shox: "We've got three to four maps we're definitely okay with playing"

September 15th, 2018 22:57

We spoke to Richard "shox" Papillon following G2's win over Cloud9 in the fourth round of the New Legends stage.

The 26-year-old talked about G2's 4-16 loss to MIBR on Inferno on day three and their improvements on the map in the match against Cloud9, in which the Frenchmen secured their second win following a double-overtime battle.

shox talked about G2's improvements on Inferno

shox also gave us his thoughts on G2's upcoming match with FaZe and commented on his team's map pool, which will be tested in the best-of-three series.

After your loss against MIBR, you tweeted that it was a necessary one. Why was that? What did you learn from that loss?

Basically, I said it was a necessary one because we were really scared and you can directly feel that in the game. For example, we didn't take banana control, even when we knew they had banana and would be four on A, we went A, stuff like this. We didn't play the basics of Inferno. If you don't play the basics like that, it's going to be really hard to get some rounds. We didn't manage to play like that because our basics were kind of forgotten.

I honestly think that it was forgotten because of the pressure, because of chaos. There were also several situations, for example, the pistol round, three-on-three, you could see that the players didn't want to move. I said it was a necessary loss because everyone admitted it and everyone was okay with that. Since we admitted it, we can definitely look forward and then we just said 'don't be afraid, don't think about what if you lose, just think that you'll get this kill in front of you.'

Did you use that in this match against Cloud9?

Yeah, definitely. We had more banana control, we had way better mid-round calls. It was pretty tight because, first of all, they played well, and secondly, we lost many clutch situations that we played badly. But at least we are moving forward, we aren't losing the rounds with every one of them alive. At least now we can go to the clutches, so that's good, and now we have to win this one.

How did you manage to finish it off in the end? Were there any adjustments in the second overtime that helped you get those two rounds on the board on the Terrorist side, especially?

I think we didn't make many adjustments as CT because we were fine with how we were going to play, except for one round. In overtime, they went four through apartments and it was my bad, I didn't see it coming and I should have.

Going into the T side, I thought that people were just going to play weirdly because they had tried everything they have in their panel, so they just create new things they think are good. I just saw that they have a weakness in the apartments and, also, I thought 'they did it as T, so it kind of means that they don't like to face this round as CT.' So we just did the same and it passed. I think it was both a mix of new runs that they won't expect and focusing on the clutches.

You have a hard matchup in the form of FaZe coming up, what are your initial thoughts on that?

I think it's definitely going to be a hell of a match. They also didn't show their best form since the beginning of the Major, we didn't either. It's going to be really hard, FaZe is one of the top teams in the world, for sure, and when they are 0-2 and coming back to 2-2, that will give you a lot of confidence, especially in the best-of-threes. We're just going to do everything we can. Now we survived the best-of-one, scary things, it's going to be a best-of-three and we'll do everything to take it.

I spoke to SmithZz before the Major started for you and he didn't sound very confident about your map pool, how do you feel about it now that you've played a few matches here?

I think we are kind of okay on three to four maps that we put a lot of work in, but when you want to be really ready on a map, it takes time. I would say we've got three to four maps we're definitely okay with playing and we have everything to win on them, and the others... We know if we play a best-of-three, we're going to play those maps, and we practiced them, but not as much as the others, for sure. It will come with time.

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France Richard 'shox' Papillon
Richard 'shox' Papillon
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Denmark EU_LOVER69 
16-0 #NeverForget
2018-09-15 22:57
Afghanistan eXplosiv3 
2018-09-15 22:59
Austria shaakeh 
2018-09-15 22:59
Korea ENCE|jW 
i hope that inferno is not one of them *i need my comment to be on top
2018-09-15 23:40
Austria shaakeh 
Dust2 for sure :-)
2018-09-15 22:59
kpiz | 
Greece SneakPete 
2018-09-15 22:57
Czech Republic Atten_xD 
2018-09-15 22:57
Italy Federico1001 
Rip c9
2018-09-15 22:57
byali | 
Poland BYALl 
automatic whyyyyyy
2018-09-15 22:57
Turkey Slapdash 
2018-09-15 23:25
byali | 
Poland BYALl 
autismatic yes
2018-09-15 23:47
okay doesn't win majors
2018-09-15 22:58
nip vs hr 2:0 16:4 16:9 nip vs fnatic 2:0 16:13 16:8 nip vs g2 2:1 19:17 16:10 16:12 nip vs faze 2:0 16:2 16:11
2018-09-15 22:58
Dosia | 
United Kingdom SickaBoy 
u wont beat faze lul
2018-09-15 22:59
Lithuania SeNSeO 
2018-09-15 22:59
North America T1RANT 
ok ;p
2018-09-15 22:59
Turkey eXeF 
Good luck Shoxie! I really believe you can do this!
2018-09-15 22:59
Snax | 
Asia Snax10 
Dream or wot??
2018-09-15 23:04
India no scene lul mouz 0-3 lul
2018-09-16 04:48
shox | 
India iejesus 
optic india > Nip cry is free
2018-09-16 11:59
2018-09-16 12:53
Hungary kNnc 
2018-09-15 22:59
Afghanistan eXplosiv3 
shox: "We have got aimlock too."
2018-09-15 23:00
France Teellioz 
that's bad
2018-09-15 23:00
Looser talk wtf... cant Said prepared To a defeat just try at least
2018-09-15 23:01
eZ 4 NiP
2018-09-15 23:02
Shox is only one from g2 who deserves to play in playoffs.
2018-09-15 23:08
North America AlanSmith 
2018-09-15 23:10
2018-09-16 00:08
Sweden Div-\ 
But he chose his team to be this way with these players, so I don't even think that anymore :v
2018-09-16 00:16
France uNLmofo 
Kenny and Smithzz too
2018-09-16 00:18
France uNLmofo 
Even body. Ex6 need to get more skill
2018-09-16 00:18
2018-09-16 01:41
North America AlanSmith 
shox u have to go to faze in g2 you are just wasting your talent
2018-09-15 23:10
2018-09-16 00:08
Singapore Wadufuk 
If shox went to faze,they will have 4 heavy fraggers and 1 awper ( assuming u r swaping him for karrigan ) , having 4 heavy fraggers in one team will be shit,no one will be able to call well
2018-09-16 04:34
North America AlanSmith 
no i'm not i don't want to see shox igl no more pls i'm talking about rain or olof
2018-09-16 10:58
rain was lurker back to the days, probably still. Maybe -olof +shoxie
2018-09-16 11:16
G2 got so lucky to get st this point. An undeserved 2-2
2018-09-15 23:11
Finland Smoonah 
3 map pool haha miburr 16-0MEGALUL
2018-09-15 23:15
g2 suck anyway
2018-09-15 23:20
3-4 ? Not enough against FaZe. Rip them
2018-09-15 23:20
You are trash
2018-09-15 23:26
Flag and flair :( I feel bad for you
2018-09-16 11:18
If only I cared about a french opinion lmao
2018-09-16 13:33
typical noscener behavior :)
2018-09-16 15:48
I don't care about how bad the portuguese scene is, I just want to good watch cs so piss off. And yes, I know gambit is playing like trash now.
2018-09-16 17:15
"we have 3-4 maps where I can carry this deadbeat team"
2018-09-15 23:28
North America AlanSmith 
sad but true
2018-09-15 23:44
2018-09-16 11:09
OK on 3-4 maps, that sounds like a pretty shitty map pool
2018-09-15 23:42
France ManuelFerrara 
Indeed lol, and these guys are paid 20k/month but can’t have a proper map pool its sad
2018-09-16 00:01
Sweden Div-\ 
Plus they've been together for quite some time now. mibr seem much more convincing and they had to switch their fucking language....
2018-09-16 00:15
France ManuelFerrara 
ofc mibr hasnt any « weak » link whereas its quite the opposite for g2
2018-09-16 00:23
Dude they switched the language early this year
2018-09-16 00:25
Sweden Div-\ 
And g2 have been together for quite some time now.
2018-09-16 12:56
Yeah about 3 months including the off season
2018-09-16 13:49
Europe Ark- 
lmao that quote...
2018-09-16 00:06
Sweden Div-\ 
Time time time... I don't think that time is the issue here....
2018-09-16 00:14
France uNLmofo 
This team needs apex Instead of ex6
2018-09-16 00:20
Instead of bodyy
2018-09-16 00:26
Hopefully +ScreaM inc
2018-09-16 00:26
France ManuelFerrara 
Imo they would need ScreaM apEX kio shox and kennyS but if they really can’t play without IGL -apex+ex6
2018-09-16 00:48
In current meta you need a good igl so yes they need Ex6. I doubt kioshima will want to play with Ex6 and shox tho he knows if something goes wrong he'll probably be considered as a problem so the only possible change is -bodyy +ScreaM as bodyy really struggles with his role rn, he's worse than their support player(smithzz) this major for now
2018-09-16 01:06
drama queen.
2018-09-16 02:13
> we aren't losing the rounds with every one of them alive What a high standard and a high goal to set for a team with shox & kennyS against Cloud9! You know a team is fucked after its star player says something like that. > they went four through apartments and it was my bad, I didn't see it coming and I should have Wait, what the fuck? Isn't it Ex6TenZ' job to read the game and call and make adjustments, why do you think about that ingame at all? And if you're still about giving calls - then why the fuck is Ex6TenZ still in the team?
2018-09-16 07:39
and u suck on the rest luuuuuul
2018-09-16 10:28
sad to see him wasting year after year with dead players like Smithzz and bodyy
2018-09-16 11:05
if ok is enough for faze :D:D hope those baguettes getting rekt 16:0
2018-09-16 11:10
Poland Nivener 
LuL, how can G2's fans believe in the win against FaZe when even the star player doesn't believe that? It just looks like making excuses for the loss that didn't happen yet: "it will come with time", "we're still trying to figure this out", "we have like 3-4 maps". FaZe takes this one easily.
2018-09-16 11:13
*bans all of them*
2018-09-16 11:14
we're ok. If lucky we can reach playoff. if unlucky we go home. without getting trophy though XD
2018-09-16 12:14
but u suckk
2018-09-16 16:31
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