smooya: "I'm excited to play the next stage because those are the teams we practiced against"

We sat down with Owen "smooya" Butterfield after BIG defeated OpTic to go 3-2 and advance to the New Legends stage of the FACEIT Major.

We asked the British AWPer about the last match against OpTic, in which BIG ran out winners following a dominant Dust2 showing and a close Train, and his Twitter exchange with Kristian "k0nfig" Wienecke ahead of that encounter.

smooya also commented on becoming the second British player to make the top-16 of a Major, as well as on the competition in the next stage, where BIG will join the likes of FaZe, Natus Vincere, and mousesports.

You can find the rest of's videos by going to our Twitch channel.

More interviews from the FACEIT Major New Challengers Stage:

Day 5
China captainMo: "The Major has been the main goal since we started playing CS:GO"

Day 4
United States ShahZam: "I'm speechless, I can't believe it; I won't lie, I went outside and cried"
Germany gob b: "I'm looking forward to the fifth round, now we can show we're a really good team in the BO3s"
Ukraine bondik: "I enjoy when someone is showing emotions and I like to do the same"
Indonesia xccurate: "We changed so much on the T side of Inferno [after playing OpTic]"
Denmark gla1ve: "[As an IGL,] cadiaN is really good at the same things as FalleN"

Day 3
Sweden f0rest: "I'm not satisfied at all; I believe that we can go so much further"
Brazil TACO: "We knew Vega have a really aggressive style, but it was still hard to play against"

Day 2
Denmark cajunb: "I really want to win a Major, that's when I can retire and be happy"
Ukraine somedieyoung: "We pretty much knew everything North were going to do"
Kazakhstan AdreN: "It's me and Hobbit who are trying to make the mid-round calls"
Russia hutji: "During his 1v1, chopper said 'no worries, guys, I'm going to punch him'"

Day 1
Germany tiziaN: "I've actually practiced it 3 or 4 times, but I wasn't planning on doing that shot"
Canada Twistzz: "We knew that bootcamping was the way better option"
Indonesia BnTeT: "We're confident in our skill, but I'm not sure we're confident in our team play"
Sweden Lekr0: "I think I learned the most about [in-game leading] from pronax back in the day"

Media Day:
Canada stanislaw: "We have all the pieces to really do some damage"
Ukraine B1ad3: "We still haven't found the perfect in-game leader"
Ukraine crush: "We didn't play much [officially] because we wanted to find our game"
United States Hiko "American teams are dependent on the momentum they gain"
Poland NEO: "byali wanted changes even before Snax told us [he was leaving]"
Russia DavCost: "The main goal is to show who we are"

Denmark Kristian 'k0nfig' Wienecke
Kristian 'k0nfig' Wienecke
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United Kingdom Owen 'smooya' Butterfield
Owen 'smooya' Butterfield
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Should be ez for them i hope they play mibr once again and destroy them like the last 3 times.
2018-09-09 21:44
ez 0-3 for them, yes, 1-3 at very bestest
2018-09-09 21:52
broky | 
Brazil NoBaaang 
mibr will win broo! You just gotta to believe sometimes Alex! <3 <3 <3
2018-09-09 22:32
Europe Kilian_9047 
I get goosebumbs everytime i watch this clip
2018-09-10 03:29
No bug no win, sorry
2018-09-09 22:57
Germany Youngnibba 
No Bug second place in colonge
2018-09-10 12:22
s1mple | 
India S1ayR 
2018-09-09 21:44
Europe wai7ing 
2018-09-09 21:44
North America VeryNAGuy 
Smooya thinks he's good and is helping revive the UK scene when its in fact been the germans doing it all along by carrying him. Like always Germany > England Have a NA day! -VeryNAGuy
2018-09-09 21:45
Germany SGT_Shan 
What are you talking?
2018-09-09 21:48
lol smooya is a pretty good player and has a good amount of credit on BIG being in Top-16 rn and in Cologne he did perform pretty good too... Germans might be more dominant in the team but Smooya is not less ipmortant for the team than Tabsen or nex
2018-09-09 21:55
Czech Republic Charlie13 
2018-09-09 22:28
2018-09-09 22:31
United Kingdom NiF3 
2018-09-09 22:42
2018-09-09 23:29
Germany Kuruyo 
2018-09-10 13:02
chrisJ | 
Germany k4nt 
So [the place where you have been born randomly and that is called country "X" most likely because of a war lifetimes ago] > ["Y"] is still a thing? even in the gaming community 2018? seriously? Makes restoring faith in humanity even harder. But why should i care, i am lucky... i mean proud to be german living in berlin. Well deserved.
2018-09-10 04:09
Brunei GucciLeIe 
2018-09-09 21:45
Finland EdiEz 
2018-09-09 21:45
2018-09-09 21:48
Canada y0sem1tE 
fucking cocky af. hope they lose
2018-09-09 21:49
JW | 
United Kingdom Roarhaven 
Better than some vanilla boring fuck. Nice to have a few people like that in the scene, otherwise it’s like Korean SC2 where everyone is best buds
2018-09-09 22:02
Canada y0sem1tE 
No I agree, you need some energetic guy that will trash talk from time to time. But this guy man, I would not stand him at all.
2018-09-09 22:11
JW | 
United Kingdom Roarhaven 
#24 and #25
2018-09-09 22:14
I like Smooya, but I like him as the rat king. If he drops the bad boy act, he'll just be another mediocre to good young player.
2018-09-09 22:12
JW | 
United Kingdom Roarhaven 
Precisely, Rat King Smooya is the best smooya
2018-09-09 22:14
2018-09-09 22:43
Indonesia Exodd 
Imagine if smooya and stewie go ham at each other, wouldn’t that be fun?
2018-09-10 09:28
2018-09-09 23:10
Brazil LukeCS7 
Damn, video interview :/
2018-09-09 21:50
I hope this cocky fak will get 0-3'd. Just smooya, not BIG Clan :D
2018-09-09 22:10
Slovakia Chaoooss 
+1 I like rest of the team but this kid annoys me hard :D
2018-09-09 22:30
fking smoya i hope they will get 0-3 just becuz this fker got big mouth
2018-09-09 23:10
HS | 
Estonia qoznyyy 
2018-09-09 23:24
The rat king
2018-09-09 23:30
Portugal shaarawyGOD 
cocky fuck, hope they lose
2018-09-09 23:36
Rat king doesn't speak on behalf of UK
2018-09-09 23:37
China ene1nz 
of course he does not. otherwise people would actually like you.
2018-09-10 02:06
i mean smooya is basically 100% of the UK csgo scene sry but its true
2018-09-10 13:44
2018-09-10 00:24
So rude and cocky always lmao
2018-09-10 00:43
He's just 19, he'll mature eventually.
2018-09-10 03:12
Turkey 0vercast 
How can he say this although his team barely gets group stage with 3-2 LUL
2018-09-10 07:30
Brits are so toxic lol
2018-09-10 08:57
African Union wtbx 
na man, he summarises the bad of the uk scene, the majority of us are nice people but there's alot of assholes as well which everyone see's it sucks :(
2018-09-10 11:40
Russia NiGaTiVe 
about what did he say? I do not understand, sorry, can you tell me?
2018-09-10 11:59
0-3 quote me later no bug no big
2018-09-10 13:00
This interview is actually super interesting ! Not one of the guys who always says the same shit over and over again like every single professional sportsman does! This is a REAL interview and he says what he ACTUALLY THINKS! And that is what is adorable and I admire it! Smooya <3 #Gemeinsam #GOBIGORGOHOME
2018-09-10 16:47
f0rest | 
Germany Gloin 
This major will be so ez for big.
2018-09-10 17:14
Denmark slacking 
typical chav about to get rekt
2018-09-11 17:50
2018-09-12 10:37
He is so cocky
2018-09-13 16:28
nice typo on thumbnail lul
2018-09-14 23:46
Germany flaR 
he told us the truth :D
2018-09-16 14:58
steel | 
Belarus Ruble 
smooya well known cheater :) he play with cheaters from sweden before joining to big but vac = valve allows cheating this game is big meme no need skills only good cheats
2018-09-18 22:19
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