s1mple: "I don't want to be a bad guy, there is no point"

September 15th, 2018 21:27

In our latest interview with Aleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev, we talked about the reputation he used to have and how he turned it around, touching on the William "draken" Sundin vs. CIS topic as well.

Natus Vincere made it through to the playoffs of the FACEIT London Major, with three straight wins—over FaZe, NiP and fnatic—following an opening 16-14 loss to Astralis. So before they have a couple of days off, we sat down with s1mple to discuss how the tournament went, as well as some historic topics.

The Liquid organization helped s1mple understand the fan and sponsor part of thegame

The 20-year-old Ukrainian superstar pointed out that Natus Vincere weren't ready for the last Major, whichthey played shortly after Denis "electronic" Sharipov joined, but even though he didn't say it directly, an aura of confidence about their chances in London could be felt. s1mple also mentioned that he didn't want to lose to fnatic to win in the last game and have draken "feel like the king of the world".

I'll start with the game against NiP that you had, which ended up being a pretty one-sided win looking at the score. Can you tell me a bit about that game and how it went so well for you in the end, especially the T side?

We knew we had to play against them, we discussed that a lot. In the beginning, for me, it was a bit unlucky because when I went to the A site they went B, and then after that I went to B two times and they went A. After that, when we had the economy and the double AWP, we managed to come back into the game. And we had a really good plan on the T side, everything worked, especially when flamie went to A and did three or four headshots, he killed the double-AWP and that was it.

Moving on to the last game against fnatic, the start was very good for them actually, they had a 7-3 at one point, but then you just rolled back and got the win. Tell me about breaking their momentum and getting the momentum back for yourself.

We told ourselves that they were lucky, even during the game, when the score was 5-3, flamie said something like "oh what a headshot by Xizt", he died two times while flanking... We knew that we could come back, they are not as strong as FaZe or Astralis, we know how to play against them. They play more individually, so we should just play default, get the double AWP... and we did a timeout, kane told us the same, and everything worked.

Are you pretty happy to get the win and go into the playoffs?

Yeah, when we played the last Major with electronic, we weren't that ready as we are now. We can have Astralis/MIBR, BIG, or one team from the 3-2 pool because Liquid and compLexity will play two of those. We have four or five days to practice, we are going to practice every day, we are going to prepare ourselves for the quarter-final. It is one of the most important tournaments for any team and we are going to do everything to be prepared really well.

Through the interviews you had so far at the event you seem pretty modest, you are not really putting out high expectations regarding you winning this event, it feels like. How does the team feel in that regard? Are you ready to win this event?

I see every team saying that they are "100% ready to win this", I don't know, is every team ready to win the Major? I'm curious about that. As I said in interviews, we are going to take it step by step. Our first step was to go to the playoffs, now everything is going to be different. It is going to be harder because it is going to be BO3, all teams have a lot of time to prepare. We are going to Wembley, new hotel... It is going to depend on preparation.

Of course, all of us want to win this tournament, Edward and flamie had two chances to win the final, me, I lost with Liquid against SK, this is only electronic's second Major playoff, but now he has more confidence than last time. He told us after the first Major that he was a bit nervous because when you join a team and you go on the biggest stage, the Major, it is pretty hard. And Zeus, he will bring us experience for this tournament, together with kane.

electronic having more experience could be key to Natus VIncere having a better performance than at the last Major in Boston

You touched on it on the on-screen interview, that you didn't want to make a big thing about the whole draken situation, even though a lot of people were tweeting about it. But it was kind of fun that you tweeted the "ok" and then got fnatic in the draw, they ended up playing three CIS teams. So was there some extra fun in that for you?

I mean, I don't want people to hate him because of this, because of course, he was trolling after his second win, against Vega. I don't know, I saw a lot of comments by our CIS community that we need to beat them, and there was a little bit of pressure. We were just focused, we said let's just play against them and see what is going to happen because there was a small chance that fnatic goes through over us and then draken will be the king of the world...

And you didn't want to let your community down?

I just didn't want him to write more tweets, you know? If they would win against us he would maybe write some more stuff and he would get some more hate. But still, I'm pretty happy with our result and I wish them good luck, they will have more chance in BO3. BO1 is always random, the Swiss system at StarLadder with BO3, even if it was so long, it was really cool. Everyone played three maps, everyone prepared really well to play three maps. There is more preparation, you are spending more energy on the game, but still, the winner of the BO3 is the winner of the whole game.

Do you think that is an issue with this format? Some teams with a smaller map pool can still advance because they can be very good on a few maps, but later on, in the playoffs, that will be exposed?

I don't think it is a really bad format, it was our problem, FaZe's problem, mousesports' problem, that we lost our opening match. I think that the Legends teams had more practice, of course, but you can look at it two ways. The first one is that you have one more week to practice when everyone is playing the Qualifier, while teams that play the Qualifier get more experience, they are always changing their game, they are trying to make it perfect and they are prepared for every opponent. They see some small details, you know? When we are playing on bootcamp, we are just practicing, practicing, when we have some free time we watch some good game, but the teams here are watching every game, they are more focused, they have more energy, they are preparing better I guess. You can say that when you are playing on bootcamp you are trying to fix your style, but when you are playing on LAN you see your mistakes in official games and you can fix them faster.

For the last question, I want to touch on what you said before regarding the draken thing, that you just wanted to avoid having more drama, hating and stuff like that. It is interesting how much you changed from the s1mple of two, three years ago, when there was something new happening every month. Now you are a pretty calm person, positive, model professional. How do you see the change that happened in that regard? I think that some new fans that are coming in right now wouldn't even make the connection to the s1mple that was there two-three years ago.

For the past two or three years, especially when I played with Liquid, the Team Liquid organization, which is one of the best in the world, with the greatest people, and Natus Vincere as well, they taught me a lot. They taught me about fan stuff, sponsor stuff, everything. I was just getting experience every year and I understood that I don't want to be a bad guy, there is no point. I don't want people to say bad things about me. Even if they write bad comments, now I understand that I'm not doing anything bad. I accept the critique, the really good critique, but it is not like during the past two years when I read comments and would get something in my mind, I felt that they were saying something bad and I would answer to that. Everything changed.

The first one who taught me this is Steve Arhancet, Liquid112, the owner of Liquid. There was one situation when I was scamming for a knife, which was a long time ago. There was a long text from some people who said I scammed them. After Liquid helped me, I understood what I did, I gave everything back, and I want to say thank you to Liquid because they are doing great work. All teams should look up to them and work like them, Liquid and Natus Vincere are the best. With them it was different to HellRaisers and FlipSid3 because in big organizations you are always talking with someone and fixing your mistakes really fast, especially when you have bootcamps and all of this stuff.

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Russia Denis 'electronic' Sharipov
Denis 'electronic' Sharipov
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Sweden William 'draken' Sundin
William 'draken' Sundin
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Ukraine Aleksandr 's1mple' Kostyliev
Aleksandr 's1mple' Kostyliev
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
RapeN | 
Italy GODcenz0r 
2018-09-15 21:28
Russia Autistkek 
2018-09-15 21:29
RapeN | 
Italy GODcenz0r 
Name check out
2018-09-15 21:29
2018-09-15 21:29
Austria shaakeh 
rip draken
2018-09-15 21:32
No way. Banter is okay
2018-09-15 23:02
Wait... s1mple scammed someone in the past??
2018-09-16 00:57
He did. It was a very long time ago and it was about s1mple stealing a knife from one of his viewers. It transformed into a well-known meme through time in cis communuty
2018-09-16 01:29
I think kids would give him their knife to play with for a couple of matches and then simple just unfriended and blocked them on steam so they couldn't get their knife back
2018-09-16 14:44
2018-09-15 21:29
tarik | 
United States Unluko 
2018-09-15 21:42
s1mple | 
Italy Laxity 
delate this
2018-09-15 22:35
What draken said and what p1mple did?
2018-09-16 03:20
Toxic 100 percent
2018-09-16 05:03
i'm from future navi won major
2018-09-15 21:28
Finland sw0gger3 
Weird cuz i travelled in the future as well and saw that nip won? Weird how the nature does that
2018-09-15 21:32
U traveled to the past brother
2018-09-15 21:36
tarik | 
United States Unluko 
2018-09-15 21:42
Finland sw0gger3 
Huh? Idk why Anders shouted in the grand final ceremony that "Ninjas in pyjamas are your faceit major champions!" Lmao weird
2018-09-15 21:42
ur cringy
2018-09-15 21:57
Finland sw0gger3 
Im presenting our nip fanbase which means we're cringy
2018-09-15 22:19
Turkey Slapdash 
Representin the naysh yall
2018-09-15 22:44
Being a fan of faze in September 2018 OMEGALUL
2018-09-16 01:12
Turkey Slapdash 
What does it have to do with this
2018-09-16 10:02
Sweden crindz 
2018-09-16 02:44
I want bardolph to cast finals Also its faceit, so bardolph and ddk it is
2018-09-16 05:36
2018-09-15 21:43
oskar | 
Czech Republic PlaSSma 
OH rekt
2018-09-15 21:44
Russia DeadFinger 
Hahahahha. ++++
2018-09-15 21:52
OMG the funniest comment today
2018-09-15 21:55
Ukraine EarthAintFlat 
2018-09-15 22:01
CIS mirio 
AXAXAXAXAA you're the best!
2018-09-15 22:13
Dosia | 
United Kingdom SickaBoy 
nip beating mibr 0/8
2018-09-15 22:56
Finland sw0gger3 
Definitely a possibility
2018-09-15 23:07
kNgV- | 
Brazil olocoxd 
if tyloo can beat mibr, then any team in this major also can.
2018-09-16 05:11
2018-09-16 10:04
Where r u from? cuz i just came back from sep 28 and liquid won the major without losing a single map.
2018-09-15 21:47
Netherlands Kermit69 
2018-09-15 22:57
s1mple | 
Italy Laxity 
2018-09-15 22:35
Italy Federico1001 
Why u bully me
2018-09-15 21:28
Bulgaria vectralsoul 
everyone asking
2018-09-15 21:29
Why u bully me
2018-09-16 19:25
Lithuania andy_ 
good guy s1mple FeelsGoodMan
2018-09-15 21:28
2018-09-15 21:28
Poland Kazahi 
2018-09-15 21:29
2018-09-15 21:29
k0nfig | 
Turkey aesky 
2018-09-15 21:29
Finland Empuito 
S1mple #1 <3
2018-09-15 21:29
"i prefer to be the toxic guy"
2018-09-15 21:29
s1mple | 
Italy Laxity 
nice rofl from favela
2018-09-15 22:41
World ZMDR 
nt taco
2018-09-16 08:04
2018-09-15 21:30
Hungary t0xik 
2018-09-16 11:14
anyone has a link about what draken said about that game?
2018-09-15 21:30
2018-09-15 21:33
GuardiaN | 
Slovakia WeniX 
Nothing special.He just wished Navi Good luck to future and GG
2018-09-15 21:35
Check out his twitter. He wrote: gg vega, not even close, cis come at me. So S1mple replied OK. After the game draken posted another tweet and you can see it is just a banter between them.
2018-09-16 08:43
Ukraine extezy10 
NaVi can play vs Astralis on 1/4? rly?
2018-09-15 21:31
Its be cry bad. Good grand-finals if astralis/navi/liquid
2018-09-15 21:35
Singapore SashaTr1ceps 
Yes, they can face Astralis, BIG and one of team with 3-2 score
2018-09-15 21:36
United Kingdom SwaggaCake 
Not as bad as JW.
2018-09-15 21:32
2018-09-15 21:33
ty mr. Oleksandr
2018-09-15 21:34
S1mple is cute <3
2018-09-15 21:34
Romania RBK_GOD 
S1mple scammer LUL
2018-09-15 21:34
France StickyRice 
Mature enough now to win it all, but his team has one "dead weight" player (Edward), and zeus/flamie still make decent amount of mistakes, so it will not be easy for NaVi to win it all though.
2018-09-15 21:34
Good. This way s1mple can prove he's the best by clutching it out all.
2018-09-15 21:39
s1 | 
Ukraine mple 
if gambit can win a major, Na'Vi definitely win one
2018-09-15 22:00
shox | 
India iejesus 
2018-09-15 21:37
s1 | 
Armenia gr1nch 
2018-09-15 21:37
FalleN | 
Brazil 2dksy 
2018-09-15 23:00
Finland Smoonah 
2018-09-15 21:38
good guy s1mple, he matured so much, even supporting draken against the stupid community, insane how much he has grown
2018-09-15 21:39
Dominican Republic leberkas7 
2018-09-15 21:39
cyx | 
Sweden DeIpan 
once scammer always scammer...
2018-09-15 21:40
He used to be a teenager who hasn't grown up yet, and now looks like an adult. He grew up so much, looking insanely professional and calm compared to before. This story with the scam is interesting, like it was the moment he started to grow up, become an adult and realize things by thinking "Am I doing the right thing for others?" because teenagers often don't think this way (that's what growing up is), they just think for themselves and don't care about others. Great work by Liquid and NaVi helping him to become a better person, that's the best for s1mple and them (reputation of org)
2018-09-15 21:43
El Salvador Sp1x 
People have to remember he was like 17/18 when he was toxic and was still a teenager. Great to see him turn it around and become the best in the world.
2018-09-16 00:13
Calm yealling at edward for whole round straight because he acidently knifed him Choose one
2018-09-16 03:10
flusha | 
but flamie knifed him, not edward
2018-09-16 08:22
He’s calm on twitter and everywhere else most of the time. Everybody can get a bit angry some times you know... calm doesnt mean always zen
2018-09-16 12:29
United States 51438 
happy to see what once to be toxic af young player matured alot in recent years
2018-09-15 21:51
Draken is right. America... Continent Europe... Continent Asia... Continent CIS... Lets give some russians direct invites to a major It´s unfair for all of the Europeans like AGO, Windigo, Red Reserve, Valiance, ... to fight for the Major spot in the EU... and they are on the same level as Winstrike, Spirit, Vega, Avangar all season long.... maybe even better
2018-09-15 21:58
Ukraine EarthAintFlat 
You are right. Then Visegrád Group should have a minor too, as well as Balkans and Baltics. Why not.
2018-09-15 22:03
Not my point. You either make Major worldwide or with best team possible (according to other tournaments and some ranking)
2018-09-15 22:57
All eu teams you said for example are not level of major I mean , I agree that winstrike in c9 level now and not major level too , but Vega , spirit and avangar deserved to play here and are really cool teams
2018-09-15 22:05
Ok so look at Dreamhack masters Montreal for example. ENCE, Kinguin, and 4 more EU teams (I still count Imperial as EU). Say that Spirit, Vega, Avangar have more achievments, playing bigger tournaments, .... NOT COUNTING THE MAJORS. They might be on a same level, but they are definitly not better than T2 EU teams. Majors are just a result of an easy Minor qualifier.
2018-09-15 22:54
Yeah , I can understand you , bro, the solution is to make more slots in Eu minor I think
2018-09-15 23:11
or connect CIS TO EU (Asia if geographicly belongs there)
2018-09-15 23:12
If we go this way , Kazakhstan teams (Avangar , Gambit, Tengrit and other) go to Asia , Ukrainian and Russian go to Eu. But anyway more slots. I being cis guy can say you that play open qual with eu teams is really problematically cos ping in Kazakhstan , Kyrgyzstan and asian Russia is very high
2018-09-15 23:16
make a CIS+EU 16 teams minor than
2018-09-15 23:18
And Asia isn't continent just like eu :D
2018-09-15 22:07
What the hell it has to do with continents? Are you saying that we need separate minors for Australia, South America and Africa?
2018-09-15 22:15
no he says the opposite. cis should be included in the europe minor. just give europe more spots.
2018-09-15 22:34
yup, You either wanna make CS global so do "Minors" as continents You can add Africa for example... would have been cool or you want to have the best teams possible on the major... so delete the minors. either way CIS teams are such a small group to have a separate minor
2018-09-15 22:58
or just one minor for all just like a regular tournament top idk 8 go through. or a pro cirquit like in dota
2018-09-15 22:57
Africa major TOP HEH
2018-09-16 10:53
Why not... give them 1 spot... Bravado could have suprise lot of people
2018-09-16 11:09
ZywOo | 
France ZywHere 
Tumbuktu eleague major 2020
2018-09-17 00:48
ok then let's make Eurasia minor
2018-09-16 10:18
Italy marxie 
2018-09-15 22:01
Draken toxic noob
2018-09-15 22:02
s1mple | 
Europe netowx 
2018-09-15 22:18
And that's what a professional is and how a professional behaves. Glad he matured so much to get at the same lvl as his skill.
2018-09-15 22:05
Hahaha scammer :D
2018-09-15 22:10
shox | 
Slovakia TreeMan 
money made him a good guy. youtube.com/watch?v=w85Zes1reHE COZ THAT'S HOW IT WORKS /s
2018-09-16 02:54
Hahaha this video
2018-09-16 10:16
Germany unsalted 
See you in hell, s1mple.
2018-09-15 22:14
2018-09-15 22:14
s1mple | 
Europe netowx 
2018-09-15 22:18
United Kingdom Lightning_DC_ 
He's actually become super mature. He always had the skill and the dedication to CS, and this year we've seen what can happen when he's the star of a good team and his people skills have improved.
2018-09-15 22:24
Yeah, after 3-4 years lmao
2018-09-15 22:31
Nobody is born perfect. You miss to appreciate the personality he achieved. In "3-4 years lmao" he worked on improving himself.
2018-09-15 22:37
yea. he used to be such a hot head, but now he's so mature. such a cool guy.
2018-09-15 22:45
2018-09-15 23:51
S1mple saved Draken from writing more bad tweets. S1mple such a good guy!!!!!!!!!! #RespectS1mpleTheGod
2018-09-15 22:33
i was hating him before beginning this year, but now i'm one of the fans of him.. #news1mple #top1player2k19
2018-09-15 22:36
United Kingdom levymonsta 
Big respect for being honest with his flaws, this guy has grew so much the last two years.
2018-09-15 22:51
ritch | 
United Kingdom Meffus 
I like it when he's toxic...we need captivating characters...he should pop off more on people and throw awps about and shit.
2018-09-15 22:53
Expected from UK CS
2018-09-16 10:15
ritch | 
United Kingdom Meffus 
2018-09-16 10:29
Lol S1mple scammer
2018-09-15 23:08
South Africa BrucieBoi 
how he scammed knife lol?
2018-09-16 10:09
s1mple nice
2018-09-15 23:14
goodguy s1mple, he matured so much for the past years. good luck! i really hope you and na`vi win this london major.
2018-09-15 23:16
suNny | 
Korea Aik0 
i love s1mple
2018-09-15 23:20
TBF he only acts like this because of the amount of times Na'vi has fined him for his behaviour, outside the media stuff he's still a toxic asshole, anyone that knows this guy knows that for a fact.
2018-09-15 23:34
Liquid did it first ;)
2018-09-16 10:16
2018-09-15 23:41
s1mple is a nice guy
2018-09-15 23:51
Dosia | 
Russia cann0n 
no hes not ! its just a little breeze ! Hes insides prob. never gonna change ! its too short period to change for something !
2018-09-16 02:11
I've never liked s1mple but props for him after this interview
2018-09-15 23:54
I've never liked s1mple but he works on himself and he has changed a lot in the last 1-2 years, especially after Zeus' return to Na`Vi.
2018-09-16 07:59
Turkey Lennon1923 
s1mple 0 major fnatic ?????
2018-09-16 00:55
Italy CHEBBOxxx 
I support another team, but respect to the best player of the world.
2018-09-16 01:02
shox | 
Slovakia TreeMan 
as long as he plays in NaVi he is part of 5 toxic players, so no problem. Only issue is when he's allowed to talk to other people.
2018-09-16 02:47
Well I met simple on csgoreaper about two years ago n I lost the 2400$ battle... Hes def a good guy but god i fkin miss my money
2018-09-16 03:15
The undertaker Will win the first major
2018-09-16 06:13
Ukraine TBOY(2) 
Nothing change lul
2018-09-16 07:56
He had been cheating in CS wheres the life-ban
2018-09-16 08:16
Hi S1mple. Glad to see that you understood what true self-confidence is! You don't need to be cocky, arrogant and show off to be respected and loved by people. It's great to see that you already figured out that fact! :) You don't need to blame your team if you are true leader, you must help them instead of trashtalking or blaming them on their fails. And they will be thankful to you and will love you even more. Arrogance and cocky attitude seems like a "mainstream" nowadays in twitter, and those pathetic "pRoS" (like they call themselves) are like a little dogs all started to be "cool bad guys with arrogance". NIce to see that this didn't affect you! Cuz you are true leader, you know who you love and who you need to love. And also you know who you just need to ignore (all those retarded haters, cocky pros in twitter etc.) To be loved and respected you just need to be THE BEST IN YOUR BUSINESS (CS:GO) and be a normal human-being. Respect others, ignore useless opinions if they are stopping you from something and be PURPOSEFUL! It was a pleasure to see how you growing up not only in-game, but IN REAL LIFE! But please man, DO NOT STOP! Cuz it's the World's main rule, "when you think that you are on the top, you gonna fall soon...". ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT! Cheers from your true fan, supporter, viewer and just a guy who want to see you on top for long time! :) <3
2018-09-16 08:40
South Africa BrucieBoi 
2018-09-16 10:09
Calm down, draken boi.
2018-09-16 10:12
South Africa BrucieBoi 
who is draken ? you seem suicidal stan
2018-09-16 10:14
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