Edward: "If you feel calm during the whole game, the comeback is real, always"

September 13th, 2018 23:46

After Natus Vincere's thriller-comeback against FaZe, we talked to Ioann "Edward" Sukhariev to discuss matchups, mentality, and retirement.

After securing only five rounds as Terrorists on Overpass and losing the CT pistol, Natus Vincere were staring down the barrel of the gun and a 0-2 score at the FACEIT Major. However, with a force-buy win and some clutch play down the line, the CIS side managed to turn it around and win the game 16-12.

Edward admits that he is having a tough period, but it is not only down to his age

In our chat with Edward, the 30-year-old revealed that FaZe surprised them with the Overpass pick and that he enjoys playing tournaments with the Swiss format.

We can start with the comeback you had on the CT side of Overpass against FaZe, you were 11-5 down. It started with winning the force buy, then winning all of those clutches, what was going through your minds during that?

First of all, I will say that we didn't expect FaZe to pick Overpass against us, so we didn't have a discussion about this map before the game. That created a little bit of confusion, but still, we want to play this map against them every time because we know how good we are on the map. Yeah, we didn't play very well as T, as the result of that the score was 10-5. Actually, it was a really hard game for us, they played really, really well, and the comeback was insane, with such a nice clutch by s1mple, quad kill by flamie... there were a lot of highlights from our players.

What inspires a comeback like this for you guys?

I think it is about the mood before the game. We didn't feel a change in our mood during the game when we were losing rounds or getting some clutches. It is all about the mental preparation before the game. If you feel calm during the whole game, the comeback is real, always.

Let's go back to the first game against Astralis, obviously a tough opponent and it was 16-14, very close. What are the key takeaways after losing that game?

As I said before to someone else, it is nice to play Astralis in the first match, it always gives us more understanding of our game, no matter if we win or lose the match. If you remember, the score was 14-14, before that there were many situations when we did a lot of mistakes, but in that situation, flamie gambled and he went B, leaving A long open, and they went A long. After that, it was 15-14 and we lost, 16-14, two rounds in a row, to our mistakes.

How do you feel about getting these two opponents in the first games of Swiss, how do you feel about the format as it is?

It is pretty hard because you never know who you are going to get, for example, if we lost the game against FaZe and we could be 2-0. It is a gamble who we would draw next, it is pretty scary. But I think the Swiss format is really nice, actually, I like this system.

Do you like the unpredictability, that it's exciting from a viewer side, or as a player?

As a player mostly, I don't know how the viewers see it, but I think for viewers it is great as well.

There has been some criticism about your play, maybe about the stats you are putting up. How do you feel about that and your place on the team?

Well, of course, I am having a tough period regarding my individual play. I'm working on it, and it is not only because of age, it is a mix of things. I'm working on it and trying to fix it.

When you touch on that, we obviously have a lot more older players now than we had in the past. How do you see aging in CS? Is it just down to the deterioration of reflexes and stuff like that, or is it down to out-of-game things?

There is a lot of factors, you can't pick just one thing. For example, look at Astralis, who are a really good team in terms of being team-players. Look at how they react on the map to any situation. For me, they are idols in terms of teamwork. It is not only down to reflexes and aim, it is all about understanding the game, the relationship between each other and the team. It is more about that in the professional scene.

I don't want to push you into retirement yet, but since you mentioned age, touching on that subject a bit more; you are obviously playing for a long time, what do you want to do in your career before you end it? Do you have any goals in that regard?

I want to feel that I and my team are the best in the world. This is the only task I have, but not only for one tournament, I want to be the best during the whole year.

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Ukraine Ioann 'Edward' Sukhariev
Ioann 'Edward' Sukhariev
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rigoN | 
Czech Republic stinx 
NaVi and calm? I aren't think that
2018-09-13 23:47
Netherlands Vladrurik 
What's the point of this comment
2018-09-13 23:48
Zeus | 
Finland Olter 
whats the point of you thinking face
2018-09-13 23:54
3 question about age. Almost said "retire now". This is annoying.
2018-09-13 23:56
+1 Arrogant shit
2018-09-14 07:40
ceh9 | 
World mukas17 
He brought it up himself.
2018-09-14 07:41
If s1mple kill every round comeback is real, if not its not real.
2018-09-14 00:59
Well hes good so .. he should do some dmg
2018-09-14 07:27
you know nothing about Na`Vi then.
2018-09-14 05:44
Bulgaria Minatø 
2018-09-13 23:47
Spain elskio 
2018-09-13 23:47
New Zealand @kekekekekeke 
2018-09-13 23:47
haha no -botward +Hobbit
2018-09-13 23:47
Thats not the Lord of the rings.
2018-09-14 07:28
Ukraine Bulletov 
2018-09-14 12:48
Kick Edward.
2018-09-13 23:47
he likes this system lol :D imma wondering what he would say if they would lost that match xD
2018-09-14 00:17
If the lost the match he wont be interviewed so who cares.
2018-09-14 07:30
2018-09-13 23:47
wtf interview simple not edward
2018-09-13 23:50
We did something with s1mple after this game as well, it will be released tomorrow :3
2018-09-13 23:52
praise hltv
2018-09-13 23:52
Poland TOOMUCH6969 
2018-09-13 23:54
Lekr0 | 
Turkey Cherub 
2018-09-13 23:56
also typo In our chat with Edward, the 30-year-old admitted revealed that FaZe surprised them with the Overpass pick admitted revealed
2018-09-13 23:58
2018-09-13 23:59
Netherlands Vladrurik 
Pls interview more big players thx
2018-09-14 00:13
Lul'ed noone wants to interview bug , sorry pal.
2018-09-14 07:30
nt Professor
2018-09-14 00:00
"We did something with s1mple" That doesnt sound good ma friend
2018-09-14 06:47
"We did something with s1mple" .. does that means the best player in the world is ded :(
2018-09-14 07:31
Brazil MarieLaMary 
Or by having s1mple carrying.
2018-09-13 23:53
Poland TOOMUCH6969 
cant confirm, s1mple is solution
2018-09-13 23:54
Edward knows what's coming if Na'Vi doesn't get out of the groups, we've scared him guys.
2018-09-13 23:55
Nothing can scare God Edward
2018-09-14 00:05
+1 edzie GOD
2018-09-14 05:38
United States cataclysm 
Yeah don't need to do much when you have s1mple and electronic to carry you. ;)
2018-09-13 23:55
Russia Hellyer 
The thing is he can't do enough
2018-09-14 05:52
acid | 
Finland BillNye 
haha says -edward
2018-09-13 23:58
Guatemala unb11 
"but in that situation, flamie gambled and he went B, leaving A long open, and they went A long." Blaming Flamie while you play like a coach or worse nice Edward gyazo.com/63f9b5b21cffc92a6543d578ff0186..
2018-09-14 00:06
hardstyle is literally better
2018-09-14 00:11
Where he blamed him?
2018-09-14 00:25
Bulgaria vectralsoul 
30 kills in 102 rounds, lmao. As much as I have respect for such a CS legend like Edward, he better step the fuck up in the next matches, or NaVi will have a really, really bad time.
2018-09-14 00:27
s1mple | 
Europe netowx 
Edward is shit
2018-09-14 02:09
Love when people talk about "OLD" people in counter strike. Just some bullshit excuse to retire. ppl retired at 27 because 1.6 was dying. There is no other reason.
2018-09-14 00:12
Croatia mds818 
I arent think that
2018-09-14 00:14
2018-09-14 00:20
Cool to see an interview with Edward finally! Wish there were video interviews as well like in the old days, sad that this is no longer the case.
2018-09-14 00:52
2018-09-14 05:37
s1mple | 
France ponche 
For sure but start fragging maybe?
2018-09-14 01:09
i dont understand why u didnt ask him one important question. why are you playing like bot mister Edward?
2018-09-14 01:21
Spain all_in 
doesn't matter how teamplayer he is, there are better players who could be tried as support with much more skill than him at the moment. The fact he is still on this team is unreal
2018-09-14 01:28
People fiinding excuses for him being trash its unbeliveble.
2018-09-14 06:50
s1mple | 
Europe netowx 
Edward is a fucking bot and I hope NaVi fire him after major
2018-09-14 02:08
kick botward
2018-09-14 03:26
Edward is a freaking super-legend! He is one of the smartest persons in real life in CS:GO atm. Big thanks for this interview, Professeur! Pleasure to read.
2018-09-14 05:37
Without Edward there would have been no need for the comeback. :))
2018-09-14 06:38
Of course he is feeling confortable carried by electronic and s1mple. Bot
2018-09-14 06:50
s1mple | 
China Alar1c 
2018-09-14 08:26
Finland Karri 
why are they interviewing this bot
2018-09-14 09:22
😡stop interviewing decoy
2018-09-14 12:01
Ukraine Bizkid58 
stop being retarded imbecil
2018-09-14 12:56
Navi in 2018 Omegalul Lose to ghost xaxaxa
2018-09-14 12:59
Ukraine Bizkid58 
ahahahahahah chokeclan in 2018 fazedown kick yourself from life, plz ) nice T side on overpass yesterday btw huehuehuehue )))
2018-09-14 13:11
Lol. Stfu edward XD
2018-09-14 12:26
Ukraine Bizkid58 
STFU haters
2018-09-14 12:56
Russia Lomz 
I am sure that Edward would destroy anyone of all toxic ppl that leave a post here
2018-09-14 13:03
I am mge and can trash him
2018-09-14 13:14
mou | 
Ireland CaptainMou 
Surely not lol
2018-09-14 17:10
in your dreams
2018-09-14 21:07
Well I guess you are a 12yo kiddo and new to this CS scene and unaware of his contributions in 1.6
2018-09-17 09:10
s1 | 
Armenia gr1nch 
30 frags in 100 rounds, how u can be calm?
2018-09-14 13:05
bondik | 
Ukraine TBOY(2) 
2018-09-14 13:15
Ukraine Bizkid58 
stfu hohlosvinina
2018-09-14 13:16
bondik | 
Ukraine TBOY(2) 
Lul. Are you from Ukraine or are you retard ?
2018-09-14 13:18
Ukraine Bizkid58 
I am from ukraine and i am a ukrainian and you are hohlosvinina )
2018-09-14 13:35
bondik | 
Ukraine TBOY(2) 
lul. If you said that, you just stupid
2018-09-14 13:36
Ukraine Bizkid58 
thx go poi shenevmerlu )
2018-09-14 13:41
bondik | 
Ukraine TBOY(2) 
And you said you from Ukraine? haha/ Retard
2018-09-14 13:44
Ukraine Bizkid58 
0965133166 Porohobot, ebanii =) Nabirai, svinyushka )
2018-09-14 13:46
bondik | 
Ukraine TBOY(2) 
0967754031 Why do you think I am porohobot?
2018-09-14 13:47
Ukraine Bizkid58 
Cuz u r saying that navi are retards Its obvious =))))
2018-09-14 13:50
bondik | 
Ukraine TBOY(2) 
ITS oblivious that they are retard. You and their jersey. Logo on the *pupok* Not respect their own logo
2018-09-14 13:52
Ukraine Bizkid58 
Its obvious that you are feeding the troll =) Navi will fuck that fat ass bondik and his retarded HR Good luck with your bets ;))))
2018-09-14 13:57
bondik | 
Ukraine TBOY(2) 
And what? You think that cyber sports without politics) But that is not the case. The first and second season of StarSeries failed because of politics. Then the Russian players. They pay their salaries to them, they pay taxes in Russia, then those taxes go to the army, which creates chaos on the Donbass. It's all simple. And this disrespect for the logo))) They could put it on the ass. When you look at the three variations that are now offered, then the sky and the ground with what Nava is playing now. Still need to explain something? Or can refusal to play in Kiev and a trip to Russia? AND?
2018-09-14 14:08
Ukraine Bizkid58 
Uh lol ebat =))) Ya eshye i ugadal, 4to ti sin maidana ))) Takuyu ebatoriku kak ti tolko 4to zastelil mojno razve 4to po TSN uvidet. Srazu vidno postoyannogo polzovatelya saita obozrevatel. Vidimo ti nedostato4no na maidane naskakalsya raz s4itayesh, 4to ukraina vedyet voinu s rf. Pro navi - eto voobshe polnii pizdec. Ku4a ukrainsko-russkih stakov v sng i nikogo eto ne ebyet, potomu 4to lyudyam pohui na kakie-to zamoro4ki takih hohlopidriotov kak ti. Idi le4is ili na binderu peredyerni =) A na Starladder oni ne poyehali, t.k. nikomu nahui ne nujen etot tier 28 event v zigatowne ))
2018-09-14 17:00
bondik | 
Ukraine TBOY(2) 
)))))) tipikal stadniy eblaniys))) nice blyat
2018-09-14 17:42
bondik | 
Ukraine TBOY(2) 
lul zri dalshe dermo o tom chto " ih tam net" feik ukrainetz
2018-09-14 17:44
Ukraine Bizkid58 
pizdui dro4it na binderu, hohlomrazota =)
2018-09-14 17:52
bondik | 
Ukraine TBOY(2) 
pfff takogo yrodskogo baitera russkogo ia ne videk
2018-09-14 17:53
Ukraine Bizkid58 
ahahaha russkogo
2018-09-14 17:56
go drochit na Navi end BOYKO
2018-09-14 17:57
Ukraine Bizkid58 
ne, ya lu4she na Vilkula peredyernu xDDD
2018-09-14 17:58
nu tak dergai fanatik
2018-09-14 17:59
Ukraine Bizkid58 
spasibo za razresheniye, hutoryanin )
2018-09-14 17:59
2018-09-14 18:00
Ukraine Bizkid58 
Ebat o 4yam ti, mikro4elik ? Kakoi Seryega, lul )
2018-09-14 18:02
Ukraine Bizkid58 
Tak KUYIV eto i est samii bolshoi hohlohor ))
2018-09-14 18:03
bondik | 
Ukraine TBOY(2) 
sorry 063 775 40 31
2018-09-14 13:50
ti eblan i etim vse skazano
2018-09-14 18:03
Ukraine Bizkid58 
nu po krainei mere ya ne hohlosvinina v otli4iye ot tebya xDD
2018-09-14 18:04
skazal pedobir, kotoriy ne znaet cheloveka tolkom. Moi dyagnoz - ti troll piadaboll. Mne plevyat na Poroha, Bandera norm myzik, a ti pizdyi v rashky
2018-09-14 18:06
Ukraine Bizkid58 
Tebya ne sprosil, sin mrazi, 4to mne delat. Normalnii mujik pishet... Pizdui v ato i zdohni, hihol ebanii. Ya jivu v SVOEI strane, a podobniye tebe zdes vremenno. Uda4i, jertva aborta ))
2018-09-14 18:08
ti zivesh v strane symbvol kotoroi ti obsiraesh. Ny da...Ti obosral Gimn.. Pizduy v ato? ok, no znai je, esli tvoi brati russkie pridyt, to chto bi ne plakal = danbaskyi aytist
2018-09-14 18:14
Ukraine Bizkid58 
Ya iz Krivogo Roga, esli 4to, svinyushka ) Gde to v zakone napisano, 4to ya doljen ili obyazan uvajat etot pizdoprotivnii porajen4eskii gimn pro to kak 4to-to eshye ne vmerlo? Ne dumayu ) Sidi v svoei obossannoi stolice i autirui dalshe pidrioti4eskaya biomassa ))
2018-09-14 18:17
sravnil. Ti zivesh v provinzii. Ia v stolitze. Sidi i dalshe v zalypene. Sidi i dalshe tam.A ia bydy hodit na turiki i smotret na top timu
2018-09-14 18:20
Ukraine Bizkid58 
Ahahahaha Ohuyennii argument =) YA lu4she uj zdes pobudu poka, nejeli nablyudat millioni psevdonacikov i nedoariicev v etoi ebanoi pomoike, pod nazvaniyem Huiiv )
2018-09-14 18:23
ti ia vizy smotrish ruskoe tebe. Esli ti rolfish, to slishkom horosho. A ishe ti narushaesh Statyi Kriminal kodeska. Typoi vatan kotoriy schitaet menya....hotya net. Idi lytshe pochital roboti Lenina
2018-09-14 18:26
Ukraine Bizkid58 
Tak ebani klyauzu v SBU =) V 4yem problema ? Ti i podobniye tebe j takoye gosudarstvo hotyat sozdat. Skazal 4to-to naperekor "partii" - turma. Vi je k etomu idyete. No hui u vas 4to polu4itsya =) Uj pover )
2018-09-14 18:28
bolshe smotry rus tebe) nikakih fasistov v Kyyve net. Zato est paroshka eblanov na IYHE
2018-09-14 18:31
Ukraine Bizkid58 
Ahahahaha rus tv Ti znayesh kogda ya posl raz smotrel 4to-to iz rashki ? Mne i ukrainskih blogerov hvataet. V hohlyandii netu fashistov $))) Ahahahahah Netu azova i c14, netu ubiistv Buzini i drugih jurnalistov, netu bataliona tornado. Koro4e, o 4yem voobshe govorit. Jivi v svoyem informacioonom vakuume, kri4i slava ruine i raduisya jizni poka mojesh. Potomu 4to vam vse ravno skoro pizda ;)
2018-09-14 18:35
Ukraine Bizkid58 
sho tam NIP otsosali tolko 4to u Putina ? ahahahah )
2018-09-14 18:06
mne plevat na rezi kek
2018-09-14 18:07
Moya poslednya rech tebe....Podymai. Ia postavil na 3-0 Navi i oni obosralis))) Jivi v svoei zalupe i dymai chto Kryvoi Rog stolitsa mira - gde est kyda bolshe vozmojnostei chem v stolitze. Glory to Ukraine. Vatan.
2018-09-14 18:36
Ukraine Bizkid58 
A tak vot iz-za 4ego ves sir bor Pukan4ik prigorel i pidriotik rasstroilsya )) S etogo bi i na4inal =) Krivoi Rog ohuyenni gorod. Kiev - zalupa mira, v kotorom jivut hohlopidorki ) Daje vo Lvove, naverno, ne takaya silnaya koncentraciya yododeficitnogo hohlomusora xDDD Salo Uronili, bindera ! =)
2018-09-14 18:43
stfu retards he is legend.
2018-09-14 13:29
Ukraine Bizkid58 
2018-09-14 13:35
2018-09-14 13:47
2018-09-14 13:58
2018-09-14 15:31
Ukraine Bizkid58 
just like you =)
2018-09-14 17:03
by no means.
2018-09-14 19:21
Ukraine Bizkid58 
yeah of course )
2018-09-14 19:22
2018-09-14 18:05
Ukraine Bizkid58 
kick yourself from life plz )
2018-09-14 19:22
All the 12 years old shiting on legend of cs omg...he can play for 5 more years better than 90% of idiots who trash talk about Godward...
2018-09-14 19:28
Ukraine Bizkid58 
2018-09-14 21:03
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