy, and then I think we can make it.

It looks like you're confident.

I'm confident for sure. I was confident before the tournament, we had some ups and downs at this tournament, it's kind of the same as in Cologne, we won the first the first best-of-one, then we lost two maps in a row, and then we won the next best-of-three, so it's kind of the same start. Maybe that's a good sign, I don't know, I know some fans are losing their minds (laughs), but in the end, it's cool to be where we want to be, in a best-of-three.

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